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100 West Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, CA 92408


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flesh Club

  1. Fucker

    So fucking expensive

  2. one dude

    came into this club one night and at first glance i thought they reall cleaned this club up. too bad they cleaned it up too much. all the girls were 7s and up. very hot talent in this place. the problem was that while i sat there for like 45 mins only one dancer even came up to me. the other like 6 all sat at the bar and talked with one dude or the bartender. i will not be coming back no matter how hot the girls were. oh and fyi the one girl that came up to me, bout a 7 gave me the shitiest dance ive ever had. think i strted with a stiffer stock then when it ended.

  3. al
  4. Tuna
  5. Big Ted

    I’ve been to this club more times than I can count since around ’99 or 2000. Always have had a great time. No, this place is not cheap. But it is worth it. I have been hustled by the girls twice, but a quick chat with the management handled both occasions well. Highly reccomended.

  6. igor34

    Formerly lived in SoCal ,decided to check out this club while here on a visit . 80% of the ladies ugly & the other 20%acted like they were too good to talk to. Was a waste of time & $ , only excuse was valentine eve thinking maybe the hot chicks decided to take the night off.

  7. tee
  8. Chris

    I spent $75 in the first 15 min of being there. Then out of nowhere I was asked to leave because a dancer thought I looked at her funny. I never had any contact in any way shape or form and I didn’t say one word to anyone. So basicly I was charged cover, tiped well for stage dances, bought $5 sodas and was kicked out. I am not a scary person either. I look like Oppie wearing a plad Old Navy shirt. This place is a rip off CONSUMER BEWARE!

  9. carlos

    i think its a good club

  10. james1412

    It’s been over a year since I was last here. I’m sad to say but it’s the same ol’e song. The only strippers that paid my friend and I any attention were the 2 black dancers that were there. Everyone else just walked past us like we were shit. Never going back nor would I ever recommend this place. Also there were a couple of dancers who didn’t take off their top while on stage….wtf was that about? Place is weak and the drinks are over priced.

  11. quad

    VIP was the shit, well worth the money.

  12. scott p.

    If you are looking for the finest ladies/buffet in the San Bernardino area… look no further!!! I was litigating a case in San Bernardino Superior Court and looking for some acione if you know what I mean, padre. This place has a sweet location right near the intersetion of the I215 and the I10. Do you see that I’m saying about the location???Anyways i wanted to drop this review now b/c they changed the name to Flesh Showgirls and re-opened it after it was closed by court order. (sbsun.com/news/ci_119000…)So the name should probably be changed to reflect that. But anyways- awesome- awesome place…

  13. Nice Club

    Started coming here in November 2009 and love it. The dance area is fairly private and the girls will often bend the rules. Dances should be $20, so beware of the girls that say they are $30. Jenny gives the best dances I have ever had and she is well worth $$$$$

  14. larry1

    I’ve been to a lot of strip clubs and this one is pretty trashy. It smelled like the toilets overflowed and the girls looked like they did it and didn’t shower. The tables are dirty I’m guessing because the waitress is lazy. $5 entrance fee. $5 dollar drinks. $15 dollar pitchers. $20 dollar lap dances. Maybe I just went on a bad day? idk…

  15. adamrod

    Went on a Sunday for my bday, I convinced all my friends that night (12 of us) to go and see some women… lol the straight friends and the gay ones too haha the disappointment with the quality of girls and shows is high. Girls don’t look good, don’t smell good. The place stinks like dirty faucet. (Plumbing issues) I got in free cuz it was my bday. Don’t put a card on tab they will charge $25 every time regardless if you only order one drink, my total was $54 and my card was on hold for $200. Mmmmm not cool. Will prob not come back. Been here before and it was great with some patron specials. Not tonite. The servers were hot and polite but they are not allowed to give us a lap dance boo hoo. Oh well I survived. Till the next adventure.

  16. migeul sanchez
  17. Johnson12

    Poor customer service. Had to order my drink at the bar, no one dancing, 3 girls on a regular(presumably) and no one came up in the 20 min I was there. Worse of all, no scotch. Full bar my ass.

  18. tooslow

    Check out the VIP room with Jessica!!!!!!!!

  19. alex ramirez


  20. Harrison69

    I love this place the girls are so cool they’ve got all the gossip in the local strip club scene lol drinks are okay it’s a titty bar I avoid a couple girls here for personal reasons 😉 but if your in the area go have some fun!

  21. Panda G.

    So I came into Flesh last night with my older male friend. Being a former dancer I was looking to see how many of them would jump on the chance to make money… the answer… only one, Mercy. She was very polite and was the only one of the dancer that came up and asked if I wanted a dance. I was very disappointed that the rest of the girls were so cold and in my opinion unprofessional (yes, getting naked or topless and shaking your titties and ass is still a profession ladies). Other than that, the location is okay, and inside is okay. 4 stripper poles on stage so i thought that was cool.The jager bomb was a little week, but there well whiskey was alright. The bartender at the beginning of the shift was a tad rude though.Mercy and the 4 stripper poles are the only reason why this place is getting 4 stars instead of 2.

  22. greg
  23. ryan123

    are you serious, paul? i visited this place last week and no one was there. it was me, a bartender, a waitress, a dj and two 70 old guys. drinks are expensive, pitchers go for 9.00 and there was no food. the dancers looked below average, one dancers had three kids and she was only 25 years old. she had no tits and her stomach and inner thins were covered with stretch marks. the other girls were about the same quality, but without the stretch marks. if you’re planning to visit, go on a friday or saturday night.

  24. G.I.
  25. yanard12

    Manager doesn’t hire African american women. Won’t allow them to audition at all. I have heard this from several women as well as patrons the 2 they working there have been there for years. I have seen beautiful black women In shape being turned away told they weren’t hiring. Meanwhile out of shape Caucasian women were allowed to work with no problem. Not cool

  26. Henry

    The overall of the club was ok!… Girls are Pretty and Nice, the dancer Angel is nice. She has Pretty Body.

  27. Colbys

    Costumer service is trash, Just like the manager here who acts like his shit don’t stink lol. The girls weren’t attractive but they’re doing what they gotta do for money. Other than that homeboy should invest in some RAID to kill the little roaches by the bar.

  28. N C.

    They only have one pretty girl the rest are ugly AF. Bunch of skinny black girls taking over that place dancers are boring ,service was HORRIBLE One of them kept our change , was going to tip her but she basically robbed us anyways this place SUCKKKKKKKKK overpriced drinks

  29. Mark Watson

    Wow what a dive. Are you kidding me. a +8. I would rather read national geographics like when i was a kid. This place is garbage

  30. winston12

    Seen couple cuties in this places was a good time, had great company with Torii a total beauty beautiful body she was doing her thang , got dances all around from quite a few hotties thanks again I’ll be back

  31. Jason M.

    All I have to say is DDDJOLIE! Mouth watering bodacious babe with a great ass and tits. I can’t get enough of her, she keeps me driving from the OC to come see her. Don’t get me wrong, she also has a great personality behind all those curves. Club is always clean and staff is very friendly. Stage always Has Entertainment. Great vibe.

  32. Tom
  33. maxxy1

    Surprisingly the food was good but there was only one dancer. The bartender was friendlier than the dancer was.The dancer didn’t even take off her top. Lame!

  34. Vincint

    Wow, first time I walked into that club, some bar waitress tried to cheat me by telling me I had to tip her for every hour I was there or I would be kicked out. Avoid there VIP rooms if asked. It is NOT the price they advertise. The girls will waste what few minutes you get in there by nagging prices. Fuck this place.

  35. frank

    very fun place!

  36. me

    love that tasha

  37. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  38. steve

    “Brittany made me feel very relaxed and i enjoyed the show”. Although i was disappointed there wasnt alcohol there.

  39. Johnnyboy123

    “wow, whats that funky smell up in here?”I came here to help celebrate my best friends brothers last day of freedom before he got married. Like I said, the place smelled, it was dark, bar was sticky from god knows what. I was wearing shorts so under the bar was something sticky that stuck to my knee. Where is black light when you need one. The females…..Some looked like she males, some looked like teen runaways, they all looked like they got their outfits from a thrift store. It looked more like RuPauls Drag Race

  40. john
  41. joe

    omg i loved it

  42. Thanh N.

    Parking lot was nice and well lit. Security and hosting were very polite. The waitresses were all extremely beautiful. The dancers? Mmmmmm not so much but hey whatever. After a few minutes, a dancer stumbled over to me very drunk and not speaking English very well asking if I wanted a dance and I said sure why not? I don’t take any more money to a strip than I’m prepared to spend anyway. Lap dance was meh, not very much grinding, very little touching allowed, once again could not understand her but whatever. I’ll probably come back when I’m bored as hell but I won’t feel good about it.

  43. Mistercap12

    Come here very often. I’m a girl I come with my sister the girls are very friendly and they are great but tonight the guy that was being security or whatever he was being very picky . My and I Sister always like to tip the girls good and always sit in the front and we have NEVER had a problem about slapping the girls and the girl have told us they are okay with it . But the guy that was right by the entrance and the bar came up to us told us we couldn’t do that which was the first time somebody came up us to tell us something. I would have recommended this place before but with this guy that was being a douche bag I don’t recommend it and even the girls there have even said it . I love to come here by i will think it about it now :/

  44. Gerrit B.

    Super mello and chill. $6 captain and coke, and excellent wings. The cover charge is $10 and there’s usually 2 or 3 hotties shakin’ it. By “hotties” I mean a solid 7 or 8, have yet to see better. M.J. is an excellent waitress, ask for here to be your server. Other than that, get some lap dances, most of the girls will negotiate prices. Let the good times roll!

  45. michael sanders

    its great

  46. LISA!!
  47. Robert

    Today was my first time at the club. to me it was okay even though it wqas during the day and there were not very many girls. they all have t5alent but my favorite was marylin. I think that is her name?

  48. tonycluber

    Not sure where these 4 and 5 star reviews are coming from but this place was a dump. The dancers were beat, one was well into her 50’s, and the others looked like they had just had been picked up from the homeless shelter. I know, that’s pretty mean but it is what it is. Don’t waste your money, its pretty obvious what this place is a front for.

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