Bobby’s Bar



2003 North Mannheim Road, Melrose Park, IL 60160


41.9088875, -87.8836709




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bobby’s Bar

  1. tom
  2. jj
  3. Giavani

    The girls are really over-weight here.

  4. pervert

    good mix of girls i would say, i like girls ready for attention and these girls are ready for it mmmmmmmmmm

  5. ed
  6. Josie Rocks?

    Does Josie rock because she’s knocked up? Most of the music she plays is crap

  7. all nighter

    TO many men looking at men!

  8. Josie rocks

    Josie rocks

  9. Sam
  10. Socrates

    Jen the bartender overcharges for drinks in a BIG way. I will avoid days when she’s her just because of that

  11. ---
  12. bmwfan1

    so much for all the bull, these girls are a ok in my book YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. just checking

    get the right girl and she will make you smile wink wink

  14. Kunderu
  15. Morty


  16. Paul

    I love this place . Yeah I come in a few times a week and

    If I don’t see my favorite girls I will leave. 98 % Of the girls in this place need some help in the mental and looks dept. I like to come in the weekends only. It seems like the 3 girls I go for are there . The beers are cold and cheap , and there is always a game on the tv.

  17. crap

    Just fat crap.

  18. DJ Dan

    Get rid of the over-weight and over 40 year old girls!!!

  19. Angel

    What day does Angel work? She is a hot asian girl!

  20. dubltruble

    good dances for the dough and the ladies are wow, im into the dances even if they arent stick thin. i give this place a thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Jed


  22. Biznik

    Went in and hot girls all over me. Wish i had a job so i could get some dances.

  23. Danny

    I love this place!

  24. Old Timer

    Not much to say as nothing seems to have changed other than too many Kneegro Ho’s with attitudes that seem to think you should give them money because that got a fat a$$

  25. Horny Boar

    They moved to another location in the same strip mall. They’re now next to the dollar store. Rude, mean spirited dancers, somehow the ugliest female bartender is way hotter than the best looking stripper. One is quite possibly the most sickly skinny woman I’ve ever seen, ironically she seems to be the nicest. Horrible place.

  26. new regular

    This is a fun place to go to.Day girls are the best for a good dance see michelle she’s a hot brunette you wont be disappointed or reina a sexy black chick with a fine ass.The nite girls are hit and miss some hott most not,but the night bartender is smokin’ shes got some really nice big ass breasts, wow!!!

  27. Dan

    Oasis sports bar is now open on sundays from 5pm to 12am.South of 25th and lake.

  28. John

    The club is cool. The dancers are okay. I would visit again.

  29. fun

    tons of fun

  30. Club Hopper

    The girls at this club are nasty. But, they do some amazing things. So, if you like nasty amazing, then this is the club for you.

  31. JAMES

    first time there tonight

    one dancer knew I had a rough weekend

    so she gave me a good neck rub

    followed by the corner dance which was not bad at all

    she continued to rub my neck and motioned my head to hr chest and neck area

    she wasn’t bad looking at all so I guess this place aint to bad on a sunday night

  32. mic

    Sad just sad….I think it is changing into a lesbo bar.

  33. Carl

    Don’t waste your time unless your into fat, not so good looking women.

  34. Bob

    Mostly old dancers. Very smokey

  35. Been a While

    I haven’t been to Bobby’s in a couple of years, but I happened to be in the neighborhood with some time to kill last week.

    The place was pretty much as I remembered it, even recognized some of the girls. Except that the place was more crowded than I’d ever seen it before, and had a nice fun party vibe going.

    Plenty of girls there, too. A few were pretty skanky looking, some were OK, and a few were smokin’ hot. Something for every taste.

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to indulge in a dance, but a fairly hot black girl named Coco came up to me and immediately began fondling my privates and licking my ear. Got me in the mood pretty quickly! Eventually we went in the back for a dance and I gotta tell you — it was HOT!

    Coco took care of me but good. Well worth the price of the dance. I stole a few glances at some other dances and it looked like most of the girls were just as enthusiastic.

    I’m putting Bobby’s back on my radar and will definitely try to get back there once in a while!

  36. Mr Gold

    Running down hill.

  37. a
  38. He who knows

    Typical of the majority of Chicagoland clubs, it sits in the


  39. Looking.

    Great place to visit.

  40. Jester
  41. x-man

    Nothing special if you are into butt dances. The place is a serious whole in the wall and needs to be updated. The food is frozen and they have no beer on-tap.

  42. Steve O

    ok so bobbys is getting hotter girls on the weekends … I see so can you please get rid of the fatties now. And the chicks over 40 ..

  43. Fred

    I’m glad Mika is back! My did I miss those magic hands

  44. Steve
  45. Giavanni

    This place rocks!

  46. aircooledhead

    It has a very “neighborhood bar” feel and look, except for the beautiful women. Drinks are average priced and NOT watered down.

    Only a couple of duds.

    And the dances are WAY BETTER then you get anyplace else.

  47. Club Critic
  48. The critic

    The girls were fat, fat, fat!! They perspire too! Hope this helps.

  49. Col. W. Klink

    This place has fallen into a crevasse. Need to get rid of the fatties and bring in the hotties.

  50. Richard

    New club called Oasis, south of lake and 25th street. Lots of pretty girls, cheap drinks and new facility.

  51. DJ
  52. George
  53. Jcbebop
  54. john smith

    sexxxy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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