130 Landing Road, Landing, NJ 7850


40.9033824, -74.6665967




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Open Daily 7 days a week. Featuring over 20 beautiful showgirls daily. Full Kitchen and menu available, on-site parking, full bar, 10 Flat screens T.V.s Stop on by to see what everyone is talking about. Whether on your lunch break or after a hard day’s work. Come visit us for great food and cold drink. And Enjoy the Show!!!


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0 reviews for “Rumors

  1. Guest

    You only say that because your getting ahead with Harm

  2. tony
  3. moke
  4. just a looker

    i think this place has stepped up alot from the couple of

    years since going there.descent dancers good looking

    bartenders.thank god the LD room is now bigger good music

    and the new music videos is something to look at if the

    talent isnt that good for the the drinks are

    cheaper then Smiles,so thats a big PLUS

  5. fucker

    I had a great dance by a peruvian girl 4got her name but sooooo beautiful and gave many songs 4 a LD. Wanna know what days she work.

  6. Adam

    This place used to not be all strung out junkies and vultures. Just a totally different vibe and no one seemed to give a shit about anything who worked there.

  7. erik b.

    the service was good but the overall atmosphere was lame.

    this place is going down.

  8. SVS

    Not a bad place…girls are pretty nice & the barmaids are always friendly. Nice hometown place.

  9. Rico Cardie

    nothing is a bigger turn-off in a strip club than a knocked-up chick!!!

  10. james

    want to know what happened to this place one word ROLAND

  11. Quiet Guy

    I had a memorable experience this past week. The barmaid was easy to talk to and was smokin’ – could be a model….

    The dancers were nice, were actually dancing, and were lookers. Overall, for the area, better talent than the one on the circle, and better food/drink prices and services.

    I did not have to wait for a bar princess to finish a phonecall to get a drink…..

  12. jill

    I also used to work at rumors that previous writer is high on something..First Alla is married and the only girl in the bar who wont take a tip in the wrong place. Charlie is an absolute sweethart and does not fool with any of the girls.The one who wrote the review has blond hair worked when roland was first hired her and bofriend dj got fired for doing shiy in the dj booth.

  13. daisy

    its cramped but the bouncers are hot

  14. not happy

    only good thing was i didnt have to pay to get in

  15. phil meup

    allot better than it was

  16. Earl the Pearl

    Not bad more touchy feely then it used to be. That is an interesting review about the employees by the former dancer.

  17. conrad615

    I lived less than 10 minutes from this bar for 10 years. I tried it multiple times because it was so close. It is the worst excuse for a strip club/ go-go bar in North Jersey. Any review to the contrary is being posted by employees or persons who have never visited anywhere else.

  18. Gave another try

    Dancers are well below average. LD room is a shoe closet. Sucks.

    Overall club is not good enough for a return visit. I will continue to go to other places.

  19. one timer

    old hags and unfriendly, imported bartender. not worth another trip. no wonder it was empty.

  20. Huh?

    You’re speaking about state laws? Ever tip a girl in her top? You’re breaking the law too. Ever had a dance where she touches you or vice versa? Against the law too. What a hypocrite. This place is a great place to hang out, have a few and ogle cuties.

  21. Danielle
  22. chris

    What a waste of a bar. Staff friendly to the staff only. Few girls, crappy Sirius radio and no entertainment value.

  23. Former

    manager sucks, everyone has left, dont bother going, until R is gone

  24. Big FAN
  25. Starcycle11

    Atmosphere here makes me feel like I am in the mountains of West Virginia or Kentucky. Food is poor. Beers are basically Bud/Coors. A real “back woods” type of place.

  26. Frankie

    the best choice out of all the local gogo dives

  27. Not Bad

    Friendly staff, girls not great, but not awful…very personable. Good value and talent for a local bar. Worth the trip.

  28. Johnny Z.

    This place is so boring i felt like committing suicide.

  29. Pissed off clubber.

    Stopped in a few weeks ago. Got a dance from a brazilian slut. Told her I wanted one song, she danced for two. After the first song I said I didn’t want anymore, she told me it was on the house. After it was over, she told me I owed he 80 bucks. I knew I wouldn’t win the argument, so I said I have more money in my car and I would be right back. Never did go back and never will. Be weary of shady sluts in this place. Oh yeah, and the manager Paco is a fuckin tard too.

  30. Quietguy

    This place is looking up. Nicer and friendlier girls than 6 months ago. Pretty bartender, and attentive. I’ll come back.

  31. the foxx

    5x vet now, range of dancers from tiny to huge, 3 awesome bartenders. yeah it’s a dive but so far I like the joint.

  32. Casey

    Roland killed the club, kill the fag, bring back harmony…

  33. dancer

    this club is the worst….dirty girls and bartenders. the manager drew is a pervert that sexually harasses the dancers that work for him and if you dont give him sexual favors he will fire you…be aware.

  34. Frequent Clubber

    Hands down one of the best in north Jersey. I got lap dances from 4 different girls, all were FULL contact with no off limits places on all the girls. If you like letting your hands roam ALL over during lap dances, then this is your place. I will be back again and again and again.

  35. jake

    new girls new manager place finally getting better

  36. former smiles customer

    all you need in your gogo bar,perfect,great work

  37. Scott

    I’ve been out of the area for a year. I was here on Saturday and I could not

    believe how bad this place got. There was not even one good dancer. I had a

    beer and I could not get out of there fast enough. What happened to this place?

  38. Mac

    Good club. Amia and Veronica were really nice. Veronica gave a great lap dance and didn’t hit me up for extra cash for a BJ or anything else like some other clubs around.

  39. DA
  40. Wish
  41. josh

    who does’nt get head from harm

  42. Guess

    Well it would be nice if the staff wasn’t always wasted breaking every state law!!

  43. Quixote

    Been there a couple times recently, always had a good time and had fun, everybody is friendly…

  44. disappointed

    Just not a great place.Not run very well. Dancers and bartenders are nothing great to look at. One drink and run.

  45. mike
  46. Day Tripper

    Fun place, friendly girls

  47. xx
  48. cessna


  49. rob
  50. An ex employee

    I used to dance there and The dj Jon was amazing and he would play what everyone wanted to hear!!!! Than one day I went to work and that CUNT ALLA had gotten Jon fired just because she wanted to…. Jon had also wired all the tv’s built the new ld room and hooked up all the new lights. Funny after alla got him fired they called him in to fix there sterio system… Nice to know that there so called manager doesn’t know what he’s doing! At all! The place started looking up until Rolland became the new maanager. For a manager who got fired at smiles a year prior, what the hell does Charlie think when he hired rolland to run, aka ruin his buisness, what a joke!!! I had danced there for a while and at other bars and I had never had any problems with my management or any other employee’s until I worked at rumors. They hire drug addicts, that shoot dope and throw the needles down the batheroom sink in the girls room, and prostitutes, that suck dick for money, like Alla who is also a female escort!!!! She also sucks and fucks Charlie, How nasty can she get??? Whatever it’s not like she’s ever going to be a U.S. Citizen, he’s married! Hahahahaha

  51. ytrty


  52. beau
  53. ike
  54. jimmy

    there were a couple of lookers the few times i went, the rest

    were not too good. all the girls i met were pleasant, some a

    little pushy, but overall not too bad. a good but not great


  55. john

    someone is doing something right somewhere keep it up!

  56. Aaron

    management sucks

  57. Now and then

    Pig Saloon. Any dancers under 200 pounds come here.

  58. bozo
  59. Bystander

    This club is a lot of fun. Tons of camaraderie between employees which trancends to the clientele. Great place to unwind with no pressure on the upsell. Worth a stop in.

  60. Joe

    Give me a break, the staff is not always wasted. but who cares if they get drunk anyways, if they have fun and can still do their jobs then it shouldn’t matter. i think the bartenders are all nice, and they do a good job, i’ve never waited for a drink

  61. randy

    star must be talking about another bar..bartenders are smokin dancers better than the competitions many beer choices.overall a nice friendly place to be

  62. nnjlobo
  63. another dancer

    guess you just got fired biatch

  64. jack
  65. To Guest

    That was so not called for. What does one have to do with the other? Jackass.

  66. Gina
  67. Slim Jim
  68. tori
  69. ralph
  70. larry
  71. NJBarstool

    It could use a makeover, new bathroom, new ld area. But

    overall the girls are very friendly and it’s a good mix.

    The main part of the bar is generic and beat up. This place

    has a better value during the first shift, like a lot of

    Jersey go-go’s

  72. Riley
  73. bootlegger

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