5700 Yosemite Boulevard, Modesto, CA 95357


37.63778, -120.888123



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Antonio

  1. MP

    This place wasn’t to bad. The girls were hot, Chloie was the hottest she had a body to die for. She made our night for me and my buddy’s and there wifes. The beer is 4 bucks a pop and the bathrooms are nasty but if you can get over that then you can enjoy yourself.

  2. amb420

    The Girls arent bad. If you pay enough you can have what u want. The place just looks like a dive.

  3. Rico

    I have been going to this club for a number of years. I use to go way back in the day when the place was falling apart. They had some mud ducks dancing up in there. The best dance they ever had was Mariah, which was the only reason why I would step foot in the place. Once she quit, I quit going. I recently started going again after the “renovations” LOL. The dancers have gotten alot better…my new personal fav Candy, Natalia, and a few others have made the place a lil more enjoyable. But they still have a few sea donkeys every now and then.

  4. jimmy Pee

    This Club is the best place to find germs and filth. If you like warped pool tables & trolls then this is for you!! For all other fetishes hit up another spot like the park. No cover & better service from the hot dog cart or the ice cream man. What a waste of my hard earned cashola. Old man Antionio bettr get his head out of his ass or they not gonna be a round much longer …

  5. christina

    these girls are scandulous! they will do anything that walks.

  6. big boss

    nice after they fix it up a little

  7. Brandon

    This is the worst club in California, and maybe the world.

  8. sassy

    the place is a dump but has awsome beautiful women….the best there work on tues, thurs, and sat…the place is getting alot better. the lap dances can get pretty nasty well worth your money =)

  9. thick dick

    I have gone here 7 years and every time it gets beter.

  10. darrell marchant
  11. strip4me

    THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!! I’ve been to quite a few strip club and this place is by far the worst. Not only shady girls but the place is a DUMP. Don’t waste your gas money or the 10 dollar cover charge. I didnt even spend 5 minutes in the place!

  12. carlos

    this club is filthy and nasty….the bathroom you just pee on the floor….this is the worst club in calif….

  13. Gabriel G.

    I’ve been going to this club for many years because there is nothing else near Modesto,take it or leave it! this club gots some hotties and some real sleazeballs!!!! overall the building is as old as a cave! The DJ the DJ the DJ????? is it a real DJ????? These women can have a real shitty attitude problem! I rate this overdue for a renovation place a 1.6 because one out of six guys would stay and be assulted by these hideous women!

  14. Jack

    Finally these people are making some improvments and I hope to see more soon. Fix the bathrooms and the parking lot. Fire the managers who let this place go so bad for so long. The other night one of the bouncers fell asleep on his barstool. The girls are looking much better and the clubs choice of colors is different, but it’s a vast improvement from white walls and brady bunch wood paneling. One of the female bartenders is god awful and plain rude. Overall it looks like the place is on an upswing and in for some changes. Hopefully when they take out some more of the trash they take out some of the employees with them and leave the girls! Some of the new girls really look great as well.

  15. ben

    heard of the show Extreme makeover, I do believe they should up at this club and redid the inside, NOt in a good way, Lets just say if they are trying to improve the look inside they are doing a pooooooor job, who thinds that green and puple walls topped off with candy cane painted poles looks good? Are you joking wait that is what this place is a joke! The only reason they get a good rating from me is because of some of the girls who work there are Just hot!!!! I see in previous posts that some of you like Kya Me toooo but she went and changed her dam name to natalia now, from what i understand that is her actual name and kya was her stage name but it was not sticking because everyone calls her natalia anyways that is just some FYI. hadnt been there in like 8 months and went in last night she was there God the girls has a body! new cutie named Angelina was there beautiful light skinned african girl simply beautiful, the other two were not hot dont even know why they were hired. where is my Candy and jazmine girl?

  16. jason

    it sucks

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