Paradise Found



134 Headson Drive, Syracuse, NY 13214


43.0540189, -76.083102




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Paradise Found

  1. darrell
  2. Michael L.
  3. LoveThisPlace!

    Not only are the dancers there GORGEOUS but the bar and window women are BANGING too!!! Great place, highly recommended!!!

  4. clyde f
  5. PlayWyoyo
  6. Kris
  7. Cleo
  8. Big-D-Fan

    Love this club.. best experience in a long time. I am sure it won’t be too long until I find my way back. I’m coming for you ladies!!!

  9. YourMomMilf
  10. Joe S.

    Great place. Hot girls, fun setup/theme and great dances!

  11. Meira R.

    Uptight, boring overpriced club with overly serious staff and miserable broken women.

  12. BigDaddy-O
  13. Wow
  14. dissapointed
  15. 12
  16. 1st time

    had a lot of fun on St. Patricks day, this was the best nightcap ever !!!!

  17. PantyTaster
  18. Antoine
  19. Rick

    Always love a good lapdance and so far, they gave the best!

  20. b
  21. Jeff T.
  22. Erik
  23. partiers

    perfect late night spot !

  24. back again
  25. refresh

    paradise has to be the best club i have ever been too. from the super sexy girls like nadia . to the awesome decor . i give this place two thumbs up !!!

  26. Owen

    Had the best time! Will be coming back, no doubt and will recommend this club to all my friends as I know they will enjoy it as much as I did.

  27. Jeff

    Nothing better

  28. tim

    great job!!!!

  29. Marine

    Love ALEXA , great new addition πŸ™‚

  30. smalltowngirl

    Beautiful talented dancers who were very generous. Gave me plenty of good advice and even better dances. Great club atmosphere, dancers always looking to make sure the clubs customers are enjoying themselves. Hopefully I soon become one of the Paradise Found beauties.

  31. chris

    fire crystal

  32. 10th mountain

    ya damn right we keep it safe- we love these girls – every hot 1 of them !some of us cant drink legally so we spend our loot here!

  33. bigb

    love this place

  34. justaguy

    i agree w/2things these girls are great , and syracuse snow sucks!

  35. WORMY
  36. grunt

    i agree , awesome ! hailee u fin rock girl !!!

  37. It Sucks
  38. W!nnEr!
  39. Harry
  40. lolo
  41. drdre

    a little pricey for what it is i think. had a good time still

  42. Jon

    Great club with a ton of great dancers

  43. Jax

    My buddy and I went there Sunday night. We each got a 15 suite and I enjoyed every second with Lacy. As soon as I can find the time, I will be back. Highly Recommended!

  44. HH

    great place! keep up the great work!

  45. steph

    What an amazing place, right smack dab in the center of everything. I certainly enjoyed myself. I spent my time and money with two girls, Carina and Hypnotic. Can you say dramatically BEAUTIFUL!I can, in 5 different languages.

  46. Carey
  47. greg

    nice place !

  48. Fred
  49. igotagreatjob

    hot girls!!!!

  50. DingDongGivMeHead
  51. Club Hopper
  52. OwhatAnight

    Annika Annika Annika!!!

  53. NADIA!!!!!!!

    IM IN LUV WITH NADIAAAAA!!!!! great place!

  54. Rebaud

    Not impressed at all. Girls were disinterested at best. Doubt I’ll bother going back.

  55. Larry & Company
  56. bob

    lots of great looking girls , very nice club !

  57. James

    Stopped in about two weeks ago. Most of the dancers here are pretty and easy to talk to. Got a dance with Lacy and one with Keira. Lacy is “fun”, just mention a tip. Pretty girl except for some needle marks on her arms and her constant need to wipe her nose, I chose not to get another dance as I would rather girls use my money for positive ventures. Keira is beautiful, sweet and made me feel comfortable. I definetly got another dance with her. Overall the club is nice, my only complaint would be the attitude problem of the pretty girl with big boobs and a tattoo on her upper back who was bartending, I didn’t catch her name.

  58. Sweetie
  59. DaddyBtru
  60. Big E

    To all the ladies in the place with style and grace allow me to…..

  61. The Man

    I did 2 songs with a dancer and she did not even lose her bottom in the private room, is this normal?

  62. luv it here

    great club , hottest girls in cny ! the only way it could be better is if it were free !!!! we had a blast for our bachelor party !!!! great job paradise !!!!

  63. Jbl

    great place

  64. 5
  65. Rick S.

    Always love a good lapdance and so far, they gave the best!

  66. Seth

    Great time last night glad i went. The ladies loved me and I loved them back yeah

  67. Regular4years

    They have a lot of new professional hot girls there. They never cease to amaze me at how much talent this club attracts. When I stray and go to the other so cald clubs in the area I feel like I have settled for 2nd, 3rd best and I find myself coming right back to paradise. Great club, always.

  68. us&them donnie

    cool place

  69. usmcguy

    i second that last comment , loved it !

  70. Tracy

    My Bf and I went in two nights and found the girls to be very friendly and enjoyed their dancing. Some of the dancers were more interested in how their outfit looked on them while dancing and did not interact much with the guys. But have to say the best dancer and worth every penny is Ella.

  71. Thom Hengley
  72. MS

    great place! had a ton of fun with all your beautiful ladies

  73. Carlos

    Had the best time Saturday night!!!

  74. The Army

    Paradise Found – keep on being all that you can be !

  75. me
  76. Rob
  77. Lot2Luv

    Been coming there for years and it’s still the best club….. ever!

  78. Schwing


  79. DaMan

    Classy, professional, sexy girls who know how to work what the have!

  80. Dood

    Girls are by far the hottest in the area. Professional, sensual, diverse and very exciting. I have been to every club in the Syracuse and Paradise is the best.

  81. us again
  82. mmmmmYummy

    I’de hit ALL that

  83. intown
  84. AL

    THE BEST!!!

  85. Lisa
  86. NADIA!!!!!

    This place is still the best , and im still in love w/Nadiaaaaa!

  87. Brent
  88. Leo
  89. Jen
  90. 13
  91. EmP
  92. Curly
  93. vip

    ella is the best girl there , muy caliente babe!!!

  94. Ralph


  95. Best Place

    By far this is the best place I have been. Hot hot hot girls, very sexy and accomidating. Highly recommend!!!

  96. ronnie
  97. Sir Bob

    Beautiful variety of hot women, had a good time, glad I went.

  98. YoMama
  99. Bryan

    Awesome Club! I suggest doing a suite with Honey…gorgeous girl!

  100. Mary
  101. Scott

    This place is top of the line.. Nothing better in the area!

  102. BoneMe
  103. loveclubs


  104. BoneDaddy
  105. fortdrumsoldier

    loved it !

  106. Roger
  107. Clubber
  108. Lalone
  109. great place

    a really great fun place , fun for everyone here , ty P.F. , had a great time

  110. BigMike

    Always love visiting your club, I always have the best time.


  111. slick nick

    lots of beautiful girls lots of fun

  112. TheWiz
  113. fgh
  114. Rock
  115. Big1
  116. DaMon
  117. ticklemetommy

    I love PF, Filled with absolutely amazing women….I am never disappointed..

  118. TheOne

    Paradise has always had the hottest girls, ALWAYS! So after going there for years one gets to have an expectation onf a high percentage of hot ass girls. Hadn’t been there in a few months but went late last night. When I arrived I saw the hottest door girl ever, the hottest bartenders I had ever seen there and then there was this absolutely GORGEOUS (eyes, hair, shape – whole package) girl on stage, REIN. It had to be one of the greatest stage shows I have ever seen – great moves, tricks and stage presence. If I had the extra funds I would have done a suite with her… the VIP was great but I want more time with her…

  119. Benny
  120. Number125
  121. Mel
  122. Ann Debois
  123. all niter

    they stayed open till 4 am on a tuesday nite , not a lot of guys but a fun group of girls wirking . we had a great time – luv you precious – i recommend this club A+++ they gave all new meaning to supprting the troops !

  124. lou
  125. hatesthequeenangel

    now this is a real club ! bueno!

  126. TokinJ
  127. Mark

    Excellent club. I had a great time and I am over 50…I also saw a good age mix there and it’s rare to see each and every person get equal attention but they did and like I said, it was great! Highly Recommended

  128. zeus9800
  129. j

    Sierra was outstanding and worth every dollar of the vip dance. This girl can really get it on. Thanks for the good time and I’ll be back.

  130. ZQKwfkMFoIHDs


  131. Kevin
  132. Andy
  133. Remi

    Hottest club I have ever been to

  134. 6

    great place , fun!

  136. Badood


  137. kidawesome

    nice place , bit pricey for the suites , but fun fun fun !

  138. disgusted
  139. Jeffery
  140. person
  141. Big Al

    The suites were well worth it

  142. star
  143. Jessica
  144. yesssss


  145. travelsalot

    This place used be nude, now topless(pasties) as of March 2012. Good bar tho, overpriced drinks. One or two duds, but for the most part, girls were very hot. Dances were great. recommend getting packages. dances were full contact, meaning you can touch them anywhere but their crotch. they grind hard on you. You know it will be good when they ask you to take off your belt.

  146. Crash

    Paradise Found is the best club in syracuse.

  147. LoveThyBooty
  148. luv the game

    luv it , drinking in the square , nightcap at Paradise -Syracuse rocks !!!!!!

  149. CumOnMe
  150. Jerry
  151. buddy

    great club , very nice…….

  152. Classy

    High class place…wasn’t sure what I would find after reading some of the reviews but I am happy to say that Paradise was the best club in NY I have been to so far. They were more expensive than some of the other locals but well worth it!

  153. Mike D

    Yo I love this place

  154. 1
  155. ParadiseForSure
  156. Angel


  157. Joseph
  158. Yo
  159. joe
  160. alexa rocks

    alexa rocks , and u r obviously a dick

  161. Brian
  162. Pat
  163. Larry
  164. nice
  165. LikEm
  166. timmykilla

    Kahunaville turned strip club. They serve booze but with that comes nys law … no nude … all. The girls wear latex paint or pasties on the nips … everyone in the club is 21 or over In terms of physically the place is top notch … plush vip rooms, nice lap dance areas … very into the theme with decor For gods sake dont fall for the package deals … you go broke in a blink of an eye.Pay the ten bucks … watch the girls on stage … be thankful its in a safe part of town where your car will be ok

  167. StripClub431

    Had a great time at Paradise Found! They had a lot of two girl dance routines on stage! And on stage the strippers were super handsy, but in the V.I.P. dances, I have to admit they were pretty disappointingly reserved, super hot, but not slutty enough for me, and not as slutty as they promised they’d be. I’d recommend the place, just stay by the stage, the V.I.P. and lap dances aren’t worth it.

  168. love alexa

    great vip dances , was lots of fun

  169. fortdumhereicome!

    thursday nite was the best ! luv you valentina girl !!!!!

  170. Jessy

    Oh my, This wonderful women Hypnotic charmed me with her dancing on stage. Than we moved to the VIP where her magical smile fill the room. I had a great time at Pf.. especially with Hypnotic. What a well proportion beautiful women.

  171. YupYup
  172. ash

    i’ve been to a few clubs as a vegas boy… and i’ve never had dances like i had here, nor have i had so much attention from the girls when at the stage as I did here. I’ve also never had a girl make me want to cash out my 401k like I did with Genevieve. Great time. It was a wednesday. Not sure where all these bad reviews come from.

  173. jeff

    hands down best club in upstate new york. Tits everywhere. I bought a platnum package on the way in from the hot door girl. BEST DEAL EVER! I had a suite with a blond. I cant wait to go back!

  174. John
  175. HighLo
  176. gi joe

    ALEXA rocks dude !

  177. Aimee

    Love this place!!! I was very worried that when my man and I went there I would end up being so turned off and have an aweful time but when I walked in and saw the fun environment, had the hot girls flirt with Jim and I and then experienced a very sensual time in the VIP – I am HOOKED!!!

  178. luvit
  179. Josh
  180. USAalltheway

    was busy tonite , even in a blizzard , dont know how y’all live up here , this is too much ! great club!

  181. regular
  182. usguys
  183. cust
  184. HitIt-QuitIt
  185. J.

    you girls made my bachelor party on 9/8 kick ass…thanks girls

  186. 1st timer

    1 word….NADIA πŸ™‚

  187. jim
  188. best time

    i went to the alpine for a bachelor party it was a blast time all the girls were beutiful!!

  189. BigCaulker
  190. sluts

    never trust a stripper around your man….

  191. 33
  192. donny

    best club in town for a stripclub- go to the queer angel if u want botulism w/ur skank!

  193. anyoldjoe

    great club , needs drinks ( alcohol) , but still very nice place

  194. Jill

    Good booty….can’t say enough about the booty!

  195. somethingelse
  196. Kendrick

    Love your place and the great girls you have there.

  197. GoodTimesBelow
  198. MakinIt

    Best T & A around

  199. ADAM


  200. Friggin place Rocks
  201. Jim W.

    It’s the best place ever. All the girls are pretty or at least they have some point to attract you. Sit near the stage and give some tips, girls will come to u and flirt u with their bodies. VIP dance is great as well, Will definitely come back with friends again.

  202. CaJune
  203. ron
  204. GI GEORGE

    California has THE BOOTY ! ur a sexy gurl xoxoxo

  205. Less

    Had an excellent experience!!!

  206. lateniter

    yes , this is the best afterhours spot in town !!!!

  207. greedy

    yep , this is the latenite spot fosho’

  208. customer

    great dancers , great dances , great time all around , absolutely no complaints !!! ( and i like to complain:) )

  209. BigFan
  210. SoldierOfLust
  211. stripclubfan

    fun! great girls we had a lot of fun thursday , thanks !

  212. gi's
  213. Jamie
  214. Alfonso

    Jordan is so beautiful and hot and sexy and i’ll be back!

  215. adi..

    This place is an asshole. Fucking whores have lotta attitude. Bluddy fucking whores robbed me there!!!! Stay away from this fucking place!!!!!!!

  216. Jack
  217. backagain
  218. Nancy
  219. greatplayer

    love this place. they have the hottest girls around. best club in town !!!

  220. Timmy
  221. niceplaceyagot
  222. willy r
  223. thomas
  224. never again

    Beware this place is scamers paradise the customers know it and the IRS knows it.

  225. Clay
  226. thedude
  227. Jay


  228. SUsoph

    A group of friends and I went there last night after a party frat party died down. Had a blast! Heading back as soon as I can. I heading stright for Lily and then Lexy.

  229. olblueeyes
  230. Booteefull place
  231. syracuse

    loved it !

  232. InAwe

    Best club around!

  233. lexus

    Im a dancer and this club is simply the best!

  234. Check this OUT!

    OMG!!!!! You wont believe your eyes when you see this site! Guess who’s available for exclusive private parties! The BEST of the BEST girls from you favorite clubs!!!

  235. HotSpot

    Wow…. what a great time. Hotties to the wall – Annika, Unique, Julia, Nadja, Alexa, Honey…. plus a couple others I can’t recall their names, did a dance or two with them all over the last couple of days and they blew my mind. HOT HOT HOT!

  236. jj

    hot girls!

  237. jose cuervo

    There are beautiful girls at this club. All shapes all sizes all races. Variety is the spice of life and whoever does the hiring here knows that. I’ve been here a few times and there was a different girl working the front door. I haven’t seen her before. An asian or hawaiian chick with big tits. She was a lot nicer than the other girls at the door I’ve encountered. She actually had some personality and didn’t just scream out $26 to me like the other ones do. Then, they have the nerve to demand a tip. Hopefully they got rid of the other ones that are usually there at night. Anyhow the dancers were beautiful as usual and Michelle the bartender was a sweetie as usual. Had a great time. All of the girls (dancers and staff) made my trip on the shitty roads worth it!

  238. jimmy
  239. Steve
  240. issx

    Nadia …what a great women

  241. Jason
  242. HipSwing
  243. AQTPASvqaqCLHsoW


  244. Aaron

    Great establishment. Many many many hot women who know how to treat a man. I will be back ladies.

  245. dancer1
  246. JNY

    I went for the first time on a Tuesday and was impressed. The girls are fit, pretty, smell good and have a good attitude. At the stage they take good care of the tipping customers and make you want that private dance. I’ll go back to check it out again.

  247. Pall
  248. Dover

    By FAR the best club in CNY!

  249. 30 y.o

    place is great , dont listen to senile old guy w smelly pants , he has the same complaint over and over , geeeez , some girls u cant pay to touch u dude! get over it

  250. smith
  251. Carmen

    Had a blast with all my friends last night. 1st timer but I think I am hooked.

  252. Jimbo
  253. Mandi

    Great place! I am hoping to get enough courage and come work there soon. All your girls were very encouraging and I appreciated their compliments and sensuality towards me. A++

  254. will i am

    just got back , was my 1st stop , wow the girls have gotten more beautiful than i remember …but they need food and booze , please ! thank you -Bill

  255. luvtheclub
  256. best
  257. CE


  258. joeluvstrip

    Where is “Hypnotica” -or something like that? I never see her at Paradise…is she still around? If so WHEN?

  259. Nevaenuff

    The best place in Central New York.

  260. Will, Keep Coming

    Willow, Carina & Lexy I am coming back for ya as soon as I can.

  261. tacopaco
  262. Chickee
  263. Ely&TheMidgets

    Best place for miles & miles, can’t beat it and I would like to see someone try to. The other clubs I have been to aren’t even in the same league as this one. Which is why I keep coming back.

  264. lov

    its great in this club

  265. tom
  266. SirNegro

    This is really the premier club in CNY. I noted the same about Lacey, but also saw the big heart she has. Maybe she has some problems now, but she has the potential for greatness. There is nothing I would love more than to take this incredible woman under my wing and teach her business. Serious money inflow remidies everything! You have to admit, Lacey is very intelligent, but likely making some bad choices. I’m there for her- if she asks. I hope she does.

  267. the new guy
  268. Rockstar

    Best club within a 75 mile radius!!!

  269. MaNahMaNah
  270. SmackThatA$$

    Bumpin pumpin and yo – thay all hott!!!

  271. breakdown
  272. dave_roc

    I’m only in SYR every now and then, and it seems that this has become the best club (didn’t used to be) in the area.

  273. UC4Me

    Stopped by for my friend’s bachelor party, had a great time. $25 got admission and a VIP dance.

  274. Carl

    Had a dance with Etania and Samantha on Friday and it was the best expierience of my life. They were sweet, and fantastic at they’re job. I will will back for sure to get more dances with those two sexy ladies!

  275. frequent
  276. Bangin-n-Blingin

    Brought my bro there after visiting a few othe clubs (Lookers, Alpine, to name a cpl.) and then we found paradise. Blew the other clubs away. I gues if you want second class fuglies then the other places are for you. This club is is hands down the best!

  277. Dan

    Awesome club and hot dancers. They sell packages at the door starting at $32 for a drink and 1 private dance and go up from there. I got the 30 minute VIP dance for $250 and she blew my mind!!!

  278. LongDistanceLuver

    Was there about a month ago but have been busy with my business. I have been meaning to write a good review ever since my visit but hadn’t found the time until now. I have been to many places and always visit a gentleman’s club while I am there. This one came highly recommended from a close friend and she was right, this place is unique. The women were gorgeous and a pleasure to have had a visit with.

  279. Sara
  280. Tommy
  281. I_2nd_Nick

    Gorgeous girls and tons of fun

  282. Nick

    Without a doubt the best club in the area. Great class and A$$…can’t be said for the others I have been to in cuse.

  283. LongBelow
  284. joey
  285. Todd
  286. someonestolemyfries
  287. Destany
  288. robroy
  289. t3
  290. Billy
  291. 2hotty
  292. XXX33
  293. Neil
  294. Amber
  295. Sgt. B-willie
  296. outonmonday

    yep ,was slow on monday , but way more girls and only about 15 guys and all hungry for dances , good to have a club by myself (almost)!

  297. TEN
  298. Hal
  299. Paula
  300. Down the Drain

    This club has totally deteriorated. Disgusting.

  301. Hugo

    Soooo glad I stopped in!!!

  302. William

    Best place I have been to ever. Great environment, great staff and gorgeous sexy dancers. Couldn’t ask for more, legally that is πŸ˜‰

  303. BigPoppaPimpin

    Been to clubs all around the US and this one is by far the best; great prices for excellent ladies and a great atmosphere. I would like to meet the owner to personally compliment him on his management team, staff, ladies and thank him for the best experience in CNY while I was there visiting some old friends.

  304. Bill
  305. sweetnez
  306. Cori

    Now I can tell everyone I have been to PARADISE. Corny I know but I am still high of my experience.

  307. noname
  308. BeenThereDoneThat
  309. Geoff
  310. old joe

    great place , warm , friendly( and i mean very friendly )girls ! had a great time

  311. Anthony

    Me and my boys went there last night….had a great time, dropped a LOT of dough but had a time to remember. We’ll be back soon for sure.

  312. Jake

    it was great

  313. LuvCamLtoe
  314. u.s.
  315. omg
  316. BillyTheKid
  317. Dove
  318. 11
  319. fridays4me

    great time , loved the girls , and they loved me back!!!!

  320. Kenneth

    Place was nice, had a decent time. Will be back next time i’m in town. I found it very interesting they had timed rooms. Typically, I have only seen rooms, booths, and out in the open per song dances. They had seperate rooms for this too, or so I was told, but I did the timed thing and enjoyed it very much. Seemed much more intimate to me.

  321. alexa fan

    hot girl , she did it all for me

  322. Maria
  323. fun place

    had a fun turkey day there , nice nitecap for the holiday , thanks for being open

  324. YungJee-Z
  325. ExcelThrust

    Had an excellent time last night. I highly suggest frequenting this club… Honey was great and I wish I had enough time to chill with Ella too.

  326. Charlie
  327. Vilma
  328. Yooooooo
  329. fuckery12

    Best strip club in Syracuse so far. They got a lot of dancers and change regularly. All of the dancers are hot or at least have something to catch your eyes. Lap dances are great here, and they are not “hands-free”.

  330. SweetPlace!
  331. repeat offender

    went back yesterday afternoon , willow is great !

  332. TrooperBob

    Man I love Paradise. They have like over a dozen new girls. Seems like they add 2 or 3 new hotties each week. I suggest everyone tries a dance with Jayla… she is sexy sensual and perfect in many ways!!!

  333. Big-Z

    Paradise is HOTT!

  334. Geo-f
  335. oughman
  336. ParadiseISa10
  337. HatinTheHaters
  338. Amy
  339. Mikey D.

    Came here after frequenting the Alpine… what a difference! The girls at Paradise are gorgeous and the club really sets the tone. Great sound, atmosphere and hot staff too. I am moving on up to the east side πŸ˜‰

  340. Heaven

    Im in love!

  341. 1cooldude
  342. Kenny


  343. Kelly

    Never had such a good time, legally πŸ˜‰

  344. William H. Kacey
  345. Paul
  346. stripclubdude

    This club is the best! Unlike other clubs in Syracuse that have a couple hot chicks and the rest are just okay…this club has almost all hot chicks and just a couple that are only okay looking. Hot dancers, hot bartenders and hot door chicks. Great club.

  347. Heath

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