Passions Men’s Club



3921 Downman Road, New Orleans, LA 70126


30.010716, -90.020638




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Passions Men’s Club

  1. ralph
  2. fuckup
  3. DexterRexter

    This is a cool lil hood spot that is super laid back. The chicks are the type you can Holla at in a gas station or liquor store parking lot. There was ass all over the place, just how I like it. I went on a Sunday and was immediately pounced on by a dancer but it was all good cuz she had hella ass. Every time I come to the NO I always gotta hit the skrip club. I wasn’t let down by coming here. It’s not for everyone tho

  4. im gettin to it

    Awh man! When I say this club goes down, and yes it does. The girls are very catering compared to she she’s. 60 dollas can get u a lot in passions I tell ya. But don’t take my word on it. I love this place.

  5. JPAUL
  6. XXXbeast

    Came here while visiting NOLA with 15 of my fellas for my boys bachelor party. Mind you we were recommended this place from our waiter at Tujague’s. We definitely wanted something more live and raw unlike the touristy clubs on Bourbon.What thought was going to be a good night at this joint ended becoming a bust within minutes..After getting our ID checked at the door we went upstairs to the bar. It definitely looked like a slow night because there were only 1-2 customers there (the place was dead).Well we get up there and most of the dancers came up to us offering their service. As I was trying to get things situated to find out how much a private dance would be for the groom, I realized I was missing my wallet. Mind you I was in the middle of the group of all my boys other than the dancers hanging on our arms. I knew I stuck my wallet in my back pocket (rookie move) after showing my ID at the door. I first thought I dropped it on the floor but none of us could find it (the place isn’t that big to not find something on the floor if dropping it were the case). It wasn’t until one of the dancers came up to me and asked me if I remember which girl was standing next to me and said “we have some gypsy ass bitches here”. At that point I knew I got jacked..The dumbest thing about this is not that I got pick pocketed by making a rookie move and placing it in my back pocket, but the dumbest thing is that the money that she thought she came up on. She could’ve made triple what was in my wallet that with all the cash the rest of the fellas were ready to throw down (I mean it was ONLY obvious we weren’t from there, and who travels to another state for a bachelor party NOT cash ready). It’s too bad she had to fuck up business for all the other dancers. Bitch is probably the ugliest one in there.Overall a few dimes and then some broke thieving ass pennies.

  7. Slimer

    It is the home of “I’ll Pay For It” enough said.

  8. 504dixman

    i’ve been here when it was sugar shack & now passions. I’ve always gone on weekends & it’s assholes & elbows because it’s so many guys there. you will get your money’ worth if you go in the booth to fuck,i’ll tell you that. work high to low,a lot of girls will try to start at like 150 but i always say”my mom gave me 50-75 and it usually works because they’re trying to get their pimp’s or daddy’s money. not bad, i’m going to have to go during the week though next time, less crowded!

  9. Stuffy504

    I visited this club when some co-workers told me to go and check it out. Upon entry it really didn’t look like a typical strip club. Sure, there were two poles and what might be called two stages, but the poles were about four feet long and the stages were so short that I could have sat on the floor to watch the dancers. There were about twelve stalls along the walls also. I guessed the stalls were for private activites. After watching the less than cute dancers for a while I was approached by a dancer with a good body but awful face. I bought a “naked lap dance” from her. I gave her a twenty and then she said “You can fuck me for sixty more”. I didn’t have enough for the adventure so I bought two lap dances from her. When I walked out of the private stall I was approached again by another dancer. I bought a lap dance from her but she only did half the song and was mad at me because I didn’t want to fuck her. That’s when I realized that this is no strip club. This is a whore house. If you want to fuck something quick, this is the place. If you want entertainment go to another club. The dancers are kind of ugly though. I went on a Tuesday night. Maybe on a weekend the girls will look better.

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