Carls Bar



1753 North Mannheim Road, Stone Park, IL 60165


41.9034692, -87.8839078




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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91 reviews for “Carls Bar

  1. Anonymous

    Are there even dancers at all in the Mannheim area anymore?

  2. David

    It’s Pamela back? She’s my dream

  3. And Ray or Jay or Gay

    or whatever his name really is acts like a spoiled little child who got turned down by Cindy and can’t stand the idea that any woman would ever say no to him.

    Just saying…

  4. everyone

    carls sucks. ugly girls, wait forever for a drink, rude bartenders. anywhere is better than this place!

  5. Greg

    Stopped in here earlier tonight and this is basically a lingerie club, not a strip club. I found it to be lame though the drinks were reasonably priced but maybe I just went on the wrong night.

  6. Sal

    This place is very nice and so are the girls. Nobody wants to go to Oasis[old crappy OSB] Also as far as the bartenders go, Oasis is no better. Slow service and there is nobody there! The hot bartender at carls I will wait all day for!

  7. Ted

    There are some nice looking dancers here. I had a really good dance from a tiny girl named Michele. Will be back and hopes to see Michele again.

  8. 90% are whores

    Most are money grubbing whores who will suck your dick in the parking lot for $20. The majority of the dancers here, at least during the week, are single mothers or nasty fat ho bags who aren’t out of anyone’s league. A woman with a boatload of kids from one or more men, stretch marks and many psychological issues might be out of the league of a wino but that’s about it.

  9. satisfied customer
  10. sarge
  11. Mr.Big

    Best dance for $20.00 full-grind.At Score you can barely touch the girls. I don’t care if you are ugly, you should see my wife-what a dog!

  12. limp duck

    It’s funny how $50 in a card is a lot of money but 34.95 membership to strip club list is not much money. What a lame mofo

  13. Col. Fagin

    Not a very safe club. Often has fights, robberies,

    vandalism to parked cars, and even a few shootings.

  14. fat ol man

    Clean frienly poor layout nice looking girls for

    the area a couple of decent grinders jill comes to

    mind. Less rift raft than bobby’s but not as well

    staft behind the bar as playpen.

  15. k


  16. You got it

    Been coming here for years. Miss the old joint but still great drink specials daily plenty of new dancer to choose from. Safe environment.

  17. Not Cindy

    Wow, Stevie. That’s gotta be the internet equivalent of craping yourself in public.

    You must be proud of yourself.

  18. Howard

    Security are assholes because they’re connected, dago Stone Park cops. They get off on acting like assholes.

  19. dancing girl

    Nice place to work at. The girls are nice and the management is respectable to the girls. The guys are a lot of fun and keep me laughing all night. Even when they fall off there chair drunk. Good security at the door.

  20. naked girls

    Well if you come to see naked girls then you’re at the wrong place because this is a lingerie bar. The girls only get naked if you can get them out of the bar for takeout.

  21. Bret

    This club is nasty!

  22. Hey idiot

    She has 3 kids by 2 different fathers who aren’t in the picture so what does that tell you? She is a lying loser who doesn’t deserve shit. I’m nothing like Jeffrey Dahmer in that I would never harm a woman but maybe women and fucked up cops screwing with his mind drove him to his breaking point too.

  23. to loser customer

    This club still sucks because hard up losers like you patronize it. Coming to this club is probably as close as you’ve ever gotten to a woman. Keep spending your paychecks here, loser. This club and the dancers owe me a debt of gratitude for bringing in new customers to generate new business.

  24. Bob N. Weave

    Reasonably priced drinks, hot women, bartender with big tits, this is a great place to waste time on a Friday or Saturday night.

  25. Jimmy

    i agree with you joe, the bartenders are a bit rude, and three sexy ones at Oasis, that is now open on sundays from 5pm to 12am.

  26. Will

    Good neighborhood Club, girls friendly and drink menus very reasonable along with the dances.

    To those who dont think Dances should be $20, please take into consideration that the Economy is low and if your going to want your fun, one must also give something for it.


  27. Little Man

    Cover charge to get in

  28. For his next trick

    Stevie will continue to demonstrate that not only does he not know the difference between a slut and a whore, (hint: no one ever got arrested for being a slut, dumb fuck), but he doesn’t know shit from shinola, either.

  29. I love Erica

    She is a goddess with a perfect body and the reason why this club is my favorite.

  30. Col W Klink
  31. Ray

    Cindy acts like a skank!!!!!!!!

  32. DJ No Clue

    Do Not waste your money here…This place should NOT get a DJ. That sounds retarded and gay. Any DJ they hire will have to only play the music that carl and the bartenders like. I hope you like hearing the remix of stairway to heaven. Scores is so much better anyways

  33. Dave

    I agree, Cindy is nasty!

  34. Will

    I must be lucky because I’ve never seen armed robberies or shootings happen here and I’ve been here off and on for about 4 years. I will say though that one of the dancers told me there was an incident at the liquor store in the same lot.

  35. Doofus Dicked Duck

    Pay no attention to the last comment. Old number. Just a revenge posting by Stevie the duck-boy.

  36. Guess who

    To the asshole who got my IP banned, fuck off. I can still post here.

  37. Bob

    Rare to find anyone good looking. Dances bad value

  38. steve

    Cindy led me on. Now my life is ruined.

  39. Lk

    I’ve had alot of fun times here.

  40. Steve

    Keep dreaming, pal.

  41. Ricky

    I like how the club looks, clean and modern. I agree with the other guys comment about Sophia, shes bad ass.. Good personality and friendly always smiling. As far as the other dancers go, they walk around like their shit dont stink.. If looks could kill I would’a dropped dead a long time ago.. The drinks are ok but can use a serious upgrade in the female bartender dept., say about 20 years younger. younger…

  42. happy customer

    This club has greatly improved since that needy dork stevie stopped coming in. Now I just wish that attention whore would get a life and stay off this site. I’m tired of his whiney, cowardly, and childish rants. Just wish he’d go f himself.

  43. So So

    Average for its type. Like all lingerie clubs, well below average compared to a serious strip club.

  44. "Craping" myself?

    I think that you just embarrassed yourself in public, loser. Why don’t you get an education and learn how to spell.

  45. re:

    There are plenty of girls who will do $10 dances, they know about the economy issues. Next time ask the girl if she will 2 for $20 and see what happens.

  46. re: Doofus Dicked

    You had her number too? Shit, I wonder how many other people have/had it. But she isn’t a whore, nah.

  47. guy

    cindy the waitress gives a great dance, the day bartender is smokin hot what a rack, lots of hot girls there definitely way better than louies or play pen.

  48. Long time customer

    If you can’t afford a $5 cover charge you should probably not be in the area anyways. Carls is safe, friendly and selective in their girls….they don’t just hire anyone.Always been that way. Quantity vs. Quality I thought the club was the best in the area and you wont get robbed on your way to your car.

  49. Come on in

    Come on in and get dances from the loser, pale, skinny, white trash whore Cindy. She can usually be found shooting pool. You can’t miss her.

  50. Mike

    Love the place…Really has “nice” girls, not sleeze bags…

  51. Fred

    These women are smaller than my wife, my wife got big and fat after having kids, so anything smaller is good for me. Most of them are ding-bats and can’t hold a converstaion so don’t try: young, dumb and full of cum!

  52. Rod the bod

    Cindy looks like she has been ridden hard and put away wet many times.

  53. ?
  54. To Carl:

    This place is ok if the dancers charge $10 per dance. Problem is dancers try to hustle you for $20 a dance…I would never pay $20 a dance for a titty bar. I could get a full nude full friction lap dance for that much.

    I wont be back till dancers charge $10 and give good dances.

    Economy is down and customers can barely afford coming especially with high prices.. Dancers can still make lots of money with $10 they will see more customers come in.

  55. skullchopper

    Dancer bashing on this post???

    Come on guys we all know what type of guys come on here

    and make fun of the dancers over and over . The ones who

    come in the bar and are rude to them and treat them like whores .. Grow up and deal with the fact you are a loser

    who can’t get laid by these women … It’s so silly you

    reject them because there out of your league and they will not have sex with you …

  56. Chris

    This is a good club if you like fat Mexican women with mustaches. But otherwise it sucks and the ceiling is too high.

  57. Gr8

    I have been at Carls ever since they moved and all I have to say is great place, I love it. Go see Rachel if you can.

  58. Dan

    Which girls are on craigslist? I haven’t seen any!

  59. Ben

    i stop in tonight,The bar look pretty nice,but one of the problems i had was, i was sitting by myself and i overheard one of the manager talk about the osb customers. the problem was, i’m an osb customer and i really didn’t like how she talked about us and the girls who worked there. Just because a couple of girls do some things that they dont suppose to do. They talked like everyone who worked there are prostitutes and all the customers are pervs. i am a middle class white guy and i am not a perv, i just like to get out sometimes and i believe the best place for a guy like my is one step, because it might be smaller but at least they don’t judge people.

  60. Joe

    What’s wrong with curly hair? I happen to think that curly hair looks very sexy especially on Latinas.

  61. about Cindy

    You deserve better than that clingy drama queen steve. Due to the hell he causes you, I’d like to apologize on behalf of all normal sane men. 99.9% of us are better than that. Steve is like a freak of nature like Jeffrey Dahmer.

  62. they keep it out?

    I wouldnt say that they keep the dealers and gangbangers out. Ive had coke offered to me once before and look around you especially if you go on Friday or Saturday night. The place is filled with punks. Its more like theyre guarding the inside with the misfits than keeping them out and you know most of those crooked SP coppers take bribes.

  63. whatever you say

    OSB is beet, it is done. No girls there at all!!! Carls has so many different girls to choose from. Nobody wants to hear about OSB anymore…EVER! The people at that place keep writing things because there is nobody in the place. It is dead.

  64. Melnyk

    Prison’s cool. I got to watch the Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption so far. They give you a free bible which has a lot of sexy stories in it. Good whackoff material. The bologne is very tasty. I love it here.

  65. stevie

    We don’t come here because of you. We want to see naked girls. You are a whiny ass wimp.

  66. ???

    This place is not bad for a good bump and grind.Most of the chicks are smoking hot a few look like fat crack whores.The staff is friendly and the service is decent.

  67. JWill

    Carl’s is still ok but not what it once was. There are still some hot dancers coming in from time to time but mostly a lot of thicker dancers if you’re into that. I like them with meat on their bones better than thin ones but not too much meat. Overall, I’ll probably be back but wouldn’t go out of my way to stop here.

  68. some guy

    Nice place to check out some really hot babes, lots of low lifes in there and some of the girls have attitude problems. Also I dont like the fact there are cops hanging around trying to mack with the girls.

  69. Adam

    Club is alright bar is slow as far as dancers go Sophia is the hottest and by far the best personality when you can catch her she barely works but shes definitly worth looking out for

  70. to skinny skank

    $1 would have been to much to give you. Why don’t you go kiss your fat Al Roker. He probably doesn’t have to pucker up because his lips are puckered up already.

  71. another guy

    Cindy the “waitress” is really a provider who smokes shit outside of work.

  72. Sam

    Hey new guys if they won’t talk to you here at Carls…go to one step beyond! All the girl left there are nice and will spend time with you. Nice cute bartenders on certain days and have a good time!

  73. not recently

    it wasn’t recently but 5-6 months ago there was at least dancers that I recognized though I don’t know their names. 2 were hot but were asking $250 for outcalls. darcy was on backpage though under a different name asking $400 for fs.

  74. Peter

    Awesome Place!!!!!!!!!!

  75. new guy

    iam new in town stop by the bar last night, it looks very nice inside, the girls were pretty, none of the girls talk to me i sat thier for one hour, had about $800 to spend the bartender was kinda rude,iam the type of guy who tips everyone well even the bartender,wont be back

  76. the watcher

    Carl’s is a great place to go and relax play a game of pool enjoy a cold drink and get a dance from any type of woman that you like. the place is beautiful and is very very safe. you dont need to worry about getting into a fight or beat-up or robbed because they have off-duty police working the door who keep the scum out and the place and people safe. ya gotta go.

  77. oedipus

    why pay 20 dollars for a dance that is’nt private, from girls who are’nt good looking. and the customers are a bunch of thugs. this is good place to go if you want to be murdered

  78. slut/whore

    No, a slut and a whore are basically the same thing. A woman who sleeps around (it doesn’t have to be for money) or has no problem grinding on multiple men for a living. Other slut/whore traits include having one or more kids with one or more of the fathers nowhere to be found. I would rather use my left hand than sleep with most of the dancers at this bar and it would probably be much tighter too. Not to mention that I wouldn’t have to worry about contracting an STD either.

  79. Silvio

    The quality of the dancers has gone down from a year ago but it is still worthwhile to stop in here every once in awhile. Most of the dancers range from a 4-7 in looks but you’ll find an occasional 9.

  80. P G

    Security are assholes but the girls are great

  81. He who knows

    Terrible, violent club in the ghetto! Shootings, armed

    robberies, car jackings, don’t ever go here!

  82. just a guy

    not well staffed behind the bar is right. it takes me about 20 minutes to get a drink every time i come in the place. usually the bar staff is not even behind the bar, they are outside smoking. i have left several times due to not being able to get a drink. the bar service is much better at the other area establishments, they should address this issue, its way out of hand.

  83. Carl's Girls Do Extras

    There are two ways —

    1. Find the Doorman Kevin. He usually wears a Blackhawks Hat. He’s older and a bit of a belly. Tell him you’re a friend of Benny and you’re looking to be taken care of. Tell him you want to have a party in the apartment and he’ll def take care of you!

    2. Tell the girl’s you used to be a “regular at One Step” and you’re looking to be a “regular at Carl’s.” “Regular at One Step” means you’re looking for extras because girls at one step used to give extras.

    both ways work — have fun

  84. Come see me at carls

    🙂 That’s funny because I dance once in a while at Carls .. I have a real career that I love. I have a degree in Marketing and Business . I live a very happy life and I do not have children .. I own my own home and I choose to work at this

    bar to pay off student loans .. I do not use drugs, nor

    would I ever sell my body for $$$ .. So thanks for comments I guess you do not know ever thing about some of the girls at carls.. Yeah the place is not fancy but were not all trash here .. Come in and see for yourself ..

    take care- xoxoxox

  85. Cindy

    I admit that Steve is too good for me. His life isn’t ruined but mine is. Why did I have to hook up with the wrong men? Maybe then I wouldn’t be forced to embarrass herself by walking around in lingerie and grinding on and sleeping with a bunch of desperate men every weekend to make ends meet.

  86. Bill
  87. Jake

    Carl’s resembles a gymnasium from the outside at first glance but don’t be fooled.

    Once you enter, there are several dancers in lingerie making the rounds asking if you want $10 or $20 lap dances.

    Some of the dancers are really hot and give you your money’s worth.

    I will definitely be back soon.

  88. same thing

    A whore is a slut and a slut is a whore. Look up the definitions for both words on any search engine. Both are defined as sexually promiscuous prostitutes. Not that that’s a bad thing, I just needed to clarify.

  89. Billy

    If you want drama osb is the place. Go where they just got raided because they hire druggie whores. They think theyre too connected to clean their crap stained bathroom and come off wth a shitty attitude if you ask them too. Most likely the only ones left are the ones that even Bobbys has higher standards than.

  90. Duck Definitions

    Remember folks: to ducks like Stevie I and II a “slut” is someone who’ll fuck anyone. A “whore” is someone who’ll fuck anyone but them. And, as you can see, there are a lot of “whores” in their worlds.

  91. Cindy is Ugly(real review)

    Cindy is butt ugly. Im talking trashy, curly hair and bad skin ugly…Good reviews about her are false…

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