Dean’s Gold



2355 Northeast 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33160


25.9261017, -80.1525862




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dean’s Gold

  1. GROVE

    great time

  2. Mike

    Had a great time

  3. freak

    Best club in town the girls are out of this world and most of them are coked out, and they will share and party

  4. Harry

    This is the best club in Miami

  5. management advance auto

    great club way better than scarlets and other venues needs a complete over haul bad attitudes plus alot ghetto girls from tootsies doing things cheap. very surprised but seen Douggy bringing alot them over. the place needs to entirely remodeled. How can the city of No Mia allow a degenerate like that bottom barel Ronny from Beach house cab. to open he a Mobster lone assotation contract fixing on his construction pay off to cities and associates with known drug king pins like pete Spot masters dry cleaning how he got his money

  6. Law Suit

    great club but can understand my wife and friends which are entertainers and waitresses that are continually sexually harassed and felt on by staff member Rene which several females have left club including my girlfriend we were told he was warned not to touch females.why is this still allowed to continue. Do we have to go to local T>V. and file a law suit with the state aTTOURNEYS OFFICE ON JOB SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.

  7. Miami Doe

    The club use to be really upscale. Not that I am prejudice or anything but it is full of Latin Whores now. Lots of the girl are from Brazil now, that doesn’t like to dance at all. They rather go to the private room and get laid or gie blow jobs. Most of them don’t even use condoms for either serivces. The door guy Toby can get you anything that you want for barely no money. It’s digusting there. Dancers if you are looking for upscale dson’t go here. Lots of pimp girls too. There’s potential money but you have to hustle and game your ass off.

  8. Me & Wife

    Went there with my wife two nights in a row. First night was outstanding. Spent most of the night with 3 girls who were friendly, outgoing, and sexy as hell. Next night we went back and spent some time with 4-5 other girls. The manager comped us a round of drinks when we sat down the second night (we had run up a $200 bar tab the first night).

    The girls the second night were a little pushy (but my wife was tipping EVERYONE so that may have just been my perception). Overall–really outstanding club, great girls, and hot as hell full friction dances. We dropped at least $1,500 there over two nights.

  9. Mr. Big

    Really beautiful girls

  10. Mira Tonya

    We wantto know why Big Ceaesar not here.we go back toour other club. why you keep people all girls complain about and heevryone love respect us

  11. Dominque Rossi

    I still want to know why my wife and alot of the other entertainers, that told my wife were being bother by one of staff named Rene, he keeps bugging her to go out . They have already brought the problem to the Management attention absolutely noyhing has been done this is Sexual Harrassment and stocking. Other complaints by entertainers and waitresses told my wife. If something is not done immediately I will legally and me and my associates will take care of it. From what I was told he is a preditor and preys on girls weakness and gives the girls a hard time if they do not go out with him. I will make it a point and bring this matter public with all the girls and take the matter in my 0wn hands thank you.

  12. EKG


  13. danny francis

    what is with the loud black daytime manager very loud and out of control. I am a Marine and none of us carry ourselves out of line drunk as he does. the club was very good the girls are very pretty and a true classy club. i have been to all the clubs in area this one is by far the best, but the black manager made he made us very uncomfortable

  14. ddsdds27

    This is a good club – maybe not the best you’ve ever been to, but higher quality than many of the reviewers make it sound. European and Latin girls are especially nice. Do they want to dance for you for money – of course! Nothing unusual about the stripper hustle; actually if I didn’t get it, I’d be suspicious. Like anywhere, select carefully, and you can be very pleased. BTW, get Cindy as the cocktail waitress – she is great at taking care of you. Friday and Saturdays are good for selection, but Sunday is great for attention.

  15. Bill Bullard

    One of the best clubs by far!!

  16. GM

    This is a very upscale club. Only go about once a year, but this is a very nice and upscale club. They have a great champagne room selection, a private couch area, and the dancers are very pretty. They are good with couples and a lot of dancers are ‘in’ to girls which makes it even better. The girls aren’t shy about touching/kissing, especially to women, and the dances are full contact so you can pretty much touch anything except the pu*sy which is what every other club allows. The champagne room, the rules vary and its up to the girl what goes on basically. It is a bit pricey to go up there, but most nice Miami clubs are expensive for their VIP areas. This also happens to be in a very nice area which is a change from most Lauderdale/Tampa/etc. clubs where you are in or near the ghetto.

  17. the best hospitality anywhere


  18. Mgmt

    To the person concerned with Rene, for your information, no entertainer or staff member has brought this situation up to any manager at the club, if they would of it would of been addressed immediately, so maybe your wife is not telling you the whole truth. We pride ourselves on making the club a comfortable place for all employees.

  19. ronnie bardelli

    i have been to many clubs but. S>G. was by far the best. last friday 09/26/08 we had best time the floor guy lost we his card big Sharp dressed Italian kid forgot his name we called him Godfather very funny a fantastic personality very professional very helpful directed and set us up with the right girl and very attentive best service we have experienced in these clubs we will be back with many of our friends that always talk about a great time girls are beatiful a very relaxed atmosphere and a great time.Spence our attourney friends were right that is his client always comes to club to see him we understand why.

  20. Micheal

    Great club and beautiful girls!

  21. tommy golstein

    i was at club Saturday not many girls working whats with the cops in the parking lot and all in club this is suppose to be a cool place we might as well go back to our club alot of girls no cops whats going on with this place everyone on egg shells service took a while we heard we have a great time fun our friend who works here always tell us about this place at gym.wait til we see him

  22. John

    Thsi club has the most beautiful women

  23. GarryWas

    My favorite place in the world ! I come here every weekend with my friends we get a lot of respect the owner is amazing the staff is so nice and respectful the girls are amazing I highly recommend this place !

  24. A T.

    Formerly Solid Gold. Saturday 11:45PM. $5 to park. $10 to walk in. This place caters to older, whities who like the thinner Euro girls. Ukraine, Russia, Argentina representing. Talent were consistent 6’s to 8’s. 2 stages, 3 You can sit right at the stage. No waitress harassing for cocktails. No “give me dollar for my dance.” Not crowded at all.con: Lame music. Low energy performances.

  25. Michle

    One word about this club – HOT!!! Hot dancers, bartenders, waitresses, Great hospitality.

  26. shocked disblief

    club very good but i asked some of the girls working whats the hardiest part ofyour job. They responded with the fear of losing their job do to fact one of staff harasses them over and over to sleep or go out with him Rene continuious mentioned they did not most of all staff member which all carried themselves very professional. alot ofm workers said they try to avoid working those days with all stress of their personal life last place they want top be harassed was at work. i asked why has this not been handled by m,anagement they said they have many times but it still happens or afraid of being fired

  27. fuckery12

    Husband and i wanted to try this place because it is much closer than Tootsie’s. My one caveat to this review is that we went super early, at like 10pm because we had to get up early the next day and were not on a tear really. The girls were meh and not one of them actually did any kind of dancing. Most of the girls were literally standing around just posing while the music played. They all looked bored mostly. Then one girl came over to us and asked to sit with us but once she sat down she didn’t say a word. It was awkward and weird. Looking around it seemed that all the customers were were significantly older men buying bottle service. Not really our scene. Our waitress service was also awful. We ordered 2 drinks and asked for change and it took our waitress 10 minutes to come back. But when we looked over at the bar she was just standing there talking to the bartender. We left after about 90 minutes. We really gave it a chance and wanted to like it, but were disappointed.

  28. richard95

    I would consider Deans Gold to be one of the best in looking girls..most are european/exotic..its classy clean! cheap drinks..the best comfy chairs! this is a club you go for to spend highend money && feel good about it afterthe only thing is the music it’s techno all night..they hardly ever mix in hip hop or pop! gets kind of annoying && sobers you up fasta must see!

  29. Roger

    Wnet here on friday night and was very impressed by the quality of the woman, alot of very pretty girls. The staff was very accomadating and friendly.

  30. oneglove
  31. marco vertelli

    we came all the way from Palm Beach to see our friend Ceaser they said he was not working.We have been coming here every since he left Tootsies on Saturdays always a good time and leave with smile. Tonight was all right usually do rooms but did not like girls they brought us was kind of cold experience like other clubs service was kind of slow . Do you know when he works next thank you.

  32. BILL

    This place isn’t solid gold it’s solid sh*t

  33. Lex

    Food was delicious! everything else was not.

  34. Johnny

    Everyone at the club seemed unhappy, I wont be back

  35. John John

    Very slow nice place whats with the police. This is not those other clubs that need that. that not good what is with this place

  36. EKJ

    Great girls, friendly staff, classy place.

  37. Carlos
  38. Mike G.

    This is truly a hidden gem in the mecca of strip clubs that we call South Florida. This club is smaller than all the other elite clubs it competes with, but what it lacks in square footage it makes up for in the talent that works here. Dean’s is known for having the hottest girls in the industry. Beautiful fit girls, the body enhancements are just right. No sloppy ghetto chicks with guts, freakish looking ass injections, bad tattoos, stretch marks, gunshot wounds, c-section scars. You won’t find that here. The girls are not pushy here, they know how to give you your space. You can attribute their patience to the clientele at this establishment. It’s an older, well moneyed crowd. The prices also reflect this, if you’re coming here for the first time you may experience some sticker shock. The girls are more interested in doing private rooms as opposed to dancing on stage to make money. You get what you pay for they say, keep that in mind. Absolute quality. Drinks are reasonably priced at the bar if you’re not in the mood for bottle service. The only negative i can give you about this place is the choice of music. The DJ’s are obviously huge fans of hair/glam metal bands. These guys are living their Motley Crue/Poison/Cinderella fantasy in the booth. C’mon guys, don’t be scared to mix in a little rap music or anything people like. Luckily we are distracted by the plethora of vixens in our presence. As bad as the music selection is, it’s not enough to make me deduct any stars. That’s a testament to how great this place is. If the music and decor were updated i would give this place 6 stars. Can’t wait to make my next appearance here.

  39. Nastassia D.

    It was my first strip club for my 22nd bday and i had a blast. First of all when I went it was a ladies (lesbian) night so they had a separate room for the girls even though you were allowed to go on either side. It was so much fun all the women there were really nice and this even made me change my previous views on strippers. The music was good and so were the shots. I would definitely go here again on a ladies (lesbian) night. Oh the lap dance is only 20 bucks, rosabella is the one who did mine and she was really sweet.

  40. Demon

    do not waste your time with tis place if you are upscale gentlement looking for a classy place. Try your luck somewhere else

  41. Johnathan

    Great Club! Beautiful girls



  43. Old School

    I used to dance here in the mid to late 90’s. Back then, this club was the epitome of class. We were a select few from all over the world & we were all 10’s. There were no tattoos allowed (if the girls had them, they had to be covered up with makeup)and there were no poles, either. We also had to wear long gowns and once we were nude, there were strict rules – no bending over, no opening of the legs, no floor work & particularly none of that “ass shaking” that is so common these days. Now, the quality has dropped significantly and the rules have obviously gone out the window. Now SG is just like any other club and what a disappointment that must be for the discerning clientele, I’m sure.

  44. maxxy1

    Sooo, hubby and I ended up here after the Georgia humiliation by South Carolina. Me, being the understanding, and sympathetic wife that I am suggested we pay this place a visit to brighten his mood. I do have to say that this was probably the nicest strip clubs I have been to. The place was clean, the place had a full bar (which was overpriced, but then again it’s a strip club), good music, and the girls were absolutely drop dead gorgeous. We actually had a lively discussion as to whether some of the girl’s bottoms were real or not. The parking situation was a little ridiculous since they make you pay $10 just to park on their lot (no valet included in this price, mind you). The cover, I believe was $20. The girls for the most part were nice and would come over when you had a dollar, but a minority were a little snobby and would not ever come to get their one or two dollars. Also very few girls performed tricks on the pole, which was a little disappointing, but whatever. Lap dances were about $25, weren’t planning on getting one, but one of the girls started chatting us up and then offered one to us, so we were like “what the hell”. Despite it being a little bit of a pricey joint, I definitely recommend it.

  45. Jonna

    This is a great place to work, vvery upscale customers and very friendly staff. All the other clubs in town are waaaay dirtier than this place and not as much fun.

  46. former dancer at this club

    Management and employees treat us dancers like shit, therefore I quit after just 10 days. I see them treat paying costumers not better eater. Maybe if the people who work there were a little nicer they wouldn’t feel the economy that much! Keep up to bad work so the costumers come see me at other clubs instead and won’t waste money here.

  47. Morgan

    This is the BEST club in Miami!

  48. Stopper

    “This is a great club! Alot of beautiful strippers.” – Tony

    Well, if all you want is just to look, then sure it’s a great club to LOOK at beautiful women. My definition of a great club is a club that allows contact with the beautiful women in the LD booth. By my standard, this is not a great club. Thanks and no thanks.

  49. Gregg

    The Hottest Women in Florida

  50. pat

    I have visited all teh clubs in Miami and SOlid Gold is the best BY FAR. The girls are stunningly beautiful, nobody hassles you, ever. You can tip whenever you feel like it, unlike other clubs where ugly girls basically force you to tip them. The people are nice, there are no strange people there. It is a nice experience.

  51. Morgan T.

    My husband and I had a good time

  52. Roberto

    I love this place…

  53. overnight trucking

    WOW what happened to this place from best to one worst service ever. waited 40 mins for drink before i had to go get one myself from grump bartender like that wished she wasn’t there. The staff was like a sleep and any kind hospitality all staff was in lobby no one on floor AMAZED.

  54. worstnightmare

    this club is a BIG JOKE… waste of TIME… the staff are pathetic! need to clean house and get rid of nasty attitudes and all the bullshit people… NEED SERIOUS HELP!

  55. daryl johnson
  56. Mr. Jones

    Super hot girls. Great club

  57. yacht brokers inc.

    shocked what a disappointment service was so bad. 30 mins for a drink girls were ok rude, still better than scarlets not saying much. What happened to staff bad changes to many new faces not anything what Solid Gold was made terrible experience. we leave these fla clubs off our list next visit to So Fla

  58. Mickey

    Great Club

  59. Jordan

    Hot girls & great staff

  60. Tom

    This is the best club in Florida

  61. Rick

    From bar staff, to bouncers, to dancers, even the management- S U C K S!!!

    Negative, rude, ugly people work in this place- no comparason to the Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale- way better looking staff and dancers, I always get treated nice in there! Won’t be back- ever!!! You suck!

  62. Fred

    I Went there recently and I was very impressed. The club is high class but low key. DJ does not try to dominate the scene and the focus is on the dancers. International girls provide a great variety of babes for wandering eyes. The eastern european dancers (particularly the Russian ones) are smoking hot. There are also two very fit hot and compact American blondes with the best asses around that I went looking for several times after my first visit to the club hoping that they would be there, but I only saw them on my first visit. This place is a great night out for anyone who appreciates fine looking friendly babes with nothing on.

  63. waste of time

    What has happen staff BAD ATTITUDE.It use to be fun club. Tip staff,it is like you owe them something.WOW SHOCKED VERY DISAPPOINTED………………………………….

  64. stunned

    What happened to this place STUNNED. This place was like the place. All new,no friendly faces or fun. The quality gone down lost what set aside from every other club, waste of time.

  65. George

    Wow!!! Beautiful women

  66. Victor

    This club has got it all..Hot girls and great music

  67. Tony B.

    This is a great club! Alot of beautiful strippers.

  68. Burg

    Went there got jumped by customers who were friends of the staff, place was cool until then! Also paid a $3000 bar tab, should learn to treat money people better!

  69. To: Burg

    Well Burg, I was there that night in the green room, the problem was yours, you didnt want to pay the girls and no one jumped you. You were asked to leave by the staff because you would not be resonable and they escorted you out nicely. And your tab was no where near what you said. I had a great time with my friends and the girls were awesome. Still my favorite club.

  70. danielson

    This place is a joke ! I went to check deans gold out cause I live in sunny isles and was hungry and since I never been I wanted to try it with my wife ! I park my truck In their parking lot as I wanted to walk in the valet guy comes running towards me , telling me I would have to pay 5$ for self parking lol what a clown and what a joke ! We turned around and left ! It’s not about the money it’s strictly the principal of ripping customers off for free parking ! Forget that place ! Never again

  71. Louis

    Azazing girls and friendly service

  72. Local

    This place sucks!!! All they had was fat girls. Staff was super slow.

  73. Thomas

    This is the best strip club in florida

  74. frankie

    wow big change where are all girls so many new faces.we stayed only 30 mins.

  75. Caution

    caution you will get ripped off at this club

  76. james

    I had an awfull time.

  77. Joshua

    This club has great security, never a problem here, if a customer pushes another customer and they fall, let the management know and they will deal with it, dahh…

  78. XhXeXy

    This place is so outdated! Let`s start with the parking,they made us pay 5$ just to park at their parking lot. It didn`t include valet service,we found a spot and parked by ourselves. They just stay their and collect money without doing shit! Second,they charged me and my boyfriend 15$ to get in, we were with 4 other girls and they were not charged! Third,the drinks that they serve are fake,I had a wine that tasted like vinegar and very pricey. The lap dances were good and 20$ each,which I think is reasonable. Overall,I`m definitely not going back,there are nicer places where you can pay the same price and be treated with respect.

  79. staff

    The staff, dean Charlie and JJ writing good reviews using different names about their club again. Great job guys sounds good taste great.

  80. me

    YO Kyle and LINDA are in FT Lauderdale

    I just saw them


  81. Greg Avanti

    what a great club a i was at club saturday the service was fantastic the best i have ever experienced at any club there were not to many girls working about 30 but the floor staff told me to come back Tuesday to thursday and the floor host was exactly correct just beautiful latin ladies a great time and second to none the best service ever. the only thing that was a little slow was waitresses we waited 30 min for check and drinks that floor host made up for true professional on point great attitude beautiful women. this place so much better than the other solid gold in ft lauderdale which was like robbots no personality and a G.M. with bad attitude we will never go back to the other Solid Gold Ft laud we love Miami Solid Gold a 10 plus except waitress which the floor host said were new

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