Club Rog Gentlemen’s Club



2460 West McPherson Highway, Fremont, OH 43420


41.3297734, -83.0460448




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Rog Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Roy
  2. vin
  3. matt
  4. Benji
  5. just a guest

    it is a nice place the new girls are ok but i wish u had the old ones back

  6. john
  7. Dan
  8. Navin Johnson

    hey everyone this place is the cats pajamas.the bees knees.get out there and check it out…

  9. roger
  10. Tavin
  11. Nick
  12. Rick

    Awesome club to visit. Hot girls, different variety of girls, decent prices, and tons of excitement!

  13. jose
  14. Moose

    This IS the place to party, cut the crap all you haters out there,

  15. DannyO
  16. fdjfhjgg
  17. jon

    great club

  18. sal
  19. Tori

    Hey guys….I miss u all very much. Im loving my bartending job at Legends in Clyde. But i’ll never forget my girls. Bella I love you……Please keep puking in the bathroom for me ok? LOL……And Kylie….Your my girl and always will be….call me if u need something ok? Lover your parties r sweet….lol….and Bre…..I love you very much you have always been there for me. Dont be a stranger ladies……hit me up. Love you all.

  20. tevin
  21. 78
  22. Rachel
  23. jay
  24. Bradley
  25. Ray

    Girls are beautiful and gives good dances

  26. logan
  27. SHAUN
  28. Barry
  29. memories

    i love this club but gotta be honest roger it was awesome sith your old crew about 4 years ago can’t you try to get some of them back violet, ivy, erin, montana all good looking great dancers and you have to admit this place was hoppin when these girls were here and that makes a big difference to me and i’m sure many other customers that had a blast with them……

  30. Cris
  31. jason

    i had the best time of my life at this place. fun girls and great music!

  32. Dee
  33. Pen
  34. Amanda
  35. E.Goat
  36. paul

    fun girls to socialize with friendly as well

  37. Guy

    Boobie is the hottest chick eva!! Check her out all!!

  38. sammy
  39. Jaccy
  40. Al

    Come in and check it out for yourself, it’s worth it

  41. Derek

    The Dj’s rock, the girls are hott!! Every dollar you spend, is worth it! First-class entertainment, everytime.

  42. jeff
  43. Jerry
  44. Tori....

    Hey matt…I know who you are I remember you very destinctly….I am happy that you liked my dancing. And no I am not at the club any longer. I was fired for being immature and apparently being a ringleader. And I am pretty sure that Roger will not ever rehire me…Although I miss the club very much and actually wouldn’t mind going back to work there. It is the funnest club I ever worked at. I wish I could go back in time and fix things and still have my job…but things happen and you can’t fix them. Thanks for being considerate matt. By the way Rog…are you still hiring?? Cause I would love to dance again….

  46. mandy

    excellent couples club, the girls are great with everyone

  47. SHERRY
  48. Eddie

    Got four new girls, seem to have been there for a few weeks now. Always entertaining when there’s a variety. Things are getting better, but it’s always been my favorite club even when it was slow.

  49. James
  50. Lucas

    All the ladies here are sexy as hell!!

  51. BEN


  52. Hale
  53. DamnSkippy

    I was hanging out there last Saturday and the place was packed and I had a BLAST will frequent more often again!

  54. DALE
  55. Dave
  56. Bill
  57. raler
  58. JACK

    LOT’S OF FUN FUN FUN… love the atmosphere and girls, and the sexy bartender too…

  59. adam

    fun fun fun…… come check it out for yourself….

  60. brit
  61. jeremy

    hot girls, everytime i stop in

  62. joe
  63. Pooh Bear

    I just like to say that this club is very nice, I felt so welcomed, & the bartenders, bouncers, DJ’s were so kool & nice., The Dancers are very sweet, they love to get to know you & make you feel very comfortable there. There is One Dancer, Kendra, She has to be the Best!!! She has a great cheery personality, she is so very Sweet, Has a Great body, Beautiful, & very warm heart!! Go check her out, & Tell Her that Pooh Bear sent you!!!!

  64. tony
  65. Ralto
  66. chris

    hottest girls around awsume lap dances

  67. Chance

    This club is a great place to be at Jade is a great dancer but Ginny is better is she still working there btw? Ive stopped in a few times but she hasnt been there keep the hotties comin guys

  68. Jimmy
  69. Steven

    Doesn’t matter what anyone says, all of the ladies here are classy entertainers.

  70. rob
  71. :)
  72. mom

    ruby and tiny are fantastic. if your not going to see them its not worth going.

  73. Keith

    Beautiful and new dancers at Club Rog…. Smiling faces every where. Lots of fun and entertainment!

  74. Matt...

    HI am wondering…I was in the club like 5 months ago and spent about 400 dollars on a very paticular girl…And I am going to be in town this weekend…I would like to stop in on sunday…But i am wondering if the woman I am wanting to see is still dancing…..Her name is Tori…could someone pleasetell me if she is still there…Thankyou…I will be checking this page later.

  75. Sierra
  76. Jen
  77. RON
  78. Ex-Dancer........

    Hey Rog….I used to dance for you…Are you hiring right now?? Please leave me an answer on this site…I will be checking it later tonight…Thanks….I am wanting to work 7 days a week…is that possible?? PLEASE let me know on this site….Thank you…

  79. shayne

    wonderful pole tricks that some of the girls do. beautiful woman evey where.

  80. Brad
  81. Brianna
  82. Judy
  83. lilly
  84. Guest18

    Love it.

  85. JT
  86. Andy
  87. RONALD
  88. TOM


  89. Tim
  90. Sam

    Totally nude girls!! Only place in the area!!

  91. sexy hot females


  92. Mia
  93. Patrick

    Excellent service, fantastic VIP’s, and beautiful ladies

  94. kevin

    just your average gay bar

  95. GREG
  96. Alex

    The girls here are all good looking and friendly!

  97. rog

    just stop in any night or call # of dancers changes all the time we have 12 at present

  98. RICO

    This was my first time at club rog and I thought of was pretty good. I don’t

    care what anyone says but I thought Tayla was great. The others were pretty

    good but my favorite was Tayla. I will be coming back soon thanks for the

    great time

  99. Larry
  100. Wilbur
  101. New
  102. walter
  103. pete
  104. kraig
  105. walt
  106. vic
  107. BG

    Just visited last night (sat)…there was an ice storm so it was kinda slow…alright girls i guess…desire, blonde goth girl and rose were all very nice….esp. desire…haha…alright for a change of scenery i guess….

  108. Steve
  109. Kay
  110. bob

    i love this club

  111. tommy

    awesome club

  112. Guest


  113. Ted
  114. George
  115. jessie

    an i say wow… fun club to visit. sexiest girls i’ve seen in a club yet. way 2 go CLUB ROG keep the hottie’s coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Gayle
  117. You Know
  118. frank
  119. Allen

    Everybody’s talkin bout this place, stop in and you’ll see the great entertainment, not the crap fired dancers are talkin

  120. wow

    They have some hot girls now! Beautiful ladies, what an


  121. Luke
  122. u know

    all i can say is hot dancers every where!!

  123. strip club attendee

    This was by far the worst strip club that I have ever been to! We then proceeded to sit down at the bar and wait for a girl to start dancing. It took over 15 minutes before a girl started to dance and it was almost 10pm. None of the girls ever tried to say hello to the customers or even make eye contact. It was as if the employees were in their own little world and the customers were an inconvienence to them. This place sux!

  124. chris turpin

    Jade is the best ever.

  125. Jasmine
  126. jake
  127. Meea
  128. johnny

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