Circus Bar & Restaurant



427 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.2895893, -76.6091234




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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18 reviews for “Circus Bar & Restaurant

  1. Wahed

    WORST EVER ,, I was with a dancer, calls herself Tasty. Truth is a drug addict, delusional ugly bitch.
    The manager will make sure to rob you before you even think about it.
    Don’t waste your money and time ..
    I tried a lap dance at first, sucks ,, thought I will upgrade to VIP service, So we went down to a shit hole, and the bitch started talking nonsense, she is a true psychic ,, didn’t do anything, then all of a sudden my time is up !
    Obviously I can’t do nothing, big scammers ,,
    The worst thing is that police station is around the block! yet you’re not safe nor protected ..

  2. mordecai
  3. Brandon

    the girls just keep getting hotter and hotter each time i go! the bartenders have personality and know there jobs!to the owner i say keep up the good work!

  4. Yes it does

    Yes this place does suck but so does Fantasies. Go the movies instead.

  5. Moxie1

    This was a nice little club Crystal and Desire made the night very nice. Will go back again for sure

  6. JT

    Underrated club.

  7. johnny

    what can i say exept kudo’s to the owner!i this club is by far the best on the block, they have everthing you want and most of the girls will do anything you want.i definitly will be returning and would refer this club to evryone!!

  8. Andy

    I have spent a lot of time at the Block,and ahve spent some time at this club.I had a great time there,and everyone was friendly.

  9. scafficianado

    This must be the last stop before the stipper retirement home. Good GOD, what a circus it is.

  10. Jerry

    Wow…..Nastiest Club ever….dancers are not worth the time all junkies or crackheads. Careful if you dont buy drugs from the dancers thier black boyfriends will pop once you leave the club. Stay away for health unless you want AIDS or another STD

  11. Sgt. Dwayne

    Nasty dancers here…..keep walking if you come accross this club. Dancers are pushy to get you to back to the VIP room to shoot dope or smoke crack with them. Once dancer used the lap dance money I gave her to buy drugs from her dealer into the club in the front of the bartender. Another told me if I buy her crack or dope she will got back to my room with me. Shut this place down

  12. lemana

    whever posted that last review is full of it yeah maybey like 1/4 of the girls have thier problems but its not fair to put all of us in that category i myself and 4 of the others do no drugs at all!new girls are also coming,so f*u*k off!

  13. Tom

    Dont stop here keep moving…junkies all arounf…nasty dancers

  14. Drew

    Nasty club here

  15. fantasies

    this place sucks come to fantasies

  16. amanda

    The circus is a great club to stop in especially if you’re tired of the pushyness of the other clubs.there is allott of space and great lighting. a very relaxed atmosphere , no body relly rushes you or trys to push you into buying to quickley.the girls a very friendly if you you are generouse. and honestley it is a little unorganized for abuisness but thats why its so diffrent and more fun.

  17. george

    Track marks and broken dreams

  18. jermain

    I stopped in from virginia. one of the young bartenders was very helpful. The girls range in quality depending on what you want. Overall i had a lot of fun i recommend you atleast check this place out.

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