Silk Exotic Juneau Gentlemen’s Club



112 East Oak Street, Juneau, WI 53039


43.4066905, -88.7039474




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silk Exotic Juneau Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Colbear

    Great club, but you need to pick it up and put it downtown Milw!!

  2. kurt schutte

    girls are nasty, 2 smelled, most were unfriendly, where can i find Tim Kuehl??

  3. Sapharo

    Awesome Strip Club!!

  4. silk

    silk juneau nominated best club in the midwest 2007

  5. love it

    I love this club!!

  6. Dan

    Had a lot of fun!

  7. Steve BV

    one word WOW!

  8. Go Tee

    Thank you Silk!

  9. Bobby T

    Farm girls?!I’ll give ya 2-3 tops pertaining to that comment. But most are hot, and a lot of fun. You are in rual Wisconsin. Maybe your the guy that likes to stare at the lights!

  10. XhXeXy

    The strippers lie about their careers. I tried to get legal advice from one during a lap dance and she didn’t know the basic concepts of a first year law student. No need to lie

  11. Tommy G

    I stop here every time I drive to Beaver D. and am never disapointed! This is my favorite place to be!

  12. 2 Last Comment

    Maybe you went on the wrong night, I perfer older women, they are more mature and can hold a conversation. The type of dancers depends on the night you go in there, I go early on Fri or Sat, when there’s more to choose from. Not later on when they’re young crowds in there. Don’t give up.

  13. smart guy

    its awesome. djs rock and girls are great. staff is outstanding. the gm and bouncers took care of me. say hey to perly and parker they can rock the house. thanks sil had a great time.

  14. Lovit

    best most beautiful joint in the midwest!

  15. Sunday Jake

    Full Nude Full Alcohol need I say more? I have been there several times and found Silk Juneau to have a very clean, well lit atmosphere, inviting to both men and women. Silk has plenty of seating at the bar or up by the stage, lots of tvs for the sports fan, and the dj plays a good variety of music. They have a pretty girl with a great smile that welcomes you as you walk in, a super friendly bar staff that always stays on top of things, and a manager who goes out of his way to make sure that your experience at Silk was an enjoyable one. The dancers are all very beautiful, talented, classy ladies who seem to have alot of fun with what they do. The lap dances are really great but if your looking for a quieter more relaxing setting may I suggest taking one of the lovely ladies up to a champagne room. Silk even has a shower room if you feel like getting wet. I always have alot of fun and look forward to going back 🙂

  16. Sean ken kenny

    Can I get a life or read a restraining order????

  17. Kirk

    Jane Simone rocked your anniversary party! Happy Birthday Silk!!

  18. Zalesss

    Too much fun!!

  19. Blake BB

    Fantastic! Simply Fantastic! Build one of these in Arizona

  20. Samual F

    This club is beautiful! Its like an oasis in the middle of nowhere!

  21. John Q

    this is probably the most beautiful club i have ever seen! not a bad seat in the house! its odd how this incredible building just appears out in the middle of nowhere! Bad ass!

  22. Silk Fan
  23. Robert P.

    The bouncers were making racist remarks!

  24. Blown away

    This club is incredible! Its like a oasis in the middle of a desert! tot cool!

  25. Mike

    The girls are like the cattle roamming around this area, with the exception of a few….. Might come back later to see if the improved.

  26. kalvin JJ

    This place is bitchin great!!!!!

  27. farmer

    The dancers should have tails…..At least that way they could keep the damn flies off of them

  28. Alex

    Silk girls are so beautiful. I have seen alot of dancers in my lifetime, and women are so beautiful in general, but when they have such great personalities like these girls, i think they are just that more beautiful. Excellent company!Thanks

  29. John W. Cody
  30. Sammy Q

    YES the shower attraction is amazingly great clean fun!

  31. Jordan

    Fucking racist bastards, they called my boyfreind the “n” word and then called me a “n” lover!!!!!

  32. Mazobeachlover

    Just got back home from silk and had a great time. People were friendly, overall the women were cute with two I’d consider very attractive. Great looking and friendly waitresses. Lap dances were great and the shower room was awesome. A bit expensive but I’ll be going back after I save up some money again!

  33. Salvidor

    Great times! Love your club!!

  34. Local

    Are Overalls part of the bouncer’s uniforms?

  35. tim kuehl

    them girls didn’t like the sores on my dick, why not? just cuz i am from Lebanon? and i am old? 46?cuz i live with mom?

  36. Cowboy

    They put a silk dress on a pig! These guys are fucking idiots why would you dump this much money in a dump!!

  37. Yukon

    OMG! almost as bad as that dive club teasers up north! should be shut down like them too! prostitutes, 15yr. olds, minors, plain nasty! won’t ever come back!

  38. x

    If the bouncers got off there asses to help the girls and not themselves the club would be doing alot better. Don’t play favorites!

  39. guest
  40. Andy

    The girls are mostly big and not too hot. Taylor gave an amazing dance, and she’s the reason I’d come back. Oh that and the great food!

  41. Lakers Fan

    Yaya Baby… Beautiful nakedness!!!

  42. rip-TORN

    Most of these dancers are hookers and will take you back to a hotel if you have enough cash and pass on herpes to you. After bar close of course.

  43. larry

    beautiful club

  44. Rob
  45. City boy

    Holy shit theres alot of rednecks here! They got cowpies in the parking lot!

  46. Ricki

    Definitly a “high mileage” club if you’re willing to put up the money for it. One of the few clubs in Wisconsin where the true VIP room experience is available. Don’t worry about touching, the ladies will take your hands and do it for you.

  47. Phil

    This is a palace! i love what Silk has done here!

  48. Disapointed

    Went in there on a Saturday nite it really wasnt that busy, the girls were not that hot. Most of them just sat by the bar and talked amongst themselves. Kinda disapointed!


    The cows out here look better than the girls!

  50. Danielle


  51. someone

    turn music volume down, “way too loud”

  52. Ben

    I had a good time here but it is severly understaffed. The girls look exausted and very unhappy here. Don’t get me wrong they are all beautiful and full of talent but the club needs to treat them better. They also need to focus more on what the crowd wants rather than what the owner wants. Also I don’t like that the girls aren’t protected by the bouncers.

  53. mr wonderful
  54. chad

    The staff is rude, the girls are nasty and everything is overpriced. What were they thinking?????

  55. Nathen

    This is a palace! Absol beautiful!!

  56. In love

    I love everything about this place!

  57. Ed

    What a club. Nice job, and what beautiful girls. Very friendly and the staff is great as well. I will be in the dodge county area often now i suppose.

  58. Milty SSB

    This club was amazing! We need something like this downtown!!

  59. Walley B

    ….1 great place to party

  60. kamagra
  61. Brian

    Loved it,what a blast. Silk is fricken awesome. I feel as if i was back in vegas.

  62. t
  63. Jeff

    This place has a fabulous rating and its not even open yet.

  64. G

    This club is the nicest in the state by far!! The staff is courteous and the girls are HOOOTTTT!! I recommend Kelli, Vixen, and my sweet Gage! They’ll keep me cumin’ back for more!

  65. YES

    I had a steak at Bench Mark too! Great dinner before the the floor show at Silk!!

  66. paulie

    I had a blast at silk juneau, the girls are lovely, the staff is amazing. i will go

    again and again. these girls are not prostitutes, they work hard for their money.

  67. Carl LL

    Best looking club I’ve ever seen! Isis i love you!!

  68. Mitch

    I like the club, but it is very expensive for where it is. Prices are what you would expect in Chicago, N.Y. or other larger metro areas. Seems like they are relying on the big money commuting back and forth from Milwaukee and beyond since they have really outpriced the locals. I’ll be back, but not too often considering what they charge for drinks and cover.

  69. Billy

    The dancers are hot if you are into FARM GIRLS!!!!!!!! Those girls look like they have done physical labor their whole lives. Definetly NOT HOT!!!! Its an overpriced hick bar with girls that should be boxers not dancers. STAY AWAY!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!!!!!!

  70. Silk Lover

    Stopped in on a Saturday & had a great time. Beautiful club, beautiful girls, excellent staff, and great sound system. First time I have been there in close to a year & things have gotten waaaaaaaayyyyy better. Will be back soon to see Isis and all the other Silk Hotties!!!

  71. club lover

    Had a great time at Silk on Thursday. Isis, Bella, & Destiny were my favorites but all the girls were great. Would have never believed such a small town would be home to a world class club like this! Will definitely be back!

  72. Omni

    Silk Rules!!

  73. Joe Black

    The club is not open yet, how can it be rated this High… Totally looking forward to Dec 28th Though !!!!!

  74. Adam

    Beautiful! from the building to the girls, this is a great club. much like the clubs in Vegas! i will be back soon!

  75. Jay

    The club is very elegant and fun. The girls are hot but the hottest girls are Chanel and AJ. I havent seen AJ in and hope that she’ll come back. Chanel is a lot of fun and gorgeous … smoking hot. Keep up the good work Club owners and Chanel. If you had more girls like these two your club wouldnt have no limits. Good Luck and have fun!!!

  76. Girl Toy

    One word….. Amazing!!!!!!

  77. Kolby

    5 stars all the way!!

  78. Cowpie

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Dirty Racist

    They treat like shit if your white and if your black they will try to beat you up!

  80. Milt the Stilt

    This is a church of beauty !!

  81. Tito

    This place is ran by some racist bastards!

  82. ben b

    i was not impressed at all on my most recent visit! the bar and wait staff are rude and lack any sort of personality. the girls were nice until i refused a to do a lapdance then they became total bitches. they CLOSED the kitchen- so much for half-price burgers on mondays! and to put the icing on the cake they fired my favorite waitress and the reason i made the trip! i guess i will have to go see my favorite ex-waitress bartending in clyman instead!

  83. breast man

    Isis… you have the best tits in the bizz!

  84. Big Fan

    Love Isis! She is boobalisious, but what ever happened to Bella?

  85. Laura W.

    Wow, talk about a sleezy strip club! The only guys populating this desolate and uninviting “club” were the local slack-jawed yokles. Las Vegas style gentleman’s club my ass! My boyfriend and I went here for couples night and were pretty much treated like trash all night long by the surly staff. The bartender made us both an appletini which had a fly in it, he didn’t even apologize OR give us our money back, he made us another one using the SAME BOTTLE as he used to make the first bug-filled cocktail!The girls were…fine…they seemed really sad for the most part and I really just felt sorry for them. BOOOOOOOO!!! 2 Thumbs down!

  86. Taylor

    The club really sucks. Totally overpriced, mediocre talent at best and if you’re lucky you won’t get pulled over by the prick sheriff on your way out of town. For my money I’ll go 10 minutes south to TNT. No cover, good prices and the girls are actually personable.

  87. roger

    great club and friendly people!!!

  88. :)

    ok allll the people that are saying ANYTHING bad about this club dosent know what the fuck they are talking about Ive worked at this club for about 8 months and it is by far the best strip club you will find in wisconsin guranteed they have very good looking girls friendly staff and a CLEAN atmosphere the girls are not hookers nor are they nasty or fat this place is a las vegas style club and it lives up to this rep!!

  89. Zoy

    Holly shiy! Why is this beautiful club out here in the middle of nowhere! It belongs in NY! I glad i found it>>> simply georgous! Great time. I love these cute little farm girls!!

  90. Jason
  91. Kurtis

    Most beautiful club i’ve ever been to!

  92. tom

    Nice place, had a blast. thanks

  93. john
  94. Bennie J

    This is a hidden jewelin the middle of nowhere! I love it here.

  95. Karl

    Best club i’ve been to!!

  96. jo

    it sucks!!!!!!!!!

  97. John the Jew

    I saw a couple of the bouncers saluting the manager like Hitler!

  98. Random
  99. scotty
  100. Delilah

    Herpes, yumm… cum see me at On The Border.

  101. Out of Towner

    Great Club, but NONE of the dancers would talk to me, it seemed like they

    were only interested in the locals/regulars…It also was evident that none

    of the dancers wanted to be there…came in w/ a lot of cash, and left w/a

    lot of cash. Given the Silk name, I had higher expectations that were not

    met here–average club, but definitely not one to drive out of your way for.

  102. Ned

    Love this place … awesomeness!!

  103. Bam!

    Awesum Club! What a great surprise!

  104. XXXbeast

    The place is run down. There was one dancer, one bartender and a “Manager” in shorts and a t shirt. The music was terrible -The Grateful Dead is hardly music for a dance club, not that any girl seems to know how to dance there.I’ve been to the Milwaukee location and was SUPREMELY disappointed in the Juneau location.

  105. Never again

    This place is ran by racists bastards

  106. de

    was there on friday w.o.w. club rocked girls were fuckin hot

  107. Silk follower

    While its a bit out of the way, Silk’s Juneau club is by far my favorite. The girls are beautiful & always make me feel welcome. They also have a great staff thats always friendly. Not to mention the club itself leaves me in awe everytime I go there. Can’t beat full nude with alcohol!

  108. Sam

    My first time to Silk Juneau, and had a really wonderful evening with a phenomenal girl, Naomi. It was a quiet Wed night and there were way more girls than customers there, so a pretty nice scene. But Naomi made it really shine.

  109. PArty

    party like a rockstar!

  110. Visitor to Silk

    I go in there and the women are very personable, the drink prices are reasonable especially if you visit during their happy hour specials. The club atmosphere is very nice and well maintained and their are a wide variety of women to look at.

  111. Robo Robby

    This club is the best kept secret in the world! I love it! It is hands down one of the most beautiful clubs in the country!

  112. Dito

    They asked me if I was white before serving me a drink!

  113. Red

    Totally beautiful club!

  114. Big time in LiL Juneau

    Had a great steak at Bench Mark next door & enjoyed the little Hotties at Silk! Great night!!

  115. who cares

    i’m divorced now

  116. Bert

    Yuuuummmmm love it!!

  117. george
  118. Leo D

    This place is the hottest looking club in the midwest! I wish it were closer to Milw!

  119. Rick

    Nice club, but seems out of place in Juneau. Maybe they’re starting up a new Las Vegas right here in Wisconsin. I’m might have to start buying up some land around there before I hear about the first casino or mega-resort going in next.

  120. Milt

    You need this quality club downtown Milw. :0)

  121. Jon Jon

    This place is ran by NAZI’s

  122. Lady

    I currently work for silk in milwaukee, fellas… silk of juneau is going to be awesome. I know first hand!!!! Dont miss our opening weekend Dec 28th. It will be a shame to miss it, trust me!!!

  123. Tommy

    This place went thru changes and is now making a huge come back. The club has new owners and management. The total dancers are better and more and they have a party everyday they are open. Check this place out now the past is the past. Move forward and come see the girls this club has now. Awesome club and people

  124. Cammel

    Your shower thing at the top of the club is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in any club!

  125. Bunker BBB

    Love this place its beautiful!

  126. jim

    Koreena is hot!

  127. Carlie


  128. thomas

    Georgous club!

  129. Scot

    Always a good time! Can’t wait to see Tiffani Austin again February 23-26. She is smoking hotttttt!!!

  130. trever

    overall very good club. I enjoyed the ladies!

  131. customer

    This club was ok when it opened, now all the girls look like they are anorexic. Get some of the real girls back…these girls are nasty.

  132. Eddie B

    I cant believe more people dont know about this amazing club! Nice job Juneau!!

  133. Kraig

    Here is a great club!!

  134. Howard RT

    This is by far the nicest club in the area. Just beautiful!!

  135. jake

    very nice club, had a great time. Beautiful girls.

  136. Luckus Cob

    This is a great club!!

  137. Troy Rock

    Dam this place is clearly awsum! I love everything about it!

  138. Baby DD

    I love these place!!

  139. bob
  140. Joe
  141. John S

    This club is gorgeous!!

  142. bill

    had an awsome time there fri beautiful girls

  143. chuck

    wow what a club!!

  144. Barry

    Started going to Silk about a year ago & each time is better than the last! Everyone is friendly and always makes me & my friends feel welcome. If you haven’t yet, definitely check it out for yourself!

  145. Keep up the good work

    Wow have things turned around here over the past few months! Was in last Saturday & there were 25 girls and they were hot!!! Keep it up Silk Juneau

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