Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club



54 Crescent Boulevard, Gloucester City, NJ 8030


39.8919771, -75.1028357




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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As soon as you arrive you’ll feel the energy of the Cheerleaders experience. Find your spot at our full-service bar, or pick a table near our main stage.

Open 7 days a week til 2am, Cheerleaders offers on-premises free parking and daily drink specials. Cheerleaders is a premium Gentlemen’s Club, so come enjoy our 12 HD Plasma screens offering non-stop local and national sports action and unwind in one of our VIP Rooms accompanied by the most beautiful women in the area.


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All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club

  1. The Wizzard of Truth

    Dancer Linda is a working prostitute. She offers sevices outside the club. She will jerk off customers in the couch danch room and the champange room when she knows managers are not on duty watching the cameras. Frank will loose his liquor license because of her.

  2. Ben

    top of the line girls(women)

  3. scott

    tiffany and bethh keepme coming back

  4. Steve

    For New Jersey great spot. Love the bartenders.

  5. Monday night

    Never again. girls sitting around eatin pizza and Josie walking around with a ace bandage on her leg begging me for a lap dance never again.

  6. scott bancroft
  7. jimmy

    Had a good time after a ball game. Bartender Irene was fabulous. There was a new dancer there named Ella that I really liked.

  8. chocolate
  9. Josh

    The girls are great. Fridays and Sat. there are alot of girls but also alot of customers. Go during the week and it’s 1 dancer for every guy.

  10. The Critic

    Friday afternoon is brutal. Older dancers are there. Something should be done with overweight Miriah. Her butt is bigger than the broad side of a barn. No one needs to see that on a Fridady afternoon lunch hour.

  11. Boz

    If u define S Jersey as Delran or Moorestown and southward, then yes, it is best in SJersey. If you define as south of Trenton then it’s only 3rd, maybe 4th best.

  12. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  13. Rob

    Complete dive. Tiny parking lot. This isn’t the type of place that should even have a cover charge. Poor talent.

  14. Jack Meyoff

    It’s gone downhill the last 18 months but it’s still better than any club south of Burlington area

  15. Joshy W

    Not even a real club just girlks walking around in cheerleader outfits with bad attitudes and demanding money for doing nothing. Everyone there is an asshole. Only good thing was that you could get a bj in the back alley for 20 bucks.

  16. Mike22

    Does anyone give bj at the vip room?

  17. Sam

    Best in South Jersey

  18. q
  19. Dean
  20. Nighttime Ned

    Tiffany is a discusting pig. Did a couch dance with her during the summer and she ruined my white shorts with a bloody menstral stain. A real pig!

  21. Zach
  22. bill
  23. gull

    Josie tops all for private, energetic.

  24. LongTimer

    Glory days behind it. This was clearly one of the top clubs of it’s time (the Doll House, the Harem) and stayed pretty good but it was always a fade. And now some non-alcohol clubs not too far have easily surpassed it. This is the best club in Camden County and south, nothing more.

  25. Rich

    My first visit, and I found the girls cute, upbeat and athletic. The place is small and friendly. Jenna was my favorite – tall, blonde and knows how to lap dance! I wish I lived near here.

  26. larry

    I have been going to Cheerleaders for 4 years. They have their ups and downs but always enjoyable.

  27. Dave

    I Keep Coming Back Because of Mainly Chelsee, but also Keeley And Beth The Bartenders. Don’t Care for the Dancers.

  28. JP
  29. vaga


  30. former dancer

    To all the haters callin the women at any club “fat asses” or any variation…is

    YOUR body perfect?? do YOU have the ability to get up on stage in front of

    strangers and get naked? do YOU have what it takes to get and do what you

    need to make money??? The men that criticize the women that do this make

    me fuckin ILL. YOU, my dears, i can guarantee that these women probably

    SHOT YOU DOWN and youre just butthurt little fuckin boys. Grow up.

  31. Wayne

    Miriah is fat cheese ass.

  32. Old Vet

    The “Whizzard of Truth” is another Dancer, a jealous one (and a stupid one).

    First a customer would never complain and whine. Second dancers always assume shit when they see another dancer make a lot money then them and they can’t handle it.

    They are stupid because their public whining will only hurt the club and ruin it for everyone including themselves when management clamps down.

    What needs to happen is to find out who this jealous whiner is and then fire her. – ov

  33. frank

    this club is a dive do not waste your money and time.

  34. Jay A.

    I was very dissapointed, the girls attitudes were worse then the security which I may add was very poor. The girls didnt even look good enough to have shitty attitudes. But at least you can find a companion for the night outside and around the back for a couple of dollars. A $20 an hour kind of gal, but remember you get what you pay for. I won’t be returining here until its the last place around.

  35. Afternooner

    Best looking dancers and best value in LD’s in South Jersey.

  36. Edward

    Ive been going to this club for awhile and was very impressed to finally see 2 talented dancers that know what they are doing! Avery and holly are def. a must see on stage and on your lap!

  37. Wolfgang

    Define South Jersey as Canden County on south, then it it is the best in South Jersey. Otherwise not close, no way.

    Easily beats the crap in the rest of the county or the utter waste that is Atlantic County.

    Below had it right, there were good places here over 20 years but although it’s best as defined above, those in the know take a little extra time to go to central or “north” jersey (north of Medford, LOL!

  38. Jill

    I,ve worked all over. This is the best there is in South Jersey. If you want to go nude there are other options.

  39. old bill

    Cheerleaders has many talented girls. But the best are the bartenders.

  40. Iam the best.

    Not the greatest place. Sometimes I think It is better than philly.

  41. weer
  42. JimiJam
  43. Handsome

    If there were a dozen dancers like: Miriah, Angel & Autumn this place would be rated at least a 9 and the bar would be fulll. These 3 ladies are class. The two assholes below who posted those reviewsa are ass holes. If you ever have a couch dance with Miriah, you will go back. I have for amost a year a now and I am still going back. She is a classt lady and guys you will enjoy meeting her.

  44. me

    this club sucks

  45. Chris

    Its topless and BYOB now!!!

  46. SUCK

    Cheerleaders Sucks

  47. Matt E.

    The club was alright. They need more of a variety of all types of girls and talent like Kashmir’s in vineland and Atlantic City. Overall the club was okay but some girls need to not wear such worn out bikini’s. im sticking to south jersey far south jersey

  48. Jimmie

    Like this place. Well run with some cool bartenders and dancers

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