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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Blush

  1. BigBill

    Nice little club, go there when i have the money, or am really bored. Always see Cyana, i love my Russians, Trinity was amazing Saturday, GREAT lapdance. Christine and Jenna are favorite too. Lots of Great looking girls there, and I can smoke my cigar’s with some rum and see tit’s, whats not to love?

  2. dom

    very female friendly

  3. vinny

    too much smoke ugly girls.

  4. Bobby O

    my time spent in Blush was well worth every minute. The girls were the best looking i’ve seen on long island. Good clean crowd, very well run establishment. Prices are reasonable!!!

  5. Secret Romances

    Why the hell is the stage behind the bar? How am I supposed to get close to these girls? Within 3 minutes my boyfriend and I walked out. It was such a joke! I heard from a friend that visits there that the girls do great lap dances but I certainly didn’t stay long enough to find out. However, if you’re a female and want some female action, I hear Gloria and Christine give awesome dances. I would go back again to give it another shot, but I can’t tolerate that the girls are behind the bar. There’s no access!

  6. DontMatter

    Some of the ladies there are outstanding; very hospitable, intellegent and gracious. Likewise, the bouncers and bartenders are a good group of fun folks and realize you’re there to be entertained and relax.

  7. vin


  8. AssnTits5

    Update.. Just went again and really wasn’t too good. DJ was awful, and the place smelled like fried food. All you could smell was grease from the deep fryer. Probably about half of the girls were chowing down on fried food at some point while I was there, and it showed. What is management thinking?! Are they fattening up the cattle before they sell them off?

  9. fuckery12

    ProThe girls look amazingConI’ll just tell you about wtf just happened .Walk in Monday 3am. Petite on stage looks my type and die antwood is playing OK. Russian comes up to my and throws my legs open. Very forward cool. Buy her a shot. $11. OK a little steep when they’re advertising shot specials. She sneaks in an order for another for the bartender and a light beer. Don’t bartenders drink free? I just want a lapdance and she keeps telling me to vaguely touch her back and is unhappy. Great. Make your guests feel welcome. She goes to the bathroom and asks me to come with. What the hell why not. Comes out and demands I put 20 dollars in her pussy. Sweety you didn’t even finish your drink I bought. I tell her I want a lapdance. She says 20 first. What? I go in the backroom and wait. I’ve paid the bouncer for the dance. Signs up all over say no touching and no smoking. I’m not trying to get my skull caved in by the brolic dude who’s doing his job. Five minutes she doesn’t show. Shows up rips my shirts off and tell me to pull out my dick. Don’t wanna get kicked out so no. Bites my cheek. Stands 2 feet away the entire lapdance and continues to demand 20 in her pussy. Bitch i fucking paid dance. Lapdance over. And I’m treated to ten happy, sad, angry, remorseless, apologetic good nights. Holy– just get a girlfriend and save your money. Or go if you like pushy ass euros. -2/5

  10. John
  11. ryan123

    Titties and beer.Although I do not frequent these places, every couple of years it is fun to hit one for an hour just to have a laugh and an overpriced drink.Blush is tucked away amongst a Burger King and an Applebees and can be hard to see from the road. We were out celebrating my buddies birthday and his girlfriend was like “what goes on in those places” so without missing a beat he wheeled the car into the lot and in we went.Because we had a girl with us they seemed to wave us right through – not sure if there is a cover or not but it seemed that some other dudes were stopped by the door man so I’m guessing there is a cover charge.The place is small and a bit grimey looking but the girls there, to my surprise, were all pretty and in good shape. Hell if I have to pay silly prices for a beer, the least you can do is give me some eye candy and they deliver on that end of it.Aside from that, it is the usual nonsense you expect at these places – the girls come around for dollars and the bartenders are trying to sell you more drinks just as fast as they can. There are private rooms for lap dances but no idea on cost as we did not partake – even though we attempted to set my buddy’s girl up with one… she didn’t do it though.Not bad overall and if you take it for what it is and don’t be a doofus and fall in love in there, then you should be able to have a fun time!Parking in front.

  12. Ed Wood Sr.

    Better than average strip club for Long Island. $5 cover.

    You sit a the bar which surrounds the stage and tip girls $1 at a time. 2 Girls are on stage 10 minutes at a time.

    The VIP rooms have couches in them (two rooms-one customer per room) and the couches are comfortable and good for grinding. No touching-they touch you, $190 for half hour in the VIP room. About $8/drink. Girls not too agressive, most of them are hot.

    Mostly Russian girls with some local ones working here. They are planning on adding a second stage. Chair dances ar $30/song in a separate room where a bouncer watches.

    Good place for couples too.

  13. steve

    This placesucks.

  14. tom

    trinity and diamond best double dance

  15. frankie

    Love those American girls

  16. kenny

    this place sucks

  17. ben

    if you want to see some hot americans go on the weekends americans give the best lap dance

  18. larry1

    Women who work there are nasty, bartender is very pushy and rude for cash. She Turned all ny friends off and to ever going back to BLUSH.

  19. Matt
  20. joey

    love the vibe in this place and the girls are alot of fun

  21. AA
  22. goodguy24

    some good girls, good for private dances

  23. sam

    u haveee to go check out victoria, this place is getting so much better with these hot all american girls that kno how to grinddd. and the titties, ugh mann

  24. scottie

    Fucking stuck up american strippers. They think they are hot shit, who has the last laugh now strippers thats all you will ever be. Had sluts spill drinks on me a few times…Take a man for what he is worth but guess what we take strippers for the only thing they are good at grinding and sex……. fuck this place

  25. doc

    great little bar, been there a few times lookin for an old friend from carousel………..Hey any you guys see Dawn around lately? I heard she was workin fri nights but any time i go and look for her, she is no were to be found

  26. guy

    some crazy a** b**ches in this club…nights are really good but days are boring.

  27. Joe
  28. eddyL

    The worst place ever!! The bartenders rip you off. I have the girl a 20 for singles and she gives me 10 back. No door person or security assisted in my situation. DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE!! You been warned!

  29. Who Cares

    Some of the dancers there could use an attitude adjustment

  30. bill

    love the americans

  31. fisherdex1

    This is quite possibly the worst strip club in the state of NY. I’ve been to a few, rude and delinquent bartender and most of the dancers had huge attitude. The nice ones were less than average. I’d avoid this place if possible.



  33. mark

    i love the american girls

  34. DILL


  35. Whitey

    Club is definitely off the da hook! Atmosphere is engaging. Dancers are not over aggressive. Cover is just $5. Drinks are usual at $ 7.25 Wait for 2 for 1 shots, happpen often. Dancers that you definietly want to be with include: *Star*, Hillary, Veronica, Natalie and Nikita. Star is exceptional and a real down-to-earth gal.

  36. jon


  37. D....

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