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390 South River Road, Bedford, NH 3110


42.9226935, -71.4611705




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Gold Club

  1. taint
  2. you
  3. Unimpressed

    Worst club I have ever been in.. Went in on a thursday at 5pm..

    Charged me a 7$ cover charge and I was the only customer..and I do

    mean the only one there. Bud light was 6 bucks and the lap dances

    are 30!!!!!! Girls that eork there hate is because the club takes 10

    bucks out of the 30. This place has nooooo atmpsphere at all. The

    girls are miserable and the staff has as much personality as a tree

  4. Skittles
  5. scott

    If state law would alow it they really should be able to do special shows for bachelors (on stage that is) A last harrah of terrorising never hurt no one// or even alil something xtra for 21yr old newby’s(1st timers) But over all the Club is GREAT and I WILL always be A DAILY FIXTURE THERE JUST remember NO touching and you will have a GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. j in nh
  7. Ken
  8. just a guy

    first timer. what the hell is up with the pasties?? whats the point??

  9. chris
  10. jim
  11. abe

    tiny tina was awesome

  12. entroRealGuy67

    i had a fantastic experience here – will be sure to go back and spend more cash next year!

  13. The One


  14. AnonUser

    The dancers were very nice and personable. The only issue was that none of the dancers took off their panties while we were there, even in the private dance.

  15. broke guy

    I was in this past weekend and it’s tru i didn’t ave a lot of money but the girls treated me like shit as soon as i told them i didn’t want dances. I still tipped at the stage??????

  16. Steve
  17. John Doe

    Tonight was my first time at Mark’s and I must it say I had a great time. It was kind of slow when I first got there, which actually was better to scope the talent.

    The one thing I was disappointed by way the tits on some of the girls…or should I say the lack there of. Once that top came off I was like “what the fuck? Where did they go?”

    The new girl, don’t remember her name, gave me quite a private dance…she’s great if you can get past her being crossed eyed.

  18. Regular
  19. RC

    Pleasant place to go. Very good lighting. Wait staff is attractive and not pushy. Weeknight specials are great (especially Tuesday). Weekends get crowded. Now for why we go there. All dancers are attractive, smiling, friendly and not pushy. Even turning down a dance results in a smile. Also if you go often enough some make an effort to remember you. Dances on the stage result in personal attention whether you offer $1.00 or $5.00. Time well spent.

  20. Mitch
  21. dennis

    what a complex.. lots going on

  22. Derek

    over priced, unatractive girls, and many better places worth the drive in


  23. Chase

    You are right it is the best

  24. df

    You need Alexis to get a 10 rating

  25. Ricky P
  26. Timmy

    Was there in an afternoon so I wasn’t expecting much. The dancers were OK and a few were somewhere friendly. I decided to to a private dance with one. Dances were pricy for the afternoon shift. $30 per song. I opted for 3 for $100 in a private room. The girl counted the first half song as one. So, basically 2.5 sounds for$100. Way overpriced for a day shift.

  27. RUSS


  28. customer
  29. Not Going Back

    Rather spend time in a dumpster than this piece of crap

  30. hihihiihi
  31. IN LOVE
  32. Dan

    I do not smoke. I do go to Marks often and the smoke does not seem to be bad.. Must be good air vent. NH is still a smoking state. Pretty pretty dancers.

  33. luna_vespertina

    Came on a Monday at 5 p.m. there was no cover. There were 5 dancers (All white/Caucasian); 1 tall brunette, 2 dark blond, 1 light blond, and 1 red head. Most had tattoo’s of varying degree. Lap dances were $30 or 2 for $40. They had a calendar gift promo with the purchase of 2 dances for $40. This club has a cashier that charges for the lap dances as you go into the vip section so the dances are set prices. What I liked most about this club was that the majority of the dancers had natural breasts. What I liked least was that the money goes fast.

  34. ron
  35. Ryan M.

    This place is lame. No need to get into complete details about. The staff are rude, the bathrooms are gross, the sound is sub-par, and the only national bands they have coming through are has beens. Not to mention since the club owner is a dick, he’ll disrespect all of the local bands and kiss up to all the nationals. The only decent thing about this club is they have a strip bar on the side, which have some less than decent woman dancing for you.Booo Mark’s…

  36. James

    No more smoking


    No more smoking. I think its great.

  37. pen
  38. Frankie

    Was there last night the only good thing was the dj. and the fact that it’s $2beers

  39. TR8
  40. needadump


  41. monarchs player

    pretty lame, $20 bucks for an air dance ehh?

    decent burger and fries for $6 though.

    girls need implants and tummy tucks ehh?

    much better clubs in My Montreal ehh?

  42. maineman

    I was once a frequent customer at the Mark’s in Portland. Stopped by at the Bedford location Friday afternoon for old times’ sake and ended up sitting at a table with the stunning Kitty looking at a lobster roll nested in fresh cut fries! Lobster meat heaped on a buttery grilled roll…just like my childhood memories growing up on the coast. Thanks, Mark for going out of your way to create an experience bar none. Portland misses you!

  43. Big Boy

    Some good looking girls, dance area not worth the price. Club not at all patron friendly, always under a watchful eye and more rules than an all girls Catholic School.

  44. KM

    yup.. I must say it is the best in New England. Just a great time.

  45. ManchLurker

    I smell a lot of fake reviews. At best Mark’s is slightly above average.

  46. Drunken Donkey

    First of all, this is no longer Mark’s, it’s The Gold Club,

    I went there last night with my wife. Couldn’t believe that they made her pay a cover of $10. She’s a cute, thin 24 year old girl…why did I have to pay to get her in? Drinks are too expensive, food is too expensive. The girls however, were quite fun for the most part. All of them were young and there was a variety of talent to be seen. Some were uncomfortable playing the part of entertainer for my wife, others really got into it. There wasn’t exactly a lot of “ethnic diversity” shall we say amongst the girls…but that’s to be expected and likely appreciated in New Hampshire. My advice would be to get in and give the house as little cash as possible until they improve things a bit. Please explain to me how a beer is worth $6. At prices like that I’ll buy one and milk it the whole night. Make the booze cheaper, I’ll get loaded and spend a lot more.

  47. Brandon C.

    Honestly, I don’t know if I’m writing the review for the correct place I went to, but here it goes anyhow. It was my buddy’s birthday, and naturally (and for the first time ever) I decided to take him to this strip joint. We were too far away from any places in mass, or at least didn’t feel like going, and this was the only one we could find in NH. Long story short we had a great time. Being first time customers we threw our money around carelessly, but we did feel better knowing it was going to the lovely girls working there. My buddy got a personal dance for what I thought was cheap, and the drinks were reasonably priced as well. The girls were very nice and great dancers, and there was this great customer there who must’ve been a regular because he handed us money and said, “Treat these girls right.” There wasn’t much people there, but then again, it was a Thursday. But they played the greatest songs in my opinion. My buddy has been down in the dumps lately, and this place lifted his spirits quickly. We will be back for sure.Pros: Nice girls, friendly staff, good drinks, great music, and other customers were friendly as well.Cons: ATM costs $10 to use. It makes sense to me so they still get 5 stars, just letting future people know (as we foolishly forgot), bring money with you.

  48. JW

    The Best!

  49. Toni

    You’ll love it here!!!

  50. real deal

    This club is just okay, not bad, but not great. Just average.

  51. mickey

    The new dancers are very nice , but still miss some of the older ones

  52. Reg
  53. Heaven

    Was there last night and had such a great time could be a little cheaper on entry fee but other than that it was great. My server was the best ever.

  54. RH

    I will say that all the girls I saw were quite attractive with great bodies, though as one previous reviewer noted, few have larger than A-cup breasts. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether the girls are nice or not, as I was unable to speak to any. They all clustered around a few guys, I assume either regulars or guys throwing money around, and left everyone else to just sit and stare. By virtue of how hot the girls were I’d give the place another try…one more.

  55. me

    they need to turn those lights down….we can not drink enough to make these girls hot.

  56. terry
  57. JC

    Where does Marks get these beautiful girls.. Marks always has the best dancers and many of them.

  58. 567 r,t6u ,t
  59. Greg

    Great club. Girls are beautiful and friendly. Bar maids and waitresses are the best.

  60. DoubleJ
  61. Devin
  62. First Timer

    I went in last week andHonestly, the club does seem pretty empty but the girls make up for it. Some of the newer girls seem happy and have fun with what they’re doing. Not all men want a girl to grind them off at a club. Unlike these guys I do get laid and don’t need a girl working her way through college to get me off. Everyone who is bitching about no contact…you could always get a blow job in Manchester. I heard the going rate is the same as a no contact table dance. To the men who appreciate spending time with beautiful young women, I would check Mark’s out. All the girls on Wednesday are amazing.

  63. clave
  64. omg

    This is the best strip club I have been to!!!

  65. adamrod

    I’m in my early 30s and haven’t been to many strip clubs; but generally you expect nudity. I was in town with some under 21 buddies and we figured we’d check it out (on a Monday night…). I grabbed a beer and sat at the stage and the first few girls were decent, not many layers coming off, but they were playful. Third girl was more interested in herself in the mirror than making money…put a dollar on the rail (we were the only ones at the stage at the time), I tried to make fun small talk since we were the only ones up front, but she couldn’t have been less interested. Kept doing circles around the pole and then called it quits. She walked over and gave me my dollar back and made a sarcastic comment. Like I said, I haven’t been to many strip joints, but the ones I have been to in the area (mostly MA) the girls lose layers when the guys pay money. This was more like a bar with clothed dancers. A bit of a waste of time.$30 cover for under 21, and they have to wear red t-shirts. Not sure what else is in the area, but this place was a disappointment and a waste of time and money.

  66. Adam

    Clean club down to the johnsThe girls are very good looking and approachable. wait staff “there” but not pushy. Best club in NH……………………………………………………………………………only club

  67. Patrick Cruz

    Was there this past weekend had a blast girls r much hotter than any other club in this area…………….

  68. bob
  69. Old Guy
  70. "Tom"

    Some of the girls seemed to care more about sitting together when not on stage than looking for a customer sit with/get a table dance, you had to be a little aggressive getting one’s attention.

    Martina is so freaking sexy…one of the best lap dances I’ve gotten in a while.

  71. Bill

    The new food thing on Fri. day is great. Girls are friendly for the most part, none of them are pushy. The place is very clean, no sticking to the tables or bar.

  72. The Gold Club

    New sound, lighting, V.I.P. boothes & rooms, food all night, a couple of pool tables, what more could a guy ask for?

  73. Matty

    The worst club eva I will neva b back took not to mention the price to get in is ridiculous, These retards don’t realize it’s not a strip club it’s only a tittie bar

  74. god
  75. po
  76. JermNH
  77. crazy

    Need new Dj’s as well as a new housemom

  78. Tommy Boy

    On a Friday evening, I sat for at least 30 minutes and NOT ONE dancer even said a word to me. I was ready and willing to spend several hundred dollars there in private dances/champagne rooms and apparently none of the girls wanted to make any money that night. Instead they seemed content to sit on the couches on their phones or sitting 3 girls to a table with one customer (not a bad thing necessarily) who wasn’t spending any money other than the occasional bud lite. Whatever happened to hospitality? I saw these two girls, both knockouts hanging with an older guy, ok not out of the ordinary, but when one girl had to do her turn on the main stage, her colleague and their “friend” went to the rail to enjoy the show, she only danced for them, I saw guys on the other side of the main stage have cash on the rail being totally ignored. Now I stop in here every so often and most times there are a few girls who at least make an effort to be friendly to the customers, but there are always those who don’t give a shit. Tonight it was nothing but the latter.

  79. sjk

    beautiful young girls

  80. kenston12

    I was recently staying in Bedford, New Hampshire, at a hotel down the block from the Gold Club. Naturally, I decided to check it out, since it was only down the road. I visited the club on a Wednesday night, the last week of April, 2016. The setup of the club is nice, however, the people who work there were not. The cover charge was only $7, which wasn’t bad, and a bottle of water only cost $3, which wasn’t bad as well. However, that wasn’t the issue. While sitting at the bar, one of the dancers, who wore blue, with busty fake breasts, and had a red flower in her hair, was very rude and nasty to me. I was texting on my phone, and was just minding my business. At this time, the dancer ripped my phone out of my hand, and even asked me what my password was. She continued to look though my phone, specifically at my pictures, to see if I had taken any of her, which I did not.The dancer had a very bad attitude, in which she was rude and condescending towards me. She had no right to do this. That is an invasion of my privacy. You don’t ask someone for their password, and look through someone else’s phone. For all I know, she could have tried to get my information, including banking, social security, etc. Well, if she did, I will sue her and the club. After the incident, I asked to speak to the manager. The manager did not seem overly concerned about the situation. In fact, he seemed to have sided more with the dancer. I pointed out who the dancer was, so at least he knew which one it was. He wasn’t nasty about it, just not very sympathetic. He even said your’e not really supposed to have your phone out by the stage. How am I supposed to know, nobody told me this upon entering the club. I felt the manager should have compensated me in some way as well. Especially if he really cared about his customers. It’s not good for business if your customers complain and are unhappy. Do not visit this place if you happen to be in Bedford, New Hampshire. Instead, make the one-hour drive to Boston, and go to Centerfolds, located in the Chinatown district. The staff there is much friendlier, and accommodating.

  81. Kelly

    Absolutely the best in this area, U guys should open Sunday nights especially in the summer.

  82. Dave

    Cover is $2. Girls look nice, but with little hospitality. Low milage for private dance. No seats available on a Tuesday night. No girl offers dance. Many guys are bored.

  83. sucked

    I felt like I was babysitting, sucked.

  84. JJB

    I am coming back….Wow

  85. Mike

    Wow! Haven’t been at Marks for a few months but stopped in last night with a couple buddies. Had trouble finding seats so we’re not the only ones having a good time. Girls, girls, girls! I’m impressed that they don’t turn the lights down like other clubs. Met Saphire, Cali, and Klaudia. Really hott girls who looked good with the lights up! I’ll be back soon!

  86. bondo

    wasn’t to bad until they made girls independents and raised the dance price to $20 and no more 2 for ones. Come on really

    mark, $20 for a 2minute air dance. Good luck you lost my weekly $60 in business.

  87. passerby

    relaxing & enticing

  88. A

    how r we supposed to make money when all of the other girls r grinding. (April, Neveah, Brittany)

  89. Stan

    Wow!!! It is one of the best in New England. No it is the best.

  90. MK

    Still the best in New England

  91. Joe

    I don’t visit many clubs, but this one is fine in my opinion. The bathrooms are clean ,though a bit rustic. The club smells nice. It’s a fun place to go with friends. The music selection is good. My only complaint is that the girls are aloof when passing through the crowds and sort of just stare straight ahead as they walk through. They should be more like hostesses and small chat more often. I feel at home and at ease in the club.

  92. jack
  93. ryjnrjfty
  94. B.B

    attractive and attentive wait staff. Dancers are attractive and friendly

  95. ttt

    Tue for tue. Two $ Cover Two Drinks and two for one table dance. Can’t beat that. I will be there!!

  96. wrt
  97. ted
  98. bar hopper

    I don’t smoke so for me this place is out. A few of the dancers are hot but for the most part they’re not. The only good part is the girls get real close and the chairs are comfortable. The 10$ COVER is a rip off.

  99. out of towner

    I finally made it down to NH’s only strip club, and it was pretty much as I expected. They have a pool hall attached to the club (with a separate entrance), and the cover charge was $10 at the strip club. I got two drinks for $7.50 here, and the LDs were $20/song. The club is strictly all-topless, and the LDs did not have very much contact from the dancer (and none from me either). Tuesday is 2-for-1 nite for LDs, and the drinks & the cover charge are only $2 then. Wednesday is when they have shower showers, and Thursday is amateur nite. There really does not appear to be anyway to get to this club without paying one of NH’s infamous road tolls. The club is located on Route 3 South, and there’s a $1 toll just South of the I-293 exit on the Everett Turnpike. There are also some 50 cent tolls on the exit/entrance ramps on the next 2-3 exits further South from there as well (including Exits 10 & 11). Shift change here is at around 6 PM. The girls here were almost all young, white, and all-natural (small breasted). I had a great conversation with a brunette with a few tats & some extra long legs. Her nipples were awesome!! You’ll really get better contact at a few places in Northern MA or up in White River Junction, VT. I wouldn’t be back at this place anytime soon.

  100. yes ma'am

    Gorgeous girls, sexy waitstaff, & a relaxing atmosphere!

  101. Melissa

    Went to this club on a Monday night while in town on business. Good dancer-guest ratio, and no cover on Mondays. Girls were friendly, though small breasts. They all wanted to take dollars in their “cleavage”, but they didn’t have any! That was kind of funny. Overall, I like a club where the girls touch you more, even if you can’t touch them. A brief shoulder massage is not what I’m looking for. I want tits in my face, and girls playing with my tits. Got a lap dance from Calli (the best Monday night had to offer). She was a nice girl, but nothing special…..

  102. jeff
  103. jessy

    Please this place sucks i see that nasty desyre is still around and still hasn’t had her teeth fixed thats funny you would think that the money she makes she would want to better her self what a shame

  104. Bachelor

    Club was good. Kittie is by far my favorite!! Legs that dont quit!!

  105. Ricki B.

    It’s ok but I won’t b back anytime soon

  106. jerm
  107. 603

    i’ve been a patron since they opened the doors great place to go have a few drinks enjoy some great company the prices are good that some sweet girl up there for you and money should be no object if there showing you what you came for show them with cash a few favorites would be CRYSTAL OR LATINA 2 GREAT BODYS CAN NEVER GIVE THEM ENOUGH MONEY SO IT’S YOUR TURN TO PAY THEM FOR ME

  108. Local from Richmond VA

    This place sucks. No Smoking. Will carry my ass back to Richmond Virginia!!!!! If you want to know about clubs in VA go to virginia on this web site.

  109. Wayne

    This club is the worst one of all, Blue moon all the way

  110. Collins
  111. Re

    Was there on Saturday lots of girls they weren’t interested in talking so I didn’t get any dances too expensive songs were short for 30 music to loud had lousy time

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