Silver Slipper Saloon



3042 Illinois 71 #3, Ottawa, IL 61350


41.377209, -88.7795631




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silver Slipper Saloon

  1. will
  2. ghost rider

    Great place and great dancers, but count your money when paying cover. Two times the punk short changed me and I had to call him on it both times.

  3. Wisman
  4. T-Bone

    My friends and I sat for 30 minutes before a girl approached and I know we showered that day!The dj sounded like he had marbles in his mouth.

  5. strip club guy

    This is a great place to come for quality entertainment!

  6. slip
  7. lil
  8. d

    love it

  9. Gabe Shafer

    Ivy Owns! 🙂

  10. Butterfly79

    The club was great but Amber was better!!!

  11. chad
  12. tonedef dj

    Gotta say, this place is not half bad. girls were hot, friendly staff. Dj couldve been betta. When the drinks are cold, ya cant complain. Dont believe me check it out ya self.

  13. randy evans

    the lights in this club are annoying. spot lights hit you in the face. the dancers are better than average. nothing really special. beer is the normal price. shots are high and in VERY small plastic 1 ouncers…….cheap!

  14. chris

    not bad for a dive club. occasionally you’ll get a dancer with a hump on her back or one with a hairy ass… but the ones that aren’t like that are thick and can move like hell

  15. Carl Lee
  16. Another Dude

    It was a top notch club for this area, and most the girls are beautiful. Also did I mention the pole climbing 15 feet in the air, and overall quality of dancing is great.

  17. (o)(o)
  18. jerry
  19. Satisfied customer

    Who knew a club not in the city could offer such beautiful young ladies? Will defenetly be back!!!

  20. andrewbart
  21. Johnny the Rodd

    Though I don’t get out this way very often, this is the best club I’ve been to in Illinois and enjoy the girls, the music and the overall feel of the place; Like a hotter & sexier version of “Cheers”…

  22. hotties
  23. Dan L.

    Love this club, what more could you ask for? Good looking women and cold beer. Keep it up SSS!

  24. impressed

    I have never seen girls do pole tricks like the ones at this club. Sometimes they would have a girl on each pole, 15 feet in the air doing crazy stunts.

  25. glenn
  26. lucky
  27. jj

    Air dances that aren’t worth $20 and too many kids.

  28. michael
  29. Chicago Hal

    I was in the area and stopped in. This place beats any place in the Chicago area. $6 to get in, $20 private dances. There was little to no contact, but that was no big deal to me. The girls were nude and dancing in front of me. Great value, definitely worth the 1 hour plus drive from the city.

  30. jo
  31. zito
  32. Jeannie
  33. BILL

    this place is great!!!

  34. T

    I been there three times so far and everytime i more impressed with it. The dancers are all very friendly and not all about getting their next private dance. I would highly recomend any one to go and take a look for their self.

  35. superman009
  36. groupleader

    Some of the dancers could afford to skip a meal or 7. Private dances are lame, NO touch. DJ sounded like he was retarded, couldn’t understand him. There are other clubs in Ottawa or nearby that are WAY better.

  37. Robbed

    Had couple dances with a girl and then a VIP, both times she asked for a generous tip and then just took the money right out of my hand as I was counting out an amount to give. These girls are freakin’ thieves here!

  38. ray
  39. john
  40. Morris

    Been going to this club since they opened. It is definitely a ymmv type place. Since putting in the curtains the lap dances have gotten a bit better. Before they were virtual air dances. Of course, now you can’t watch from downstairs to figure out who gets into it more. This is probably the real reason for the curtains. The VIP is a bit of a joke. Those curtains are see through. I see guys up there every once in awhile. I tried it a few times. I think it was 175 for 30 minutes. No extras or even grinding offered and I made a point of picking girls that gave good regular dances. My favorite dancer is probably Anna. I see her mentioned in the comments. Can’t decide if I want to bang or adopt her. This is a good bar to hang out at. I tend to drive to the Lamp Liter around 4 or 5 on Saturday and hit the slipper around 7. Stay till about 9. It can be a good time waster if you have nothing else going on. I wouldn’t bother if you are looking for more than a beer and chatting with a pretty girl. The closest other clubs for this area are in Peoria, somanauk, or Elgin.

  41. luckydawg
  42. angie

    are u guys hiring

  43. Mike

    The silver slipper is a good overall value and I will continue going there for years to come.

  44. reyno
  45. Kolbi Rahe

    im a female that came to tha club and wow had so much fun. My favorite girl was tha slugger outfit girl wow

  46. Mitch
  47. Lastting

    *****TROLL ALERT*****All of the post on about the Silver Sliver are from trolls. No real people post on this site. None.

  49. SDF
  50. 3
  51. 4
  52. Freddy

    We were there for a bachelor party and we had a blast! This was more fun than any other club we have been to! We live over 1hr away, so we don’t make there often at all; if it was only closer! This place might not be as fancy/new compared to some other clubs, but they are well kept, clean, organized, friendly, appropriate prices, can’t go wrong! Can’t wait to go back!!

  53. Rude Customer

    This place sucks! Too much drama, supposed to be about naked women.

  54. Jay
  55. Don

    This is a special club, with some of the most beautiful women anywhere. The stage dances are erotic and everyone gets special attention. I love this place, but can’t go as often as I would like.

  56. oldfatass

    It’s the happiest place on earth.

  57. StripClubKing

    I don’t know what people are talking about on here…went to Lamp Liter and Silver Slipper on the same night and I gotta say Silver Slipper was WAAAAY better. Maybe it was an off night at Lamp Liter, but Slipper was pretty cool. Diamond is SEXY! Get a dance from Carmen too – SMOKIN’!! One bad thing is they can’t really grind on you during the dances, but they are actually full songs…not 30 second dances like some place. They are still worth it though… you get a mini stage with pole in front of you with the private dance. For a $1 tip on stage, you usually get an “extra special” treat.

  58. fernando
  59. tito

    dirty and girls r missing alot of teeth! get them dental insurance

  60. slipper is hipper

    I went on a Sat night. There were about 30 girls. The majority of the girls were hott!!! Of course there were a few who were just ok, but thats whats great about this club. They have the widest range of girls ever. Caucasian, african american, asian, mexican, italian…u name it, they got it. It was so cool to see such a variety.

  61. i love it here
  62. bw

    very hot girls overall

  63. Starla

    As a female guest there I felt kind of shunned by the dancers. Only one came over to my table (which also included a male), even though many girls made eye contact with my friend or me.

  64. Eric

    This Club Was Awsome I Love It….Jordan Was My Favorite Dancer Out Of All

  65. Jenna Weber
  66. Todd G.

    Anna is a wonderful new addition to this club! All of these girls have it man!! Hottest women in all of Illinois!!

  67. name

    Go to the Slipper, and yeah pay $20 for a couch dance with no touching. It’s all about fantasy and entertainment, if you want to get fucked call an escort service, don’t go to strip clubs. ( and then have the embarressment of having people know your so lame you have to pay for sex)

  68. b
  69. JW

    This club is awesome. Hands down best one I’ve ever been too! Girl are sexy, fun, food is awesome, and the drinks prices are great! They are finally REOPENING 4th of July weekend!

  70. alton
  71. jason
  72. les
  73. pussypussy


  75. Quagmire

    If you have options, go some place else. If it is this place or nothing, it won’t be a complete loss. It is zero touch, which is just awful, but there are some good aspects to it. Drinks are cheap, its a comfortable environment, and there are almost as many women working as there are people in the audience, so you have plenty to choose from. Nevertheless, its zero touch and in the middle of nowhere.

  76. Too Hot!!!

    Anyone who would dog this club out, must be getting this club confused with the lamplighter….My opinion the dances are fantastic……C’mon do you really think that you deserve a happy ending for 20 dollars????? If that is what you are looking for….go home to your wife???? it will be cheaper!!!

  77. big jim

    nice clean place, fun dancers, good times

  78. Brad

    I agree the sound system is not that great there compared to Chicago clubs, but wow was I surprised! For being all the way out in nowheresville (I was visiting Starved Rock) the girls were HOT HOT HOT!!! Definitely will return on my next trip out this way.

  79. Mikey

    Gotta love the slipper. Always a fun place to goto. I have been to many clubs and this club is always fun.

  80. paulwall
  81. tiggerboo
  82. harvey
  83. Luis Santiago

    My wife and myself loved this club. The beautiful women made us feel right at home.

  84. Steve

    I checked the slipper out for the first time recently and was very impressed. The girls are much more then I expected physically and talent wise, and for a small unknown strip club it was very impressive. Highly recommended!!!

  85. Dan the Man

    Top of the line girls for little $!

  86. ted
  87. crash777
  88. SSS Fan

    Super hott women working at this club!

  89. Tenacious D

    Too many mexicans, one third of the girls are great, one third okay, and one third I wouldn’t take a free dance from. When hot ones are there , I spend the dough (i.e. diamond, lexy, giavanna, crystal.

  90. sarah

    i came to catch my boyfriend at a strip club but as soon as I walked in I couldnt help but to join in on the fun. I was sitting at the stage tipping before I even found my man and I wasnt mad at him. Now I totally understand why he sneaks off to the slipper.

  91. lopos
  92. Joe

    Private dances are a total waste of money

  93. dancer

    sorry to tell ya this starla, but for all the ladies out there, we don’t like women in the club. we are a gentleman’s club and here for there entertainment.

  94. Employee of the Slipper

    Ive been working for the club for almost 6 years. Robert Thompson treats his employees just fine. He has been nothing but great to his people. He would bend over backwards them. He is very customer oriented. You mustve been a b#*%h to been treated like that. You must be an employee of another club. If you have any complaints about the club. You should go see the manager. Im sure things will be fixed.

  95. john b

    it was a good time … i’d come back

  96. marcusd4
  97. vinnie
  98. jd
  99. joblow

    very clean, classy, fun club.

  100. howards

    awesome club…i’ll be back..that’s for sure.

  101. 2legit2quit

    I just came from the slipper sunday, and it was bananas.

    The women were hot, and the dances were hotter.

    Had a smashing time. Rihanna and Stacy were my favorites.

  102. Fred Durst
  103. vip Guy

    Used to be better

  104. Reef

    First time here and thought it was a great time. Hot chicks who weren’t pushy. Definitely plan to be back soon.

  105. yeahhh
  106. HappyCustomer
  107. passin' through

    Worth every penny!

  108. Phoenix Fan

    I think Phoenix is the best dancer at the club. Great body, terrific smile and just fun to hang out with in the club. I know she does a lot of work OTC but that is just part of working in the Sex Industry. Lovely girl inside and out.

  109. na
  110. Steve o

    Love this club, bartenders are hot and very sweet

  111. Gary

    I love the women here

  112. happier customer

    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. Every people have their own preferences. Slipper has a great number of women that pack that house. Jordan, Diamond, Ivy, Alex, Giavanna, Rihanna, Stacy and so on and so on.

  113. brittany mohler

    i will be working next week

  114. Jackson

    Great club, cheap drinks, hot women, and a laid back atmosphere, this place is awesome!

  115. Tyler Durdin

    Buy my soap to wash out the crotch rot in this place

  116. Toni

    Fucking Awful!!!! Ugliest Pussy for cash sluts!!!! I would rather pay 1000 for a lap dance from a decent chick then get a lap dance from one of these girls and know im going home with a disease!!!!

  117. strip club man

    Must say all the girls here are wonderful!! Always know how to make a guy feel right at home!!

  118. Ben
  119. Scabble
  120. Joey :)

    i’m gonna miss u guys!

  121. me

    great club great prices great girls!!

  122. Reply to: Tenacious D

    All the girls I talked to are nice and the atmosphere is fun and friendly. Your response to how the girls look are all reletive. There is a flavor for every flavor. Perception is reality.

  123. Figgins

    Great place!!! Had an awesome time tonight! Can’t wait to come back!! figgins…totall79 at the yahoo thingy =)

  124. Annoyed

    Last review wasn’t realistic. This is a nice place to go but it promises more than it delivers. I will be honest I wonder more about the adult store outside. A lot of people in that parking lot at times. I wonder what goes on in those back rooms….. back to the Slipper. The dances even with the curtains aren’t that great. I have had dancers say that after getting a regular dance that men all want to do a VIP. The dance was ok but I have gone to places where a model quality girl grinded so hard on my lap for 15 minutes that I was sore for 3 days (zipper burn). That was a regular dance that I got 3 for 50. The Slipper’s dances are Still a bit air like (the dances)but much better than the past. The VIP rooms are not worth it until a door or heavy curtain blocks the view. I am curious about the day shift dancer and whether more happens when less people are around. There are definitely attractive women working here but also some 5s and 6s. I guess the fries are good too.

  125. David
  126. Connoisseur

    probably 6 to 10 girls who can dance as good as anyone anywhere. they have their share of so-so girls but what club doesnt. its in the sticks but right off I-80, well maintained, 1 of the few places that gives private pole dances, only real draw back is it a little over lit.

  127. Jim

    Why pay $20 for a dance and you can’t touch? Go to Lamplighters or High Heels you’ll get your money worth and with some girls a bit more than you imagine. Especially Amber & Heaven at High Heels, they will ware you out then eat you up.

  128. Keith

    Girls are nice but the private dances are not worth the $, sorry. Just an honest opinion compared to all the other strip clubs accross US

  129. Pharm rep guy
  130. bob
  131. Billy Bob

    I haven’t checked this site out in a while. Turns out the last review was actually me from a year ago. Place is open Thursday through Sunday. Closes at 2, except on Saturday when they close at 3. The dancers are decent but the younger hotter dancers have moved on to other places or are making money doing porn on OnlyFans. Stop paying for porn you dumbasses! No personalized connection on the internet will replace a real person grinding on your junk in a back room. I recommend arriving after nine. A lot of the girls hide in back or smoke pot outside until about 10:30/ 11. I’m guessing a few or most are offering takeout now too. Ymmv.

  132. Jarod thompson
  133. Gabe
  134. juicy808

    I usually don’t buy dances but one night they had all the girls get on stage at once w/ SS Tshirts 4 a tshirt/dance special and everyone rushed to the stage to pick the girl of their choice for a dance. I joined in the fun and I am so glad I did. I had no idea how awesome lap dances are…especially when you get them from Sugar.

  135. Todd

    Friday has the best line up of girls, the A line up leads on Friday!

  136. zzzzzzzzzzzz z
  137. Lar

    Anyone who says anything negative about the quality of the girls here is insane or blind. No, not every one of them is a perfect 10 (though some truly are) but most of the girls here would compare favorably with any other club you’ll find. Be sure to get dances from Brooke, Rogue, Ivy and Jasmine (to name just a few.)

  138. george
  139. charles
  140. The Lesbo

    The club is great. I don’t like that they have a couples cover but don’t allow two girls to enter together for that price. Trust me plenty of lesbian couples go to strip clubs together. Over all the girls are okay. The only two that blew me away were Sparkle and Lillian. The rest of the workers seem very friendly and happy to be working. I would definitely recommend The Silver Slipper to anyone.

  141. Christina from KY

    The smart thing, most would say, is to downplay club quality and $ potential to discourage new girls. I don’t agree with this philosophy. By having the attitude that there is more than enough and staying in a good mood makes me $. With that being said; this is the best club I’ve ever worked. Best part, NO TOUCH and we can’t go within 6 inches of their crotch during a dance. This makes the burn-out factor very low. It’s very structured with lots of rules, but all the right ones and none of the bull-shit ones. FYI: no employee drinking. I make better $ sober though….it keeps me focused to hustle! Amature night is Wednesday, house is $55 weekday, $100 weekend and schedule requests are taken in advance and call-offs are taken seriously! It’s sink or swim, but the $ is there!

  142. barry
  143. Bobby D

    I was there last night, and it was amazing. Jordan was awesome. Tell her that Bobby sent you and you might get betterly treated!!!!! Great Club, great girls, what can I say……my dick was hard all night!!!

  144. u
  145. bb
  146. Matt White
  147. Edwin Gonzalez

    The Silver Slipper Rocks!!! I wanna go there on my honeymoon.

  148. dbp

    Club is awesome, im from chicago, and there is no club like it here.

  149. stripperlover

    The women are pretty hot and cool here. There are some that go around like their shit dont stink, but overall the ones that are cool make it worth while to drop some money out there.

  150. jesse
  151. Mark

    Private dances suck here! Shame, the girls are cute.

  152. rudy

    what are those pathetic pictures they put on my space? you would think those in charge would have enough pride to put up something of quality. no, not these folks!

  153. Ian Stevenson

    Think Porky’s Revenge.

  154. shytymes

    Very nice establishment – They have a great variety of amusement outside when there’s good weather, 2 decent size stages for bands and 3 and counting inside stages w/ poles for the ladies. I have a blast (not in my pants!) everytime I get a chance. Full bar (reasonable – great deals) everyday, $1.00 Jello shots (not weak), polite and helpful bouncers, quick bartenders, very cute waitresses, and all sorts of beautiful entertainers for the night! A+

  155. Ed

    So so place

  156. Josh

    The girls here are super hot!! I’ll be back!

  157. millhouse

    Just love the girls here, felt right at home.

    Whats with all the web drama. They keep hurting feelings.

    They should stop, and get a life. Instead of dipping in everybody else’s kool aid. BBBBBBBBBBbbbb eyatch.

  158. Megan

    I think Lillian’s dancing was amazing. She would be the only reason I would want to come again.

  159. customer xxx


  160. car guy
  161. rob

    the girls are pretty but it doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be. Where did all the crowds go?

  162. luke

    my wife loved this place more than me. I went upstairs and watched “Destiny” give my wife a lap dance and wooooweeee. After that me and my wife had to go to the car for a few minutes….crazy!!!

  163. SlipperRocks

    Best club around! Love going there, I have lots of fun while im there..girls are hot, prices n people are great!

  164. bj
  165. lickadick
  166. Melanie

    Best fries in town !

  167. jenwebba
  168. Sam

    Can’t wait to go back!!!!

  169. Mark

    Been here few times but i won’t be coming back. The club and layout sucks, the girls are ugly, they all look pregnant and also have an attitude. I did talk to 3 dancers and I wasn’t sure was wrong with them, they seemed like they were on something or they mixed drugs with alcohol together. No thanks i will go spend my money somewhere else.

  170. jarod
  171. andy barton
  172. NBA

    Went to Slipper tonight, where’s Savanna!? Does anybody know when she’s coming back? She’s the BEST GIRL EVER there! Get the VIP with her, she’s ten times worth it! DD’S, sexy, smart, and beautiful!

  173. Whatta waste

    Hey, how did ya catch it from your left or right hand?

    Did ya try borrowing money again from the owner, and told ya HHHHHHHHHHell no, i wont let you suck it? Ya probably thinking of another club,.,,,,cough high heel cough. lol

  174. hotbunnymama

    This club is very couples friendly. Most of the dancers are fun and really good looking. Toni is my personal fave. She really knows how to play to the husband while dancing for his wife. We had a really great time.

  175. chucku

    check out the sexy bartender on amateur night wednesdays

  176. Nancy

    My husband and I drive 1.5 hours to this club and stay overnight because it’s worth it. As a woman I feel very comfortable going there. All of the girls are very attractive. I’ve had many private dances with Sugar; she will give you goose bumps and set you on fire. So fine! I would highly recommend her. My husband and I can hardly wait to get back to the room.

  177. not telling

    Amber is awesome!!!

  178. pipeline guy

    great club, very classy ladies!

  179. Limo Driver

    My wife even loves this place and we will return soon

  180. Kevin

    Just traveling for business and came across this club. What can I say, cheap beer, cheap cover, and beautiful women. This club knows what it is doing, and I can’t wait to come back. Jersey don’t forget we have a date upstairs.

  181. frank
  182. big bob

    I’ve been to this club many times and have always had a great time. Girls pretty,friendly and down to earth. The best club around.

  183. GO CUBS!!!!

    The only post-game club to go to on the boys-night-out! (no matter what day of the week!) The girls her are fully-nude, spread-eagle and there is alwys numerous hot chics any day we go! Cheap dances too! Definitely worth the drive! Lots of big titties, flat stomachs and pretty faces!!!!GO CUBS!!!!!

  184. Janet Soho

    i think this club should be sutdown. the owner (Robert Thompson) treats his employees like shit and when we were brought the wrong drinks, we asked to see the owner. When he arrived he told us if we didn’t like it then we could just leave. He still made us pay for the drinks. I dsay this club needs to learn some manners and how to treat their customers.

  185. ken
  186. Bob Smith

    COVID review- The girls are a bit heavier and out of shape. The club is emptier than usual. Most girls wear masks. Some don’t (because they probably think it gives them an advantage). Few if any customers wear masks. All other staff are required. Generally, plenty of room to social distance. Good ventilation. If you show up, you are probably going to get a room. Otherwise, why bother during a pandemic? $175 for 30 minutes and $300 for an hour. Minimal to no extras. The experience as always depends on the girl. Ymmv. Past indications that some girls will do otc. It don’t hurt to ask, unless they slap you. Average bar beer prices. Decent food. Gambling machines in back and a pool table. Rooms supposedly have cameras that are reviewed. Some girls do get fined for various offenses. You’re in Trumpland. It’s a bit worse now with most customers/ dancers being anti mask. Avoid politics. Closes by 2. 3 on Saturday. Best time is usually around 10:30. Night shift usually happens at 7 with a few girls showing up around 9. Girls can leave early with a fine. Probably fewer surprise dancers and more girls leaving on slow nights. There are TVs, but …. no sports. Worth it, if you live within a 40 minute drive. If you are more hands and other parts on, you might want to try Atlantis close to the Indiana border near i80. The Lamp Liter is a local dive bar with dancers. It is near the Slipper. Another club Is about 30 minutes north. There are clubs in Peoria about 40 minutes south. Low mileage club, but you get your money’s worth generally.

  187. Jeff

    As a couple we had a great time. The girls looked great, Mel was very accommodating and Sugar performed many private dances for Nancy. Yes, Nancy! We will return . . .

  188. brandon
  189. James Dean

    Nicest club I’ve ever been too.

  190. peru town rat

    club was very nice and was treated like a queen there keep it up u guys r great

  191. Randy

    The girls were ok. Wasn’t crazy about the music.

  192. amber
  193. donna

    I have been to this ckub numerous times and most of the girls are very pretty. Overall only a few of the dancers though will perform and talk to women who visit the club. Overall service is good. Cover is a little high I think should be free for women who visit. Also one of the few clubs that allow women in on their own without being escorted by a man which MOST all other clubs make you do to get in. Rididculous what’s the difference if a women wants to go in a club alone. A DEFINITE PLUS and one of the only reasons I keep going here.

  194. cold stone customer

    The drinks were fairly priced, the women were good looking and the sounds were ok. The admission price is a joke, i can see my self paying 6 dollars on the weekend. I mean, i want to save my loot for the hotties.

  195. Not Nasty Like Them

    all nasty whores!

  196. abduhl jahbad
  197. Dave

    This club was ok. The girls were hot, but the private dances were not worth it.

  198. Happy customer

    I prefer the girls at diamonds, they don’t talk garbage and they look a lot better, except for a few SS dancers.

  199. desantes
  200. Club Critic

    Just what a strip club should be, fun. Although I would like less supervision by the bouncers when getting a dance.

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