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10025 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD 21220


39.3617514, -76.4436398




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Excape Nightclub

  1. Moonbat

    Now they turned the lights back OFF! And they wonder why the patrons act like they’re asleep. It’s so dark they think it’s naptime.

  2. Inspector

    Most the dancers are pretty but they did not dance much, but, I can say this… the Full Figured Bar Tender was HOT and she knew how to move her body to the music. I watched her more then I did the dancers. I would go back just for her. If your a regular or a boyfriend you’ll get the attention one suppose to get while visiting. Good luck

  3. this sucks
  4. pat

    they do it right

  5. that guy

    hey that mean girl gives the best lap dance ever she pulls her bottoms off an got all up on my bat damn i will go back just to c her

  6. Martin

    please put this place out of its misery and send it out to pasture. absolutely terrible

  7. Wiley Poster

    The lighting is really bad here- it’s hard to see the dancers. But most complain of being bored anyway, so that might not matter. Some dancers are good, some aren’t so good. One of the worst dancers plays loooong songs that last half an hour. That’s a good time to go smoke.

  8. DICK

    Summer was always rude. Glad she is gone!

  9. Jessica

    Holy wow! This place really sucks. Went in thinking I might try out for a job but definitely not once I went in and checked it out. The pits!!!!

  10. Wistful

    Losing Summer was just the latest in bad moves made by the management of Excape.

  11. City Boy

    I would much rather drive here than go to a tity bar in the city. Girls are much nicer and they dont bug you for dances or drinks!

  12. Harvey Goerman

    Halloween will not be the same w/o Summer there. Crowds have increased so greatly since she left, they are considering lengthening their hours. Good move, “managers”!

  13. Fall Out

    Summer was always rude. Glad she is gone!

  14. Baltimorean

    They don’t have dancers here. They have bar walkers who just walk around shoving their garters at you for tips.

  15. DAVE


  16. Getoverit!

    Hello, I am a club dweller as well. I have been reviewing these comments for some time now. Yes, I believe that this bar sucks. Yes I believe that there are a few girls that need to shut there mouths because they lack class and education. Yes I believe that the management isn’t really management. It’s more like kindercare.

    I also know for a fact that Summer left in August on her own. She is now at the Gold Club! Go see her there and bitch and complain of why she left Excape.

    She left because we pay the day manager (Darlene) money as a bouncer fee. A 65 year old woman can’t bounce!

  17. Brutus
  18. Bored
  19. Bear

    It is bright at day in this joint.

  20. New Customer

    I must say this place knows how to have fun!

  21. What a Variety!

    Blonds, Brunettes, Redheads, Short, Tall, Skinny, Meduim, Real, Fake, Big, Small, but they are all gorgeos! I have to give it to the management these girls are HOT HOT HOT!!! Not to Mention the Bartenders!!!!

  22. bob

    millstream is so much better.

  23. Qdance

    nice county club, needs better management

  24. DWord

    This club wasn’t even worth the 5 minute drive. The girls were awesome to talk to, but the club setup sucked. Not worth the driving time. Go somewhere else if just looking for nude girls. Here it’s just a bar with some gilrs dancing like any other non-strip club. Felt like I was at a cheap version of the lodge.

  25. Barhopper

    Excape has made a lot of progress and improvements over the past few weeks.

  26. t

    Stopped in on a weeknight a few weeks back. Dancers were all pertty much above average with no real standouts. Even the least attractive girls were still pretty good looking. The only complaints I have is first, that the girls didn’t seem too friendly-maybe it was just a bad night. The second is that at one point I left to use the facilities and returned to find my drink missing. While I got a replacement free of charge, this was a minor annoyance.

    Club is the largest in the county, is quite comfortable and is well layed out. About the only club that probably would be considered nicer in most respects would be the Millstream Inn. If comments about management running out quality help are true, that too bad. This place has so much potential that it would be a shame for management to treat the help so poorly.

  27. Edison Tenilis

    This place lost their worst dancer, Summer, thanks to Excape’s good management staff. Just one of many who’ve been kicked to the curb because the managers here knows what the people want!

  28. Ex Dancer

    I left another pic from the WILD private party I did the other night


  29. Anonoymous

    If only I lived closer! But, whenever I am in the area I know where i am welcome! I’ll miss you girls

  30. Peter Goesinya

    Hottest girls I have seen and or felt..

    Almost shot in my pants a few times!

  31. Long lost

    Hey!!! You know who this is! Come see me downtown. I miss you guys!

  32. Sum R

    Summer was always rude. Glad she is gone!

  33. TO 'TO SKIP'

    Sorry guy, but you “HEAR” comments, not “here”. Maybe you should have spent your money on an education, not a harley.

    That comment is typical of the club, white trash, inside and out. Look girls, you are on the edge of porn and don’t want to admit it, you show your ass for 2 dollars less than a gallon of gas, can’t hold a REAL job and you THINK you’re hot. You waste your money on bad boob jobs and want us to pay your bills, how smart can you be??? I don’t want to come in there after a hard day at a REAL JOB and listen to you complain about making money, it’s your fault, not ours. We don’t put money up for some girls, cuz you are NOT HOT and you suck at dancing and you complain too much!!! If a buck aint on the bar, DON’T come up to us and DEMAND one. You are a dime a dozen, you have ended up where you belong for a reason, you made a choice to be a dancer, live with it or get out.

  34. Excape Patron

    Summer was super-sexy! No wonder the crowds have dropped off dramatically since she left.

  35. Ives

    They FINALLY turned on the lights! You can actually SEE the dancers now!

  36. Excapist

    Not a bad club, but still hasn’t gotten back the “swagger” the old Excape had. Being a pastie bar makes it hard to compete with the city’s nude bars.

  37. fantasies

    this club sucks come to fantasies

  38. Heironomyous Merkin

    Sterile. No identity. Dancers feel no “attachment” to the place. No special events. Sometimes great, sometimes dull.

  39. Artie

    Pretty ghetto. Sleazy kinda place

  40. larry1

    I came here several times during lunch and late afternoon plus an evening. Finally came here on a weekend Saturday night and my impression of the place got upgraded with my recent visit. I always rate the club’s appearance and atmosphere first because the girls will always change.The club itself was quite large. They have the bar racetrack around the stage. Stage has two poles for two girls but is big enough for two to four dancers easily. Each girl dances then comes around the bar for tips. They have a private dance area also. There are pool tables and other types of sideshow games such as a crane and a punching bag game—for the hicks and rednecks who want to prove they are tough. The drinks are reasonable – $8 for mixed drink and $5 bottled beers.There were a good amount of delicious dancers and a few that I would do without. Most of the girls seemed to be from the north in Harford county–take that for whatever it means. It was a very low pressure environment as the girls sifted through the crowd pretty quickly.I would probably come here again on a weekend.

  41. drug dealer

    this club sucks whores drunks an drug users

  42. Visitor

    Went with some friends late Saturday night. There was little dancing. the moment a dollar was seen, the women were on the bar collecting. there were stretches of 5-10 minutes where you didn’t see a single dancer, and sometimes no music. There was no interaction with the dancers, pick up the dollar and crawl on. The few that were seen on the floor did not acknowledge most customers, just talked to one another. May have just been that time and that day, but overall, a pretty poor experience.

  43. Etc

    Summer was the standout dancer here, and due to dumb management decisions, she left.

  44. Regular

    No other club in Baltimore Compares!

  45. Some Are

    Crowds are back now that that chubby, rude Summer is gone.

  46. BoBo

    It is way too bright in here.

  47. freddy66

    Excape is a cool bar with some decent looking half-nked girls roaming about…some are hot while others not so much. The bartenders are often WAY hotter than the dancers, and they bring you cold beer when you give them money. The dancers do their thing (ranging from twirling aimlessly around the pole to some excellent stage and pole work) and then come around for their tips (which are expected more than earned much of the time).

  48. Moon Glow

    Dancers act bored and listless. They spend most of their time outside smoking. Can see a lot better dancers at other bars like FANTASIES.

  49. Steve


    Also when the dancer is walking your way they will bug you for a tip everytime and everyone is staring at you so u will look like a a-hole if u don’t tip anything.

  50. me
  51. WOW

    Hot bartenders and sexy dancers!

  52. v Jay

    Summer was the wornout dancer here, and due to logical management decisions, she left.

  53. Truth teller

    To the girl that wrote the last comment an thats write I said girl you must work there if you think you know so damn much so be a women an say it from the stage

  54. Excape Fan

    I come in here almost every friday and every other saturday with friends. We have a great time, and all the dancers are fun to hang out with. This place probably has the sexiest dancers in any of the county bars. Definately stop in to check it out.

  55. Getoverit!!

    Hey listen here fucker! I wouldn’t complain if I were you because you have to pay for sex! Yeah that’s right, I said it. I know of 2 girls that you have bought up there for sex! Oh yeah! You dirty fat fuck! YOU PAY FOR SEX!!!!

  56. Fun as shit!

    That new girl stephanie is FUCKING AWESOME! She was the most exuberant girl I have ever seen in there. She gives an amazing lapdance! You need more girls like her!! Alice was fun too.

  57. Joe

    This place used to be filled with hot, talented, nice girls. Somebody

    destroyed that obviously. Was up there the other night and was

    harrased by a few girls for private dance. I like women, not girls

    that look like they are still in middle school. I’m disappointed.

    Guess I won’t be having my divorce party here. Drinks were over

    priced and alcohol gave me a headache that night.

  58. Otto Mann

    This place is going nowhere fast. Since they lost Summer, it’s almost not worth going to anymore.

  59. Friend

    Summer wants you to go visit her at Club Pussycat on the block. She misses you guys!

  60. summer time love

    friend u are a sad sad man summer does o work onthe block

  61. Harvey Goreman

    Halloween will not be the same w/o Summer there. Crowds have dropped off so badly since she left, they are considering shortening their hours. Good move, “managers”.

  62. wipsnaper

    Saturdays are really dead since Summer left. Management here doesn’t know the first thing about keeping girls who bring customers in.

  63. local drug dealler
  64. Local

    I have been around the block (or blvd) and I have to say this place is most def #1. Very nice building, comfortable seats, and quality girls. Drinks are average. Food is great! I always enjoy time spent here!

  65. excapeee
  66. dixie
  67. watcher

    slow! No specials. best girls.

  68. bar goer

    sumer does not work on the block

  69. money mike

    escape was all i was tryin 2 do at that shit hole

  70. Haywood

    Dancers come up to you for a buck even if you dont have one up for a tip. Complain too much and order drinks w/o asking first. One bartender (tifany)is a crank, wont sit on her side for FREE BEER, what a B#$%H, not going back anytime soon.

  71. Blows

    Nothing like the old excape, and they cant hang onto a good dancer to save their lives! Stop running the girls out! It takes forever to get a drink in this bitch.

  72. Fun E

    Summer is working on the block. Wow, she really moved up in the world.

  73. fatass

    the barmaid amanda is a pig and needs to stop eating

  74. Edison Lighthouse

    This place lost their best dancer, Summer, thanks to Excape’s bad management staff. Just one of many who’ve left because the managers here don’t know how to bring people in.

  75. cowboy

    I go to the club on afternoons and have a great time.

  76. WKRP

    This place is dull since Summer left. No wonder they’re cutting back their hours.

  77. X customer

    All the girls want is $ for drugs

  78. Willy Nilly

    Summer was one of the best dancers here, and they let her go! Unbelievable!

  79. club goer

    I was up there last nite the unhappy girl i think was work some dancer up there was bitching an giving the finger from the stage to a man sitting at one of the table that is bullshit and if asked I’am sure the girl would say something smart like WHAT EVER GIRL GROW UP !!!!!!

  80. dallor to dancers

    girls on here that are mad at the world need to remeber we work hard for our money that we give u all you do is walk out of the dressing room an start getting tips or do 1 busted ass pole trick IF YOU HATE IT THAT MUCH GO WORK AT BOB EVANS AN IF YOU DO SAY HI TO EV EVANS

  81. Solo...

    Club is decent. Attend mostly days. One girl and potentially two have my eye. Love the Tats on one and the thickness on the other. They know who they are and you will too. Great attitudes on both of them…

  82. jay

    I think its a nice place to go and have a beer and thier barmaid stephanie is sexy and sweet

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