Club O



17038 Halsted Street, Harvey, IL 60426


41.580596, -87.6407971




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club O

  1. Great Club

    in a terrific neighborhood. I always bring my 9mm and a spare clip or two. You can shoot anyone you want in the parking lot (or inside the club) and no one cares. Police are afraid to come near this club. I love this place !

  2. Fun Place
  3. Lots

    of new super hot dancers !

  4. Onterio

    Our group left after 10 minutes on Saturday night

  5. tricky2382

    By far the greatest club I have ever seen. They put alot of money into the club and that’s how you make money. Anytime of day and any day of the week there are sexy girls to make it your best trip to a club. And of course Austyn enough said!!

  6. JJ
  7. uncle bob

    lots of new girls so not seeing same ones ovr n over on stage. finally! not bad looking! come see the nw addition

  8. Andrew

    We had a great time at the club last night ! Lots of great girls that love to party !

  9. Oh yeah


  10. Big Tee

    You can have a FUN time here!

  11. Tim

    LOVE This Place! A must GO! We’ll be back. We spent over $30,000 last night & can’t wait to come back.

  12. the planning guy
  13. Andrew
  14. 9MM

    Hog wash ! This club is terrific ! I pack my 9MM and have three extra clips ready to fire. Always gun fire and always fun ! I have been going here for years and have only been shot twice.

  15. Mike

    Nice club, women are fine!

  16. ronald

    as clubs go this is better than alot.looks a little old on the outside .the inside is the usual strip club decor.a lttle cheesy.had a few hott strippers most not so good,i might try it one more time a few of the girls had some interesting offers for an hour room,just not the girl i wanted.

  17. Dave

    and Dave make this our go to club.

  18. regcon
  19. Glenn D

    Great club, nice people, fun time

  20. Pete

    Super crowded and crazy, fun night, amazing girls. Definitely recommend people go here.

  21. Anthony

    Does Crystal still dance on the weekend ? She is my favorite girl.

  22. Paul
  23. Steven

    Decided to ignore the negative reviews and see for myself. Great club, we had a great time. Girls are beautiful..Veronica and Suzy Q!

  24. Jessica Smith
  25. Terrified

    That vacant hotel next door to Club O is always crawling

    with FBI-wanted cop killers, serial killers, drug runners,

    and makes the area all the more dangerous even in broad


  26. mike

    Huge club, 2 bars, hot dancers, great drink specials,

    this place offers everything.

  27. JimBo

    Been coming here for years and no problems. Just carry a gun and you will be fine. I have only had to shot two guys in over five years which I consider acceptable. Lovely girls.

  28. Bob Sr.

    Great club

  29. Ron

    Great club

  30. Pete

    O WAS HAPPENING FRI & SAT night! Tons of girls and the place was packed. It was like a Miami party….We had a BLAST! Don’t know what the Phil guy was talking about it was HOT & HAPPENING ALL NIGHT Friday…we even came back in Sat. There were alot of Ladies that weren’t there Friday, but we came back to see Envy….HOT & WILD!!!!!!!!

  31. Sydney

    The girls are average at best. The floor hosts are all looking for tips. This neighborhood is very dangerous to drive to. I think there are much better clubs around.,

  32. Michele

    Went with my husband and absolutely loved it!! Plus they have a $10,000 Monday Night Football giveaway so of course my husband wants to go every week now…thanks lol

  33. Old Hand

    Outstanding club by Chicago standards. Prices reasonable and the dancers are generous. Girls could be hotter but they ain’t ugly either. Beer selection is poor. Bouncers have been very nice to me. Highly recommended.

  34. John

    I love this club and it’s getting better and better……

  35. Dagevin

    Finally made it there. It was impressive. A bit on the expensive side compared with Skybox, but worth it….

  36. Fire

    If you want something done in this club goto big john, he runs the club like no other. You can count on him to back you up or get you in on a buzy night I own a gold vip card and tell you what they treated me like a king before I was a card holder, I wonder what happens when I pick the gold card up!!

  37. JACOB





  38. Again!

    Had a great time the other night, thanks Club O.

  39. tabby
  40. Phil

    Can I say AWESOME! We had the best time last night watching the game live at Club O & the girls. Need I say more. Can’t wait til next week. Frankie thanks for the great time.

  41. rocky

    Nice club….lap dance full nude for was great …i

    like jewel…

  42. Dennis

    This has got to be the best club I have ever been to. Girls are beautiful, atmosphere is awesome, and the service is great. Thanks for a good time!

  43. Good Crowd

    Last night was terrific ! Great crowd and the girls were a lot of fun !

  44. JT

    a fucking blast

  45. Tiff

    love it love it love it

  46. Rich
  47. Andre
  48. Jupiter

    Now I can tell that Club O is very likely an MS-13 owned and operated club! The club, as reported by a commenter in the “Comments” section, plays rap as it’s mainstream music. And the club sits in a very bad neighborhood and has shootings every single day, in broad daylight.

  49. ClubOLover

    Which girl is Austyn?

  50. Gerry

    Went here with some buddies and we had a great time !

  51. Doctor Love

    Best stripper/hookers in the city. Just a terrific club !

  52. ll

    Black girl from England beautiful and great dancer guys go and see.

  53. steve p
  54. Daniel

    Last night was my first night there in quite awhile! I had dances with Francescha and she made it a very memorable night. Hope to see you soon!

  55. Linda

    Spent Halloween at Club O with my boyfriend. We had a great night. Girls are great – service was great! Coming back very soon!

  56. Rock On

    This Club Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man we had a great time. Can’t wait to come back.

  57. Joe

    Hotchacha! Thanks to the girls of O for the best bachelor party ever. We had a GREAT TIME. ThankYou!

  58. Awesome club ! ! !
  59. Geno 12/06

    Had a great time will be back at the new club!

  60. Chris

    I think that overall this is a great club and I haven’t seen a nice clean club like this in a while. The staff is really nice and the managers are on top of everything. I hear there is a club o#2 comming is this true

  61. tj

    re question below-would like to know also and what shift does she work-would like to check her out!

  62. New Age Dude

    Best club in Chicagoland and suburban area. Only club where the girls actually get naked ( everything off ). Great girls and more than willing to impress the clients.

  63. Lil john

    dancers here are sexy

  64. Andy
  65. love

    love it herre

  66. sticks

    Sensation and faith were very very friendly girls, Both had beautiful natural tits, and incredibly asses. faith is new and she likes to talk DIRTY oooo what a turn on. and the most perfec erect nipples that accidently slipped into my mouth.

  67. Kevin

    This place is actually pretty great. I don’t know why they have always been getting these bad reviews.

  68. Carl

    Can’t wait for my Monday nights at O, Thanks guys…

  69. nitin

    Hi Monic,

    I like you a lot. I hope you are having a good time.

    Remember me? I am your regular guy. The one with shaved head.

    Take care…

  70. Gabriel

    Best club I been too.

  71. Greg

    Very nice. comfortable. good selection of girls.

  72. Better and Better

    One Brother blew off the head of another Brother in the parking lot last night. No one even turned around to see if he was dead ? (he was) Great club and for sure you will get a lot of BANG BANG BANG for your buck.

  73. Bella

    Thanks for a SWEET TIME. You GIRLS ARE HOT!!!!!!

  74. Tony

    Fun Club

  75. joe babcock
  76. Kevin

    I haven’t been this turned on at a strip club in I don’t know how long.

  77. Happy Holidays

    The staff and all the girls wish our customers the very best for the Holiday Season.

  78. anon

    Wide variety of girls, great mileage with the 30 dollar lap dances.

  79. rh
  80. re: Wimp

    I like small arms fire in and around my strip clubs ! Nothing better than the chatter of an AK-47 to get the old heart pumping. Hot lead and hot dancers are my idea of a great night out.

  81. David

    Hey guys go to this club check out all the girls I was told that this club is know for have the best looking black women and it’s true they are beautiful so go

  82. Shelby

    Not the most frequent thing I do but this club was a real fun time!! Enough so that i’m commenting on the experience! Maybe some more martini drink specials 😉

  83. Anonymous

    The “clatter” of AK-47s is what gets many people killed, or at the very least, hospitalized in critical condition! Club O is Club War ZOne!

  84. Geno

    Had a great time will be back at the new club!

  85. Old Pro

    Favorite club in the area. Don’t forget to tip the bouncers. Use the Fire Room or the Executive rooms if you can afford it. You will be pleased.

  86. Totally unsafe

    Totally unsafe, in a horribly violent, extremely bad


  87. Hell YEAH

    Still hard

  88. Flash

    Man….this club is beyond all others! Girls really give the best dances – grindage, grabbing & more! But the VIP room is WAAAAAYYYYY too expensive. $500 for the hour – and then they ask you to tip the bouncer for “privacy”. Which wasn’t worth it.

  89. I'm in Love

    I’m in Love with a stripper-sweet young Hot Blonde-Austin. Thanks for the great time last night. I love you.

  91. Gus

    Love this place! Going to check it out on New Years!

  92. vetclubber

    This club shows me promise, girls I like, the way they give dances I like, and I had a choice. I don’t like being “stuck” with the first girl who makes an approach to me or the bouncers bringing me a girl like most clubs in chicago

  93. Big Spender

    Hey I’m looking for Naomi Sudan beauty I hpe she’s still there coming in Feb from Saudi.Just for her, so if she’s there good if not find her. I’m willing to spend good money.

  94. Zack
  95. kenny b good

    well i just want to let u know that club o is going on and they have true lap dances best in IL

  96. Re; mike

    The only things Club O offers are AK-47s going off every

    15-20 minutes in the parking lot, AK-47 rounds ripping

    through even concrete walls, scenes of even entire SWAT

    teams succumbing to the violence, police copters getting

    shot at and taking damage, and a battery of cop killers

    that even the Army is scared to approach!

  97. Peter

    Me and the boyz enjoyed the girls. I was the big bad wolf.

  98. Ye YE YEAH

    AWESOME! nuf said.

  99. Jealous

    Club O is open 7 days a week! With the Hottest girls, Full Nude & Full Liquor!

    Obviously someone is Jealous!!!

  100. My Number One

    This is my favorite club !

  101. Ed H
  102. Wink Wink

    went for a bachelor party and i think i left a new man…great, great, great

  103. Re; Great Club

    9-mm pistols are no match for mobs of ruthless killers with

    AK-47s and Molotov Cocktails!

  104. Big Rig

    On my way to the club for some Saturday night fun !

  105. reggie

    need more privacy in dance area

  106. The Man

    The club itself is great, but cannot go back due to the fact that we were being booted because of a bachelor party. We patronized the place from 7pm until midnight, then were told to move. We were only 4 people in a big section of the joint. There were another 12 people in the same section that were able to keep their seats. Not right. We left. The bouncer was very very rude, didnt care we were there for 5 hours spending $$$

  107. M Squared

    Great Club check out Ava and Veronica HOT!!!

  108. Stan

    This is the best club I have ever gone to. The girls are great. They are very nice when they tell me no and thats just fine with me. The things I must do to my wife when I get home is very enjoyable to her.

  109. Sammy

    Im here tonight – $1 well drinks! We are having a great time!

  110. Bernie

    B.L.A.S.T. was had by everyone. Good times – great laughs! Thanks for the wild time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. matt

    I have never seen a club like this in the southside…. great club…..service is great

  112. Stoney
  113. Ahmed
  114. kiki
  115. TP

    This is the best club in Illinois

  116. hoes
  117. Love this club

    The dancers are pretty and the staff and security is all nice..Food is good!!!!ALso they have alot of Class at this club …It is set up very Sexy and Seductive …..I would recommend anyone to go to this club….Couple friendly as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Kimmy

    I worked at this club over the weekend and made lots of cash. Thanks club o

  119. JESSE

    I love this place, hot women, cold beer, what could be better.

  120. Dave

    Always a good time with these ladies !

  121. .

    Austyn is the blonde on nights. Her hair is half blonde and half purple. Oh Yeah, great rack!

  122. mike usef q

    i had a great time at club

  123. Awesome
  124. MIke Jones

    I love all the big booty girls here believe me I will be back this weekend to play with the ones i didnt get to!!!! BIG BOOTY HOES how I love those BIG BOOTY HOES

  125. Great club !
  126. Dathe
  127. hhhhhhhh


  128. Gerald

    Cheap drinks hot girls lots of fun

  129. julio

    Great club went in 2 weeks ago and i had a blast. I just want to say best club I’ve been to. I want to say hi to Ashley and Raven. They drive me nuts. Great bodies. Thanks club o.

  130. Tino
  131. Camilla

    Everyone seemed nice, or maybe i was just super drunk hehe, either way i liked it

  132. dollar dances

    love when they do dollar dances so i can have variety of girls before i choose that special one or two for the night.

  133. Very Pleased

    Austyn! That’s all I need to say!! OUTSTANDING!

  134. Bunni

    The girls are sexy as hell.ESPECIALLY exotica….Nice atmosphere….good bartenders….YAY for club O

  135. h


  136. Nice Club

    Club had a nice set up, and everyone was friendly, especially the girls. Most were very pretty and some were even drop dead gorgeous. Best looking bunch I’ve seen in a club in a long time.

  137. Yes

    OHHH YEAH! Love it!

  138. satisfied

    Fist time I was ever here and I was impressed. It doesn’t look

    like much from outside but inside is nice and the girls are

    freakin hot. Top to bottom there really are no bad looking

    girls and they are all nice. I bought 3 dances from 3 girls

    and liked them all. Went for hour in vip suite, satisfied..

  139. penthouse

    The new club will be opening up by the end of summer and it will be called the penthouse or something like that and it will be located near midway airport. Then they are closing this “o” for 3 months to remodel it completely. They are showing it at the club o know on the big screen and they have cards out on the tables. I CANT WAIT TO CHECK IT OUT. Hopefully some the hot girls from here will go to the new place.

  140. tom
  141. Tim Buck 2

    WOW Best girls ever

  142. lee
  143. Truth

    Finally someone that knows the truth!! That makes me happy!

  144. Big Mike

    Nice club with an excellent selection of dancers.

  145. 2016

    Totally agree ! This is going to be a terrific year at the club !

  146. Col. Vogel

    Horribly terrible place! The area is even worse than

    Ford Heights! Worse than Berlin after World War II. Not

    to mention a run down and vacant hotel building right

    next door. Even the club itself looked in rough shape

    from the exterior. Not to mention bullet casings

    everywhere, the smell of death, you could hear gun shots

    every 15-25 minutes, this place is a total war zone!

    Stay away!

  147. Fagin

    Face it, people! Club O is Club War ZOne, in a war zone of a bad neighborhood.

  148. StrawBarry

    good size club, some pretty ladies, (KATIE* my favorite)

    good hours , no cover 1-7, nice lap dances(only not completly private) weekends get busy, good place too chill

    during the day!

  149. Ron

    Best looking dancers in the city

  150. Dante

    This is an awesome club. The best I have been to in the US. Dancer are plentyful and there is something for every taste. Great attitude from every and this place is massive. Lots of fun.

  151. Doc

    WOW! GREAT TALENT. What more can a man ask for. Just GREAT! We had a GREAT TIME. Merry Christmas to all.

  152. Wow!


  153. how much?

    are they hiring? do you have to work so many days to be on the list or can you just come and work? days? nights? how much is house fees?

  154. Moe
  155. Anonymous

    Have a couple of friends that work there, I’ve hung out there. Great club, nice dancers, greay price.

  156. Mr. Horny

    Is there a hottie here that guys by the name Autumn? I heard she is very sexy !

  157. Applicant

    I want to get a job here this place is HOT!

  158. Tatto

    Hey this club is very nice and i will be back

  159. Fun and Lively Crowd

    Always have a good time at this club. The crowd is fun and lively, and the girls want some action. I really enjoy small arms fire. Gun play is just part of my life. Always bring at least two guns and 10 or 15 rounds and you will be fine. No one was even killed last week. Several shootings but no deaths. Can hardly wait for Saturday night !

  160. dave
  161. glb
  162. Jay
  163. excuse me

    franki rate not talk bad bout entertainer

  164. Dean

    Lots of HOT NEW LADIES

  165. Titan

    Totally unsafe. Sits in an extremely bad neighborhood.

    Right next door is a vacant hotel that crawls with lethal

    thugs and gangsters.

  166. Love this place!!!

    Lovin’ me some Club O! Thanks for showing my boyz a great time!

  167. Daddy O Bucks

    I like to come and spend on all of the sexy gals at Club O but my favorite is Samantha!

  168. John R

    I come all the way from Greece to visit Club O! I love it here!

  169. James

    I had great time at this club last night

  170. Mr TIm

    last night my girl and i went to club o and she got all wild and crazy for me later thanx to the girls at the club

  171. cj
  172. Neal Jr

    Great club

  173. Jake

    Terrific dancers !

  174. Abe

    There is this dancer named Delilah that is just awesome and sort of kinky

  175. Timbuck 12


  176. tak

    Very unsafe, in a horrible terrible, extremely bad


  177. Big Tony

    Me and ‘da boys luv dis place. Get to shoot dem bad guys and no one cares

  178. Billy Bobs brother

    great club

  179. 2016

    The club is better than ever with the best line up of girls in the city !

  180. shane
  181. Mike Dunn

    This club is so nice and clean on the inside… The staff treated me very well… the dancers are so beautiful.. I had a great time at this club… when i come back to chicago im making club o my home sweet home

  182. nu b

    can get a little pricey but you get more grind than closer to chicago. also allowed to touch a whole lot more.

  183. teemto

    Horribly unsafe, easily gangster run club, most likely MS-13, and right

    next to a monstrous battery of violent cop killers. Stay away!

  184. Renee

    My husband suggested it…not gonna make it an every week thing, but i liked this place

  185. Jack

    Improving…girls need to be friendlier with new customers

  186. Trent

    If you are a fan of Lap Dances, then this is the place to be.

  187. cum cum now

    kati needs get life n stay off this site.chose work atlantis

  188. baker
  189. DON JUAN


  190. Awesome

    Had a blast, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. patron

    the best

  192. Max

    Really terrific strippers

  193. Patrick S

    i went to CLUB O for Monday night Football and this place was slamed the buffet

    was from a place in Dyer, Indiana called Venice Steak house the girls were

    amazingliy Hott and plus they have $10,000 give a way

  194. Eddie

    Really who’s a couple of your favorite girls

  195. Best

    club with great dancers !

  196. Lovin boobs.

    Fact is, this place is awesome! I love it!

  197. kyle
  198. jakob

    will be back soon. very satisfied

  199. Terrific Girls
  200. score
  201. Ray

    Always a good time at this club !

  202. E

    The club is the best venue around town.

  203. Hot Chics

    Lots of Hot New Babes!!! Thanks for bringing in some A-list Babes…Keep the good work up!

  204. Little mike

    This is the club of the year

  205. Andrew

    Myself and my wife are regulars. The staff is very nice to couples and the girls love to put on a show. Just a terrific club !

  206. brad


  207. nicky
  208. Regular

    Getting better…girls are friendlier.

  209. Sly
  210. Firing Range

    and Strip Club in the same place. What more could you ask for in entertainment ? Close in my double barrel 12 gauge is just so much fun ! Can’t miss from 2 feet ! LOVE THIS CLUB !

  211. Kaia

    SHUT this place down

  212. Jerry

    Can I say GOOD TIMES! Girls are so cute, hot, sweet, sexy & beautiful. Someone stoled my heart last night. Does anyone know how to get the dancer schedules? Plan on seeing me again soon.

  213. Pete

    I live north of the city but i still bring

    my wife here almost every week because you

    guys treat us right. We get dances all

    the time but last week we had our first

    champagne room and DAMN here I am writing

    a review hahaha see you soon.

  214. Hot Fun

    Never saw so many great looking T and A in my life.

  215. PhiPPs5150

    $3 beers. some girls had had a little to much flab all girls were friendly. Scariest security i have ever seen.

    Brook was excellent

    enjoy your day


  216. Blast

    Had a Blast…Lots of clean dirty fun! Thanks for the boner! I’ll be back real soon.

  217. Big Rig

    By far the best club in the State.

  218. Andew

    Best girls on the planet !

  219. Dude

    Club O is awesome! Great atmosphere, cold beer, hot women. What else can a man ask for? Can you add a baseball diamond? LOL

  220. bears #1

    had a great time last night for the bears game….. thanks to the hot waitress stacy for my NICE dollar dances… franky the freak was looking really hot as well…. will be back for sure to play with her…. and it’s 23….. thanks for all the fun…. shady

  221. Re; 9mm

    Getting shot once, even by a Colt-45, would send any sane

    person fleeing permanently from the neighborhood. Club O

    sits in a very bad neighborhood.

  222. Love it.

    Still the best club on the south side.

  223. Lt. Dan

    I love this club. Trailer park whores that will do some really nasty things ! This is what I want in my strip club ! No “Gentlemen’s Club” for me. I want nasty women that do nasty things. Love this club.

  224. Obhave

    Just went once recently, not a bad club at all. Girls were pretty and friendly. Had a good time. will go again

  225. jason

    I have to say that this is a pretty good club to come to if you ever visit chicago

  226. Nick
  227. Grant

    Full Nude get’s two thumbs up from me

  228. SAks FITH AVE


  229. Bobby

    I think the girls here are hot. A couple of them are even in Penthouse. I don’t need the magazine if I can go in there and see them.

  230. alex

    i was there 2 days ago and club seemed open 🙂 they even let me in and served me drinks 🙂

  231. Big Boy

    The one somethng about this club I like The Ladies, The Booze, The food, The good Music

  232. Jerry

    It sucks that some of my favorite girls left but theres still some potential here. I had a good time over the weekend.

  233. Semi-regular

    Big thanks to Ann Marie, Samantha, and especially Ashley. All beautiful, sweet, sexy girls, and great lap dances. All I can say is forget the haters on this site. Club O still rocks.

  234. KIM


  235. Paulie

    Wow O!!!!!! Love all the Hot… Sweet… Young… things.

    Wish I could have them all.

  236. Glenn

    I am a long time customer and love this place. The girls all know me and it relaxing to sit back and enjoy the show.

  237. Gene

    Awesome time. Best Bachleor Party I have ever been to Thanks to the ladies of O. Heavenly we’ll be back.

  238. Col. Fagin

    Without a doubt, the most violent club I have ever seen

    before! Shootings, homicides, this place is totally an MS-13

    run war zone! More volatile practically than Baghdad!

  239. tommy

    I was at club o last night for monday night football and it was great the girls and the game, just great

  240. Big Joe

    Great girls…..that want to make you happy…….

  241. Barry

    saw a few hot dancers

  242. Love it!

    This place is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. Club O is amazing
  244. king of da clubs

    Was here a month ago when club had feature, very busy that night. Came back tonite and had to wait few minutes to get in, place was packed. Got a vip card so i never have to wait, again.

  245. Jackelle

    angie’s hilarious and exotic looking. beautiful and happy

  246. Raymond

    Long drive but the girls are worth it

  247. Pat

    Best club in Chicago area. It really gets my mind off things when I come in there. The girls are the best and make you feel like you are important. You don’t have to wait long for drinks. I’ll be back soon!

  248. Sean

    Anyone know where that Candy girl has been??

  249. VIP

    Quagmire—sorry to say but you are incorrect!!!!!!Go VIP

  250. tyrone

    love this club

  251. Elijah

    Definitely coming here again! Girls are gorgeous

  252. SomeLikeItHOT...

    Now this is what I call a STRIP CLUB…and it was definitely worth the ride out. Can I say….SEXY!

    Thanks to all there we had a HOT NIGHT. And I can’t wait to come back…

  253. Jimmy

    Who was the girl with the breasts so big that they just swayed when she walked? I want those biggos in my face.

  254. Aaron

    You had me at Full Bar 😉

  255. Tyler

    Lovely ladies.

  256. Nice

    this place is hot hot hot!!!!

  257. Joe stone

    The best Club in Chicago total Vegas style.

  258. Heather

    First time in Chicago and first club…Definitely better than Columbus

  259. Kendall

    best place on the southside – good real lap dances – your hands can be nearly anywhere, and good grindage here. Variety of girls. Be patient – let the fatties walk by and there will be some attractive ones. waitresses aren’t pushy. staff is not overly friendly, but not hostile either. Too much smoking. Overall, best place for nude lapdances by attractive girls in the Chicago area.

  260. denny

    sexy bitches !!

  261. Al

    Totally awesome!

  262. Austyn <3

    I absolutely LOVED working here the last 2 1/2 years! SOOOO…. I’m makig a special trip back to the region from Florida just to work at O! Come visit me Thursday October 22nd through Sunday October 25th 7pm-2am!!! Hope to see you all, miss you guys!!!! xoxox

  263. thom
  264. jj

    Hot girls

  265. Brian

    HOT CHACHA…My boyz and I LOVED the place & where did you get all those HOT LADIES? I heard the New Club O was going to be even bigger. Boy we can’t wait, because it’s closer to home. Thanks, we had a BLAST!

  266. mikey

    angie is still a sweetheart. very stronghearted and at same time a tough gal. knows how to talk really nasty and dirty. I like that. she’s very funny and very happy. gives off a very good vibe. makes people comfortable. great club.

  267. frankie
  268. johnson
  269. KingCup

    Horrible, terrible place to be! Cop killers with AK-47s loitering all over, shooting everything up including cars driving up and down Halsted, a SWAT team recently gunned down in the parking lot, even a media helicopter reportedly shot down! Stay AWAY from this dreadful club! Head over to the new Oceans where it’s safer!

  270. Re;Wonderful Night

    No wonder you enjoy that death zone so much! Not just

    shootings, but Molotov Cocktails probably rain down on club

    patrons from the roof of that vacant Chicago Park Hotel

    every night. You need counselling!

  271. JoJo

    Sin City in Chi-Town. I took my boys here WOW. They loved my new home away from home. Actually I call it my office. All future meetings are at O. Much thanks to Tammy our Darlin’ waitress, who should be dancing on stage, and to my favorite – ALL OF THE CLUB O HOTTIES!

  272. Coyke
  273. Neal

    Great club!!! Absolutely the best!

  274. slawd
  275. Club O

    Club is awesome! Can’t wait to go back, private dances are out of this world!

  276. Sweetness


  277. Anya aka Chicago


  278. Another dancer

    I love this place

  279. Total Dump
  280. Bianca

    I took my fiance her for celebration on his promotion at work. Had a group of 27, our seating was perfect. Dancers friendly-I even went for a dance. Drinks were consitent, little pricey, but not watered down. I’m gonna feel it in the morning. Just had to express my gratitude & thank the Club for the hospitality!

  281. CLOSING
  282. Sal

    Great club!

  283. Thomas

    Best club in the city

  284. RIOBIG

    I agree with last post…the dances are really good mileage and you can finish but not in the real sense. Just have a good dry cleaners 🙂

  285. Boby

    The girls at club o are true elegance

  286. dncr

    luv working here. everyone is so nice. lots of money on good nights. 90%

  287. reg.

    girls really need to work the room, there is money to be made, and they just sit around

  288. Big Bob

    love this club and the hot dancers

  289. Peanut

    Hey man….Lots of Hot Hot Chics….They are SWEET… nothing like the Club O Girls! I’m in love with the new dancer, Autumn, HOT Blondie!!!

  290. Bob

    I can say that Club O is ran very well. I had a great time while I was in town.. I will return back to Club O when I get back into town…

  291. Zoran

    I try to make it in at least once a week

    since I moved here from NY and the vibe in

    this club makes me feel at home. Looking

    forward to our company christmas party


  292. Carlos

    Can’t wait to come back. I’ll be back even if I have to come solo. What an awesome time.

  293. playboy

    Come in and check out the hot girls at this club this place is awesome stuff is

    great .

  294. mark

    nice club,monica and carmen are the hotti’s of the club

  295. great


  296. ME


  297. Phillip

    This place was dead last night and so were the girls

  298. Tony D.

    Best Girls we have seen at any club. Great Show & Great Hospitality!!!!! Best yet the hottest lap dance I have ever got. Wow Thanks!

  299. Heart to O

    I love Club O, been going alot more lately. Love when staff remembers me.. Great investment into these sexy Club O Ladies!

  300. Clubber

    Love this place…titties everywhere!!!

  301. Wonderful Night !

    We had two shootings (both by me) and one stabbing in the parking lot early this morning. Love this club. You can shoot anyone you want in the parking lot and no one cares. Police just drove by and did not even stop. Cop just waved.

  302. Perfectly Safe

    This club is perfectly safe. Only one shooting last night and that dude did not die. Medics said the was in “serious but stable condition”. So come and join the fun !

  303. TG
  304. Matthew

    Club O is the best club. The girls are hot!!!!

  305. Papie


  306. yo

    the best

  307. No tips!

    You dont need to tip the floor host they work without having a tip but if you do thats a great thing!!

  308. Big Mike

    I love this club. If you are afraid of the big dogs just stay home.

  309. Raul
  310. Quagmire

    This place never fails to impress me. I’ve been all around the country, and this is one of the best strip clubs – period. It’s easily the best in the state; the girls are great and there are all different looks, ethnicities, body shapes, you name it. If you like women, there will be at least one that catches your eye. Clean, safe, reasonably priced — it is a great time in general.

  311. Fagin

    Kevin, Club O sits in a WAR ZONE of a bad neighborhood. Cop killers with AK-47s, prison escapees, fugitives with the entire FBI on their tails, they target innocent people; Club O easily has at least 55 to 75 shootings PER DAY! Shootings even occur in broad daylight at this place, and even SWAT teams have been gunned down by the killers. Club O is far too dangerous to visit at all. And the ENTIRE south suburbs area from Cicero Avenue all the way nonstop to I-65 in Indiana is ALL one huge endless ‘hood.’

  312. alana

    i love dance 4 these club i wish 2 come back

  313. Bill M

    Thanks for the great time in Chicago.



  315. Dan

    Had an amazing time. Definitely the best private dances I’ve ever had in my life.

  316. Dino


  317. Ted

    This was my first time going to this strip club and it wont be my last time going to this strip club. I will make it in there everytime i am in town!

  318. Mark

    Nice mixed crowd and great atmosphere. I got tired of all the kids that hang out at Polekatz and needed a new club. I was pleased to see my favorite girl from PK working here now. I guess the girls move around too. I will be in every week great hospitality

  319. Tony F

    Club O was voted #1 club in the Midwest they have best girls around i was there

    Monday night for there $10,000 second half give away ,should see this place.

  320. Bill

    Hey does anyone know where club o’s new club is going to be? I heard it is going to be a mega club. Does anyone know the name? I saw pictures of the new club. Wow it looks great. It will be one of the best clubs ever to hit chicago

  321. Eric

    Excellent time.

  322. tia
  323. BILLY BOB


  324. Steve

    Service was good, dances are good, i was treated with respect.

  325. Hank
  326. Sam

    One of the best clubs in tri state region. best girls for the club are misha, veronica, amar, india & once in a blue moon raven. Best server has to be star. Also the best thing about the club is if your body has an ache then they have a massage chick there named heather. she has a sensual touch to her hands too. would love it if they had cheap drinks and have like free days for entry fee. also would love to see more chicks like amar or misha. some chicks in there have too much attitude but overall 100% going to visit the club again.

  327. Bad Boy
  328. mostly day shifter

    Enjoy the club, girls don’t always work the room that well, and then you have to listen how they don’t make any money. DUH!!!

  329. 96

    great first time visit and they aren’t pushy, love it

  330. Lonely0No More

    whenever I go to club o, i never feel lonely. These girls are

    sexy & all over me. loved the variety tonite.

  331. Becker

    Good club!!!!

  332. paul khamoo

    Loved the women.It felt like a awesome nightclub were all the women were hot and classy.

  333. Dead Dude

    Went to my car and there was deal dude laying up against the right front wheel. Ass hole had bleed all over my tire. That is just bull shit. I pushed his dead ass to one side and went home to drink some Johnny Walker. Really, did he have to bleed all over my tires ?

  334. Rome

    This spot is great, went there on Saturday had the time of my life …..ask for Diamond that girl will show you a good time…..very touchy feely club

  335. Bob Jr.

    Great club

  336. Peter

    Had some fun over the weekend at this club. Definitely plan on coming back soon. And as far as the whole safety issue, there is nothing wrong with this place. I felt very secure here. Must be other club owners commenting on here. Smh.

  337. George

    Cool place.

  338. gallagher
  339. Doc H
  340. tak

    Unsafe, in an extremely bad neighborhood, and next to a

    vacant hotel that’s a battery of FBI-wanted armed cop

    killers that shoot and rob innocent people even driving

    down Halsted.

  341. Keifer

    This is the only club that treats me like a V.I.P. regardless if I spend money or not….I love this place and the staff

  342. Happy Camper

    Was passing through town last night and pulled off the

    interstate to get gas and rest and in doing so found this

    wonderful place. Got some great dances from a really really

    hot blonde. Apparently made it in for the great deal of

    twenty dollar dances. If I ever make it back through again I

    will stop in again and I hope that hot blonde is still


  343. Ben
  344. T
  345. Gina

    Nice club.

  346. Lover Boy

    My boyz & I had a WILD TIME watching the BEARS last night. That was the best game yet. Thanks to the Hot Ladies of O, who kept us entertained. That was the best time I ever had at a gentlemen’s club………

  347. crune
  348. Pablo

    Y’all are trippin I’ve been going to Club O for years. Never had a problem once. There’s no gang activity or issues that ever arise. The drinks are cheap, the people are nice, and the girls are great.

  349. reeperc

    best place been there 2 times and still go again

  350. Raymond

    I always have a good time at this club !

  351. Elaine

    Heading back to this club for the MOnday Payoff Kickoff- I want to win $10,000!!!

  352. Bob Loblaw

    Storm is out of this World! Great girls and atmosphere!

  353. Luke

    Hey Guys this is a great club went there and this Black Beauty from England came up to me she gave me a dance of a life time. I can see this is the place to come to when I am back in town. Go check her out.

  354. Strip Club Daddy

    MIke Jones I love all the big booty girls here believe me I will be back this

    weekend to play with the ones i didnt get to!!!! BIG BOOTY HOES how I love those


  355. Heart the O

    Been going to Club O for few weeks now & everytime is a pleasant visit. Music is good, drinks are cold & served with a hot waitress, floorhost know what you are looking for & the dances are amazing. LOVE, LOVE CLUB O

  356. 2 for 1

    LOVE THIS PLACE. You get the night club feel with the beautiful girls walking around, what more could you want!? Great drink prices, cover is worth it, and there is always some sort of special going on. They even have 2 for 1 private dances!!!

  357. Customer

    I Love O!!!!!!!!

  358. Yeah!

    Simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. Brandon

    whats awesome?? these girls are mostly all escorts!! anything you want- you can

    get it here!! and the owner (Debbie) want the girls to do nasty dirty things to us!


  360. Rob

    Nice place, hot girls, great service…

  361. Madisyn

    Club O is the BEST club! We have the HOTTEST girls (if you catch us! We stay busy!!!)! Our dances are HOT! Full nude and FULL CONTACT!!!! What more could you want!!!!

    Im there every weekend Thursday thru Sunday usually!

  362. Good time.

    Had a good time, service was good, women were great. Thanks.

  363. Bob and Neal

    Great club

  364. Jar Head

    This club rocks !

  365. Kinny

    I love all the girls here i will be back……

  366. JIM

    Haven’t been here in a while, came in last night. You guys haven’t missed a beat. Still the same great club. Thanks!

  367. Justin

    This club really made me feel welcome and the dances are OMG!

  368. TONY K



  369. Diamond lover

    Great club, best time is on the dayshift!

  370. Awesome!


  371. love o

    club o rocks

  372. Suzy

    They need to do more special guests…last time was great

  373. client

    This club is still top one in chicago area. Good looking and hot girls.

  374. JJ

    I am a long time regular. This is just a terrific club with lots of friendly, sexy girls.

  375. tommy from the city

    this a great club i had a blast last night i spent 10,000 and it was well worth it….. go to club o club o club o

  376. sherman

    Love this club

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