Sugar Daddys



500 66th Street Northwest, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379


45.662872, -94.1755693




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sugar Daddys

  1. Steve

    Totally Hot girls, someone is dogging these numbers. Place is very nice and again. The girls are HOT

  2. M Theory

    There is no omnipotant one. This IS the BEST club in ANY Dimention in ANY Universe. All the positive posts are TRUE. They ARE real. All others are FALSE. Anything you submit now is just whining. You are a little speck. Your false negative opinion is drivel. Now you will come back and post lies.

  3. ryan

    this place was packed saturday nite! keep it up.

  4. Candace
  5. buster
  6. Grant

    Smokin’ HOT club.

  7. Not You

    Club IS great. Dancers are even HOTTER!

  8. Strip Daddy

    I love this club. Best in the state

  9. Lance

    What a night, Bridgette is outstanding. Can’t wait to see her again. Had a wonderful dance with Spice. So hot. This club rocks.

  10. Big Bank Hank

    I enjoyed the show with Roxy, & Tyler last night, but was glad to see Spice working. She is a Goddess. Cleo, way to teach those kids how to tip the ladies!

  11. Fan O'Cleo

    Well, my favorite is Cleo, petite and cute, all natural, very sexy and I think the best personality in that club. There are a lot of other lovely ladies as well. The list could go on and on. I recommended this club highly.

  12. Murry
  13. Tom

    I really like Sugar Daddys. The girls are a lot less pushy than in the twin cities clubs and better looking too. I’m glad Courtney is dancing there again. Very hot. There are a few girls who need a little education in how to approch customers, but they will learn or go broke.

  14. Simone from SD

    You’re damn right I wouldn’t say anything like that. I’ve never been treated better than when I started working at Sugar Daddy’s. The girls are drug free and beautiful and talented. I don’t know why you hate Sugar Daddy’s so much, but maybe you should think about going to Alexandria and leave it at that.

  15. John

    JAZZMINE!!! How hot is she? Off the chart.

  16. George

    Great girls last night! WOW!!!

  17. B Rabbit

    Peace out. I’ll holla. A+

  18. Adam

    Good club. Very beautiful ladies. I agree with the too dark statement.

  19. Scooby
  20. Jeff

    It begins and ends with Tyler!

  21. Billy Bob

    When’s that new dancer Roxy work-she rocks my face off and I need more- everyone should check her out. peace

  22. ilikeboobies

    Very nice girls at this club. No touching, but the girls don’t leave any air between you and them. Had dances with Aubrey, Vanessa and Savannah, and all were very good.

  23. Red
  24. Carole Channing


  25. Newbie

    Went to this club for the first time last night. My friend had a birthday and we had a great time. Really hot girls, they got him on stage and he loved it. We will be back.

  26. Santa

    Sorry I can’t see you tonight ladies, I’m a little busy right now. See you on the 26th.

  27. Dakota Fanning

    Waz up?

  28. neveah

    I love this club, and all the girls… hottest girls around! 😉

  29. King

    saturday nite was busy and a lot of hot girls. fun as usual.

  30. Glen

    Too hot!

  31. Wisher

    All the women are beautiful, but I appreciate all women that take care of themselves. Paris, Essence, Nikki, and all the names I am forgetting are worth the visit. KK is new but could be and was a cover model. Starr has energy that keeps you awake. Bridgette makes me horny just watching her walk across the stage. Navaeh gives the best lap dance and almost makes you forget she is working, she always says Hi when I return. Most comfortable club I have been in and will return. Thanks

  32. michael

    I waa at this club over the weekend and the girls were great. They were really friendly and very georgous. The staff was excellent as well I will definatly be back again. This is the nicest club that I have been to in awhile. The atmosphere was very laid back and relaxing.

  33. Black

    Pot Meet Kettle

  34. 2nd That

    I really enjoy this club. Really glad to see Courtney working this weekend. Always a fun time here.

  35. Weebis


  36. chad

    The dancers are all very good looking and the bouncers are pretty cool too

  37. Agreement

    I have to agree, Tyler is the hottest dancer I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for Wednesday nights.

  38. customer
  39. Balder

    Totally Hot girls. Variety and looks are fantastic. Many new Hot girls.

  40. Yeah!

    Try reading the thread. What a dummy!!

  41. Strip Club Addict

    On average this place has the best selection of hot dancers. That’s what it’s about for me.

  42. kj
  43. Dave R
  44. VIP

    Thanx for the great time Roxy-you sure know how to thrust your way into someones heart;)

  45. Kurt

    A dance with Nevaeh is heaven on earth…incredible.

  46. I

    Wonderful club, best looking ladies I’ve seen anywhere. I will be back a lot.

  47. WOW!!!

    Hottest girls ever.

  48. Lil Bit
  49. devron

    I almost nutted in my pants

  50. Fan O'Bridget

    Stopped in last night and had a wonderful time with Bridget. Sexiest girl in the club. Thanks.

  51. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  52. Current Dancer

    Name one club that isn’t that way to someone. If it wasn’t for you, move on. It’s not like you don’t have plenty of options. A lot of Clubs in the Twin Cities now. Not much business anywhere

  53. Hank

    I agree with the statement about Jazzmine. I wish Spice would dance more often. She is equally fantastic.

  54. jay

    i like this place. its not try to be a big city club. its club in small town minnesota. makes sense the girls are small town girls. somhow they are good looking and make me feel welcome when i come in. thank for that.

  55. Waffles


  57. Curious

    Why does the rating for this club drop when no reviews are posted. Seems like some kind of scam to me. I’ve been to this club a lot and have always had a great time.

  58. Confirmed

    I took another reviewers advice and went in last night to see Tyler and Roxy. OMG!!! Too hot for words. I’m hooked!!!

  59. joe g
  60. Milt

    I’ve had a great time everytime I’ve gone to Sugar Daddys. Hot girls and nice club.

  61. Another old guy

    Old guy is right. Tyler is the nuts.

  62. Joseph

    Very nice club.

  63. Actual Customer

    I really like this club. The girls are beautiful and most are very friendly. It’s clear someone has a hate issue or something to rate the club low just to be spiteful. We know you hate the club, we don’t care anymore. I look forward to seeing my favorite ladies there.

  64. Paulie

    Live halfway between the cities and Saint Cloud I much perfer the girls at Daddies!

  65. In Like

    a lamb out like a Lion

  66. L.O.S.E.R. Detector

    I have no life. I follow a strip club message board. I have a tiny penis and must tell the world how I know best about everything. I complain about food at a club that doesn’t even have a kitchen. I am the end all be all of strip club knowledge. Unless I post on a stip club board I will never been known of by anyone on this planet.

  67. ggh
  68. YEAH!!

    Jazzmine, Spice, Bridget, Roxy. 4 reasons to visit this club and they are all #1.

  69. Observer

    I keep seeing the rating for this club go down when no one has provided a review. Why is that? Can you submit a review without filling in the *say something about the club* area? I see claims of someone posting good things about the club each day, well the opposite is true too. Someone is forcing the ratings to go down. What’s the scam with this site? I do enjoy this place a lot. Cute girls and a better amount of cute girls than a lot of other places. Everyone looks for differnt things, but this place is my favorite.

  70. Butch

    I agree about Nikki

  71. =)
  72. hg : jjn Caught Ya
  73. matt p

    love the club i go as often as i can to see the speicl girls and they know who they are!!

  74. Chuck

    Really attractive girls and the staff was very friendly. I think this is a great club.

  75. Moe

    I had an ok time here. It was about what I expected reading from the reviews it seemed like I would have expected more. It is obvious that one person comes on here and posts positive comments which causes the majority. I don’t think this club “fucking rocks” and it is pretty common knowledge.



  77. been there

    Beautiful, classy ladies, great sound system and music. Totally enjoy my time there.

  78. Tod

    club is smoked

  79. Sad Guy

    Very sad to see Cleo is no longer dancing. She is the best of the best. Glad to be able to see she is still working at the club.

  80. Dano

    Watch out for allie,crystal,mandy they are all greedy but all the other girls are awsome and worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Truth

    Nice club, pretty and DRUG free girls. get a life. Now spend an hour posting your crap.

  82. Him

    Zoe i love the new look- HOT!

  83. Clubman
  84. gollum

    Raw and wriggling!

  85. Issac

    I travel the country and go to a lot of strip joints. This one has a lot of very good looking girls. A pretty high level. I was actualy shocked at how good looking the girls were compared to most clubs I’ve been to. I will be back everytime I come through Minnesota.

  86. A. woolblend

    I agree. Bridget is a gem. Courtney, Tyler, Roxy. I can’t forget Spice and Jazzmine. My new fave Meesha.

  87. Regular

    Wow, TYLER, COURTNEY, ROXY, all on the same night. Bliss!!!

    I can see how gas prices are hurting all club, but this one seems to have a bit more people than others. And, super hot girls!

  88. Nuff
  89. Again

    Rating drops with no posts, no comments, just hate. you enjoy proving how pointless your life is? keep it up we all know it’s fake

  90. Son of Guest

    really fun club.

  91. Bill

    Really nice place. One of the cleaner club I’ve been to. Much classier than most small town clubs. Now for the girls. WOW. I was vert impressed with the amount of beautiful girls and it was a weekday. Whenever I’m in central Minnesota I’m stopping into Sugar Daddys.

  92. Stan

    Beautiful girls, clean, large club. A lot of different ladies to choose from. I’ll be back.

  93. Opinion

    It’s all opinion. Some people really love this club others prefer a whore house. This is a good club with some pretty hot girls. If it’s not for you don’t go there anymore.

  94. Gremlin


  95. PC

    All clubs have really slowed down. However, I’ve found the most beautiful ladies are at Sugar Daddy’s on a regular basis. Glad I still have some money to spend.

  96. Walt

    I always liked this club. Better than many others in this state. Hot girls.

  97. gh: I depise this club
  98. Bolo42
  99. hb
  100. Spell Cop

    That’s why it’s a joke dumbshit. Just keep posting your hate. You are so pathetic!

  101. Bryan

    They women here are really friendly and they seem to like to listen and not rush you into things right away when talking with them.

  102. Lost
  103. club hopper

    so im wondering, where did all the girls go? misty, nevaha, spice, zoey, and so on? it was alright when i stopped in. the girls were nice some too pushy. and maybe only one or two that i really wanted to look at. this club might want to start hiring new talent. other then that… it was just okay.

  104. Kelly

    Tyler… UMMMM!

  105. Brad

    Club was nice, Bridget is a WOW… wish i knew when she was there again.. 😀

  106. Dissapointed

    This club seems to have gone downhill a lot. Went to the club for the first time in a while a few weekends ago and wasn’t impressed. The club and layout remain the same and the people who work there are friendly enough. The cover isn’t expensive at all. 10 dollars for two non alcoholic drinks. Dances are 25 for one song and 55 for 3 songs. That’s the good part. This club used to pull in a lot of really good looking girls from the metro and surrounding area to work there. The overall talent level of the club at least what I saw has gone down a lot. Lots of girls with smoke on their breath or clothes and just not the quality that used to be at this club. For their location and access of potential clientele and talent this club can do better.

  107. kjg
  108. Regular Joe

    Agreed. Happy new year to all the hot girls at SDs. Spice, Tyler, Nikki, Dez. See you next year.

  109. T. Cashmere

    My favorite club. Always a relaxing, fun time. I have too many favorite ladies at

    this club. Staff – bartenders, waitresses are always friendly! Hello to AJ and TJ.

    You can’t go wrong going to Sugar Daddy’s.

  110. Non- Employee

    I don’t work for Sugar Daddy’s, but I do think the girls are Smokin’ Hot. I can think of at least 15 girls that work there, who are outstanding. For a club in the middle of nowhere there are a hig amount of Fantastic Ladies.

  111. Larry

    In last Friday, had a wonderful time with Jazmine. A little too dark in the club for my liking, but cute girls. some not so great. Like any club, some don’t know when it’s time to retire.

  112. Roy

    A little too dark inside for me. Really nice, and good looking dancers though.

  113. Jack

    Yeah, Neveah! Tyler, Nikki, Jasmine, Roxy. I can’t make up my mind who’s hotter. Oh, for more money. Thanks ladies.

  114. Narcissistic fool

    Hi I come on this site and give fake positive reviews to make this club out to be better than it is. What a life I have doing this. If a person has an opinion about a club than they put it in the review section so other people can take it for its worth. If they have something to say about the club then take it to the comments section.

  115. 100% Fake
  116. Grumpy

    One of the cleanest and best kept up clubs I have been in. There are always plenty of girls for every desire. And everyone is usually very friendly.

  117. Brian

    she came back. smile bigger then ever. thanks Zoe, i had a great time… i always do.

  118. hg: jjn
  119. Cities Guy

    Went up to St. Cloud to see the ever hot Courtney and saw Tyler for the first time. Everything I’ve heard is true. She’s smokin’. Courtney’s still my favorite. Roxy is pretty sexy too.

  120. Ben

    My vote is Tyler. Beautiful blonde. Major hottie in Cleo too.

  121. Joeseph
  122. !!!!!


  123. dsdf
  124. Gregg

    This place is the bomb. Hot girls. Better than the cities clubs.

  125. Grady

    fan of Misty. Had a great time last night with Misty. always do.

  126. Marty

    Excellent club, beautiful girls. I will definitely be back.

  127. zxdcas
  128. Shocked

    Really! Amazed at the number of sexy hot girls at this place. In the middle of nowhere and these babes are fine. Some typical strippers, but a large number of hotties. I will be back.

  129. Lloyd

    Spice is the best looking woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t tell what her backgound is and that is hot. She is AMAZING!

  130. Thursday Regular

    Love the nights with tyler and found a new talent, Courtney. Off the Hook!!!

  131. Boy Howdy


  132. Better Known Facts

    It’s interesting that you yourself of such higher moral status than anyone else would be on a strip club website commenting on a club you’ve went to that you weren’t satisfied with. The dancers are sluts that are taking money? Hmmmm, gee… I wonder what you do for a living. You probably live in your mothers basement and you piss your bed at night, that’s why you went to Sugar Daddy’s and then paid the beautiful DANCERS to give you attention because you otherwise wouldn’t get it in the REAL world… and now you are so embarrassed that your mommy caught you so you promised her you’d change your ways and in return she changed your pissy sheets. I rest my case.

  133. TK

    Thank you Zoey! WoW. I had a great time friday night. VIP room needs an update- thankfully i found something else to look at.

  134. Paul B

    My rating

  135. Love the New Girls

    Met a new girl at SDs last night. Roxy. Sexy, petite, brunette with a hot, tiny figure and a great personality. Look forward to more nights with ROXY!!

  136. Harley

    This club is one of the best.

  137. Rich

    Beautiful girls. Great time.

  138. Gerry

    Excellent club women are outstanding. One of the best clubs in the state.

  139. WWAAAHHH!!!
  140. Sara

    We went in for a bachlorette party and had a blast. The girls are SSssoooo hot. Really nice too. We’ll be back for my birthday.

  141. Woo
  142. Starling
  143. Black Bart

    It’s Sheena for me… Sexy!

  144. Mr. Luva Luva

    Spice. Spectacular. Sexy. Sweet. Unreal, how beautiful she is. And how about that hot waitress Cleo. Hands down the best club in central MN.

  145. Rich Business Owner

    Best club ever. You got fired, how sad. Keep posting lies, everyone sees through you. Clean Club, Beautiful girls.

  146. scrav74
  147. Right Said Fred

    WOW! I can’t even begin to describe these ladies! Stopped in on Saturday and was amazed. I came up from Olivia and it was great. The bartender is hot. The managment seemed friendly- no over sized jerks. And mainly- the girls. Neveah, Zoey, Crystal, Bianca… all my favorites. Had a nice chat with Neveah- great giggle. Zoe was great in the V.I.P. I will surely come back. Thank you for the great time.

  148. Fred Said Right

    This club has become a lot better in a short time. It was good before, but a weird vibe was always there. The remaining staff is really friendly, and the girls seem friendlier than ever too. The waitresses are hot, as is the new bartender. Best of all some of my favorite ladies are hotter than ever. Bridget, Tyler, Nikki, Spice. All are great. A new favorite is Roxy, hope to see her again soon

  149. sdf
  150. nkl
  151. rolf
  152. Capn
  153. Common Knowledge

    Obviously with a majority of positive comments…this place is generally loved by the customers. No club is perfect, but this club fucking rocks. MOST of the people that go there will tell you the same thing…. and for the very SLIM people that don’t, aren’t going there for the right reasons.

  154. SinWagon

    What a ride. Spice & a new hottie… Honey. Fantastic.

  155. ?
  156. hjkh
  157. Jason

    The fake negative and fake positive people both need to go. Get a life both of you. Fucking losers

  158. Zhan

    YeaH! Tyler, Nikki, Courtney! Off the charts. This club has the hottest line-up of dancers. I’m hooked.


    Another positive review for the day. Gotta keep the ratings up. How about stopping with the ratings with no comments, and actually commenting. WEEEEEE, Candace, unoriginal, Weebis, Wubis, loser detector, and any other name that you use, and repeatedly will use until it is pointed out.

  160. Yes

    I’d like to see this person get naked on stage for the world. lol…would it be a pretty sight? We’ll hopefully never know. Maybe by then Sugar Daddy’s will have purple lights.

  161. stuart

    Much agreed in the cities you may find some very UN attractive girls. Makes you wonder who does the hiring. Even some of the more uppity clubs have a few yuckos. have to say on any given night ive seen 95% quality here. the vip could be more vip but love this place anyways.

  162. Guest

    The ladies were all great. Zoey had a smile the was AMAZING!!!!!

  163. Shaun A

    My RATING!

  164. Luke

    1st time in a strip club ever last night. I had a fantastic time and now that I’m 18 I can’t wait to go to others to see what I’ve been missing. This place was great.

  165. Andy

    Yes, Nikki is spectacular. But I’m sold on Courtney. What a figure!! Tight.

  166. WoW

    I had a great time last night. Lots of hotties. Friendly staff. Ayanna and Bridget were great. Zoe was amazing on stage, a smile that is sure to drive me crazy over and over. Great club. I will be back.

  167. Tommie

    A modern, clean, fancy, true gentlemans club. Great dancers, and great

    service from the bartenders and waitress. Best club and value around!

  168. Visitor

    I like this club overall, but I do have some suggestions. It’s a little dark inside. The other is I don’t like the dj telling me it’s a law to have a tip up for the dancer. If she’s unattractive to me or overweight, maybe I don’t want her infront of me. Stop pushing the ugly girls. I’ll tip who I find attractive.

  169. REALGUY
  170. My View

    Everyone has their favorite and mine is Jazzmine. Can’t get enough. Wish she worked more often.

  171. Not candace

    I see the fake positive person is still on here bumping up the rating. This club is decent but no where near the rating it has been artificially been receiving

  172. Ray

    Where oh where has my Tyler gone. Miss her again. But found a new Harley

  173. XhXeXy

    My husband and I have been here a couple of times and it is a lot of fun. I will admit the first couple times I went I was unsure about it, but seeing women welcome on the sign outside helped me get over that. The staff is always friendly and having fun. It is reasonably priced, $10 to get in and you get two drinks and there are always a nice selection of girls. The fist couple of times we went, there were other couples there and that helps ease anxiety. This last time we went though I have to say I was disappointed, where are all the couples at? I was the only girl in there that wasn’t a dancer, it was busier than it has been but no girls. I also didn’t like some of the dancers on stage, they didn’t seem to want our money – they would look at us and see the money but go elsewhere. I have been told that couples intimidate the dancers and I can understand that, but come on if I have a smile on my face and I am putting money on the stage I am just trying to have fun. We had a dance from a curvier girl and we both liked her, that is what is nice, you see girls of all shapes and sizes here. You are always going to be able to find at least one girl if not more that you like.We will be back again and hopefully have better luck the next time. If you are looking for some fun this is a great place to go.

  174. hgf
  175. Fan O' Tyler

    Great night again last night with Tyler. She is so hot. I need to get a second job to get my time in each week, but it would be worth every dollar.

  176. Whatever

    What a tiny life you have to rant on here multiple times a day. Plus, learn how to spell. This is a great club. No Drugs, Whores, and I bet you’ve never been there.

  177. jsquared

    Had a great time. I fair number of new girls on Saturday Night.

  178. Review

    best outside the metro club in mn. very nice inside and a lot of girls. much better looking girls than most twin cities clubs. out of the way so i don’t feel monitored going into this club. less expensive than the cities clubs and even some out state clubs. worth the time and drive if you’re going north to the lakes.

  179. Nude Dude

    Love the sexy ladies at Sugar Daddys. A lot of hotties last night.

  180. Jacob

    Really nice place. Pretty girls and that’s what counts.

  181. This place

    is fecterated.

  182. Art T.

    Decent small town strip club. $10 Cover charge for two drinks. 15/song and 55 for VIP. They have decent variety of girls.Don’t forget to get some cash before coming here. They charge outrageous charge of $10 for using ATM.

  183. New

    Saw a lot of really hot new girls last night. Crystal is too hot. SDs keeps getting better while the other clubs fade.

  184. Astro

    Roe, Ray, Reorge!

  185. gfdg
  186. Carl

    This is by far and away one of the best clubs in the state.

  187. Zorro

    The girls here for the most part are hot. Some aren’t. About half, on any given night, are pleasant. The others..aren’t. The wait staff aren’t rude, aren’t helpful or anything else either. I do agree with blah in that something is just off here. I absolutely hate the VIP room. How is it VIP if potentially there is some other sucker 2 ft away from me getting his own VIP? Who is the VIP? Change the name to Sardine room and the freakin couches suck, are not comfortable. I rate this place as just barely average, not bad not good. And it does look fake when a different named guy posts on here everynight with nothing but praise for this place, which obviously has major defects.

  188. Less

    Excellent club, all of the girls were very attractive. Excellent prices.

  189. Calvin

    Love it, Love it, Love this club!!!

  190. Sweet

    Excellent club if you dislike this club then I suggest you check your pulse because you’d have to be an idiot not to like this club the girls are hot music is great although DJ could lighten up a bit but hey who goes for the DJ

  191. uummff
  192. WOW!

    Where did the new HOT GIRL Brooke come from. I hope she is there often. WOW! She gives a new reason to go to SDs.

  193. mm
  194. the original not candace

    First No I am not the fake negative person. This is now the 7th highest rated club in the nation. This club is not that at all, and anyone who has been there knows this. Yes you are entitled to your opinions and so is everybody else, but there is someone on here probably you who if there is even a hint of criticism about this club says nasty things about you and tells you to butt out or get a life. In reality you are controlling the rating and need to get a life and leave the rating to those who actually have the right to rate a place the customers not some one who is connected to the club which you obviously are.

  195. Witness

    This club has become so much better in a short time. I can’t believe the number of beautiful girls that work there. Very high quality.

  196. Mark

    I love this club, if you don’t, don’t go there. My guess is you don’t anyway, you are just a hater.

  197. I see it

    yesterdays rating was at 7.2 and then dropped to 7.0 with no one posting a review. looks like a forced effort to drive down this clubs ratings. why is that allowed on this site?

  198. Paul

    Went to Sugar Daddys last night and had a great time. Super girls. Hot. Friendly staff. Not too crowded.

  199. Pearl Jam

    This club is great and I mean the girls are of the chain hot they are not of this world. Blah blah blah

  200. Hoo
  201. Erick

    Tyler was hot as ever last night. I hit this club every Thursday, just to see this spectacular girl.

  202. So

    The joke is that you don’t know how to spell jackass? Wow well at least you are not afraid to show how ignorant and stupid you really are.

  203. Big Dave

    I had a great time at this club last weekend. Got put on stage and loved it. Had fun with the girls and they had fun with me. HOT!

  204. outoftowner

    I have to say that the atmosphere in the club seemed to be lacking when I visited on friday. Maybe it was the cold weather. The VIP area is kind of crowded and hard to manuver around. Also no alcohol being served at a strip club is somewhat unusual.

  205. khtime
  206. Mel

    Mel Mel.

  207. brandonresh

    First time going to the club, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Great selection of girls, staff was incredibly fun and friendly, and my buddy and I had a great time. The girls here are a lot of fun, and with great variety. This one gal could bend in ways I didn’t know was imaginable, she left me sitting there in complete awe. Most of the girls I could tell enjoyed doing what they do, and that really draws you in as a customer. Some went with the motions, but the ones who enjoyed doing what they do made the whole experience even more enjoyable as a customer. The last thing, and I can’t stress this enough, is how remarkably clean this place is. They keep the place top notch and immaculate. It left a good impression on me, and makes me comfortable with going there again. Overall, a stellar experience. I look forward to my next visit, except next time with a bigger pocket book 😉

  208. Real Review

    I found this club for the first time and it is very nice inside even though it looks like a pole barn outside. Price to get in is industry standard, getting two drinks with it is nice. Big stage. I thought the girls were very attractive. After attending over a period of time I can list Nikki, Bridgette, Tyler, Spice as exceptional. Very much enjoyed Jazzmin, Roxy, Dezire & Zoey. There were some ladies that should seek other employment as they are far from attractive. Didn’t like the dj telling me I must tip the girls on stage. The ones I didn’t tip didn’t deserve it. I little dark inside too.

  209. RayGun

    Club is hot and so are the girls. Courtney is straight out the hottest girl dancing. Close second Tyler. Then Roxy. all last night and I was in heaven. I don’t care how the club is laid out, I go for a ladies and they are outstanding.

  210. Anthony
  211. Captain Obvious

    About as obvious as the ratings from this club being good to great for months and then out of nowhere they tank. Now who’s is the one posting false info? on the positive, I really like SDs. If you don’t don’t go. Why be a hater. My guess is you havn’t been to the club in a long time or just are such a loser that you need to rip on everything. Sure, not every girl is perfect, but there are a lot that are near the top. Staff has always been nice to me.

  212. Georgie Porgie

    if the club is ave. why did you give it a less than 5 rating? Because you wanted to drag down the numbers. If someone from the club is doing this, it might be because people like you are hate filled and try to rip down a decent club. you said the girls are hot, name one club with a higher number of hot girls. The different between hot and smokin’ hot is opinion. it’s clear people like the girls at this club.

  213. Newspaper Guy

    was in wed. nite. roxy was ok. nikki, tyler, courtney, alyssa, & jasmine were amazing. took computer guys advice. i’ll be back too.

  214. kaitlyn

    i love this club and i wanna work there so bad…. i love all the girls ther so cute!!!!! i enjoy every time im there

  215. Necromancer

    Best looking girls in the state over all. Well worth the money. Can’t wait to go back

  216. Derrick

    Love this place. Hot girls every night

  217. Club Lover
  218. Ron Jeremy

    Wow this club the girls are HOT HOT HOT what they are doing here is beyond anyone’s comprehension. They are goddesses to be worshiped and adored. I mean what a line up are the for real????

  219. Len

    Club is of the chain hot!!!

  220. Will

    Love this club. Sexy girls. That’s what counts.

  221. Shy guy

    Very nice, very clean club with gorgeous girls working. Will gladly stop by again when I’m in the area.

  222. Axz
  223. AL

    Only been here a few times but really impressed, all the girls are first rate with Trinity being #1

  224. Art

    Stopped into Sugar Daddy’s on my trip south. This club was much better than the last few times. I can’t say enough about the wonderful Bella. She took time to talk to me, instead of talking about her troubles. That’s why I stopped in to relax and have a beautiful woman pay attention to me. Thank you Bella, and thank you Sugar Daddy’s.

  225. Fred Graham


  226. Drew

    My only complaint about this club is that it is too dark inside. I realize it’s to make guys go to the stage and tip the girls, but it’s dark. The girls a very good looking though. Most of them, not just a few.

  227. James

    Great evening with Diamond. Glad to see some of my other favs there, Nevaeh, Bridget, Trinity. This is a very nice club.

  228. Eric

    This club is the best one I’ve been to. The staff is great, the girls are beautiful and awesome. I’ve never been treated with anything but respect.

  229. Robert

    Never had a bad time here. Much more relaxed atmosphere than the MSP clubs–no bouncer constantly telling you to buy a drink or get out. So those who are troll rating this club, cram it!

  230. Kent

    I agree. I’ve been to a lot of clubs and the girls are very hot at Sugar Daddys. Much better than any cities club. No contest when compared to small town clubs. Sugar Daddys ROCKS!

  231. Al Frankin

    It’s all about ME All Frankin.

  232. Al Franken

    No it is about me

  233. Del

    High quality girls. Wonderful time each time I stop in.

  234. Hawk
  235. Nate

    Jasmine, Meesha, Crystal. All nite long. I’m outta cash and lovin’ it.

  236. what!!

    You cant please all people. Too dark, no alchol hate the furniture, come on!! You want down dirty sluts stay in minneapolis! are they even half a good looking as what you find up here? you want a drink? find a dive in minneapolis!you are not here for the drinks , the furniture or the lighting. Come on! The girls are hot. More so than any other place. That is the reason we go to these places! The girls. Quit your fucking whining and enjoy what this place has to offer!

  237. Ladies Man

    Jazzmine, Tyler, Courtney, Bridget, Misty. All fantastic. WOW.

  238. cole

    quality of girls nice. if nothing else this place has some really good looking girls.

  239. Dudley
  240. Jake

    Went to see Zoe after I called and they told me she was working, she wasn’t, but I had a great night with Roxy.

  241. jim
  242. joe
  243. Superman

    This club is the best out of this universe…and believe me I have been everywhere!

  244. Herschel Savage

    Fo Sho!

  245. hg
  246. Obvious

    I will post 100% positive everyday to counter the 100% negative left by the coward that won’t post under their name or even a fake name. At worst the club will end up 50/50. It is so obvious that a rival club owner or former worker is leaving this negative without posting.

  247. nufff
  248. fred

    The regular girls are back. Misty no longer works at Sugar Daddys she has moved on and out of state.

  249. to original

    you are correct. many clubs do that. They post all positive, then tell you to get a life if you don’t like the club. They claim here that someone posted 100% negative every day and that is not true. They have barely had any reviews the past couple of months. some clubs give out fake high ratings, and other clubs give out fake low ratings to other clubs to make it look like they have a higher rating.

  250. Phil

    It’s clear someone has been intentionally rating this club low. High marks for months and then a large drop? Unlikly. Former Dancers or employees are to blame. Beautiful, hot girls for sure and I’ll be back a lot.

  251. Minnesota Man

    All I know is I used to live in the Twin Cities and this place beats a lot of the clubs down there. If you want to catch something go to the cities. if you want very pretty girls, go to Sugar Daddys.

  252. Jerry

    The quality of the ladies here is much higher than most clubs. I usually find the most attractive girls working weekdays. They seem friendlier too. The club is a little too dark. I know it’s to drive people to the stage to tip, but it is a bit dark. The quality of the ladies keeps me coming back.

  253. Weekend Warrior

    This is my place to end the week. There are a lot of hot girls here and well above the norm for strip clubs.

  254. helmd

    not very impressed at dead atmoshere, snobby girls who sit in the dressing room instead of talk to customers, juice “bar tender” (tall, grey beard) used foul language quite loudly when talking to a girl about other customers. did not make me feel very welcome

  255. Derrik

    Happy Holidays to all the beautiful Girls at Sugar Daddys.

  256. Glenn

    Great to see Tyler last night. Don’t take so much time off.

    with all the odd Charlie comments I have to say I really like this club, The girls are much better looking than any other non metro club. The girls here will actually talk to you. Whoever this Charlie nut job is, has some problems bigger than a strip club.

  257. T Woolblend

    Tyler, Roxy, Bridgette all make my list. HOT.

  258. Fuckmehard123
  259. Scott

    Modesty is an awesome pole dancer! Ayanna -what a bod! Kitty makes me purr… The place was ON! but the bartender/bouncer was a bit rude: Santa’s evil twin. See you again ladies!

  260. Old Guy

    Tyler. Here endeth the lesson.

  261. WEEE!
  262. Lexi's Lover
  263. fly bye

    If your looking for Nice Pu$$y???? This >Is< the Best to find it. Ladies, All around Great job!!!!!

  264. jhlk
  265. Grow Up

    This is one of, if not the cleanest club in the state. You are seriously sick. Get a Life.

  266. Tricky

    Hot Club.

  267. someone
  268. gh

    I despise this club

  269. Siskel

    I don’t know how a deceased person can make a review that is quite a talent dumbass. Two thumbs down for this place I hate this place!

  270. Heath

    happy holidays to my ladies.

  271. Flavor

    Variety is the Spice of Life, but with SPICE at Sugar Daddys no one needs any variety. Spice is almost the perfect woman. Can’t even describe it.

  272. bon-bon
  273. bigspender

    i liked this club for a very short time there was a womwn by the name of Paige and she brightened the entire room but now she is gone where did she go

  274. Gary

    Every single girl working last night was really good looking. How many other clubs can say that? I know where I’m going next time I roll through MN. It’s not the other dumps I’ve been to. Thanks Harley. Triple VIP time. WOW!

  275. David

    Glad to see Spice back at SDs. Truly a beautiful woman. Awesome!!!

  276. gh: I despise this club
  277. St.Cloud Native

    This is a nice club all the way around

  278. Stevie

    What happened to Dez this past weekend?

  279. nuflf
  280. mike

    beautiful ladies

  281. Scrav

    I think this is probably the best club outside the metro area in the state

  282. Voter

    I vote a TEN and all for Nikki. As close to a perfect ten as any woman I’ve ever seen!!!

  283. Hey

    Idiot. It’s a strip club. The girls get nude, that is where loser guys get to see nude girls, because they are too big a loser to get girls nude without paying for it. The girls are smart to take their money. As for the STDs, sorry you have one, maybe doing that goat was the wrong move on many levels.

  284. sdfd
  285. Hate this clyb
  286. mnjnm
  287. Pete

    Nice to see Cleo working on a saturday night. Misty great as always and Bridget. Had a great time with all, last night.

  288. Sight Lines

    I do go to SDs to SEE the girls so my complaint about it being too dark is valid. The furniture in the VIP IS uncomfortable. When I spend time with the ladies, I’d like it to be a MORE pleasent experience. That’s my review of the club. My review of the ladies is different as I DO find most of the girls atSDs to be extremely Hot.

  289. joey

    Girls are amazing, staff is so-so. Definitely a nice place to chill

  290. Auto

    Fun Fun Fun, thanks Simone

  291. Greg

    Great club. Some of the nicest dancers I’ve ever met. Friendly and attractive. Nice variety.

  292. Dean

    By far the most beautiful lady is Bridget. Saw a lot of sext new girls last nite too. I hope they stick around.

  293. Come on!

    Tony U idiot. I love strip clubs, go to them alot, have for years. One thing u need to understand is friendship between stripper and customer is based upon green pieces of paper. When the paper runs out, so does the friendship. Nothing wrong with it, its the same with any business relationship.

  294. Doug R
  295. Vince

    i think it’s a very good club for being in the middle of nowhere. girls are on average pretty good looking.

  296. Truth?

    Actually mr or ms truthdetector, what the other post said was true. Those girls

    are great pole dancers, purr enticers, etc. You bash your own dancers now? I

    have witnessed grumpy employees, pop pourers, whatever before. You know

    what that makes the place? Normal. So cut the sanctimonious crap.

  297. Sean P

    My Rating!

  298. Rob
  299. me
  300. Weekender

    It costs $10 to get in, but it does include 2 (non-alcoholic) beverages. They don’t serve liquor here, and never have, so the reviewer below is obviously getting his clubs mixed up. There is a large stage with 2 poles and up close seating, and all of the girls strip nude on stage and generally put on a pretty good show. The lapdances are the real reason anyone comes here though, they cost $25-$55, depending on how many songs you go for, and you will have a pretty girl with her top off grinding on you in no time, and it’s fantastic! I’ve been coming here for years, and I just can’t seem to stop, but I also don’t want to. If only I could get a beer, this place would really be perfect, but I’ll still be back.

  301. To Joe

    Please meet me in the comments section. You keep coming here to drag the rating down, why? It’s obvious that more than one person like this club and only you try to drag the numbers down each day. Let’s have a discussion.

  302. sam

    Girls top quality. Many lovley ladies. Very impressed. Do whish could get cocktail.

  303. Harry


  304. Reg

    Tyler proves what others have been saying. HOT. She is very attractive. Blonde, Sexy… Fantastic.

  305. Webbis Wubbis
  306. DLO

    Great clean place, girls are hot and friendly. Go visit Ashley

    and Kitty

  307. Geoff

    Saw the Awesome Spice last night. She is outstanding. Must mention, Honey & Jasmine. What beauties. You won’t find a more beautiful selection of ladies than at Sugar Daddys.

  308. is clyb ir club?

    Ten’s all around. We’re number 1, we’re number 1. Seriously I was doing a little math 33 pages of reviews with about 20 reviews per page equals 660 reviews, but this place has 1130 reviews meaning that 570 (approx)reviews are just high ratings with no review. Time to get a new hobby.

  309. Sid

    this is the best place I have been to the girls are get and friendly as can be.

    I’ll be back there again and an again.

  310. Someone Else

    Someone is clearly trying to rip down this club on this site because they are in such a terrible place in their own lives. The girls here are beautiful. Best in the state. It is clean and the staff is better than many clubs around the country. Whoever keeps going to proxy servers has been reported to the owners of this web site.

  311. computerguy

    was in tuesday nite…some excellent dancers especially roxy and nikki..will be back

  312. Not Loser Andy

    And it’s so obvious that you just wanted to leave a ZERO rating to drag the club rating down. Very classy of you. I’m not a Loser/Hater like candy, I mean ANN-dee. Says club is OK and leaves a ZERO. Hope you have a nice day.

  313. Lyle

    Got snowed in with Courtney and Tyler last night. Heated up fast.

  314. Yeah

    WOW! Hot hot babes. All nite. Gots me sum.

  315. A real review

    ok let’s take this one by one. The dancers and overall quality of the girls are good. the vlaue for the private dances is fair. The hopitality ranges from poor to fair. The variety of female talent is well it is Minnesota in the middle of no where so not much “spice” in the selection. The cover charge is good. The drinks well besides no alcohol are fine. it is some law that a nude club can’t serve alcohol so no fault of the club’s The food well there pretty much is none. The quality is fair. The DJ and sound system are fine. I gave the club a 5.5. One thing is that the bathroom is disgusting. They should fix that up.

  316. cvx
  317. Eric Edwards


  318. Dale

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs. In large cities and in small towns. This club ranks up there with most of the better clubs. Yes, there are bigger and glitzier clubs, but the girls at Sugar Daddys are very attractive for a club in the smaller town it’s in.

  319. tank

    wont come back

  320. bigman
  321. Question

    When does Nikki work?

  322. Sean

    Glad to see Joy back and always a great time with Bridget.

  323. New Test

    This is a new test to see if this site is fixed. Rating was 7.622 as of 6/10/10. Every rating high or low has become a low rating for three months. Last month proved it again.

  324. Big Al

    I love this club, I come up here from the cities because of the atmosphere and the great looking ladies, especially

    Trinity, Number “1” in my book.

  325. Reality

    Best club ever? no. Worst? No. I’d say a good 7 or 8 depending on what you want.

  326. Unoriginal not Candace

    Yeah, so you are the posting police. Someone, most likely you has been posting here at 100% negative everyday for months. So to counter that, someone else comes on to post 100% positive. Yet, you claim only the negative is valid. The positive has to come from an employee. Yet the negative couldn’t possibly come from an ex-employee or rival club employee or owner. Furthermore, don’t take this to the comments section, YOU must post negative when making a comment. If you post in the comments section I’ll debate you there and won’t leave a rating, but I’m sure your hate will drive you to leave a negative rating. I hope you’ll prove me wrong.

  327. Snow Bird

    Girls are pretty hot, but I like waffles.

  328. Stan The Man

    Very slow at SDs last night. But I took Franks advice. Roxy is so hot I could barely stand it. Tyler too. I had plenty of time to enjoy these hotties.

  329. mercedes

    i love working there the best girls and the best prices mercedes love ya taylor,sheena,neveah,bigboobs,ayana all of you you know who you are

  330. zxcza
  331. xz
  332. Wally

    I agree. Holiday weekend and there where a lot of attractive, friendly girls working Sunday and Monday night.

    Not too full, so I got a lot of attention.

  333. jnli
  334. Ebert

    Two thumbs up for Sugar Daddys. I love this club.

  335. Jon

    They where real nice,and cute. There was this real Hot striper. Her name’s Alssay,she’s a cute girl.So if your looking for fun go to Sugar Daddy’s.

  336. Jed

    Had a great night last night with Bridget. She is beautiful and never pushy. I do wish it was a little brighter in the club.

  337. Tim

    This club is great. I do know the numbers went down when certain people left the club and or got fired. Give it up and find something else to do people. Take your sour grapes elsewhere. I think Saturday and Sundays are the best thats when my favorites are there.

  338. Old Timer

    Hottest young girls around. Very tasty. Luv me some Honey.

  339. Doubting Thomas

    If what you say is true, why do you go there? That’s right, you don’t. Your posts show your ignorance and it’s very clear you work for or own Lookers. Get a life and grow up, loser

  340. Judge

    Not Smokin’ Hot? I guess you’ve never seen Nikki. I guess you’ve never seen Tyler, I guess you’ve never seen Courtney, I guess you’ve never seen Spice, or a lot of other girls at Sugar Daddies. Have you even been there? I have and I’ll be back.

  341. Strider

    These last two post are completely off. This is one of the few clubs were the girls DO talk to you. They are also the overall best looking girls in the state of MN.

    The reason for no booze, it’s a LAW in MN. The girls actually strip, get fully naked, so they can’t serve booze. No control over that by the female owner. Green always helps get you more attention.

  342. poop
  343. Test

    For about a month ANY rating left for this club would post as a negative. Todays rating is 7.628. I’ll leave a perfect ten to test and see what happens.

  344. Bobby

    The girls are much better looking here than in any other club in the state and I’ve been to a lot of them. Pleasent too. Not pushy like some clubs.

  345. Alan

    The negative posts that have been put up about SDs are totally false. If you’ve ever been to the club you’d know they are lies. Staff is really friendly now that some changes have been made. Very attractive girls, not pushy at all. Did I mention the girls are hot. That’s why I go. Better than many clubs in MN. Don’t believe the lies.

  346. Dick Fanning


  347. cxzc
  348. Jonas

    I love this club, very enjoyable. Atmosphere is very positive.

  349. dude

    You must have been at the wrong club no drugged out girls. find something else to do.

  350. L.O.S.E.R.

    This club has no peer it is the best club. Is it the best clyb (sic, because I am dyslexic like that) in the entire nation? No. The world? No. The galaxy? Perhaps this might be a title worthy of this all galactic club. This club is a utopia for all that come in the girls literally have angel wings on them, and the food seems to be made straight from the gates of heaven. The only problem with the club is the douchebag admin of this site who likes to ridicule and censor all those who visit this site. My rating a 10 and excellent on all accounts in fact I wish it would go up to infinity because then it would actually approach the level of this club’s greatness.

  351. Don

    I am so glad Courtney is back. This girl is so F…ing HOT she is off the chart.

  352. Rockstar

    I was in town for a “meeting” and wanted to relax in the company of a few beautiful women. I was certainly not disappointed. The majority of the girls were well above average and a few were just amazing. I liked that some of the girls were not only hot and gave nice dances, but were so cool to just chill for a while and have a conversation with. One in particular, Trinity. What a free spirit. If you’re in the cities, let me know. Miss ya!

  353. maganniman

    Great grind!!!

  354. Sweet Baby James

    Spectacular girls. WOW!

  355. traveler

    The club is very nice but it would be nice to be able to get a cocktail while watching the talent. Coke’s and OJ get old real quick, especically at $5 a glass.

    Try to go to a 21 club and serve drinks.

  356. Loser Detector

    Get a life. Come on a strip club board and bitch about spelling. Grow up. If you don’t like the club don’t go there. Get over it if you got fired.

  357. sandy


  358. ET

    Phone Home

  359. A real Andy

    Hi this club is ok. It is pretty obvious to see that this club self promotes when there is a different named person coming on here saying that the club is the best thing since sliced bread. The club is pretty good, and the girls are for the most part friendly. It is dark in the club and the music can get a little redundant.

  360. Archie Manning


  361. Chub
  362. Julian


  363. Dave

    Best club in the state. More great looking ladies than others.

  364. Hal

    Could Roxy be more AMAZING!! Plus the fantastic Nikki. Thank you ladies, see you again soon.

  365. GQ

    Jazzmine. Yummy. Can I get another.

  366. Mort

    better girls than most twin cities clubs. friendly too.

  367. Roger
  368. Justin

    Great night with Jasmin. Fantastic!

  369. Troy

    I don’t have much money for dances, but when I do…Tyler is it.

  370. matt gerner

    Desiree is my girl. Im thining about putting off going into the navy because of her.

  371. Jonny
  372. Alex Sanders


  373. Lol

    Allbert YOU are a complete faggot. Learn how to use the english language you fucking retard. It’s called punctuation, learn to fucking use it you god damned reject. Go kill yourself.

    Also the club was terrible.

  374. Peter

    Courtney is back!!! One very hot blonde with a great body. Hope you stay.

  375. War Lord

    Best Club on the Planet

  376. Loser Alert

    Please notice me I have to post on a strip club board. I have no real life. I’m a troll faced boy. I don’t like Sugar Daddies cuz a dancer there told me I stink. I’ll get them all on this ratings section. Please know I exist. Please realize I can’t stop. I’m cool too! I’m Sean and paul and I’ll be your special loser. Notice me!!!

  377. Sterling
  378. sdsa
  379. WHOOHOO
  380. kyle

    The ones I talked to friendly and good looking.Im glad we stopped in. My buddies and I have driven by and and wanted to stop so we did. Next year fishing we will be back.

  381. No One's Daddy

    I don’t have kids and I was everyone’s Daddy last night. Thanks for making my day without family Spectacular.

  382. henry
  383. new guy
  384. Hawkeyern

    Really like this club, been here a few times. The only thing I would change is the must have a drink in front of you rule. Otherwise the dancers are hot and very friendly.

  385. JT

    Club is too Hot To Trot!

  386. Realist

    is this the BEST club EVER. I don’t know. I have not been to all the clubs around the world or even in this country. Hell, not even in this state. But it is way above average. Some pretty hot girls, some smokin’ some not, still most are very attractive. Compared to the clubs in the midwest that I’ve been to. 7 to 8 out of 10. Most clubs are shitholes and this one simply is not. It’s clean and look good. For a small community club, the girls are very hot. Compared to major cities in the midwest… again WAY above average. I stop in every time I go up north.

  387. facinated

    zoe is gorgeous! like a tropical beach babe! i miss misty but i found my new woman! zoe zoe zoe.

  388. Kip

    First time in this club Sat. Nite. Lots of girls, most hot, some not. Liked Misty, Angyl, Bridget, Ayanna. I’ll stop by everytime I drive by.

  389. Brent

    Was in last night and received great service. Wow, Misha is hot. Nice club. Looks like someone has issuse and has been trying to force these numbers down.


    Gonna say something another positive all 10 excellent rating for you. See you tomorrow

  391. Karmen
  392. good time
  393. Xray

    This club is OK. I do not like the couch dance room at all..they call it VIP room but that is a laffer. Couches are not comfy, its freakin hot in there, and if its busy it is very difficult to even move around. The girls are cool for the most part though, makes up for the inexcusable building plan.

  394. franky

    good club. great women… zoey is hot as hell and enjoyed bridgets chat.

  395. Jai-ho

    whooooo hoooo

  396. Dusty

    Prefer the clubs farther out of the city. They attract more of the girls next door type. Im tired of store bought looks. Sheiks, Ricks full of that.Girls like Cleo, Dez,Sheena, Sabrina, Bridget quality and they didn’t have to pay for it.Dez gives one the most entertaining stage shows. Cleo is the perfect girl next girl. Sweet, sexy and charming. Sheena, Bridget, natural very pretty. Sabrina curves! curves! curves! Sorry didn’t mean to leave Tyler out! Another knockout.

  397. Lenny

    great club. quality of the girls is high. some complainers, but they are strippers after all. the point is they are good looking. wish some would know the tattoo thing hurts more than it helps.

  398. City Page
  399. zcxc
  400. Candace/weebis/unoriginal

    Get a life you are the one who is the loser. There is a weebis reference back in April of last year and you have been doing the same thing for a long time. Claiming to take it to the comments section where it belongs while continuing to post false positives is really convenient jack ass. What proof do you have look at the ratings for the club and the monthly distribution. Oh and by the way my rating was about a 6.5 not negative but not delusional like your posts have been. Yes it is the same person who comes on here with different names and posts the positives and you need to get out of your mom’s basement and get a clue and life. This is a rating section for the customers to rate. Here is the low down on a real review. The dancers here are above average, the overall make up of the club is below average. The service is mediocre. I am sure you will come on here and post a fake positive and all why don’t you take your one rating and the rest of it to the comments section. Now come on here and post your fake positive, I hope you prove me wrong. LOSER

  401. OH, Yeah!!

    Jazzmine & Honey lite my world up. Bridget too. Slow night, but plenty of time for the ladies with me!!! One of the top clubs in the state!!!

  402. hahha ewww

    hahaha we all know that “oblivious” is clearly a dancer from lookers… it must be alli cause she’s a psychoticly jealous dancer. hi allie 🙂

  403. Club Man

    The ladies here are some very hot girls. Overall the best in the state. I love this club.

  404. Jerod

    Stopped into Sugar Daddys last night. Pretty slow. A bunch of hot girls. Spice really is a beauty. Pretty close to perfection.

  405. Al Quie

    I was there the first time last night after passing by it on the highway for many years. It has exceeded my expectations. Inside is clean. Kitty is my favorite, curly hair brunette who knows how to treat a man in the VIP room. I will be looking forward to see her in the future.

  406. Gampa

    me likes the young girls.

  407. uumff
  408. Weather man

    I braved the storm last night and Bridget made it all worthwhile!!!!

  409. cust
  410. Walter

    A girl for every fantasy. Ummm!

  411. Real Customer

    What’s your problem? EVERY club is after money. Wake up stupid. How is this club corporate. It’s clean, the girls pretty, better than a lot of others. Lots of girls who do actually talk to you. You, fake person must hate this place and are a liar. I LOVE IT. Others, go in and decide.

  412. RORY


  413. Last Night

    Tyler! Courtney! Thursday night was pure heaven. Those two beautiful ladies were worth every moment I spent with them. WOW!!!!!

  414. nathen
  415. 1st timer

    went to sugar daddies for the first time. was suprised by the number of beautiful girls. after seeing posts here i was expecting it to be hype. it’s not. don’t get to central mn. much, but plan to stop every chance i get

  416. nulff
  417. shaun

    i think this place is great. nude clubs can be bad but this one was impressive.

  418. sss
  419. Fan of Angyl

    I love Angyl. She is great.

  420. Jerk Detector

    The moral asshole talking about hookers has never even been to Sugar Daddys. Never been with a woman. Maybe with his hand, but that’s it. The girls dance/get nude for money because men are STUPID enough to pay them. They don’t NEED to perform sex. Can’t wait for the day that loser is judged.

  421. Reggie

    been going to this club for a long time and nikki is still the best. nice to talk with and beautiful.

  422. Lurker

    Smokin’ Hot Girls. Many to choose from. Too bad no Asian girls.

  423. SunDay SunDay

    As a long time club customer, I can say Sunday nights at Sugar Daddys is Fantastic. Nikki is so hot, Dezire is outstanding and Sunday ends up perfect on the nights Bridget works. She was there last night and always WOW!! Great to see Cleo, but I wish she was still dancing. Hot new bartender too.

  424. Second That

    Props to Sheena, Spice, Jazzmine at this club. On a lighter tip. Tyler, Cleo, Nikki, Bridget, Dezire. All natural ladies. I like the enhanced models too, Misty, Ayanna, Joy, Nevaeh. There really is something for everyone at this place. Not pushy either.

  425. Wil I. Am

    I gots me sum.

  426. Dan

    Great club.

  427. recent customer
  428. bj
  429. latte
  430. Willy

    The place is clean. They did not accept my SCN pass I had for free entry. They had 3 woman that were high quality. First one had shoulder length black hair and a tatto of a lady on her stomach. Wanted to get a dance from her but after she got off the stage she never came out. Third one was a tall long hair blonde. Kept missing out on her. Then this gorgeous long hair blonde got on stage. Not only was she the best looking she did an excellent job dancing. Was great on the pole. I think her name was Kendall. Got a dance with her and she was worth every penny. She was maybe a B cup at best but I do not mind small breast. Her looks and personality are a 10.

  431. Trent
  432. Cal

    Great club . Lots to choose from. Based on recamodation I tried Misty. You have anerexic girl with fake tits. Come on! There are hundred of those in the city, dime a dozen.That was the only let down. She was talked up? Tits are tis real, fake but that cant be the only good part. With her it was. I like a dancer who is not gonna give me a robotic dance that spends most of the time looking at their self in the mirror or doing some odd move where she hugs my waist like im her dad or something. Sorry blowing in my ear for a whole song is pretty played too. I ran into another dancer and she was good. Bought 3 sets from her. Said she hadnt been dancing longer than a few months. Maybe its time for others to move on.I will be back to the one I had fun with. Whish i could remeber her name so others can enjoy her too.

  433. Really Not Candace

    You don’t know what you are talking about. I can prove people have posted false neg. here. Where’s the original Candace post? There isn’t one. So why is it referenced? Because there is a way to rate the club without leaving a post. That’s why it looks like no one posts for months. Furthermore, why debate this in the ratings section unless you intend to drag down the club? I’ll debate you in the comments section where this belongs.

  434. Kelsy

    This is my favorite club in MN. The quality of overall beauty from the ladies is tremendous. A lot of variety. My only hope if that an asian girl would start working there. That’s all this club is missing.

  435. ken

    this place is a real gentalmens club!!!

  436. Out of Towner

    Girls are cute, rest so so.

  437. blk
  438. Doug

    I’ve enjoyed myself everytime I’ve gone to Sugar Daddys. My favorites are Tyler, Misty, Spice, Cleo, Nikki, Sheena and there are a lot of new girls too. The staff have always been great to me. I will continue to go to Sugar Daddys.

  439. Club Attendee

    I saw Spice & Zoe two weeks ago and Neveah last weekend. Everyone knows Misty has moved on. It happens. Both Spice and Neveah are back this weekend. I’ve seen plenty of my favorites like Trinity, Tyler, Nikki. Lot’s of others too. This club is better than OK. It’s hot.

  440. Sunday

    Sunday is my night. Cleo, Nikki, Dez. I rest my case. These ladies are the best in the club

  441. Helga

    you keep the lies up modesty, we all know it’s you. All our managers are great and don’t insult customers.

  442. cv
  443. Murphy

    My space

  444. derek

    most girls are young college girls but all of them are hot

  445. Vic

    Hot night with hot ladies. Thank you to Jackie & Honey. WOW!

  446. Pauli

    Wasnt worth the trip there

  447. Terry

    Great Saturday night at Sugar Daddys. Saw some favorite ladies with Spice and Bridget. Got a dance with Ryan too. WOW!!!

  448. sAL

    I hate women. I call them names because I have a tiny one. I am man hear me squeek. Mommy never loved me.

  449. Ted

    Meesha is a wonder. So tiny and so packed with… She makes this club worth a trip to central MN.

  450. Big Johnson

    The girls are cute anyway.

  451. Middle Age Guy

    Could I cast my vote for Spice? What a Goddess.

  452. Miss S
  453. unemployed

    this is probably the best club i’ve ever been to. the girls are totally not drugged out and i don’t like playing with them. i found ten new girls there. wow

  454. Borat

    Sexy Time.

  455. Evan

    For an out metro club, this one is pretty nice. The building outside looks funny, but inside it is one of the better clubs in out state Minnesota. The girls are friendly, some more than others. Most are attractive as well. Maybe only a few that seem out of place for a strip club.

  456. Willie

    A+ Club.

  457. To Willy:

    This club is not connected with SCN in any way. That’s why no passes are valid. There are clubs on this site that have been closed for over five years. I don’t think anyone from the club, except dancers even looks at this site. The dark haired girl is Zoe, she probably got a dance with another customer, that’s why it appeared she didn’t come out. The girl on the pole is Kendra. The other blonde is Ashley. You should go in on Wednesdays or Thursdays to see Tyler and Nikki. WOW!

  458. Fubar


  459. Long Time Customer

    I really like this club. It’s clean inside. Could be a little brighter. The selection of girls is great. Many, many attractive girls. Better than a lot of cities clubs and all the out metro clubs.

  460. SirGin

    back after long hiatus… Zoe,Kendra, and Morgan.. WOW!!!

  461. Wesley

    Waffles are OK. Club is good, girls are nice.

  462. Hoot
  463. Barry

    19 or 20 girls last night. I got my fill

  464. stripper 123456798
  465. Doc

    Worth my money.

  466. dorrel

    nice time last night ladies!

  467. Tony
  468. reply

    Spice is wonderful, but can’t say enough about Nikki. This club has the best talent.

  469. Clint

    Cleo, Thanks for the great night.

  470. Randy

    7-21-06 Girls are great and Destiny you were so sweet and awesome.

  471. hbjbhh
  472. John Holmes


  473. Shaggy

    These are my kind of scooby snacks!

  474. Wayne

    Last night was special for me. Best club in the state. I’ll be back again and again.

  475. Danny

    Very good club. One of the better club’s in Minnesota.

  476. bitch magnet
  477. Yup
  478. Ron

    WOW!!! TYLER!!! This girl is Fantastic. Beautiful, sexy, everything. WOW!!!

  479. hg: jjn Caught Ya
  480. L,O.S.E.R. Inspector

    It is sad to see someone who can’t come up with anything except the same tired lines. There is no clam that one person’s opinion is right or anything about the food. Merely pointing out that for about a year “you” have been coming on this board and giving this club an inflated rating, and not making this rating part or board be accessible to the customers of this club. Instead you resort to bullying behavior, sarcasm, and childish tactics. When it gets thrown back into your face you can’t handle it. Now get some enzyte or KY brand jelly for your small dick and come on and rant some more Jerk.

  481. Mitt

    High ratio of hot girls. Been to clubs with not so hot girls and maybe one or two hotties. There were a lot of hot girls at this club when I went.

  482. Frank

    Great club. Hot girls.

  483. ROK

    This is the best club outside of the twin cities by far. The wait staff is very nice, as are the bouncers. The dancers are beautiful, and for the most part are very friendly as well. Just think if you had to deal with all of the BS they see and hear and how you would be. The club is nice and clean as well. If you come to this club, and are respectful you will have a good experience. Good Job Sugar Daddy’s and best wishes to all.

  484. johnny
  485. brandon

    This club is awesome! The dancers are all hot and very nice!

  486. hippo
  487. chris

    If you have been there the girls are hot and it is nice set up. The place is clean and nice lookin. less snobbery then cities club.

  488. josh

    I was glad I stopped in. Judgeing from the outside I wasnt sure what to expect. I will be back. I had a good time with a couple of dark haired girls. Just wish could have had a beer too…

  489. Old Dude

    I’ve been to this club a lot and those girls keep me coming back. Time after time. I could mention a ton of girls, but I seem to find a new favorite each week. it worth my money.

  490. Voss

    Bridget and Jazzmine, Thank you for a night I’ll never forget. I’ll be back again and agin.

  491. Ed

    I like that the girls do talk and are not just about the money.

  492. Betty

    Wonderful club for girls who like girls.

  493. bob

    the entertainers were fabulous, and for once I could understand the DJ. check it out, and don’t be afraid to check out something u normally wouldn’t

  494. Steven

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs and this one is a gem. A lot of hot girls for being away from a major city. Better looking girls than most Twin Cities clubs.

  495. Rachel


  496. Neal

    Unbelieveble Meesha. Put together perfect. Major props to Spice and Honey 2. This club has the Hottest girls.

  497. matt

    the first time i was their the girls were great and they were verry friendly and willing to even just talk to the people that are guest’s

  498. dancer

    i been dancing here off and on for the past six years. i enjoy it. 90% of the girls i work with are super cool and bring in their real person. the d.j.s bartenders, servers, bouncers and on site managment are really nice to. i consider most of them friends. i dont understand why i rate is so low- this is a very clean and classy club.

  499. Chase

    great place. really sexy girls. spice is the hottest. nikki too. oh my!

  500. Slim

    Nikki looks amazing. Saw her again last night and OMG!!!

  501. Roxy

    I just started working at this club and I think it’s a really sweet place to be.

  502. Norm Colman

    It’s about ME!

  503. teddy

    this club rocks! the girls are fucking hot!

  504. Wanderer

    Passing through and really suprised at how many hot girls were there. Many more than at some big city clubs. I will be back.

  505. cialis
  506. Jen

    I don’t care about fights between girls, just give them a great dance. Stop hating on eachother. Grow up. If you don’t like a group of girls don’t get dances with them. If you have a problem in the club, talk to them, not an internet site.

  507. Meat

    I’m Thicker than a Snicker!!!

  508. Chilly Willie

    Five newbies last night. Ashley, Dawn, Hot. One chick had more tattoos then I’ve ever seen, but was she flexible . WOW!!! I think her name was Ivy. This place was off the hook.

  509. ???

    Why the need to rate this club low? As a customer, if you don’t like the place, don’t go there. Or you are a ex-employee or a former dancer with a grudge. Winners with two & three.

  510. Will I. Am.

    Bridget, Misty. Tops Sat. nite. HOT new waitress. Hope she starts dancing soon.

  511. What up homies

    Yo this club is whacked out with strippers who look all drugged out check it.

  512. MW

    Was a bit slow on Sunday night, but still well worth the trip. Nikki and Dezi–fantastic as always. Cleo–great to see you again and chat.

  513. Truth Detector

    Too bad you’re full of shit Scott. Those girls have not worked together on the same night for months. The rest of your statement is a lie too. If anyone on that staff is ever rude it’s because you did something wrong. Maybe you should just post under you’re real name Modesty

  514. Tommy

    Isabelle gets my vote as the best. Club is clean and pretty nice inside. i agree it’s too dark and they need new furniture in the VIP.

  515. G

    Friendly girls, Awesome waitress, and clean club…overall an awesome place to go.

  516. nullf
  517. DC

    Doesn’t matter to me how busy a strip club is. In this economy any business is good. The less customers, the more attention I get. I get a lot of attention in this club, slow night or not. Why, because I buy dances. Girls at this club are pretty hot overall. A lot of variety.

  518. Jordyn

    This club is way nicer and cleaner then any other i have been to. yes i may work there myself but it is true.

  519. Banjo Boy
  520. Ms. Truth!

    No one ever bashed Ayanna or Kitty. Where did you get that? I’ve worked at a lot of club across the country and in MN. The staff there is some of the better people I’ve known. Modesty is a good pole dancer. Didn’t say she wasn’t. But those girls seldom, if ever, work on the same night. So why would someone make it appear they did? Furthermore this is for the comment section not here.

  521. Barrak
  522. Sven

    UFF DUH!! It’s cold. Girls are HOT tho.

  523. adamrod

    I was here with some friends earlier this Summer. We decided to try something that was out of our St. Cloud-area tradition. My friends and I left here disappointed because of the overall business quality.The cleanliness and order need a lot of work. Their floors looked fine, but their tables and their bar had glasses and miscellaneous objects left from the previous customer that had obviously been there for a long time. I was in the place for about an hour, and I saw somebody straighten up everything one time. That happened somewhere in the last fifteen minutes of me being in here. Overall, I did not feel comfortable sitting in the premise. The customer service needs a lot of work. The bartenders and the security were rude and unpleasant to be around. I tried to avoid them anytime possible. The employees had a dirty look on their face around every customer. I felt like either they did not want to be there, or they have a poor outlook of the world. Either way, it negatively affected my experience in here. To their benefit, the entertainers were friendly (except for one), and I had a good conversation with one of them. They are also a talented and entertaining group. Therefore, I happily tipped the entertainers handsomely.The quality of the drinks ranged from average to good. I ordered a vodka cranberry. The bartender made the drink so weak that I could barely taste the alcohol content. My friends said the same thing about their drinks. When I kindly asked the bartender to remake my drink, he ignored me and tended to a nearby customer (this other customer also got a lot of bad attitude from the guilty bartender). When I am in the St. Cloud area, I will likely be avoiding this place. The only way I would consider coming back is to support the entertainers because of their friendliness. I would not expect very much good from everything else about this business.

  524. Me Too

    Club is Fantastic!

  525. Stu

    Impressed with the girls. I’ll be back.

  526. good times
  527. Himself

    Best looking ladies I’ve ever seen overall.

  528. Nutri Sweet Daddy

    I happen to like this club a lot. Not average to me. Very nice for a small town club and a lot better than some of the shitholes in the Twin Cities. For the most part I’d say the girls are far above average as well. I’ll agree not every one of them, but more than most.

  529. Cliff

    Tyler, Courtney blew me away. Way too hot!

  530. Club Rat

    The hottest girls in the state. Very high quality. Only one or two that should stop dancing, otherwise, GREAT!

  531. Misty Lover

    My fav is Misty. ‘Nuff said.

  532. Indeed..

    I completely agree that an ex-dancer is probably bashing the club everyday. In fact, I heard that someone gets on different computers just to bring the rating down.. that’s low.

  533. Ned

    Really like the ladies here.

  535. first timer
  536. hok
  537. Yoda

    Me Likey!

  538. Rick

    I had a wonderful time at this club last night. Glad there is no smoking now.

  539. Merle

    These girls are hot. Way hot. At least a dozen and a half really sexy girls are at Sugar Daddys. What a choice. Best selection of really hot girls in the state.

  540. Chief Justice

    Average at best and people are entitled to their opinions this is a free country. If someone does not agree with you just insult them because that is the classy thing to do right.

  541. Mick

    I really like this club. Really friendly girls, not too pushy. Nice inside too.

  542. Nick Manning


  543. Grammer Wench

    Although, clearly ALbert, you don’t know how to use commas or write a sentence. Here’s a clue. Capitalize the start of ALL sentences. Do not write a run on sentence. Now, go fuck off and die!

  544. Neil
  545. Sweetness

    I have enjoyed the club everytime I have visited. The dancers really pay attention to females just as much as males. Wahoo!

  546. Ms. Truth

    No one ever bashed Ayanna or Kitty. Where did you get that? I’ve worked at a lot of club across the country and in MN. The staff there is some of the better people I’ve known. Modesty is a good pole dancer. Didn’t say she wasn’t. But those girls seldom, if ever, work on the same night. So why would someone make it appear they did? Furthermore this is for the comment section not here.

  547. Nick

    This club was a true gentlmans club. The girls are all beautiful, not one ugly one in the building.

  548. Wes

    What a great club. I lost track of how many hot girls were there last night. We will be back again soon.

  549. Charlie

    I swallow my own penis. I can’t get it up for the ladies.

    I hate women and love Larry Craig. I’d move to Idaho to be near him, but I don’t have a job.

  550. Kory

    OMG are these girls hot. Spice is unreal. Honey, Jasmine too. Can’t wait for next weekend.

  551. Frank The Tank

    Tyler was fantastic as always. She makes my experience in this club perfect. Liked seeing Roxy back on a regular basis. Hope she stays around this time.

  552. Uggums

    Oh, Oh, OOHH!

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