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3480 South Galena Street, Denver, CO 80231


39.654121, -104.868241




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s All Nude Denver

  1. Justin
  2. Ben
  3. foov

    Been here a few times now. Usually there are enough girls I find attractive to keep me around. Some girls are absolutely stunning. Most of the girls I’ve talked to have been nice, only a couple have been pushy or rude.

    The $2 mini-laps are what bring me back. The private dances have been hit-and-miss for me.

  4. Trevor

    Me and my buddies had a great time. The private dances emptied out pockets, but to a point it was worth it

  5. stripclubber

    If you like hot ass chicks shaking their sexy naked asses in front of your face you will like this place a whole lot, it’s really awesome.

  6. Ivan

    the dancers are super sexy and nice

  7. hustler
  8. Splay

    Enjoyed the club, fun atmosphere, young crowd, no smoking! Had great Lap Dances from several wonderful girls (one exception). Pool table and several stages with a good variety of talent. On the negative side, the girls smelled like smoke (so they were smoking in the back) and one girl – Michala (sp)was the pits. Very Bitchy! Wouldn’t waste my time on that one. All in all though, Great time and lots of fun girls (always a bad apple in the bunch).

  9. ,
  10. visitor from foco

    Been to this club 3 times now, last time was the best by far. Lots of new girls, all very friendly and professional, and a LOT of hotties! Definitely satisfied with my experience there last Saturday night.

  11. Proton

    Day girls seem to try harder to make a personal connection with you before asking for private dances. If you go during the afternoon the dancers outnumber the customers 2 or 3 to 1, so I guess more effort is required by the girls. As said by another reviewer, make sure you know what the girls will allow before getting a lap dance, the amount of clothes, limits and prices vary depending on the girl. I’ve had great private dances from Carmen, Fiona and Nichole, who while not the hottest girls are very good at what they do.

  12. StripClub431

    Came in after hours on a Thursday and this place was a blast! With 3 stages still going, I was having so much fun bouncing around from girl to girl. They are all really talented, friendly, and haaaawt. Security, bartender, and DJ were also really friendly. (Other clubs in Denver lack the friendliness of staff) All in all, this was a great experience! I highly suggest coming here and making it rain on these beautiful ladies.

  13. Jimmy

    I visited the club yesterday (Thursday 8/25) and was treated to a great time. I will go back each and every Thursday to see “Cash”, she gave me the best lap dance that I’ve ever had and will definately be back to see her with more money next time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great lap dance from a absolutely amazing girl, who can actually hold a conversation with you.

  14. Daniel

    HOT ladies but if your looking for something special ask for Taylor(She’s hot DD or DDD boobs slim nice body blonde and her personality makes my cock hard)if she’s not there I go home

  15. Unimpressed

    Some cute girls, even a few hot ones, but most were surly and disinterested, rude staff, unnecessarily confrontational and violent attitude amongst bouncers, greedy hustling for dances and drinks, flat and strange tasty soda pop, dirty furniture, and a low quality sound system made this club more far annoying than appealing.

  16. maxxy1

    Do not go to this place. I literally got robbed within a few hours. They set up ppl like a ponzie scheme

  17. dc

    this club sucks and the only positive was the hot cocktail waitress at the non-alcohol bar

  18. willnotreturn

    I used to be a regular here – hot and friendly dancers, great private dances at a reasonable price. PT’s started to class the place up a little by remodeling the private dance area, but in my opinion the club has gone downhill ever since. Dancer talent isn’t nearly what it used to be and the private dances aren’t nearly what they used to be. For instance the prices have gone way up, you pay a cover to get in the private dance area (ok b/c typical at most clubs) but then you don’t nearly get the dance you used to at a higher price. Here’s where I have the real beef though…last time I was there, a girl gave me a private dance for 4 songs, then tried to tell me it was 6 songs and got the bouncers to make me pay for 6 songs. If she has to lie that bad to make a few extra bucks then this place really is hurtin for talent. I am not returning and if VCG doesn’t clean this place up then no one will be going there soon b/c they will be shut down.

  19. Ctrepp

    The drinks are a rip but the women were great and the dances were better…….good value for the $$$$. Treat them like people and you will be rewarded many time over. Will definitely go back.

  20. HighwayMan

    6-8 girls, some good, some not so good. $10 cover before 7pm. No alcohol. Drinks kinda pricey for what it is. Nothing to write home about.

  21. Blake

    great club indeed! ladies could use a little more work coming up to associate with female customers….Mykah was a doll!!

  22. JB

    It is noe part of the PT’s chain and is called “PT’s All Nude”. I have been there on three occasions in the late afternoon on a week day. I have never been disappointed. Some girls are great, others are just OK, but they all have a great attitude! Best all nude club that I have been to anywhere in the US (except Key West).

  23. lillongman

    Go in there during the afternoon for the best time. The songs are full length and the laps are incredible. Nicole and Sophia are two of the hottest girls anywhere on the planet. The $25 all nude lap dance in the private room and the $2 mini-laps at the stage are the best in colorado.

    If the drink prices and the cover charge were not ridiculous, this club would rate as the best in Denver.

  24. StageMan

    Just went to Centerfolds this week and it was a great club. Most of the dancers and other staff were very personable. (I know, they are just doing their job/acting.) There is definitely a dancer for everyone here. Everything from very petite to full fledged woman. Only one or two dancers had boob jobs, so if you’re into the fake, huge tits, look elsewhere. The $2 mini lap dances are definitely worth it. Kick in an extra buck and they will give you some extra attention next time they come around. The private dances can go either way, just depends on the girl. One gave me a great one and one turned out to be a real bitch. They also give you some special attention if its your birthday. Cover includes one drink.

    I will definitely make time to go back on my next trip to Denver.

  25. adamrod

    This is a great place to come for a great time with sexy naked girls. Funtime playtime. Good parking. Good management and again SEXY NAKED GIRLS. Highly recommend getting a private dance or maybe 5.

  26. Barry

    WOW!!!………What a place! Had a great time.

  27. hot

    Just started going to see a new girl started sometime april. Diamond is the best there. Dances can get expensive but def worth it.

  28. Tony

    One of the best strip clubs i’ve ever been to…

  29. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  30. Never Coming Back

    Huh? You people must be talking about some other club. While the strippers here were attractive the nasty attitudes of the girls, the Nazi bouncers, and managers made this the least friendly club I’ve EVER visited.

  31. Mikey

    Had a great time. She fingered herself till she came in the VIP room.

  32. Sam

    I agree. I remember when skanks and cops were the only attractions to that club. The girls are definately better. The head manager introduced himself. He looks like to young to run that club but he knows his stuff and the girls love him. Hats off and salute to you young man…….forgot his name…..but cheers.

  33. tonycluber

    The setup is fine, several small circular stages and there were several attractive girls during a day shift, which was a pleasant surprise. My complaints are that they charged $40 for a lap dance plus you have to buy a $10 “pass” from the club to get the lap dance. $50 for a 3 1/2 minute dance is ridiculous. There was no one working the juice bar so I couldn’t get a drink. They charged a cover when I was literally the only one in there. And finally, I got some singles to tip the ladies but when I ran out and went to get more the club didn’t have any, seriously, a strip club didn’t have singles, I waited around for 15 minutes or so while someone left to get them but eventually left myself. Overall I would suggest you try somewhere else, plus this place is fairly far out of way.

  34. Brian

    I just went to this club for the 1st time last Sunday and I had a great time the private dances were great with lots of grinding and the best dances I got were from Kyla and Playgirl those two girls are amazing! I’ll definitely be going back to this club and I love that it’s 18+ so if you get the chance to go here you should check it out!

  35. joseph1k

    One of the best clubs in Denver for mileage.

  36. larry1

    NEVER go to this place, I feel really bad there, it’s a waste of time and money. I can’t find another club worse than it

  37. Val

    The fees at this club killed it for me when I stripped here. I had a few good nights, but generally this place wasn’t worth my time

  38. Junior

    I went there with some buddies for a bachelor party, and let me say it was well worth it. All but one of the girls were extremely friendly, and all were very good at what they do. The dancers primarily make rounds at the stages, yes they do constantly prompt for tips, but considering their rounds consist of quick lap dances it is well worth the cost of the tip. The girls are all very attractive, but if you only like extremely large breasts you will be hard pressed to find them here. The upside is the girls are all natural. At the time I went the stripper to guest ratio was about 1 to 1. The private dances can get expensive, but most of the girls do it fully nude with plenty of grinding involved. The only complaints I had were the $5 price for a bottle of water and the excesive fee for use of the ATM.

  39. jose

    I was here last nite thursday and been coming

    three days in row now.sexi females a couple

    rude ones but all in all its a good club. Aslong

    as you got some money an know to talk to

    these females you gonna have a goodnite

  40. Jack

    Very nice gilrs working there. However they hit you for tips at every turn, I know this is expected somewhat at a place like this, but I felt this was exsessive. The girls are friendly and atractive.

  41. .
  42. Bill DuPuy

    You’ll always be a stranger here. Unfriendly bunch of misfits. Go downtown instead.

  43. rockstar

    A good club to check out. Always a fair number of pretty girls who will take great care of you as long as you are respectful of them. Private dances can be phenominal depending on girl, defianently had far more great ones than bad ones. Girls will come off stage to give minnie lap dances for a couple bucks, great way to get preview if private dance would be worth the $25. In the couple times I’ve been there never had a bad experience.

  44. colorado cowboy

    Girls vary from fair to fantastic… any club. Private dances are great and there is one woman who is the reason I go!! N….e

  45. fuckery12

    Friendly Staff and Hot girls. A little expensive, but it’s a strip club so that’s to be expected.

  46. BOB

    this club is awsome. about time the got a decent head manager that knows what he is doing. that place has really cleaned up.

  47. TNman

    I met a great lady there the other day. She was about 25, dark hair and of mexican origin. Long black hair and great huge breasts. She and I had a great time with our private dances. I will return as much as I can. She was fantastic!!!

  48. Paul

    The only nude club I’ve ever been to where I wished the dancers would put their bottoms back on.

  49. Don

    Good club but the $5 bracelet before getting into VIP needs to go, or they need to drop cover by 5 bucks. VIP is patrolled almost too much for my taste. The dancers can take care of themselves. Some girls give better minilaps than they do VIP. Strongly suggest you ask each girl what she allow in VIP. No not assume nudity or touching, its up to the girl.

    Best in VIP: 1) beautiful athletic brunette gymnist (Dimitrie?) and 2) Gypsy.

    Miss you ladies – I wish I lived in Denver!!

  50. B1G B0B

    I thought the club was really slow at first. Then a few more ppl came in. Alot of the girls were very energetic. I wasn’t to thrilled with the drink price’s. That was just dumb! I got a dance from a hispanic lady but it wasn’t worth it at all. I don’t remember her name but currently at the time she was kind of medium frame.

    Then when I was going to leave. Can anyone say wow. This drop dead sexy chick named star caught my eye. I went to her table and stayed till she had to leave. Anyways alot of the chicks were awesome but there was one so hyper and energetic. She made me smile and laugh. I believe it was sweets or sweet. It was a bit scary for a second just because i’ve never seen a dancer like her. Very younge and I can tell she has a gentle soul.

    I recommend centerfolds.

    I didn’t like penthouse cause you can smell the liquor on the chicks. Disgusting…

    Showclub is great club as well too…

    But centerfold…2 thumbs up

  51. hot one

    Club has gone downhill the past year. Private dances are now $30 with $5 going to the house instead of the girls. Makes for the private dances being rushed, not near as much fun as before. Nicole is a great woman to have dance for you!!

  52. JustAGuy_CO

    The good: lovely girls that are very friendly and laidback, no pressure to buy drinks or dances, the 2 dollar laps are mindblowing, the dancer to guests ratio is skewed in our favor in the afternoons 🙂

    The bad: the cover charge at noon is ridiculously over-priced.

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