Showgirls Men’s Club



4210 U.S. 92, Plant City, FL 33566


28.0267582, -82.0591836




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Showgirls Men’s Club

  1. Steve

    This is the BEST club in the Tampa to Orlando area if you like a good lap dance – only $10 for the couch dance and really worth it. Last time I went though, there was only one really thin girl in the entire place; most everyone else was a little chunky. Awesome club, but I would like to see younger, thinner girls (small breasts preferred) without too many tattoos or piercings.

  2. D

    September will give you the best time

  3. David

    The place is pretty good for the money. You can’t really beat a $10 dance. The dances are quality even though its a bikini club. They have a bathroom attendant which seems kinda pushy, like you’re supposed to tip for taking a piss. I also heard 3 people got robbed in the parking lot and the club didn’t do shit about it. But overall a friendly atmosphere with girls that appreciate your tips.

  4. jeff(pizza hut guy)

    i really miss going to showgirl i was always there when i lived in lakeland, i miss roxanne(think her real name was melissa), wish i would of stopped in the night i left florida to say good-bye it’ll be 2 years this june that i left florida, if anyone sees her tell her to get with clarissa for my myspace page

  5. just me

    About 3 good looking women work here. Club managed horribly. More of a neighborhood bar with neighborhood girls….Bartendars could be alot classier!

  6. x
  7. PBH

    Only been in once but it was worth the stop! Wish it were a nude club but was still real easy on the eyes. The girls were friendly, not pushy.

  8. M

    Where did Charisma go? Glasses, hot body…

  9. syd
  10. Local Guy

    Not much when compared to Tampa clubs but Brittany will go the extra mile…

  11. phil

    $10 lap dances! $20 bed dances! 18 yr old dancers! This place is hot!

  12. Jada
  13. E $

    was there friday no bitches came up 2 me. than i told the one i had $200 and they all wanted 2 give me dances. stupid bitches were walking right by me b4. anyway the dances were pretty allright and fairly priced. WILL be coming back here.

  14. semi regular

    Nice Bikini Club, great VIP dances

  15. OrlandoGuy

    Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to another return trip

  16. Trip

    Awesome value for the money, and lots of variety! I especially like the petite, slender babes in this place – and the lap dances in the back are great. Elisse and hailey are the best girls there. I’ll be back!

  17. Harrison69

    got a sweet spot for c-section scars and bullet wounds? you’ll love this place. i’ve only been here shithoused but it’s always a good time. it’s on county line so it’s nice to get that extra hour in after the bars in lakeland close at 2. never let the gems at the front hustle you for cover. no one should have to pay to get in here. my friend threw up all over a couch and they just put a towel over it. the couch was still there last time i went. lots of toothless men with disposable income. i’d add a star if they had a buffet, but hey it’s plant city, not vegas. drinks are cheap, same for the girls. there’s one girl i went to high school with that works there -hot body but looks like ronaldinho in the face. you can get whatever you want in the back. seen one girl ride her motorcycle home. anyway, sure they’re all nice girls paying their way through college.

  18. Greg

    The club is nice, but the $10 per dance is a bit misleading. Costs $6 to “rent” the room and then the $10 for the dance on one side but $20 on the other side….no difference in the dance at all, no showing of anything, and same amount of touching. Girls were nice, but the club is nothing special.

  19. woah
  20. Smit
  21. passin through

    alot of flat chested chicks here – but the club is clean – the remodel improved the club

  22. Jim

    This place has the best lap dances in Florida, and the couch dance for $10 is also the best deal. Most of the girls have some weight on them, but some of them (about 1 in 6) also thin and hot. The hottest girls there are Hailey (works day shift) and McKinzey (works at night). During the day 2-6PM is the best time I think to be there. Sometimes at night it gets too crowded. I would like to see this club hire more thin girls, like the runway model look.

  23. me
  24. JP

    very enjoyable place to go and have a drink and have some entertainment. Wonderful girls to keep you company and actually good to talk with. In my opinion, good variety in the VIP dances. Fridays and Saturdays offer the best experiance with Dance Specials throughout the evening.

  25. todd

    bad club. woman manager is a bitch.

  26. Sierra
  27. j hairgrove

    Jessica is the best dancer i have seen in a long long time. Very friendly and has a great body.

  28. josh

    super friendly girls every time

  29. puerto rican dude

    incredible girls, specially Melissa and Paris. cant wait to see them again!

  30. derrick

    I miss Mia. I wish she would come back, overall club was nice.

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