Fantasies on 5th



1911 East 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501


61.217839, -149.845084




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasies on 5th

  1. Chuck
  2. charles jackson
  3. William
  4. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  5. jeremy smith
  6. Cory O.

    Man, oh man. It says something about a club if you can actually get a lifetime membership. Fantasies is such an interesting place. The girls are a little on the fuzzy side after being in the business a few years too long and the crowd tends to be middle aged men with big potbellies and chili stained shirts. That being said, it is cheap as hell and you can always bring in a large group and cause a ruckus (in a good way, not in the go-to-jail kind of way). Now that the new porn shop has opened nearby, I’m not sure if the business has gone up or down, but Fantasies, I’m sure, hasn’t changed much.

  7. jimmychoo
  8. richard95

    Halloween 2009Last night the DJ/MC That-Wouldn’t-STFU loudly proclaimed how pleased he was that there were so many couples, and that Fantasies on 5th was a “Family Friendly” place. Really. He did.It does say something about the casual attitudes of both crowd and employees that a black man in a KKK costume and a white man in an Obama costume went over quite well, and I personally did not see any ‘drama’ going on.It also says something about the hardiness of the ladies here in Alaska that had absolutely no problems leaving their coats in their vehicles to prance around in the skimpiest of cheap Halloween-slut costumes (ohhh ladies!) in the __20°F___ chill, and I’m not talking about the strippers, folks!To answer some questions for the judges panel:Ladies restroom (which opens onto the backstage area, btw) was actually pretty clean, and I highly doubt that anyone was cleaning it throughout the night. Once again- kudos to the local ladies for not being filthy skanks.This place is NOT dank and skunky like most strip clubs seem to be. The lights are low, but they don’t seem to be hiding crappy furniture or surfaces that are falling apart.The drink prices are low to moderate (7$ for the JagerBomb that seems to be HIGHLY popular here).The bar seems well-stocked with the usuals and current local faves, but the bartenders seem to be pretty clueless- if it isn’t a highball or current trendy mix, they have to go look it up. So if you have to have your chocolate martini or Bellini spritzer, be prepared to hand over the recipe. As a matter of fact, hand over the chocolate liquors too, as they don’t have Godiva or Van Gogh- that’s not a knock at the place, just an observation!Now to the IMPORTANT part.The LADIES. Ohhh my the ladies. Maybe last night wasn’t indicative of the usual fare, but if it is, then I am quite pleased. Fantasies offered QUITE the selection of hotties, from the waitstaff to the strippers, every size, shape and colour. There isn’t much in the way of ‘show’ or ‘dance’ with these girls, but they ARE really hot, and seem to favour giving their attention to the women customers over the men. A dollar goes a LONG way too- so don’t be afraid to be cheap here, though I would have some decent tips prepared for the ladies with talent.Overall- it was a REALLY FUN night, with none of the weirdness or awkwardness that is usually associated with strip clubs, and our mixed party was quite comfortable.

  9. Anthony

    Gorgeous dancers! Great Dances! Prices Reasonable. Drinks good, bartenders nice! Free water and comp’d sodas! Spend your money on the LADIES!!!

  10. Stilwell
  11. Rayven

    99% of the dancers I’ve seen there over the years have been extremely hot. It could have been the fact that it is Anchorage, AK and they a very hot compared to the standing population. At the same time, about 90% of the girls will just walk up to you and out right ask you for a Lapdance or ask for a drink. Girls are between the ages of 18 and 28. Aslso the crowd is pretty good if your military because the crowd IS military mostly. Alchoholic drinks (segregated from underagers) are about the same price as anywhere else, but the regular drinks are pricey.

  12. Don

    This is a very awsome club, friendly staff. Fresh remodel. New private VIP

    area with fire places. Clean club. Also it’s close to base which is great. I’m

    in love with the lovely babes!!!!!!

  13. Tammy
  14. scooby
  15. mr. grumpy

    i love this club. its a great place to go and hang out and have a good time. the girls are great,nice,gorgiouse and great dancers. the bar tenders a really cool. the waitreses are excellent. the bouncers are bad asses. and hella tight. over all i give this club excellent review. great club.

    mr. grumpy

  16. Nicholas W.

    This place was kinda lame, woman were low quality. Music wasn’t too bad. I’m sure the dancers pick it anyway. I wouldn’t go back ever. I dont know what how well the drinks were made. I only had beer. Go to ABC

  17. Mich

    So anyways, I walk into the bathroom and end up comparing breast sizes with a mostly naked stripper and her twin sister. I’m entirely intoxicated and get settled in at some seats with my buddies and then go ask her for a lapdance. She jumps up, gets excited, and we frolic hand-in-hand to go have her strip naked for me. She tried to untie my shirt in the process, while im being straddled, gets frustrated and just takes the whole thing off. So anyways, that my first experience getting my nipples sucked on by another female…and it was in front of tens of people and a totally hot bouncer. She gave me huge kisses when I left, and I went in every weekend for awhile to see her and get pulled onstage topless almost everytime.All for $20..All the girls knew me by name and rushed to shower me in kisses and bouts of dry humping. Love it

    Thnks to Sable

  18. #$%TrEnT#$%
  19. jay

    This club is full of under 21 year olds. It is an underage juice bar. They hustle you for ladies drinks and there is a hefty cover charge. There is a bar upstairs, but you cant drink where the ladies are. The dances are now 4 feet due to a new law for underage strip clubs.

  20. Eric

    This is a very nice club. There is two stages connected with a walk way, with two poles on each stage. The whole staff was very Professional. Recently they added liquor and a remodel. I was really impressed.

  21. Notahappycamper
  22. Cya
  23. Kitsune

    Very happy that the owners decided to reinvest by remodeling the place looks great keep up the good work and Bush will finally have something to worry about!!! BTW love AMY she is super beautiful!!! Some of those other girls have got to go though… This club reminds me a lot of Vegas not all the girls are 10’s lots of variety, but still lots of hotties.

  24. wisconsin guy

    I paid a visit to this club the first night I was in Anchorage. Not too bad of a club. They have younger decent looking girls here but the 2 stages they have here are pretty small and all hogged up by the obnoxious young kids and gangbanger wannabes that come here. As soon as I walked in here, had a dancer by the name of Bubbles come by me to talk and try to milk any private dances or drinks off of me. She would go around the whole club doing that to any guy that wasn’t occupied. The dancers Autumn and Aqua were my favorites. Good club but can only take in small doses.

  25. Stip Club Fan

    Kinda small and can get pretty crowded when all the kids show up, but you can get the best lap dances here.

  26. dogman

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