Pure Gold Showgirls



3000 Sunrise Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742


38.5943209, -121.2660898




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pure Gold Showgirls

  1. joseph1k

    Can you say C squad? Cuz that’s what you should expect from this place.Holy F these chicks were …. in kinder words… quite homely.I liked that they were all tatted up, but the place was half full and I was the only one up there with my girl and my friend paying for the dances. Poor girls.Unprofessional. Girls talk to each other while dancing. A chick had a bandaid on her thigh. Nothing like seeing a booty and then a bandaid hanging off it LMFAO!!! Anyone want to ride the cellulite express train? Plenty of that going around as wellAnd some were just dumb. Chick goes you have glitter all over your face. Yes hun, I’ve had my face in glittery knockers. Well you wont have your face in mine. Oh gee golly, really? That’s just too bad. Oh well.I give one star to this place for the chick with the gooch piercing. That shizz was OFF THE HOOK! Not as aggresive as centerfolds girls. Not as good-looking either.

  2. ted rogers

    Those 2 girls Lucky and Summer r absolutely hot!!!!!!

  3. Weedman420

    This is one of two of the best strip club in Sacramento. Pure Gold is a low stress strip club that welcomes you in as you are and promises you a good time.

  4. Wilbert A.

    The cover its 16 now , very friendly and beautifully girls, but the web page show you Another kind of girls most of the girls doesn’t work any more there.if u wanna have a good time ask 4 rubì shes so nice.

  5. centralvalleystripclubpatron

    Pure Gold is great. Here is what I like. It costs 5 dollars to get in before 6(drinks included). Plenty of girls. 2 for 20 deals, and 2 for 35 which was AWSOME. As we all know, sometimes you see and get more for stage than dance. This is not the case here! The only flaw is that it is lacking 8,9,10 like centerfolds. There are a few diamonds in the rough though. GIRLS WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY

  6. TJ

    This is a great club. The majority of girls are pretty enough but I only go in there to see Olivia.

  7. mike

    Ive been here before and had anice time, girls were attractive, freindly. This time I was approached by a big blonde girl, very sexy. rubbed all over me for a vip dance. Got one from her, and what a rip, got more on the floor then in vip. LIke anywhere, there good and bad, this was a bad experiance with her. Good money value if I had a better girl.

  8. n/a
  9. XhXeXy

    A girlfriend and I went early on a Tuesday evening. The cover was $15 each. The front cashier was really friendly, but the club looked seedy. At this point I wasn’t sure what we had got ourselves into. We made our way down a small corridor that passed the private rooms and entered the main lobby. There wasn’t too much happening but then again it was only 7pm. They don’t serve alcohol but have an all you can drink self serve soda machine. The lady and I helped ourselves to some refreshments and then took up a booth on the side so we could observe both stages. Surprisingly, the talent was quite attractive. Of course there were some lesser quality girls, but overall I was quite impressed. Several of the dances seemed routine and the girls looked zoned out but the DJ was pretty bad and there were several moments when there was dead silence after a song ended. The girls tried to make light of the situation by talking to each other from different stages. I think a better DJ might have kept the tempo of the club a little higher and created a better atmosphere.

  10. adamrod

    The first time I went it was a terrible experience went again for some reason and it was a lot better, prettier girls friendly different staff. So I’m updating from 1 star to

  11. JB/SBIX

    This isn’t Las Vegas or SF… but Pure Gold is the hidden gem of the Sacramento strip club scene. They have attractive dancers and the pricing structure provides a good value. $5 cover ($15 with unlimited drinks) is a much better deal than the other clubs and the dances are more affordable and are not cut really short like they are at other Sac clubs. 3 songs (full 10 min) in the private VIP booth is $55 at pure gold but will run you $100+ (with the songs cut very short) at Centerfolds or Deja Vu. The staff seemed pretty cool and laid back as opposed to the wannabe MMA meatheads working at some of the other clubs in town. For me, PG is the best overall SC experience in Sac.

  12. igor34

    i call this the burger king of strip clubs. they work with what they got but what ticked me off is the strippers here. rude, lazy, pushy. and then the non private booths made it feel like an orgy going on. they DO have a nice sex shop which is why they get 2 stars. managers need to update their club. it would make a big difference

  13. ryan123

    yeah, the girls aren’t as hot as at other clubs in the area, not the cleanest place either. but it is cheap, and you can just go in and sit in a corner and watch. it is cool for that.the girls are o.k. you just have to go on the right night. and Hey, it’s cheap! dont expect too much. the location could stand to be a little less obvious too.

  14. Garan and Ron

    Lucky is by far the best girl in that place if not the best we have ever seen!

  15. stripclubpro

    stopped in for the first time, book and video store great. The club? Nice looking. Girls? One was hot named Haley, great bod, pretty face. Two others were pretty, but too many rolls for my taste. The rest looked trashy and fugly. Way hotter girls and I mean Hotter at Centerfolds, Body Shop and City Limits. Don’t waste your money here, unless of course you like fat chicks with saggy tits and stretch marks.

  16. Travis B.
  17. Joshua F.

    This is one of the worst strip clubs ever. The girls are UGLY, the cover is 16 per person to see MUD DUCKS, the dj is desperately trying to get people to go to the stage for the girls but NO ONE does and this was on a FRIDAY night. Steer clear of this dump, it is absolutely horrible.

  18. richard95

    Girls were good looking, atmosphere was decent, location was awkward but then again many strip clubs do not have a great spot in the areas they are in. The things I did not like was that their staff was rude, their waitress was not attentive at all! Then the girls were only friendly when I HAD to go up to them and ask for a lap dance. Made me and my girlfriend feel uncomfortable as if female customers are not welcome.

  19. Tony

    I really liked this place. A little something for everyone. The dancers were friendly and talked to me. Seemed like a cool place just to hang out. Plus, it didn’t seem out of control like some other places and security wasn’t beating up people in the parking lot. The store they have is even better, it’s HUGE!

  20. StripClub431

    This is the kind of place you go if you don’t care about cleanliness. That may sound bad, but there’s a certain charm in sticky booth seats and sub-par strippers. It’s actually probably my favorite place in Sacramento because of that. No one gives a fuck about anything, so it’s a pretty low stress environment as a result. The girls are probably the most down to earth (however on drugs they may be), so it’s easy to chat them up without feeling like you’re bothering them by not spending enough (or any) money.

  21. G and R

    Man Lucky was fantastic!!

  22. Rob

    Ive droped many bills in this place and it was worth it. Many of the girls are hot and work much cheaper than other clubs – a few not so great but then dont get any dances from them…


  23. Allison B.

    In a past life, much of my time revolved around watching naked ladies swing around on poles. An excellent hobby for a single, straight man…not so much for a virtually married, straight woman.Anyhow, Donny just haaaaaapenned to be in the area and opted to pop in on the strip club and more importantly, the adult video store attached to it. So, we are cruising around down the aisles and giggling like teenagers. Just then, I over hear a conversation. Not just any conversation. THEE most magical, hysterical, epic conversation in the history of forever. An older guy who claims to have never been in an adult bookstore before and needs to buy toys for his girlfriend. And not just any toy, a strap-on. Then, he proceeds to go into grave detail as to the utensils that are to be latched on to said strap-on. It was at that point, I lost all control of the laughter I had been holding back. We waited behind a shelf until the guy had finished his transaction to finalize out (ahem) purchases.The store itself has a nice selection of all things dirty. The only thing I wish was available there, is to have a female also working behind the counter. Something about having a dude ring up my pleasure purchase kinda rubs me in a not so pleasurable way.

  24. Gonzo
  25. Jack

    I do not understand the poor ratings that some give this club. All types of natural women who are extremely friendly. Young T&A in you face for next to nothing. What’s to complain about. Malice was definately great.

  26. Joanne L.

    We went here for a birthday. The facilities can be a lot cleaner…the stage is a little crowded and the booths were worn and torn.The drinks are crappy and the overall experience was not great but hey at least cover was a little cheaper than centerfolds. Also bring CHANGE, I mean lots of $1 because if you bring $20 to pay for cover, they give you back change in TOKENS so if you don’t use up all your tokens then u are stuck with them.

  27. kevin


  28. gspring51
  29. maxxy1

    Came here for the first time with my high school buddies pre-Thanksgiving. Its a little weird going thru the shop to enter into the strip club, but once you get in, its your typical strip club. In terms of the basics, they had an $11 cover, its full on nude and you get unlimited sodas. As for the chicks, they varied, a few were really cute but the majority weren’t.

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