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5335 Seventy-Six Drive, Youngstown, OH 44515


41.1212579, -80.7644827




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club 76

  1. Aaron

    It’s not the girls, it’s the STAFF. The manager is the most difficult person to deal with not to mention it takes forever to get your drink…..COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  2. Chung Poo

    All I can say is I went there and drinks were cheaper than any of the other clubs and they had twice as many girls. I had a great time. The bad comments must be from other club owners or misguided assholes.

  3. oh yes
  4. J Money

    You won’t find a better place around the area. The women here are more beautiful than anywhere else around. This place is also very reasonably priced. Food, drinks and dances are all really worth every cent you pay. Good food, good drinks, good service and, most importantly, GREAT GIRLS.

  5. dissappointed

    this place ain’t nothing but a hustle

  6. denny

    where have all the good looking dancers gone

  7. CG

    i love this bar, its my kind of place, just walkin through the front door puts a big smile on my face.

  8. den

    going downhill the good lookers are gone

  9. Smoovious

    most comfortable atmosphere of a club I’ve been to so far.

  10. Sammy

    Great Time

  11. unhappy customer

    WOW what has happened here? The dancers do not dance topless anymore. Can’t very well call yourself a strip club huh?

  12. Mistercap12

    This place has a coyote ugly kind of feel to it. In the since that there is no stage, just the bar. Girls on the bar dancing. None of the girls had any talent. And half of them weren’t attractive in my opinion. Only club I’ve ever been to that had plus sized dancers. Not my cup of tea. I gave this club four stars for these reasons: The drink prices were fair $4 The food was good And I personally loved the DJ classic 80 & 90’s rock.

  13. WOW

    will never go back to this club again.It was a nightmare.the girls walk on top of the bar.not entertaining at all. The ones working were cunts. and i dont use that word very often. Southern fake tits, short girl brownish blond hair, turns out to be very racist and offered me, for 50$, to play with her “new” boobs. I could smell on her that she uses that pussy deodorant. really? If your vag smells bad enough to use it dont be a stripper!

  14. JP

    This has become a regular stop for me. I’ve been to a lot of different strip clubs, and this one always has a lot of girls, even on Mondays. Not every single one is “porn star hot”, but there are a couple of really good looking dancers and everyone’s pretty friendly.

  15. master
  16. 5strings

    I love this place!!

  17. speedo712
  18. dead guy

    stopped in for the first time on a tuesday night. was surprised. i figured the place would be a total dump but it was nicer then i expected the girls dance on the bar and you get a little preview for any private dances you might get. they have lap dances i think for $25. i went with the 3 songs for $40 in nude dance with Jessie and one with another girl whos name escapes me. Jessie was a lot of fun and very friendly overall,in conversation and in her dance. the other girl was flitatious but not as much fun. was surpised to see all the bad comments about the girls, for a tuesday night i was surpised at the high quality. what do guys expect in youngstown anyway? nude dances were rather tame, limited contact but in a private room without doors. the lap dance are done in an elevated area near the bar.

  19. steve

    i enjoyed going next door to the adult store and getting head from 2 guys

  20. TED


  21. Koma

    Definitely the best club in the area, without a doubt. Personally, I like the way the dancers do “tours” of the U-shaped bar. Really great girls. The chicken fingers are great. I totally recommend the food. Plus, I’m happy they have my Guinness, too. I’m happy to be a regular here. It’s a great way to end the week.

  22. Miklausen
  23. yanard12

    For strip clubs,save your $$. The owner was a total &;#!#, TA drivers save your $$!!!!!! Bunch of lieing 2 faced #4$!666 in there. Will I go back? Hell NO!!!!!! I wouldn’t even give them a 1/8 star

  24. TD

    not as good as it used 2 b


    The guy below me obviously doesn’t know what a strip club is. This place has no stage!!!

  26. winston12

    Price is good. Like stoping for a beer. The girls don’t dance great at all. It’s boring but you can just chill and have a beer.

  27. TIM


  28. yup


  29. Tommy

    In the Youngstown area this club is far above the rest. There new restaurant is terrific.

  30. John-E
  31. bll

    celulite city

  32. ????

    This club is very nasty and the girls are stuck up. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!! The Go Go is way better


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    MP Creations

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    Youngstown, Ohio 44509


    Monday-Saturday 11-8

    Sunday 12-5

  34. Bother

    Best in the area. Hotties.

  35. Zap

    Great Club

  36. Blak77

    just a cool club with hot girls.

  37. bud

    used to have better lookers, not now

  38. Big D

    Wouldn’t change a thing!

  39. Quiet Guy

    Not the fanciest but is a first class operation. Lots of beautiful girls. Bartenders are excellent and the bouncers make sure everyone stays in line. A good place to go and have some fun without going broke.

  40. bigvig
  41. Pooh Bear

    ok this club got to be one of the top 10 worse clubs I have been too. The cover is 5 bucks, & is a rip, the bartenders are idiots, you have to yell or slam on the bar to get their attention, the food sucks, & the dancers are from fake nasty tits to flat as boards., The girls are rude, stink, nasty teeth., There was ONLY one good thing I got from this club, I hooked up with Jewels (Veronica Williams) & she was fun in the VIP Dances, Finger Lickin

  42. donnie

    great club

  43. prefered the dive


  44. Fan

    Great club

  45. nick

    not much tallent here

  46. The Skinny

    David is right, it is a trucker bar and the VIP and shower shows do suck (unless you want to watch a girl shower while packed like sardines with tons of other guys…….GAY!) Regardless, Stay in the bar and have a few drinks and there are tons of girls who are pretty cute. #1 club in the Mahoning Valley.

  47. ZeroG

    One of the best clubs in the country.

  48. Je

    I was at this club on Saturday Sept 29th. Got a great lap dance from a girl but cant remember her name. She had straight black hair and wearing a black bikini. She had dark skin, kind of looked puerto rican but not sure. Anyone know who this girl is? Definitely want to go back and see her.

  49. David

    Dress it up all you want, it’s still a truck stop bar. No contact at all, makes for a boring couple songs in the V.I.P.

  50. Brittt

    Hell Yes!!

  51. J
  52. ken

    used to have lookers, not any lately

  53. RICK

    Fat girls retirement home

  54. dusty
  55. spike

    excellent club girls are very fun

  56. Doug

    This place is a truck stop topless bar. Go to West Virginia for real strip clubs

  57. shorty

    This club is bad all around i went in there on Thursday with some friends and had a bad experience from the moment i walked in the lady at the door was rude pretty much straight up bitch and then once we got inside there was no waitress the bartender told us we would have to wait and not a single dancer talked to us not even a hello. The so called “dancers” don’t even dance they just parade around on the bar. WONT BE BACK

  58. jb

    pasties and G-strings no topless or nude anymore

  59. Wanderer


  60. Teddy

    Great Place

  61. Grizz

    wasnt a bad place for a bar. the girls that were there were indeed very good looking. However the club is only topless not full nude. Privates are $20 a piece for topless with no real degree of private and keep your hands way to yourself. One nice thing is that u can smoke in the place, but it makes a better bar than a strip club.

  62. openmind

    The dancing on top of the bar thing is a new one to me, but

    hey, it’s something different. There is a good variety and a

    lot of girls, but it can get a little annoying with that

    many girls asking for a dance all at once. The private

    dances are still very good considering that they don’t get

    naked. It gets a solid B+ in my book.

  63. dan

    quality has deteriorated recently

  64. Club Hopper

    Oh yeah!

  65. c.c.

    I would by far say this was the best club I ever worked at including the owners,staff,dancers, and a really good crowd always.

  66. club pro


  67. 76 Fan

    The guy below must be blind and didn’t get a nude dance. Monday night is full of thin good looking girls and its a nude club because they have nude dances.

  68. ReVeNgE


  69. dot

    going to the dogs

  70. rob

    faties and oldies

  71. rockstar

    destiny is a hottie

  72. Lobo

    Best Club in Ohio

  73. pat

    couldn’t see the dancers for the smoke

  74. clarkcasual

    The girls weren’t the most beautiful that I’ve seen, but they made up for it with great attitudes.

  75. Joe
  76. Larry The Cable Guy

    Chung you hit the nail right on its head. Get er done.

  77. bob

    where have the lookers gone?

  78. Irish
  79. Always...

    have a great time here. It’s so much more relaxed than other clubs in the area. HOT GIRLS HERE!

  80. dick

    if you like fat chicks they got some

  81. duk

    used to have some lookers, but they are gone

  82. Chick

    I went out to a few different clubs and 76 had some nice girls, not all strung out like some of the other places, but whats up with this “no questions asked room?”

  83. collegegirl62981

    very nice loved it hailey & lexie were the cutiest hailey seemed really straight up will be back

  84. Botts1516

    Decent Club. Very clean with good drink prices. Girls are good and they do private topless and nude dances. Food is the best I ever had at a Strip Club.

  85. pete

    smokers welcome

  86. Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!


  87. jb

    dancers not worth the cover some also want a big tip before they will do a private dance that is not worth the price before the tip

  88. Jack
  89. dt

    wasn’t worth $5 cover


    This place is topless bikini bar. Girls are not full nude and there is no real stage. The food was better than the girls. Jay Jay’s Barbeque rocks!!! Monday must be an off night because there was nothing but plus sized women dancing on the bar.

  91. FYI OHIO...

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  92. kr

    all but 2 of the dancers were fat , the two were skinny and flat chested

  93. Good times

    I love this place. Every time I come over, I always have a great time. The food is awesome, the drink prices are reasonable and the girls are both real friendly and hot. It’s the only place around Youngstown worth going to.

  94. don

    went last night only 1 attractive dancer, several chubbies

  95. Lenny The Lover

    Great! Great! Great!

  96. married/jen

    loved hailey

  97. k

    If your in Austintown its better than the babylon or any other in the area. although i haven’t checked out the one across the freeway yet. Hmmmmmmm bye

  98. Jake

    the club is pretty good, i was there today and fell in love with a girl named jamie she is sooo beautiful and sweet and she is real, she doesnt play up like she isnt trying to get u to spend ur money, the best lookin girl u will ever find around here i guarentee

  99. Michael A.

    I had a awesome time here and tMost girls were really friendly. Not your typical strip club by any means but still ok

  100. Larry

    Good place to stop very friendly

  101. jimbo
  102. Deebo77
  103. Expert

    Not so bad. Girls dance on bar and shake their ass… Show their titties a

    bit. Painted nipples…. Bbump and grind dances off bar… Cheaper no

    contact dances out back. VIP full nude from what I was told… Pricey by

    the half hour. I’ll go back. 2 seconds from new racino…

  104. cwboy

    new policy – no nudity the good lookers have mostly left with the loss of business due to new rule

  105. John

    I’ve been to this club a number of times and always have had a good time. It’s not the fanciest place around but the staff is great. I went last night and got dances from Cloey, Clarissa and Skyler. All gave great dances and are beautiful. There’s lots of beautiful women at Club 76, treat them with the respect they deserve and I guarantee you’ll have a good time. The bartenders are always friendly and give great service. The shower shows are excelent. If you can’t have a good time at this club there must be something wrong with you, because the people here are great.

  106. mike

    half of the dancers are fat, others look ruff, lots of smoking still going on

  107. bo

    like it

  108. D

    Thanks, for a wonderful time.. Pleasure was all mine.

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