Nicks Cabaret



2210 East Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, OH 43229


40.0870814, -82.957854




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Nicks Cabaret

  1. awful
  2. Crowds.

    Something not heard of here in a while. What happened Dockside?! No girls until almost 6? Why open at 4?

  3. Love it

    This is the best club the C-bus has to offer

  4. RE Jim

    Let me get this right, your pissed cause that club have dance specials every half hour? I love it when I get somthing for free

  5. Special Ed

    Yet again I had a great time, long drive from Athens but well worth it….

  6. Little Devil

    Great place to have an escape from normal life, I’m treated like a king

  7. Club Escape

    $10 cover, the girls were ugly and mean, and they did not

    bother to take off their tops on stage. The dance special 3

    songs for $99, which is a rip off. Better off going to

    Kahoots, Sirens, Club X, or Columbus Gold than Escape.

  8. viagra

    came in on thursday, lots of girls not a lot of guys till later so I had all the honeys to myself, had a great time….my waitress was the best,


    My buddies and I come up there every spring for a reunion and we always take in a night at Dockside (coming up last weekend in March 2007!) In five years we have never been let down. Some folks complain about the security, but in this day and age I really don’t mind a metal detector and an attentive staff–keeps the rowdy crowd in check–and the bouncers are always polite. The bartenders are fantastic. The girls are quite hot and very talented. The dances are pricey (twice what we pay at Racers or Concepts a bit further south) and the music seems rushed for the “specials” when they bring the whole line-up out, but there is far more contact and the girls really know their art. You will be seduced if you go for a private dance. I think they would do better to offer the random 2 for 1 lap dances to generate more business, but that is just me–I would rather have that than a hat or a shirt. I am wondering about the champagne room–I almost booked one last year. Does anyone have any details?

  10. mike1967

    Visited Dockside dolls lastnight and had a nice time. The club was not busy but the quality of girls was very nice. Andy is one of the most attractive women that i’ve ever seen. I will be back. Has anyone been to Band night at dockside?

  11. Yeah Right

    Smells like shit (no joke), really dirty even for a strip club. Lost their liquor license and so it would seem their will to go on.

  12. what?

    this club ripped me off

  13. Adam

    Natural Beauties! Great Dancers! Great Environment! Who could ask for more!?!

  14. Cold Biker

    Me and my old lady had a great time, all the girls make my lady feel welcome,

  15. Big pimp

    Smooth place chill to hang out bring some money and make it rain.

  16. waste of time and money

    This club reopened as Club Escape and I tried a 2 for $25

    dance there and it was a waste of time and money. Bouncer

    stood in the room watching us the entire time. Talk about

    awkward buzz kill.

  17. party place

    Came here for the costume party, came back for a birthday party on friday night, rockin time loved it

  18. New Guy

    First time at the club, Great girls cool bartenders, I did not like the patdown at the front door but after thinking about it I guess in todays times it’s better to be safe then sorry. I will be back!!!

  19. Fun Guy

    Yeah The Girls are hot the drinks are cold and the music is load, always a party me and my buddies always have fun

  20. $$$ BigSpender$$$

    Great club I love it there!

  21. mike

    this club is terriable no girls and no beer

  22. Mojo

    This place is GHETTO now. You do not want to be here if do not like rap and are over 30.

  23. Stinger

    My name is Ray Stinger, I say that becuse the managment and bar staff, all asked my name and in turn told me theres, It felt nice to go to a place were everyone talked to me and made me feel like I was welcome……….Great place and I will be back.

  24. Professer peepaw

    Love the bartenders, The waitresses are hotter then most of the girls at any of the other clubs in town.

  25. JOE


  26. Happy Guy

    Full Bar!! so happy everything back to the good ‘ol days

  27. Average Joe

    Really gone down hill over the past few months. Very few dancers, even with full bar not worth my time. The party atmosphere is gone and I’d rather go to local watering hole and then rent a movie from the Den then come back here anymore. There really is nothing to keep me coming back, especially when there are so many other options.

    The overall vibe keeps people away. What happened?!?!!?

  28. james
  29. Just Billy

    The club is up and coming. The place is not snobish at all. Not a dump and the managers seem to treat the customers and the dancers good. Enjoy going in there. Once they start advertising I think it will fill up. In my opinion the dances are a little steep compared to the rest of Columbus. $300.00 rooms for half an hour are a little steep. But you have the option to go or not go. FYI Business Bill, the trashy girl from Detroit, is not from Detroit, shes a local girl and is a good kid.

  30. Lunch?

    I stopped in for lunch had a pretty good roast beef sandwich. And a great lap dance.

  31. Stan

    This is my second home, everyone is so nice and the girls are great.

  32. Dave

    I was gonna ask what happened to all the old girls, but after recalling my night in my dreams, The new girls put on a great show and were just as friendly. In with the new out with the old.

  33. Pole man

    Some of the best pole dancing I’v seen in my 41 years of going to nudie bars

  34. patronwithlime

    i recently visited dockside and was blown away by how many nice looking girls there were. Not only are the dancers beautiful, the bartender and waitresses are quite beautiful aswell. It was my first time visiting dockside and I had the best time. everyone was so nice. Anyone who has anything bad to say about this club is crazy. Looking for a great time? go to dockside.

  35. Army boy

    I came into town for my brothers birthday, And we had the best time. This place makes me want to go AWOL, If your there get a dance from Page, or Shay.

  36. Danny

    I go to every club to see the girls, but this one is my favorite, great people I just feel more comfortable here.

  37. Paddy

    This used to be a nice club; but don’t waste your time now.

  38. Capt. Hard-on

    Happy New Year to all my favorite girls.

  39. Paul Y

    Stopped in to kill some time, Got a few dances from “Storm” I had a great time nice girl, fun to talk to.

  40. Z-Rock

    Get the Champagne room Its worth it.

  41. Jim

    Either it was a bad night or it just sucks. I stopped on my way though town. Lots of cars in the parking lot, which I found out were mostly staff. Girls were friendly, but not very good looking and don’t put a lot of effort into dancing. Also, about every half hour they bring all the girls out at once for private dances and the stage dancing stops for about 10 minutes. I didn’t expect a whole lot out of a Columbus club, but I did expect it to be a little better.

  42. John

    Great Club just need more girls

  43. Philly the pimp

    Went to the pimp and hoes party..Had a great time everyone was dressed up the place had decorations and ballons. drank some pimp juice had a blast in the costume contest.

  44. J

    Club is ok- not spectacular, but not bad

  45. c.j.
  46. Stranger with candy

    Chill place to hang out and talk to some hot ladys. bring some cash the dances are worth every penny.

  47. Bill

    A lot of cocky attitudes. People are very snobby to only have a few handful of customers in the club. Not bad, but several better in Columbus.

  48. Ed

    I had the best dance I ever got in Ohio at this club Her name was Sean it was on friday night I think she said she works Thur Fri Sat I will be back next week

  49. Todd

    The women here are average looking at best and the $10 cover

    is not worth it. Better off going someplace else if you have

    to pay a $10 cover. I only came because I had a free

    admission pass.

  50. justin

    noy pleased

  51. Tim S

    I lost my phone in the club, everyone was great it took about a half hour to find it but the bouncers were great and helped me, the manger bought me a drink while everyone looked.

  52. Jimmy & Heather

    Best time I ever had at a strip club…. Me and my wife love your couples sundays

  53. Jay

    Went in there on a Sunday night a week ago- there was little dancing on stage, when there was dancing there was no stripping, there was far too much gansta music being played, there was exactly one girl on the floor sitting at a table. Complete waste of time and I won’t be back.

  54. Dan

    I go to every club. I have my favorite girls at each club, But by far this club Is Tops in columbus. Free food during the day and dance specials all night long. This is the place to be.

  55. day time Bobby

    I had no idea this place was even open during the day. I had a great time not to many guys plenty of girls lower drink prices and free food!!

  56. Rob

    Owner should really think about naming this place (Plush 2) terrible!

  57. lalala

    i love this club it is the best in ohio

  58. Erection

    To many girls to choose from there was like 6 girls on stage and 15 others walking around

  59. Bobby D

    I work at another club but when I’m off I come here, If you ever need a new DJ let me know

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  61. Danny boy

    Getting better everyday. everytime I go to Dockside, I have a great time, each time better then the last.

  62. JAM

    Highlight is the bathroom attendant. Waitresses overdo the drink hussle.

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