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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Diamond Cabaret

  1. Franklyn

    I visited over the weekend. The talent was top notch for Denver…..much much better than Shotguns. The VIP room (Membership required) was posh and very comfortable A much better experience than I remember a few years ago..

  2. Ronny

    This place used to rock. Now it just sucks, some of the girls are still great but for the most part it’s just lame. Used to be have guys with cash and class, now it full of 21 yr old posers with spinners on their cars.

  3. mellany c.

    Nicest strip club in denver. I went on a sunday, which was trhe perfect night to go it wasn’t uncomfortably busy and everyone seemed really laid back. The girls were all really fun and there were quite a few I thought were banging! The bartender is super friendly and made delicious drinks! I got a full nude lapdance from a tall sexy blonde.. She made me feel really comfortable and did some bad ass tricks! I d definately come back next sunday!

  4. fuckery12

    This stripclub was a major disappointment. I hope that wasn’t their starting five, they put out there on Sunday. The girls looked terrible. I can pull 5 random girls off my block, that look better than those girls. Everyone hyped this club up so much, that I had to go see it. Some even told me, it was the best ever. Those are some strong words. When you say the best ever, I expect to see some Jennifer Lopez ASSES in there, not Spice Girls look alikes. The strippers weren’t social at all in this place, either. Everyone was stuck up, for the most part.

  5. McGillacuddy


  6. Strip Club Junkie
  7. D M.

    Love it. Sadly there isn’t a pole for their many talented and sexy dancers but… It is, in my opinion, the best topless cabaret in Denver. Very comfortable and classy. I give them a 4 since their prices are a bit high.

  8. !!!!!!!!

    Great place except for coked up waitstaff. love buffet. What happened to the 2for1s

  9. Nick
  10. Scott T.

    Let’s preface this review by saying that this was supposed to be a night of excess. I was at a fashion show in a hot suit, with the company of beautiful people, cruising in a limo. So far from my normal M.O. as to be in different zip codes. After the show, we had to evacuate the club due to an extreme emergency outage (they were out of fun! How could I stay?) and at the suggestion of my fab company, we went next door to the Diamond Cabaret. I am not a strip club kinda guy. They generally irritate the sh*t out of me. The few times I have gone, I feel sorry for the women, and I end up laughing at the pitiful men (not cool!). Besides, why window shop a bakery you can never eat? (pardon the saying, it belonged to the Master Baker who trained me as an apprentice) I had none of these feelings at the Diamond. It was just that, a Diamond. A little bit posh, maybe well-polished, or almost elegant could be adjectives I would use to describe how it felt inside. Still like a strip club, don’t get me wrong, it didn’t just turn into a cafe along the Champs-Elysees, or something, just a lot nicer than I might have expected. Everyone had a great time! I liked watching all the beautiful women, who really seemed to enjoy their jobs, fluffing the ladies in my group. Amusing! The drinks were much better than the club we were at previously, (see any horrible WISH review of your choice) albeit expensive, but on par for what you’d expect in an establishment of this caliber. I have heard that they have a good steak here. I don’t know when I’d be back to try one, but if the opportunity should present itself, I’d probably try it. One of the more memorable stops, in a night full of newly made favorite memories ever!S

  11. Dude

    I ordered 2 drinks and food – never came. I had to go to the bar for service. There is a strong lesbian thing going with the dancers. They seem to pride themselves in ignoring the guys. Way too cold.

  12. XhXeXy

    I went on a weekday night, and it was kind of quiet as expected. The place is spacious, and classy however. There are 3 little stages where the dancers dance. I don’t believe they get fully nude, and there is alcohol served at the bar.There were definitely some hot dancers and I got a dance from one in the VIP room. I believe all dances are in the VIP room and most girls charge about 30-40 bucks per song if you want a lap dance. The dancer I got was a brunette from Texas, and was smoking hot, and friendly. She made me quite happy in the back room too, so I don’t know if she was just good at making me feel special, or if I really was!At least 4 stars for that though!

  13. charles

    management is clueless but the women are smoking hot and most are great to have conversations with and just hang out with.

  14. marlonmoney12

    well I will start by saying I worked the event….. it was the Victorian fetish Ball by Kevin Larson it was probably one of the best parties I’ve ever been to. Everybody was dressed in a costume I haven’t been to a party like that since I went to Vegas

  15. Phillip

    Wow. All I can say is this place is NOTHING like it was! Everything has gone so far down it is scary! In the old days it was all about taking care of the customer. Now its all about fleecing the customer and wonder why those of us who have money don’t come back!

  16. DexterRexter

    I love this place. It’s classy, the food is phenomenal and the staff is soooo sweet! Both men and women! Come here for a great time!

  17. JC C.

    How is it that at least half of the reviews here are from women? LOL!I was taken there for my birthday by my hubby and my dear gay neighbors last night and was really looking forward to caressing some soft skin and smelling long locks of clean Pantene’d hair in my face. I got some of that, but overall, the place was really kind of disappointing. Some very pretty girls, but why are they half the time not on stage and when they are they are, why do they appear to be either disengaged or too busy swooping up their proceeds? I sat there, a cute blonde with a stack of cash and got hardly any love or attention. Waaaaaah! I did however “catch the eye” of the most talented gal in the room who was way superior to every chic there. She rocked the set with a hulu-hoop like I have never seen, and was truly animated and fun. She acknowleged me, said loverly things and swished her pretty ta-tas in my face with a cute giggle. Should have given her my whole stack right then and told the other girls to take a hike. Wait, I wouldn’t have had to tell the others that. They weren’t paying attention in the first place. I’ll admit I was confused as to the whole process. I thought I had arranged a lap dance to take place in the main club not in a private room, but that’s what I got as a pretty brunette started leading me away down a long hall. Oops. Too late. Guess I’m headed to a closet somewhere. In Tampa, all the girls regularly give lap dances right there in the main area. They ask “want a dance?” You say “Yes, please.” And then they do their thing and you pay them. Of course the whole champagne room is an option too, but part of the fun for me is the whole voyeur thing with people all around and surrounded by loud good club music. Oh well, I guess I didn’t understand how it is done here in CO. No women were coming up to anyone, at least not to me. Maybe they really just want to focus on the men. Anyway, my lap dance was not great. Don’t get me wrong, she was a very lovely gal with a gorgeous body and all natural which is a must for me, but she just didn’t have any great moves, her personality was flat and, I hate to say it but her legs were stubbly. Guess she didn’t have time to fit in an appointment with Mr Gillette before her shift. All in all not greatly impressed with my experience, but I will say this: the evening was a great primer for hubby and I to very much enjoy our time together upon our return home. 🙂

  18. danielson

    Wow this place. Me and my wife go here every year for our anniversary. I have been to plenty of other strip clubs in Colorado. But all the other ones let me down. The strippers don’t know what they’re doing or the service sucks but Diamond never lets us down. This last time we went the stripper Lisa was incredible personal and fun. She was very respectful of my relationship give me my wife most of the attention as you should. But not only that all the girlsare like that. The ask my wife if it if it’s ok to give me attention. If you go here and you want to spend money and have fun and treat girls with respect the girls will take care of you. This is a classy place so treat it that way. These girls interact with you their personal they laugh with you they will really make it a special time with that said the staff is fast and friendly they interact with you too I always had a drink in my hand this place is top-notch five star 2 thumbs

  19. eddyL

    First time at a strip club. The girls are very nice. Heather the waitress sat down with me and made me feel really welcomed.

  20. joseph1k

    Visit: 02/26/2016So the only thing that keeps this club from being in our top five, maybe even top three is that they allow smoking. Other than that, The Diamond Cabaret was pretty much perfect!We will start with the location; it’s located right downtown within a five minute walk of the 16th Street Mall. So it’s easy to grab dinner and drinks on 16th street and then walk or stumble over to the club. We went on a Friday night and it was $15 to get in; not bad at all.The club has a nice open space type of look. There are four stages, but none of the stages have poles. The dancers are topless because the club has not one, but two full bars and they dance to three songs and then switch out completely. But you do get at least two dancers on one of the four stages at once and a couple of them knew how to dance well together….so they got cash cannoned. There were also ladies around who gave massages; they weren’t dancers, all they did was give massages and give massages only. But a lot of the dancers were very flexible with strong cores; some may not have been the most attractive or the best dancers, but we will most certainly say that they all knew how to work the stage to their advantage.There are multiple pillars throughout the club and in each pillar is a TV which is nice if you are there to watch a game. There were also TVs at the bars as well.From what we could tell, there were three roped off VIP areas, which we considered since it was one of the only ways to get away from the smoke. Another way, was the Coy Steakhouse next door. Yes, there is an actually steakhouse that is attached to the club. A lot of clubs have food which you can order and it tends to consist of appetizers and pizza. But this club, has a full steakhouse next door and not only do they have great food for you to dine on before, during, or after your experience at the club…they will even send girls over to the steakhouse to sit with you if you’d like. Other than Houston and Vegas, we have never seen a club offer something like this and it truly is amazing. We will most certainly be eating here next time while we chat with a half naked companion.Great music. Great environment minus the smoke. Good dancers. Great location. Plus great food. We will most certainly be making another visit this summer.

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  22. D

    had fun… prime rib buffet was great!

  23. Ex-Ent.

    I wish Jerry and Bobby’s family still owned it!

  24. mathewater12

    I just don’t like strip clubs, I realized that after coming here. Every one is gross and mean, especially the men who come here. Everything is expensive and I just can’t handle the dancing for a dollar idea.

  25. james1412

    OverratedToday, I arrived a bit early to this club and I was able to see the girls on the first floor. I would say the quality of girls goes from 2-to 7 with the average being a 5 and having a rare 8. Don’t get hyped for all the fools saying, “The girls are really hot” or “Everything else might not be awesome but the girls surely are.” I would say the contrary, the staff was chill but the girl quality was subpar. What brings it down is that there too many MILFs and the girls tend to be older I would say around 27 up and then the MILFs are deep into their 30’s. Some unfortunately have fake tits which just look bad on them. A HUGE drawbacks is how interested in money the girls are.Note this doesn’t happen in all strip clubs, I’ve been to others where the girls are chiller and they expect to get paid but focus on doing a good job. For instance, at the tables one girl was giving all her attention to two couples who were throwing away their monthly salary on her. These fools have probably never been to a strip club and found it “edgy” to do this. The saddest part is that the girl would look at them with disgust and only allow them to put the money on her tights and not touch her butt. The couples were overweight and the two women in the couples would look at each other and nod, “yeah we are so edgy.” While throwing tons of money to the stripper. I did not feel like tipping the strippers at all and got the same action for free, a girl sat on my lap and start rubbing herself on me and then I slapped her ass. I knew the gems of the club must be hidden upstairs. So after killing time until 11pm, I headed up. My instinct was right, thanks to my years of experience in going to stripclubs, brothels..etc, I found two really cute girls: young and with tight bodies. I was really into the white girl with the school uniform, but ended up taking the hispanic chick since the school girl was really into a fat dude. I ended up getting an awkward/sloppy lap dance (for various reasons.) If you are going to come here come deep in the night. At around 2am would be a good time. I would simply head to the second floor. Don’t forget to bring cash since their ATM machine charges a lot of money. I plan on going at least two more times to confirm my findings and see if its worth it being a regular on this club or just drop it.

  26. John

    If they are not busy say after 1 PM on a weekday, the most friendly girls you will ever find!

  27. Larry
  28. harryharry

    Extremely high-quality establishment.The club’s design is very tasteful, clearly going for an upmarket crowd as much as possible. There is an attendant in the bathroom to hand you a towel when you wash your hands – it does not feel out of place (please do tip the gentleman). The main room is very large, multiple large stages scattered throughout the room, very comfortable seats. There is an attached restaurant in a room separate from the main club, rather expensive, they’re trying to make it be a businessman’s steakhouse type of place. There is a stage in there so you’ll have a dancer doing her thing while you eat. The service in the restaurant is excellent, very deferential and professional, just like in “normal” high-end restaurants. If you order the Caesar salad the waiter will make it for you at your table, very nice.There was a large number of ladies working the night that I went. And they were all stunners. Beautiful, every one, and most of them were very good dancers as well.The pressure to buy lap dances is moderately high here – some girls are extremely persistent, and they’ll invite themselves to sit down with you unless you make it clear that you’d rather they didn’t. This makes it harder for you to get up and get a lap dance with the girl of your choice once you’ve decided. However, there are more than a few gems here. Stick around, have a few drinks, you will have a good night.As a California boy I wish they would ban smoking in bars here…

  29. Tom
  30. Johnnyboy123

    The usual strip club experience. Expensive drinks, and a cocky attitude from the bouncers. The staff was anything but friendly, I didn’t feel the customer service and attention I usually get when I spend money at a club. The bartender was the only one who was polite after I ordered a 8 dollar whiskey and coke and tipped him 5 bucks. On this occasion group of friends and I went in on a weekday night expecting less crowds and a mellower experience, and we had a military friend home on leave, so we wanted to give him a good night.Instead of a good night, for the 4 hours we were there, we had 4, I repeat 4, dancers who were nasty, condescending and rude. I’m typically really generous and friendly to the girls, but seriously? I’m used to one uppity, unfriendly dancer a night, but 4? Really? I get that some (possibly all) aren’t permanent employees, but this was stupid. the dancers really don’t do anything but walk around in circles picking up their dollar bills, none of that interaction that usually gets me to tip big. Same goes for cocktail service which was slow and overpriced(as expected). I wasted more money there then I care to think about. I will be staying at Shotguns where the employees actually appreciate that I’m spending lots of money.AND! The next morning I woke up to find that the doorman charged a 5 dollar tip on top of my admission fee, when I had already thrown a dollar in his tip jar. Never coming back here.

  31. nickstrip

    Friday night of GABF weekend and this place is busy, but I’m not sure why. Drinks expensive (as expected), limited seating, and poor to slow service. A few attractive women, but mostly appeared to be the B team at best. Plus the place seemed to be a little grungy. I’d save any money and just enjoy some good beer at a brewery next time.

  32. tj
  33. Stewart L.

    Definitely one of the better gentleman’s club in Colorado, all different shapes and sizes 🙂 The Lady’s have wonderful personalities to go with their looks if you’re looking to kick back with a cigar another plus for this place The staff is always cordial and very professional I thoroughly enjoy this place every time I go

  34. fritter17

    I have to say I lost my wallet n it was found!! Otherwise I would have been strand in Denver! The bouncer were super nice and concern I lost my wallet. Denver has my heart!!

  35. Michael, Aurora CO

    I loved it, the girls are hot and I didn’t want to leave!

  36. ECPunk

    I could not spend my money in this club. It wasn’t for a lack of trying either. It seemed impossible to get a private dance unless you were sitting by yourself away from one of the stages. I tried dropping a lot of money on some girls and they would not come by after their dance to offer a lap dance. I normally spend 500+ in a night and it was all that I could do to spend $30!!!

    The staff was very nice though. I would have to say that other than the staff (non-dancers) being extremely nice and that most of the girls were attractive, that I really could not say anything good about this club. I will not go back,and it sucks because this club really has some potential.

  37. Vince D.

    Not a big fan of either the strip club culture or the pretension of the rich and beautiful whose goal for the night is to be seen being rich and beautiful. You’ll get a healthy dose of both at the Diamond Cabaret, which is classy enough to draw Denver’s elite, yet still just your boring run-of-the-mill strip club.That said, for those into the strip club culture, or looking to flash some expensive threads and throw big bills around, this is a great place to be. They have some of the most beautiful strippers in Denver, and I’ve heard it can get quite rowdy. I’ve only been there once, and it really wasn’t anything special in my opinion. Bottom line: If you like strip clubs and have a lot of cash, go here. If you don’t have a lot of cash, you might want to try elsewhere.

  38. bill

    quality of girls is pathetic.private dances have no value for customers the voyers they call managers and bouncers should pay customers to do private dances cover is a ripoff there is no service there are no customers to spend money always count your change

  39. Shane

    I’ve been to this club, The Gun, Penthouse, PT’s, and La Boheme all w/in the last 6 mos. Although each has it’s benefits (except for maybe PT’s), this is by far the best place in Denver. Shotgun’s girls aren’t as cute and it’s wicked busy on the weekends. La Boheme is small and cramped. Penthouse seems nice, but doesn’t have the “feel” that the girls give this club. Plus, the girls seem down to earth & willing to hang out…

  40. Hugh

    I have been to this club twice during off hours and was not

    to impressed. But after a Friday night I have changed my mind. The girls on during prime time are smokin! Other times they have some that aren’t so apealing. I have always found the staff to be extremly curitous. I will be

    back for sure. This club and La Boheme are both much better than the Penthouse.

  41. StripClub431

    I wish I could give this place less than one star but I can’t so that is period. Oh speaking of periods, I now have to throw away my favorite white pants thanks to the stripper on her period.

  42. fisherdex1

    Came with friends and had a decent time until my $z1500 leather jacket got stolen and no manager or anyone did anything about it. Pretty upset. Ladies– beware and watch out for your things or they will get stolen.

  43. yanard12

    2 thumbs down! If you like women who practically BEG YOU FOR MONEY & LOOK LIKE THEY are on CRACK . This is the place for you! The dancers spend their time telling you their financial problems (that sound like lies), and constantly hint about how much they need money. Then after making up their sob stories & trying to get you to drain your bank account on them…..They come out & get straight to the point. They offer to leave & have sex with you if the price is “right”. That was their words.Even offered to have sex with out a condom for an extra $100. Extremely not what we went there for. Went there to relax with friends & instead encountered a bunch of ugly street prostitutes who beg you to pay their bills for them.

  44. richard95

    Best steak/strip club I have ever been to. The meat on my plate was just as good as the meat on stage. We will return.

  45. Ex waitress...

    amen to that, people! Oh Jerry… why oh why did you sell this club? They’ve ruined the steakhouse, even. Now you can’t even see what’s in the club when you go in for dinner!

  46. Curtis W.

    Yay diamond has hot woman and you will have a good night and good time

  47. igor34

    As a female, I would not come here again. Only one real stage and like 5 seats around it so its a huge crowd of guys standing around with nowhere to sit. Not worth the $15 cover. Go to Shotgun Willys instead.

  48. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  49. XXXbeast

    Ok so the girls here were prettier than most other places. The girls here were all fit, but none of them had any booty. One of the girls actually took money out of my pile not meant for her which made me upset. The song ended I was looking sideways talking to my friend and I turned around and she just snatched that money knowing damn well that it was not for her. I also think it’s ridiculous you can’t leave and come back. I left my phone charging in my car and i couldnt get it because i would have to pay the 15$ cover again. Pts let’s you re enter which I’ll probably just keep going to.

  50. Weedman420

    I will never ever go to this place again. $10 to get in, $27 hookah last call at 1:45 and only one main stage. My friends and I arrived around 1:50 and saw 3 females dance on the tiny stage and they weren’t even really dancing. It was terrible. Then we were told to move because they had a reservation that needed our spots. So all of us (4 people) had to cram into a love seat. I wish I could give this place 0 stars.

  51. Greg

    Was in Denver 3 weeks ago . I decided to check out this club

    It seemed cool, until I picked an Asian girl for a lap dance.

    She took me upstairs, I told her that Is would go for one dance.

    The cost is $40 for ONE song. She danced for me and never

    Mentioned that the song was over, she finally said , you want

    To go for three? I said I only wanted

    one. She didn’t tell me that I was there for two

    Songs. So I called the manager,Be carefull here !

  52. felixnada

    I don’t even know how to really rate this place because I wasn’t given the opportunity to work. I’m a traveling dancer, I drove all the way from Austin Texas because I was feeling adventurous, and have family here. I called a week in advance, and asked what was required to work. The girl said full coverage bottoms, and 2 forms of ID, heels etc. I get there last night, and was told I need a dress of some sort. I walked two blocks down to an H&M, and picked up a tight fitted black dress. I come back, and audition. I really liked the stage (dancing on wood or tile floors is hard on the knees) whatever material y’all used on the stage I think is great. The customers seemed to like me because I got tipped, and complimented on stage. I finish my set, and speak with the manager, and was absolutely shocked at what he told me. He said “I’m gonna have to say no. You’re not that great looking in the face, and could use more make up”. I have never been told that before. I have worked in several clubs, and make money because I keep my make up very clean, and simple. My home club I’m known for having “the girl next door look”. I’d like to think I’m naturally good looking without any make up at all. Natural tan, good shape, long natural hair, minimal make up. He also said “I’ve been working in this industry for a while, and the lights wash out your face”. Have you ever thought about what the customers like ? And the stage is not how we make all out money. We have to walk up to customers, talk, private dance. Not everyone wants to sit with a girl who has caked on make up, and gets spray tan on your nice white button up. I was told to try the day shift… I guess I’ll give it a shot, and post a 2nd review. Or go try another club. I’m not trying to put my make up on with a butter knife honey.

  53. Johnson12

    Well this business is connected to the CY steakhouse. This was a continuation of the horrible date night with my boyfriend. We went in because it was part of the Groupon that said cabaret show. Well that was a lie it was girls on tables what they called stages taking their clothes off. They went around the table to each person siting there and gave a personal show. I really font like strip clubs stayed only for my boyfriend. My eyes were on fire from the smoking they allow. Never again!

  54. Ashish

    It sucks…If anyone has a doubt, can contact me at ashish.singhal007 at gmail . com

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