Billy Deans Showtime Cafe



1538 Newbridge Road, North Bellmore, NY 11710


40.6836466, -73.5406294




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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229 reviews for “Billy Deans Showtime Cafe

  1. joe I

    It’s just….not good. After paying a cover charge and getting hassled about checking my coat, I spent 20 minutes in there and walked out really confused. There’s nothing entertaining about the place and they somehow manage to stay in business opening only 18 hours per week? Any local bar is more entertaining and has more attractive women.

  2. Seymoure

    Was in town for business and stopped in, I was not impressed by either the looks of the entertainers or their personalities. I was treated very rudely when I politely declined a dance from several of your gals. When I did find a gal I wanted a dance from, it was an air-dance and not worth the money

  3. JayDED

    Umm, were did they find these chicks?

  4. DisApointment

    I’ve seen hotter girls at the morgue. This place was pathetic. The hottest bitch there was the owner Billy.

  5. wtf???

    Horrible place, girls beg for money. I’m sticking with the city clubs.

  6. Kaytel

    All I can say is ask for Anna.

  7. Bobby Kampton

    Best Long Island Strip Club.

  8. Josh

    My favorite Long Island Strip Club. Nice, attractive, young girls.

  9. hbh smith

    Kim the new shotgirl/dancer is a blowaway… i had 3 dances in a row. Could not get enough of her!

  10. Jacob00101

    Holly’s a HOTTIE!

  11. FU

    Don’t waste ur time on Anna she’s married

  12. DisA pointment

    WTF? This club has gone ghetto. Hire a few white girls.

  13. hal

    Most fn I have had in a long time in a strip club. Friendly, pretty girls, resonable prices

  14. ChingDawg
  15. Beta

    Went to the cafe for the first time last night. By far the most entertaining night I’ve had at any Long Island strip club. And I’m a guy who is a loyal fan of Blush, Carousel, etc… The qualit of the girls there was top notch, Anna gave an amazing lap dance. The waitresses were amazing. Overall a great night.

  16. barney stouts

    Awesome! 2 shouts out 2 latina ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. WTF

    This place is a waste of time. Ugly, grubby girls just out to get your cash. Don’t bother it’s better to go get a rectal exam. Less painful and they treat you better.

  18. White is RIGHT

    White girls are the only attractive ones. Who the hell would wanna see some dirty spics and black girls??? You are crazy dude.

  19. Nasty

    I used to like this club almost as much as Talk of the Town in Las Vegas. Now, it has gone so far downhill that there is no comparison. Every time I go to Vegas, I stop by Talk of the Town. It is still going strong after all these years. They have the best dancers and friendliest staff in all of Vegas. Talk is certainly one of the best clubs in America and veterans are always welcome.

  20. Joe
  21. Salvatore

    Anna’s a goddess. Great club too, but check out Anna.

  22. hacksaw001

    just got back from Long Island, went on business. I tried this place for the first time, it was classic, never went to a place like it before, was recommened by friends. Saw Oil Wrestling had a blast, then stayed after got dances with Rose and a blond girl, tall, muscular, do not know her name. Great time.

  23. JackWackR

    Sexy young thangs & nice mix of diff types of gals too! I love ’em brown girls so Star had me from, “Hello!” Shana got sum sexy moves on her too didn’t get a chance 2 dance with her but, Star gave me a GREAT dance!

  24. harry_11703

    Sounds like disgrunted employee posting here. Fabulous spot. Beautiful, English speaking YOUNG hotties with tight bodies. If over 30 year old strippers, with stretch marks and saggy breasts are what you seek, then this club is NOT for you. BTW ask for SAFIRE…WOW

  25. Nick B.

    Its a strip club. The other reviews are pretty accurate.

  26. Richie

    Best Long Island strip club. Oil wrestling every Friday and Saturday 11PM. It is really a fun time. $1 dances while the oil show is on.

  27. Ewwww

    This place has girls that no other club will take. The line up here is just the bottom of the barrel. I wish I could get the hour I wasted of my life back. To the last poster, the floor is sticky because of all the infected stripper pussy discharge, burn your shoes and soak your feet in bleach.

  28. matty bellmore

    #1 Long Island Strip Club. Best value, pretty girls. No grubby foreigners, all american college girls. A rare thing in this business. Check it out

  29. CL
  30. Charles Sansen

    Finest club. I travel from Vegas three times a year on business and always drop in to Showtime Cafe. I like new talent, the girls are sexy and have no attitudes. Because they are inexperienced a $20 tip is graciously accepted and appreciated.

  31. Rudy

    There’s only 1 Anna & she’s incredible…oh yea she’s got a hot accent too.

  32. Justin

    Place SUCKS! Not recommended!

  33. Regular

    Had an amazing champagne room with Anna last night. Can’t wait to see that blue eyed beauty again.

  34. Jon Wright

    The best. Sexy women, no dogs here.

  35. colorblindH20

    The Girls Rock at Billy Dean’s. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    HOLLY is a BABE

  36. Loyal Patron

    Sounds like a disgrunted patron…or someone that got thrown out, also has not been at the club in some time…Alyssa has been gone for months. I love this club and have been a regular for more than a year. The club has rules, I’d say that’s why it is so great.Can’t wait for the Monday night football parties and the $4 beers!

  37. Seth

    Go see Anna. She’s the hottest girl there and gives the best lap dance.

  38. Strip club junkie


  39. Andrew

    What’s the oil wrestling like? Every time I have been there I never see it.

  40. 10 +

    Have nothing bad to say about this joint. Hot girls, good prices, good music and best of all HOT girls.

  41. strippers4eva

    Liked club alot

  42. Re Harry

    This place is garbage, Harry you must obviously be blind, employed there, or one of the owners. My advice is save your money and stay away

  43. Seriously

    worst club on LI

  44. Not happy

    This place sucks so much it’s painful

  45. sammy Santiago

    Has strip club list has given up on the website? This club as well as several others have nothing but smam written all over the comment pages…I sent a note awhile back and they did not fix the issue. Its to bad, I used to like this site.

  46. North Bellmore Customer

    Maybe 15 American girls and 3 Russians work at Billy’s. I would say you are a racist. Did u happen 2 notice the 3 black chicks? U R okay with that? Black chicks over 19 year old Russians with super tight asses and SEXY faces?

  47. Gerald

    Amber is back. Have not been in for awhile. Does anyone know when Anna works? Met new Asian girl tonight Venus, NICE

  48. ugly girls
  49. Ur CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

    Anna or Holly whatever the hell ur name is. Just b/c you couldn’t do well here, does not mean you should talk down the club. This is by far the best strip club around. Don’t listen to the stupid talk. It’s all Anna pretending to be guys.

  50. vince

    This place might have turned me gay. Place sux and girls are pigs.

  51. dave69

    Anna is amazing. Nice butt and hypnotizing ice blue eyes. Definately get a lap dance from her.

  52. John Gables

    Just found this place. Good club, friendly pretty girls, nice bodies, good dances

  53. Shawn

    Symptom: Can’t get it up. Cure: Lap dance from Anna.

  54. maxxy1

    This used to be my favorite spot once I turned 18. However, I am thoroughly disappointed with the recent changes that have been made. I used to come here for the friendly dancers and great service, along with the $1 lap dance nights and birthday discounts. Unfortunately, they have raised the prices of lap dances from $20 to $30!!!!!!! I’m sorry but I’ve been to several strip clubs all around the world and have never heard of a $30 lap dance. Not to mention that these girls do not compare to the beautiful women you see in NYC/Miami/Vegas gentlemen’s clubs, or even other Long Island clubs. The staff has become increasingly unpleasant. This used to be a great place where my friends and I would spend thousands of dollars, not because the girls were so great, but because the prices were OK and the location worked well for us. I am offended at how they have treated their loyal customers. Recession or not, get real, the quality of the club and the dancers compared to the amount of money theyre charging for the cover, the drinks, and the dances do not match up!

  55. Barry Westerman

    As usual a great night out. 6 minute dances $20 and you do not get any less time. Unlike any other club, Check it out, ask for Pasha

  56. N_00789

    I would rate this club a 12 if I could, the best asses in New York

  57. Paul

    Look no further, get a lap dance from Anna, the best there is.

  58. ass_man

    it’s the bomb, the girls, the club and believe it or not the carpet. Have not stopped in for awhile everything is brand new. Added nifty cup holders on the stage, so you won’t spill your booze. Ask for Venus, cute little Asian with hot body. Also Carmen gave me a really good dance too.

  59. Nick00376

    I liked the different types of girls they had, they were young(I think they are mostly college coeds) which is a good thing to me because who likes seeing a stripper thats an old hag? All the chicks can carrying on a conversation in English, they are also, friendly and hot. A few of the more memorable ladies I remember are Danielle, Rose and, Candy-smokin! You also get to see tha ladies up close and personal, if u know what I mean, when they are on stage. Which makes tipping the dancers more fun and uhh, interactive…thats how i fell in love (OK maybe it was more like lust.but she is exotic, has sexy moves and bedroom eyes) with Shana – damn, what a GREAT lap dance that girl gives. Im going to get some of the guys together soon to go back. The only bad thing I can say is that the chicks aren’t topless and I like nipples but the nipple covers thingy’s they wear are cute and look kinda like whipped cream that needs licking off;p

  60. lovedastrippas

    insane no doubt the greatest shows go on here!!!!!

  61. harry l

    Excellent dance with Alyssa. $20 for 6 minutes was quite thedeal.

  62. mark davis

    I like this club. Clean place, friendly staff, gorgeous girls, and they DO NOT HOUND YOU FOR DANCES! Outstanding management. Probably has to do with the fact that the owners work the place themselves. Highly recommend! (check out Korina)

  63. Eric

    Check out Gina, great grind, beautiful ass.

  64. 00saturn

    Hot broads, great vibe. 6 minute dances are certainly worth the money. Ask for Tini, she is the shit

  65. frankie90

    Best Long Island Club around! Love the girls, college types, hot tight bodies and really sexy!

  66. Ralph763

    Ask for Anna. HOT

  67. captain america

    The place changed, too many russian whores, what happened?

  68. Sum I Candy

    Lots 2 look at!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Amazing1

    Anna is unfreakin believable, best lap dance ever.

  70. barry westmen

    No broken down Russians in this club. Beautiful, No attitude college girls. Billy Deans always gets my $$ when I go to a strip club

  71. stanford
  72. LP

    Diamond is back. LOL. Get a dance with Diamond…she is fine!!

  73. 06021BDG

    Best club on Long Island. Why go anywhere else?

  74. interesting

    Even the security guys hate this place. Place sucks.

  75. Lovin it

    Billy Deans is a great place to go. Highly recommended. Girls are genuine and very friendly. Can’t wait to go back!

  76. suck

    waste of money and time

  77. Jim

    Who cares about Anna, she stinks. Somebody should teach her how to shower and wear something aside cheap perfume. I can’t stand that girl. She is so annoying. I tell her i’m not interested and she is still persistant. What nights is she not there so I can go and have a good time for once?

  78. chuck
  79. George

    Avoid this place. Boring, grimy girls just grubbing your cash.

  80. Rob

    Horrible place. Don’t go. John must have gone to a differnt club or is half wasted when hes there. There are like 2 white girls here. The music is always the same. Some old stripper who thinks she’s still hot is always walking around. Anna’s fat and smells bad. Johns complaining about russians, anna’s a grubby pollack. Well at least the money you give her buys her poor husband a nice cold beer.

  81. Jeff

    Anna is better than Viagra! Saw Anna Saturday and I’m still hard.

  82. Harry Bevolin

    They should be open 8 nights a week!

  83. Charley


  84. ?

    This place sucks

  86. John

    Alyssa, great dancer both on stage and lap dance

  87. disgusted

    Place is filthy, there was vomit all over the bathroom and that was actually hotter than the girls they have there. Stay away from this shit hole club.

  88. Lou

    Gotta give Anna my vote. All the other girls are nice too, but Anna wins my one appendage up seal of approval.

  89. Jack

    I want to take Anna home. Awesome woman, awesome body, awesome lapdance. Just awesome. Be back soon.

  90. Jim_Albany_2010

    I had to wait on line to get into this club Xmas weekend when I was home from school. A strip club that I had a line? I heard so much about the place, it was so worth it. The ladies are beautiful, friendly and youthful. I will be back.

  91. Joseph

    Get a lapdance from Anna. Hands down the best I’ve ever had.

  92. rcdagan

    favorite long island strip club, love Rose.

  93. Colbys

    needs more younger girls, their lap dances are awesome however they need to be longer, they need better music more modern to attract a younger crowd. the girls here are nice they are attractive its not Las vegas or NYC status but they are cute. the service is nice the atmosphere is awesome. the pasties annoy me its just 1 inch of nonsense. robin and jasmine are the best. their weekly promotions are awesome. this is the First strip club i went to and will never be forgotten the first of many thats for sure hahaha vegas here i come baby!! five stars well deserved

  94. Alex Freeport

    Fine Ladies A+++

  95. unsatisfied customer

    overpriced lapdanes.. you have to pay for them to show you their nipples in a dance.. dances last 3 min for $30.. plus girls expect another $10 tip on top of that..waste of time and waste of paying 10$ per cover and drinks

  96. Jeffray

    Best Long Island Strip Club. Nice friendly ladies

  97. Charlie

    Anna is the best girl there, check her out. Sorry 6969, I don’t like asians only their food.

  98. Steve

    I agree. I think I only saw one black girl there. Mostly white and asian girls that are hot, hot, hot!!! The music is ghetto though. I hate rap and hip hop, it’s all they play. The girls make it worth it though.

  99. Venom

    Anna made the fact the air was broken worth staying. I would go back to see her if the place was on fire.

  100. Jay

    Yeah bro you are right. Amazing girls here. Had Roxy last night too. She was great. Fell in love with Jenna though. Has the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen. That girl really knows how to give a lap dance.

  101. Rich

    Keep on shakin’ it Anna and I’ll keep cummin back.

  102. Jon

    Place is a shithole

  103. Neil

    This place and the girls are garbage.

  104. Wayne

    Oh my god, Anna is awesome


    Can’t say enough good things. Stop in & C 4 yourself. One girl better than the next. I went to the ATM 3x’s!

  106. Clubfan

    Anna is my new wet dream.

  107. bob tate

    My Favorite Club!

  108. LI Lapdance

    Excellent Club. Great girls and management. I have to rate 10+++

  109. BillyV

    Amber’s old news, I agree with Ralph..Anna is smoking hot!!!

  110. Billy

    Had a great time

  111. JP

    The video on the Billy Dean website is Vanessa, AKA Sexy Vessy. She works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  112. annonoymous
  113. Wrangler

    Horrible fucking club. I’d rather see my mother naked.

  114. John B.

    great club. hot, preety girls. spent my whole paycehk on Friday, it was worth it!

  115. CuRiOuS

    Wait so…since when has Anna been married??? If that’s true then there’s definately no OTC…

  116. Gary

    Had a lap dance from Anna last night, I can’t wait to go back

  117. hammerdad

    Long Island’s best club. Check it out

  118. Warren

    Go see Anna, you won’t be sorry!!!

  119. JIMbOW

    Not worth the entrance fee. I’d go again if there isn’t a cover but, otherwise it’s not worth it!!!

  120. Tony

    It was like being in Harlem. WTF??? Hire a white girl.

  121. seether

    call anna for after the club too 917-607-0029

  122. karl atkins


  123. Joey B

    Hot Oil Wrestling was great, the ladies are fine

  124. Joey G.

    My Favorite Long Island Club!

  125. Leo

    Go see Anna, there is no better lap dance anywhere.

  126. ememi

    Still rocks. my old stompin ground is still kicking it!

  127. Loyal Fan

    Still my fav club. Great management, girls , bartenders.

  128. BadAssStripMan

    A+++ Club. Local college girls, a plus for the Long Island Strip club scene. All the ladies speak English, that is a rarity now a days in the clubs. Will visit again soon

  129. brian

    long islands best strip club, billy deans showtime cafe

  130. Tom

    Fun place

  131. DJbAdA$$

    Young (some not even old enough 2 drink), Hot chicks!

  132. Huh

    Stay away, this place sux and the girls do tell you to tip them, especially Danielle. Not worth it.

  133. To Mike

    Are u on crack. This club sux and as far as Anna who cares she’s married anyway. It used to be good now its just ghetto trash

  134. JoyRide_a
  135. stuart

    new girl pasha is just incredible

  136. Big Rob

    Young, Hot and Sexy. What more could you want at a club!

  137. cchris from bellmore

    Hot babes, great ass on Tonianne, liked a girl last night preety blonge, long hair. She gave a great dance and it was 2 for one dances and drinks till 10PM.

  138. Damien

    Loved Anna, sweet girl with a great body and personality to match

  139. Taco Fart Rocks!

    a lot of the girls are underage and not allowed to drink, WTF? Everyone knows we want the girls to be, “happy” when we dance with them.



  141. skirt_chaser

    first time, nice mix of women. Youth and tight asses. I am not a huge stripclub fancier however impressed enough to post a comment. I went to a bachelor party last night at Showtime Cafe. Greatful to the organizer to pick a winning club. BTW your $ goes far, the club has a $1 dance routine (between 11PM and 12?) the evening was fun!

  142. Ragin Crank'R

    A hole in the wall with sum OK girls. The floors were so sticky I had to manually pull my legs up if I stood in one spot for too long. Please call Stanley Steamer!

  143. JackOfALLtRADES
  144. JDiggaZ
  145. XhXeXy

    Not a bad time… I will go back again soon.

  146. Jesse 04

    For those of you who are men looking to have a good time this is the club to go to….the management and the girls are amazing…for the girls that are looking for an opportunity to dance and have fun….this is the place you cant get any better…TRUST ME I TRIED—so what are u waiting for….Go to Billy Deans !!!!

  147. HD

    Long Island’s Best! Check out Diamond and Holly

  148. bill

    fun place

  149. Franco C.

    Second string almost topless club.Let’s face it, NYC has the best topless places – and Billy Dean’s is a mere blip out on the edge of the radar scope. The girls here are ok, just not the primo hotties you get at the NYC (and Suffolk County) places.Another negative is that it is pasties only in Nassau – booooring.The place is small – went there for a bachelor party. They have a private room downstairs and we had our own bar and food etc. The food was actually decent, but nothing more you would make at home- sausage and peppers, chicken with a brown sauce etc.The girls- pleasant enough – some were hard working, and unbelievably, some were LAZY and just sitting there. One chickie even had some sort of sweat gland issue -lol- she was sweating bullets while sitting there- probably speeding her brains out.We were there 3 hours and had a decent time- when we went back upstairs, the crowd was mostly young dudes getting fleeced.Decent, but not decent enough to go back.

  150. Anthony

    I agree with you Josh. Place sucks. Pissed me off. Two girls knocked over my beers Sat. night while trying to dance. I couldn’t believe the bartender wouldn’t replace it. Had a horrible time, never coming back.

  151. Kameron

    Xtradorinary beautiful young all american college girls. Me and my bros were lovin it last night. Ask for Roxy or Venus or Cherry…all great dances in the lap dance boots.

  152. Tim

    Great place

  153. StripClubJunkie

    Best Long Island Club. Hands Down. Safire, Safire, and I likes Shey.

  154. GinoRmous
  155. Brian Falcona

    I think the girls are really fine. Pascha is beautiful and gives the sexiest dances!

  156. Stephen

    Love this place! Best club in LI.

  157. guapo

    pretty good place to hang out and bring your singles to

  158. Bob

    It was ok. Just not hot enough for me.

  159. John_sir_John

    Sexy babes, met a cute girl named Holly got a great dance, loved it at this club, some fine women. Highly recommend

  160. jason aklin

    Liked the girls, hot, 8-9, got a dance with Dominique. Nice.

  161. JimJ0eNz

    Lap dances are a good value cause they’re long but, too bad the girls aren’t that cute, WTF?

  162. doug samuels

    Club Looks new, have not been in awhile, Beautiful girls. Got a dance with a new girl Skylar. Cute, said she was a cheerleader…and by god she did a split! Still a fun place to hangout.

  163. b
  164. Explosive1

    2 words…Anna Hot

    4 more… Anna lap dance great

  165. TJ

    Great club, I love Anna & Skylar. Hot girls, great lapdance from Anna. I don’t know what I can say about the idiot Josh, either he is blind or gay.

  166. felix

    I love you Anna.

  167. Todd

    Was there last night for the first time. Great club…especially Anna. Her lap dance was worth it. She should charge more.

  168. GarthVad_09

    Hole in the wall with OK chicks, nothing special.

  169. Havey J Jones

    Nice club, sexy girls, fun. Ask for Alysa smokin!

  170. John, N. Bellmore

    If u all hate the club so much, than why do you frequent it? Went Friday night and most of the girls were white, a few Spanish, 2 hot blondes,one hot Asian and super hot shotgirl, waitress and bartender and my favorite Anna. Who gives a fuck if she is married? She rides me like a wild woman and that’s all I care about. What LI club has all white strippers other than grubby Russians that speak no English?

  171. Mike Bellmore

    Long Islands Best. Friendly girls, always newbies. Met new Asian girl Venus… Anna is back, love Allysa too.

  172. Flash1

    Not sure what Charlie’s smoking, but the girl to ask for is Anna

  173. sal

    Anna is awesome, definatley ask for her

  174. once was a customer

    Billy is a drug addict and rory is a old hag her teeth look like lemonade. Desire has many stretch marks for such a young girl she also solicates men for sex. While alyssa rather screw anyone for a cokebag. The manager AD (the big guy) sells drugs to all the strippers that work there. Dont support these people they dont need money they need a rehab!

  175. appaman

    love the place. nice ladies

  176. AJ

    Place sux. Run don’t walk away from here.

  177. g man

    anna get nice bady….and i love the bar tender too =)

  178. straightshooter

    Great vibe, young attractive girls, excellent dances, professionally managed. Will be back soon. Love the white sox!

  179. HotRumps69

    Great Club. Safire has my vote for the best girl, hands down. I will admit there are a few close seconds, Amber, Holly and Anna are quite nice too…

  180. Ryan

    My favorite is Rose. Very sweet and seductive. I can’t wait to see her again.

  181. Mikey

    I havent been to this club in alooong time. Looking to go back, is Alyssa, Jenna or Nikki still there? Great grind on those lap dances!

  182. Strip Club Dude

    Just left Showtime, and there was not a single girl of color in the club. 2 Hispanics, 2 Asians, 4 or 5 white chicks and a really cute shotgirl. Had a fine dance with Roxy (brand new) and another with Chrissy. Canadian girl, don’t remember her name was awsome

  183. woody

    Go see Anna she IS the best. She’s hot and gives great lap moves.

  184. Kevin

    As I said in the other post, Anna and Safire make it worth every dollar spent. Be back soon.

  185. Reason

    I’ve seen better looking girls at a nursing home. To the last poster, the girls here are all the rejects from real clubs that won’t hire them.

  186. To Louis

    Anna is married. Just like a lot of the other girls there. You’re an idiot and a stripper’s best customer. I actually know her husband, seen him driving her to work. Strippers just say they’re available to let you believe you have a chance and so you’ll give them more $$. But I’m sure their husbands appreciate the xtra income from fools like you.

  187. Adam

    Utterly horrible. Strip Club Dude is obviously the owner. This place has gone so far down from years ago. Not worth the time. The one girl that was worth anything they fired, oddly enough they still keep Anna on their page. I guess when your desperate because your club sucks, you’ll do anything to bring them in. Stay away from this shit hole.

  188. gary abrah

    Jenny is a super sexy blond with a great southern accent. Ask for her.

  189. Artie

    Great time, fun girlsand attractive. Beautiful bodies

  190. Purveyor

    Anna’s been married even before she started working there. You guys are just suckers, but she’s not the only girl there full of shit. Wake up… strippers lie to get your cash, you don’t have a chance with any of them. Go spend your money at a normal bar where u actually have a shot.

  191. stripclubdude

    Elena and Alysa, enjoyed dances with. Check them out

  192. Bob Badass

    Great spot. Sexiest girls around. If you like young gals with tight bodies then look no further. Get a dance with ToniAnn, she is awsome!

  193. ANoN

    Great place to go and hang with your buddies, relax, get a drink or two and see beautiful young dancers…

  194. CandyAZZ

    Hated every sec o “tha show” las time i waz der.

  195. bobby marks

    good club, hot girls

  196. rEaliTy

    This place is horrible. Don’t waste ur time.

  197. To Jim

    This club sux and anna is only one of the problems. This place has gone to ghetto. At least anna is white. They should change the name to Billy D Williams Showtime cafe. Instead of tipping with money you should throw bananas and burritos.

  198. Johnny

    Thanks Anna for the best lap dance. I’ll be back tonight.

  199. Freddy

    Gotta agree with most posts, Anna is the best, Holly is good too. Anna doesn’t come across trashy like Saffire, don’t get me wrong, saffire is hot, but Anna smokes her “hands down”

  200. Iron Mike

    This club just went South ! What a shame

  201. gary atab

    Fun, top long island gentlemens club. Vanity RULES! Georgeous Asian Bombsell

  202. Jules James

    This place is OFF THE HOOK! I am in love with Carmen. Many girls to choose from. I liked they all spoke English. So tired of going to other places with skanks that don’t know when to hang up there g-string. I will be back soon, def am working overtime this week!

  203. Stripclub Dude

    Allysa is Back!! A club favorite. Billy Deans is Long Islands Best Strip Club!

  204. 6969

    Vanity, very hot Asian chick. I dig Asians. If u like Asians check her out. Great dancer. BTW good place too.

  205. Ron


  206. Louis

    Anna isn’t married. She told me she just broke up with her boyfriend…

  207. dr. nick

    it was a lot of fun. everyone is very friendly and don’t preasure you. lap dances are nice however i wish the rooms they gave you had more lights so you could see the stuff better lol. 20 for a lap dance or 30 topless. they have a wrestling ring up on the stage which looks.

  208. Billy Deans sux

    This place sux go check out GQ it’s much more upscale.

  209. Taco

    I’ve seen better looking things come out of my ass after eating at Taco Bell.

  210. Chris T.

    Waz there last Sat. Small place but very intimate. There were a lot of girls (something 4 everyone I guess). Girls were friendly but not over the top. Hot chicks were dancing on stage and on top of the bar 2! Check em out if u lookin’ 4 a chill spot with young hotties.

  211. HarryXXX

    Still the best!

  212. Pete

    Damn, Anna’s unbelievable!!!

  213. Randy

    The best girl Anna, never left. She is the best lap dance I ever got. I also like Holly and Amber. Though, rumor has it, you can buy Diamond ๐Ÿ˜‰

  214. ed ferrari

    was there thurs, nite, got a dance from elena and pasha,worth way more then they charge

  215. Pauly Tonsend

    Great place for a bachelor party. Was ther last week and had a blast. Check out Amber and Thea.

  216. Ed

    Really good club, pretty girls, all youthful, no old ladies and I mean none and I like that.

  217. Eddie

    Get a lapdance from Anna and Holly…in that order ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. Michael

    What happened to this place? Used to have such beautiful, talented girls. I was bored outa my mind. All the girls do is wiggle there flat asses on the floor. NO pole tricks and NO talent. Oh yeah, instead of the oil wrestling, why not a shower show? Some of the girls could really use one.

  219. H. Mulligan

    Best Bachelor Party last weekend. Ask for Alyssa, hot bod, great grind. Thought Oil Wrestling was kool too.

  220. joey c.

    was there sat. nite, place was packed and with good reason

    the girls are young, hot and AMERICAN! Love this club, I will be back.

  221. jimmy r.

    was there wed. nite and the girls were fantastic. not pushy like other clubs, they gave you a chance to relax, have a drink and talk to the girls. really enjoyed myself and highly recommend this club, keep up the good vibe.

  222. Ralph Daminirio

    The Best Girls LOng island has to offer!

  223. gilberto

    i’ve beem going here for years and the reason its always packed is billy dean and rori, anybody with half a brain can see all the work they put in to make this place great for the customers. starting with keeping the reigns on some of the girls and making the customer feel like his dollar is actually worth something. these girls will never find a better club to work in which when you read some of the comments postered by disgruted employees (its so ovious)they would love to have their jobs back but billy won’t hire them back and instead of doing something positivt with their time they become PMCL (psychiotic mentally chalange losers)and hate on the people that gave them a chance, god forbide it should be their fault they got fired, but we know billy and rori wont and refuse to take shit from PMCL, so go you PMCL go into your little world of simplicity that you cant manage. be the one who does not understand the word responsibility, but does understand mememememememe. continue on in your life of unhappiness and failure, you deserve no better and sadly you have reach height, the best your life will ever be. so find a bridge and jump you haters you dont deserve the air we non-haters breathe,or continue to swallow in your pathetic, suicide watched, drug filled exsistense that you call a life, but sadly all you are doing is taking up space in an otherwise incredibly exciting world you will never know. six feet under to the haters!

  224. Derek

    Seriously go check Anna out. You’ll thank me later.

  225. John N. Bellmore

    ROXY has the WOW factor! OMG

  226. snaps

    Go see Anna. This girl & club are the things 2 c.

  227. Colm

    Great club, great girls. Loved Monday night football. Anna’s the best 1/2 time show!!!

  228. Evan

    should have gone to the movies



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