Lollipops Gentlemen’s Club



643 North Grandview Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118


29.236522, -81.014487




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lollipops Gentlemen’s Club

  1. i

    the guy underneath lives a very sheltered life to think lollipops would even compete withthe best of the best in miami and vegas…. true they were listedin a magazine or 2 but, al;l it takes is a little money… good club though the best in all florida except mia and tampa

  2. Nate

    Not even topless. You can see hotter babes walking down Main Street !

  3. timmykilla

    This place sucks now!!!!! New owners and staff. Raised all the drink prices , more expensive to get a dance. Scans your license when you go in. So sad.

  4. Short Songs

    They cut the songs way too short. I will not spend my money here anymore.

  5. Hell Yea

    Best club around. Period.

  6. Grafon

    This place was heaven. I still remember the one girl whose name is an anagram. The one thing I do hate about this place, is that songs only last a minute. 20 dollars a song is just criminal. But I guess it is price you pay when strippers go nude on stage and show their snatch. This was the first place I was able to strike up a meaningful conversation with the girls. The celebrities who go to this place know what is good.

  7. anonymous
  8. Tonny
  9. Can't Say

    Girls – can anyone there tell me how to get in touch with “Sunshine”? I believe she commutes from Orlando. My wife and I were there this past Friday night and had a blast with her. My wife was the blonde in the white dress with orange and pink pokka dots. We would really like to see her again. Any help greatly appreciated.

    By the way to everyone else – very fun girls here and a great server named Tiffany. Had a blast at this club.

  10. Billy
  11. Bella I.

    My friends and I went here about a year ago and it was awesome.. The girls there are awesome and they are all gorgeous girls… Just one suggestion to the guys.. don’t f@@# with them because the bouncers will kick you out.. LOL

  12. Sammy

    This place is hit or miss. one minute you will have 3 hot dancers on stage next set its like who lets the dogs out! they need to work on quality control. seems most of the regular girls are gone replaced by whatever skanks they could find to fill in.

  13. ThatGuy

    Nice place, not pushy. The girls treated us well.

  14. Michael

    Sept 2006: I’ve been to Lollipops about 5 times in the past three years. The experience has been VERY consistent. The ‘private dance’ area is a bit of a rip-off ($10 just to get IN , $20 per song per dancer) though.

    Positives: This is the best club in Daytona Beach. NOTHING else in the area is of this caliber of quality. Dancers are generally very nice and talkative and the drinks are not priced too high. On any weekend night you’ll find 40+ dancers working, with race weekends being jammed with dancers and race-goers.

    I would definitely recommend this club over its other Daytona/South Daytona/Ormond competitors.

  15. Paris
  16. Ashley Belle

    THis club is great nice girls and good music.i rate this club a 10

  17. Stan

    Not much to see here.

  18. madison
  19. Kathryn

    Awesome club!! We had a great time and are looking foward to returning.

  20. Peter

    Fantastic Club. Have been coming here for years. Still the best club on the east coast.

  21. TG

    I always have a great time everyone is

    friendly, I love watching everYonex and

    seeing the music video to the played song

    in the back round.

  22. Billy

    Club has changed hands . New owner trying to live off of other owners name . Might as well change name to Lolliflops .Place will not last under new owners management . Didn’t see any of the old employees .

  23. Jeff

    What a kick ass club! Drinks are a little steep, but they do no skimp an the booze in them. Gotta give this place a 9 1/2….

  24. Cheryl

    Girls stay away from here, theres no money.

  25. JJ James

    What a joke a shell of what it was no girls(0 on dayshift) everyone in the place seems pissed off. was nothing like they claim.

  26. KDL

    I was at Lollipos last weekend & had a great time! cheap cover ($10), cheap drinks ($4.25 beer), & cheap dances ($10-$20) The quality of girls is hit or miss, but there are plenty of good looking girls there. The girls are very friendly. They’ll sit & shoot the bull w/ you for a bit. Envy (dark hair w/ a blonde streak in the front going on) was my girl, good dances. Treat her & all the girls well & tip well! That’s how Houston rolls!

  27. angelo

    its ok

  28. Steve O

    Yes it is the real Steve O!

    This place is wild too say the least. I was here back when we did the first Jackass movie(in O-Town), and have been back since and let me tell you this place is Rockin! Always a good time!

    Howard Stern rule!

    Steve O

    PS. there is no food.

  29. New Club

    Stop in and check out the all new Diamond Dolls of Daytona, this upscale, high class club is now open in Daytona Beach.

  30. George S.

    I go to Lolly’s ofter being a local. I have to say they do have a lot of girls. Sometimes more girls than customers. I do have my favorites but I gave an excellent for wide variety of girls. That’s exactly what it is. There are some wide ones. Not to say there aren’t pretty one. I just don’t think they’re too picky on who they hire. It seems like anyone can just walk in & start dancing. Even though Molly’s is much smaller, I think the overall talent is much better. At least you can have a conversation over the music.

    Both are definitely the top clubs in Daytona. If you are really horney & not so picky in the looks department, there are other area clubs that will handle you.

  31. tim

    perfect 10!

  32. Tim F

    This club keeps me cumming back!! Great girls, fair prices.

  33. Da_0wl

    Large group of us head to this club every quarter, and it’s always a blast. However, the latest legal news about about Daytona Beach winning a supreme court verdict requiring the club to change in a large way could spell the end of this club.

    If you make it here, look for Sunflower – she was super hot redhead with the Kirsten Dunst look.

  34. fuckery12

    Poor customer service from management and staff. I was highly disappointed in the way management handled my complaint. Visited July 27th 2015.

  35. Ron

    Not like it used to be…

  36. Josh

    This is the best club around. They have a lot of the best top ten girl’s in town. Don’t be fooled by the others Pop’s is top’s!!

  37. Heidi

    Hi everybody!

    Love this club and can’t wait to be back for the next event or hopefully sooner! Wish I had the luxery to be in Daytona year round. Unfortunatly I don’t- have to freeze in NH. Anyways looking forward to seeing you all!!!


    best in town!

  39. Ralph

    Nothing wrong with Stan’s glasses.

  40. jo
  41. Tyler

    Best club in town, great time at Biketoberfest..Thanks Crew

  42. maxxy1

    I’m not sure if it is the right place when we went to Daytona Beach. I was taken to a strip club where I just have $1 and a girl shake her boobs on my face.They were pretty hot girls…Gorgeous Girls…Yup

  43. Crown Clown

    Attn. Hello,

    Grow some ball’s or wash the sand out of your pussy & be a man and tell J-Rod what you think him & posted on this site. Better yet keep your no pussy getting ass out of Pop’s. Cruise Ridgewood for a crack head that might give you crabs or better yet hiv. Better yet stay the fuck out. Don’t blame Pop’s becuase youcan’t even get laid in a monkey whore house with a bag of bananas.

  44. jim
  45. Byron
  46. sean

    just about average, no big deal.

  47. i love this place

    i been to many strip clubs, lollipos is the only one i consistently have a good time at. the vip dances are amazing. i hope this place never changes keep up the good work.

  48. Tony

    Had a great time here for the Pepsi 400 race. Will be back A.S.A.P.

  49. Hello

    LOL Tara must be some skank that got fired and now has to make stupid comments because she is stuck working at the shit clubs now LMAO….Pop’s needs no real reviews everyone knows its the best that why the place is packed every single night. your in Daytona this is the place to go.

  50. wild thing
  51. DJ

    i am an avid stip club attendee and this place is fricking awesome

  52. frankie

    Police cracking down…..not allowing topless anywhere out on the floor. Have and will raid the place frquently during bike week.

  53. Entertainer of Lollipops

    This club is off the fukin hook!!! It is so busy during events you can’t even move, i’m talkin wall to wall people folks, you gotta check this place out!!

  54. Yuly M.

    Lollipops reminds me of a sports bar but with girls dancing on a small stage. Music ehh ok. Drinks regular priced, girls ok I wouldn’t use gorgeous or beautiful. They have pool tables so thats pretty nice. It’s really just a sports bar to me. Wasn’t a big fan.

  55. Stan Needs Glasses

    Time for some new glasses Stan…plenty to see here girls are great and club is great as usual. never had a bad time her.

  56. Re: Cheryl

    Maybe that’s because you missed bike week! Dahhhh…

  57. Ken
  58. CadillacF1


  59. whats up

    Sounds like Crown Clown must be in love im surprised he can type with that dick in his ass….on another note great club and the usual great time there.

  60. slingblade

    roxy is a whore

  61. tori
  62. Mr. M

    Was there last night. Had a great time with a girl named Christina!! WOW!!! She’s got a rocking body, best boobs in the club, and a beautiful face. Over all TEN. You have to check this girl out. Thanks Christina and I’ll be back to see you soon.

  63. Chasity

    Yaya has the state of Florida tattooed on her back…

  64. Steve
  65. j

    club is best in daytona

  66. Going Bigger? Whatever

    This club and this site is full of nothing but crap talking fake people like “Going Bigger”…you know who you are from your stupid Myspace page. Stop talking crap about people then posing in pictures with them like they’re your friends. Your Fake..You Know It and Everybody else knows it. Go Back to the midwest.

  67. George
  68. Jay
  69. Freddy

    This place is alot of fun, how could anyone use the word Molly’s in the same breath as Lollipops?

  70. rosie
  71. JB

    I love you LOLLIPOPS!!! When I move to FL in the next few months I’m going to spend another $100 at your club. I believe her name was valentine I call her Shake and bake girl. And AJ i think her name was thoe are my two favorite gals. Check out the gal with what looks like a superman tat on her back i think its a number 3 but that strip club is the best!!!!

  72. Logan V.

    OPEN!!! IT IS OPEN!!!After being closed for a couple weeks doing work, they re-opened. The ID check was kinda weird and there is a $10.00 cover charge for out of towners and $5.00 cover charge for Florida Residents.The music is mostly rock! The dancers do not get “nude” at all period! Due to the establishments discretion. Keep this in mind if you looking for something more…Drink prices are 5.00 for a beer and they have full bar! After the cover charge cost, I was expecting cheaper drink prices!The girls are a mix! But all fitWARNING!! My night I visited it was dead, and the club was experiencing technical difficulties and this paused the action. The patrons that stuck it out was awarded 2 free drink shots! So, it made up for it. This place has it’s issues, and I honestly would not go back, unless there is action! Overall, this place is “meh.. I seen better”

  73. Shane
  74. Capi

    Great club!!!! Beautiful Girls!!!!

  75. Shawn
  76. adell


  77. john

    This is the only place in Daytona Beach. They have five jumbo video screen for music video’s. Also a killer light show. I asked the doorman how many dancers were working, he told me 77 girls. When in Daytona, check it out. You won’t be let down….

  78. todd
  79. Diamond Dolls Daytona

    Now hiring quality entertainers in our brand new upscale gentlemens club, Diamond Dolls Daytona, ph# 386-255-3654 for info.

  80. Happy Hank

    Loved the club and Lorna. Beer price of $4.75 was OK. Music was too loud, couldn’t have a conversation with yelling into one another’s ear. Couldn’t understand a damn thing DJ was saying. Lots and lots of great scenery. If you’re in Daytona, you gotta check out Lollipops.

  81. Mark

    This club is at best average to poor, it use to be fun with hot woman, but now there are very few hot girls working there, during daytime the dancers are old and tired looking the bartender is great during the day, in the evening some better looking dancers work there but not like it use to be and they cut the songs off at 3 minutes and the drinks at night seem to be water downed so if you want a totally hit and miss night go there, for the money molly browns has better looking woman and in a nice cleaner enviromemt its to bad because lollipops use to be the club and there just clinging on the past

  82. Jimmy

    This and mollys are the only clubs worth going to in the whole daytona and surrounding areas, Lollipops is a good club with loads of girls

  83. Rockin

    Guess Stan and Ralph are both Looking for the same thing a GAY club! LOL Hot Girls, Great Bar staff you can’t ask for more always have a blast. so unless your gay like Stan and Ralph you will have a blast..or 2 or 3 or 4

  84. Rick

    By far the best one I’ve been to ever. The girls are friendly and gorgeous not to mention talented. Highly recommend that if you’re in Daytona make sure you make a stop here at Lollipops, you will not be sorry.

  85. wildbill
  86. Jojo

    This strip club is off the chain. They are hot friendly and they make sure not to forget the females too… If you wanna have a blast there take a girl with you.

  87. Tara

    Pops has no defense except for spreading rumors about the pink pony , molly’s and Topic wow you all really are the ones that truly suck !!!!!!!

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