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3420 South Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85040


33.4153153, -112.0737591




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “T & A Cabaret

  1. Andy

    On Friday June 26, 2009. This was the first time i came in with a couple of buddies. The girls were HOTT I mean really Hott! they had alot of different kind of women my buddies and i had a great freakin time. This is our new hotspot! Doesn’t look like mush on the outside but really nice on the inside we some very beautiful ladies!!! If nyyou haven’t checked this place out before3 you should check it out now, cuz you’ll really be surprised

  2. Stud

    First time I stopped in over two years, and all i can say is WOW!!!! Not only has the club remodeled, but they have some of the sexiest girls i have ever seen!! Damn

  3. JJV

    Friendly girls. Not knockouts, but friendly, fun, not pushy.

  4. Ladies Man

    Stopped by Friday Night and this place was poppin! They had some of the most sexiest ladies I have seen in a long time!! The club has been changed up too. Whats kewl is the fact that I live on the southside so its even close to home. My newest place to be thanks Southern

  5. Johnny

    Came in a few months ago and my friends and me had a great time. went in this last week and we had a horrible time!!!! What happened? The guy manager was a dick!! and the girls werent as pretty as before,is this place going out of business or something? What happened to the chunky manager she was funny and nice! Won’t be visiting here anymore. My friends and i are need a new spot to hangout at anybody got any suggestions

  6. Kevin

    Went Sunday, January 13. For much of the night, I was the only customer. Three dancers; two of them would have trouble getting hired at other clubs, but Paola was fantastic. I’ll go again to see her.

  7. Fred

    I went to Stevi Secret’s Friday evening, 24 November 2006 and had a very good experience. Every girl who danced on the stage noticed me and gave me some personal attention. Every girl took off her panties for the 3rd song of her 3 song set, and 2 of the girls gave really fun bottomless shows that I really liked. As in most nude clubs, the lighting was usually too dim to get the full value of the dances. Not all of the girls were very attactive to me, but many of them were. I favor more vuluptuous physiques and natural breasts. There weren’t as many implants at Stevi Secret’s as I have seen in some places, and I was glad about that. I have a special preference for pink nipples and pink genitals set off against creamy white skin, and there were a couple of girls who really delivered in those departments, so that really added to my enjoyment. The second of those girls really did a great job of showing off her vagina on the stage, and the lighting seemed to brighten up enough at just the right moment to make it really enjoyable. In terms of complaints, I feel the lighting was pretty dim. I feel that if a girl does not look good enough for people to enjoy seeing her in decent light, she probably shouldn’t be dancing. If she is OK looking, people will get a lot more enjoyment if there is enough light to see something. The cover charge is quite high, $15, but they only charge $3 for the ATM. I still think that is too high, but it beats the heck out of places that charge $8. Most of the girls were attractive to me, they treated me well and I had a good time. I will definitely be going back to Stevi Secret’s.

  8. blake

    this place was the worst place ever. When we got in there was one fat girl and one other girl. The prices were outrageous and we coulnt get our money back. i felt dirty when i left.

  9. Big Tym

    This club is newly remodeled. It looks great, clean and comfortable. All new

    staff, and the ladies are HOT. The prices are also very reasonable. Try the new

    VIP room it is worth it.

  10. Clay

    I stopped by Stevi Secrets January 9th, 2007, and from the outside it was very plain and I did not know what to expect, however it was the big “NUDE” sign that caught my eye. I was pleasantly suprised when I went into the Cabaret (they also have a book/video store and a theater). All of the girls were friendly and some of them were quite intelligent. The bartender Tonya was great. They do push “couch dances” but that’s where they make most of their money and when I said “Not yet I want to see a few girls first.”, they were very polite and did not run off to the next customer right away. They are a full nude club and they get up close and personal on every dance (if you are sitting on the inner-ring of couches and chairs) so guys be polite and tip them a dollar! If you don’t want to tip, don’t sit on the inner-ring. As for another reviewer saying the lighting is dim, well duh, it’s a strip club. They do have what they call “Pussy Lights” that are little flashlights they rent for two bucks so you can really get an eyefull.

  11. jaime

    Went in with a couple of friends after just noticing the place> i never even knew this place was out here. Especially since the club was nice inside and the girls were hot! we had a great time, the girl working the register was even fun, but next they need a bigger sign out front. Thew werent really busy but they could be if people knew this place was here.

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