Millennium Broadway Hotel New York



145 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036


40.8437258, -73.9439728




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

  1. Miss P.

    Great great location, newly renovated rooms with stylish decor. Friendly staff. Clean and spacious by NY standards. Literally steps from Times Square.

  2. Ryan M.

    Great location if you are a tourist visiting from out of town. Walking distance to many attractions.. Rockefeller Center, MoMA, Grand Central Station.. and obviously Times Square (easy metro access to many other touristy sites as well). The room: My room had incredible views of both Times Square and the Chrysler building. Floor to ceiling windows really packed quite the punch. Room was decent size and the beds were fairly comfortable. My complaint would be the lack of ventilation in the bathrooms. You’d think that proper air circulation would be a MUST for any hotel. Puzzling. Also the doors would rattle out of nowhere as if someone was trying to get into your room. But I’d peek out and no one would be there. Puzzling x 2. Service: I thought front desk / lobby was bare bones. Nothing to complain about and nothing noteworthy to mention. The housekeeping lady assigned to my floor though was probably one of the most friendly and courteous housekeeping staff I have encountered. All smiles.I’m feeling quite generous with my 3 star review and I say that because I had a not so great experience after hiring the hotel recommended driver to the airport (not sure if they are officially a part of the hotel staff or not). It was super early, raining, and me and my friend were not interested in hailing a cab (Tourists with a capital “T”) so we decided to splurge on a driver. I specifically asked the hotel doorman who recommended him if he took credit card.. and after a surprisingly short trip (was it worth hiring a driver at all?? I was thinking).. I was told that he took cash.. and if we wanted to use credit card there would be 10% service fee. Why was that NOT mentioned when i specifically asked?? So we paid cash and he did NOT have the change and so we ended up giving him the change as a “tip” eventhough it was previously stated the entire fee included the tip. AND we were also dropped off the wrong terminal. Harrumph. +1 star for excellent housekeeping staff, +2 for location/views… no stars given for service at lobby (who recommended this shady driver service) and no stars given for the lack of basic ventilation in the actual room.

  3. Buck B.

    Location is fine. Absolutely the worst bedding ever in an expensive hotel.

  4. Debbie C.

    Great location, modest rooms, I had a view of Times Square. The mirror of the closet door is located behind the front door and was cracked because of this poorly planned room layout. Other than that, all was good. I ordered more towels from housekeeping and they came quickly. I have no complaints about this hotel

  5. sam j.

    I wish I could give a negative 5 star rating. This hotel sucks! The staff is rude and incompetent and the rooms are crappy. The whole facility itself is a joke! Our room had a blood stain on the bed sheet and the sink in the bathroom would not drain, and the water pressure in the shower was horrible. Managers of the hotels were just awful and would not let us check in early and did not attempt to accommodate us in anyway. They also gave us a room on the 29th floor which smelled of smoke and failed to mention that the 28th floor was a smoking floor. Just an awful experience! I would not recommend this hotel to any friends or family. Do not! I repeat, DO NOT stay at this hotel, its just plain awful and a waste of money.

  6. Farbod F.

    great location, but average experience at best! Best thing about this place was the pressure in the shower!We got there early AM, and though check in isn’t till 3pm, they “promised” us a room as we took the red eye from LA. Once there, not only didnt they have anything available, but they tried to sell us on an upgrade room for $100 more. 2 different receptionist did this 2 hrs part… We finally got our room close to 3pm. Rooms are nothing fancy but have some of the usual amenities… Bed was queen, smaller than offered at most other places, pillow was not comfy at all, and decor was outdated… Location is very convenient but nothing else stands out here… In a condensed area with so many options its easy to sway away from a place like this… I’ll be staying elswhere next time

  7. Jennifer H.

    I stayed here just this past week for a night and I was very satisfied. For two reasons alone: 1. The rooms and the bathroom was GOOD size. I was amazed at how spacious the room was. I spent 100 dollars more last year to stay in a nicer hotel and yet the room and bathroom in this place was five times bigger! Everything was clean, nice big tv, only negative thing was that the bed was very hard….but I was so tired by the night that it didn’t bother my sleep at all. 2. The PERFECT location! Times Square is literally in your back yard! Grand central station is no more than a half a mile if you come from there. Central Park is walkable…we did it but it’s a mile. It’s an easy walk tho…if you walk straight down avenue of the americans that will bring you to Central Park. Now the bad parts of the hotel were: The front desk clerks were SUPER unfriendly…borderline rude and the whole bag check in when you got there was horribly unorganized…there were lines of people waiting to check their bags in right in the middle of the lobby and the people taking the bags were super slow.But all and all it’s a great place to stay if you want a good size room and a fabulous location.

  8. Tuan T.

    Worst experience ever!! The staff was rude and completely unprofessional. We arrived a little early in the morning and requested on the online booking to have one room early check in. The receptionist was rude telling us it was impossible and made us wait till 4pm. At 4pm the receptionist let us check in 1 room (we booked 2) and said if want 2 rooms same floor will have to wait. We were pissed and tired and very disappointed with this hotel of how unprofessional and rudeness it is. Except for the convenience location super close to time square. Nothing else is great about this place. Hands down!!!

  9. laura m.

    Really nasty and smells bad, carpets have big stains and furniture is so beat up I can’t believe they were able to take nice pictures like they have on the website. I give it 2 stars at the most

  10. Allie J.

    The rooms don’t look like they do in the pictures at all! This hotel gives the impression it is nice, when really the decorations look tacky and trying to hard to be fancy to charge more. For the almost $300 a night we’re paying, we get a hard bed, no coffee maker fridge or microwave, and room cleaning didn’t come until 5pm. The only reason I’m not rating this 1 star is because it was clean, and a very good location.

  11. Brooke J.

    Great location, right on 44th & broadway, the heart of Times Square. Very clean and good service. The only downfall is the rooms are small, but most rooms in Times Square are small. Wifi must be purchased to use. There’s a $22 shuttle available to JFK.

  12. Greg B.

    What. A. Dump. Really no better way to say it. The next time the carpet is cleaned will be the first time the carpet is cleaned. Everything in the rooms is either broken or breaking. The TV doesn’t work. The lobby looks like a motel along a stretch of Route 66, broken counters, velvet walls that look like they’ve been stapled together. Just really nothing nice about this place except the people who work here. Feel sorry for them. Run as fast as you can away from this dump.

  13. Budiono T.

    Perfect Location for all shopping and food lovers and the city really never sleep !.

  14. Andrew H.

    for the overeager tourist, the location of the millennium broadway is everything they can want. a half block off broadway and a mere step way from the hustle and bustle of times square, patrons of the hotel find themselves in the middle of touristy new york city. and for the weary business traveler needing a bed to lay in between meetings, the hotel also provides easy access to staples of the new york city financial for my trip…i wasn’t entirely a tourist since i’ve made trips around the city before and i definitely am not a financier working on the next multi-billion dollar boondoggle…i was just trying to escape from the confines of my own home city. so a last minute reservation at the millennium broadway was actually very well received.sneaking by on a great deal from priceline, i was happy to be pampered by the attentive service of the hotel proprietors. and the room itself was clean, crisp, and surprisingly comforting. i had no need to any extra bells and whistles for my one night stay, so i just enjoyed the fact that i was a simple hop, skip, and a jump away from establishments where i can eat my heart out or drinks to my livers content.

  15. Jan D.

    disclaimer: we booked the deal on so we didn’t pay the standard rate of the hotel, so the price wasn’t really a factor of the rating/review. I am just going to focus on the customer service. this trip was a last minute girls getaway!we get to the hotel and we were standing at the front desk for about 10 minutes. there was nobody at the front desk and when people did come out they were just shuffling paperwork or doing whatever and didn’t even acknowledge that we were standing there. from someone who works in customer service i understand that things can get busy at times- but it is always important to let the customer know that you will be with them shortly so they don’t feel awkward waiting there. well needless to say we felt awkward just standing there. finally after 10 minutes someone approaches the desk mid conversation with another employee makes some sort of inside joke and then comes to approach us asking what we needed. we checked in and that process ran smoothly. we get shown our room and the room was pretty standard. nothing too exciting but it fit the needs of our trip. i couldn’t help but notice how the furniture looked worn and the bathroom looked like it could use a deep cleaning. anyways the bellhop put away our luggage and after I tipped him. he then proceeds to tell me that he should deserve more of a tip for his service. granted i did not just tip him 1 dollar, i tipped him 5. I didnt want to say the specifics of my tip but i felt this was necessary to point out because him asking for more of a tip was rude in the first place, but in addition to ask more of a 5 dollar tip was a little absurd to me. the tip amount is always up the customers discretion and for someone to directly say “you should give me more of a tip” was just completely unprofessional and rude. i did not end up giving him more of a tip, and i don’t know if he thought he could just swindle me and my friends because we were a group of young girls but anyways it did not work. for the rest of the time there things went smoothly and the doorman was always happy to see us and engaged in light conversation as we walked in and out of the hotel. props to him for making our experience more fun! when it came to check out everything went alright until it came to book the car service. the hotel suggested that we take one of their private cars to the airport instead of paying the base taxi fare. the private car service was a better deal so we decided to take advantage of it. we were told by the hotel that the service would cost 60 dollars so we prepared to give the driver that plus tip. when we got to the airport and gave him the amount he proceeded to say that the hotel was mistaken and the price for the car was 80 dollars. this was absurd as we had a written receipt from the hotel front desk that said: Car Service to JFK – 60 Flat. We showed this to the driver and he still tried to get us to pay extra. After a little more discussion i just thought ‘screw this’ and gave him his money and walked away. in short if you want to experience the royalty treatment you get at other hotels you wont find it here. this was not my first time in new york either so i know how things go and this is certainly not it. i think management needs to have a conference with all their employees to get them up to speed on what it takes to give good customer service to its guests.

  16. XXXbeast

    1. Ahhh! I tried to put on my pants this morning and found thousands of ants building a colony in my suitcase that I left on the floor! The cleaning lady informed me this floor was notorious for having an ant problem.2. The refrigerator cabinet was nailed shut but I could see the fridge in it from the back. I guess it is broken? Disappointing, I wanted to keep leftovers.Otherwise a nice hotel, not dirty, rather fashionable, but I am still picking ants out of my pants. No joke. They’re biting me. One star. Will revise review based on their response to this problem.

  17. Colbys

    The only reason I am giving this place 2 stars is the staff, they are nice and professional. As far the hotel it’s a dump. The rooms are severely out dated, stains on the carpet, dingy bathroom, windows are dirty, and broken furniture. Given the price and what you get its not worth it. Lastly, the photos are deceiving and don’t match what you get.

  18. Edward O.

    Did a conference here in 2007. It’s a solid, *slightly* upscale midtown hotel with clean, modern facilities, good service. They have the usual assortment of meeting rooms, with the main “Ballroom” (really just an open exhibition space) on the top floor.The midtown location is fine if you are coming in via mass transit, but with the proximity to Times Square, nearby parking is expensive and difficult to access.

  19. Marey G.

    I used to stay at the St. James which is across the street from this hotel & I always thought the Millennium was such an upscale hotel whenever I passed it & was very exciting when booking my vacation to stay here. This place is horrible. The rooms are nothing like the lobby & the staff is hit or miss. Some of them were really friendly, but the other half were just plain rude. The walls have stains on them, looks like throw up stains. The drawers are completely falling a part, I opened them and the handle literally fell off of the drawer.The maid was also super rude. She came in the morning when we were still sleeping and knocked first, when she knocked I went to the door and told her “No thank you. We’re still sleeping.” Thirty seconds later she let herself in our room and starts cleaning the bathroom. I go in the bathroom and tell her “No thank you, we’re okay.” Then she insists on going inside our room claiming she needs to use the phone to prove that she was here. Then, a few hours later (the “Do not disturb sign” is on our door”) were getting ready and she knocks & immediately let’s herself in. She seemed startled that we were still in our room and claimed that she was just putting towels in our room so I tell her that’s okay, but we really don’t need her to fully clean the room because it is still clean and we’re getting ready. Then she tells me she has to go back and get the towels, she literally brought no cleaning supplies with her, just herself & claimed she was coming in to “clean”. I think that is super sketchy and now for the remainder of our stay I am very worried that she may steal our things. Also, when she did come back to bring the towels she didn’t even knock and just let herself in & we were changing. I’ve never been so concerned about the security of my stuff while traveling.Then, the room service is just plain ridiculous. I called and they literally answered saying “You better order now because we’re out of here by 11:00p.m.”. I hardly felt that was necessary since we were calling them at 9:00p.m.I’ve traveled to many places and stayed at everything from teeny tiny hostels to five star suites, this is by far my worst experience. I’ve even been stuck at an airport overnight and had to sleep on those chairs, I would say that even including that experience, this was still the worst.

  20. Van N.

    Very good location , close to everything. The customer service’s very good. The room is nice & clean & quiet. I wish I could stay here 2 nights instead of 1. I booked it from for the last minutes deal & free cancellation on Monday 9/7 for $250.33 total, standard room with double beds. What’s a good deal! Next time I definitely stay here again.

  21. Gayle C.

    Location of this hotel is a plus if you want to be in the middle of everything. We were a bit disappointed in the housekeeping staff the first couple of days. Not enough towels, room not thoroughly cleaned, and beddings were not changed daily. However, response to complaints were quickly addressed. Rooms were quiet and even being near the elevators, we hardly heard anyone in the hallways. Yes, the rooms need to be refurbished but not as bad as some of the other reviewers experienced.We actually were here during Hurricane Sandy and want to compliment the staff that had to work 24 hour shifts because replacement staff could not get into the city.

  22. Brian D.

    I booked the hotel on Hotwire, so I will preface the review by saying I got a great deal at this place and was not expecting anything particularly great. I stayed with my girlfriend for a Saturday night, and we got placed on the 12th floor of the Premier tower. While I do not think the room was worthy of its “luxury” tag, it was nice, clean, well-decorated, and perfectly sized for the two of us. Any complaints I have would be the following:1) The TV was nice, but the picture quality was terrible. I don’t stay in a hotel for the TV, though.2) There is not an ice machine in the premier tower. You have to call housekeeping for them to bring it to you.3) There was no hot water in the room initially, but it was promptly fixed.The hotel was pretty much everything I was hoping for. As noted in other reviews, the location is perfect for anyone visiting the Theater District. I would not stay here for full price, but considering the Hotwire deal, I would undoubtedly return.

  23. yanard

    Even though a bit pricy, the location cannot be beat. My hubs and I stayed overnight for a 1-day trip to NYC to see the Oh Hello on brd’WAY (also highly recommended). The staff was incredible, the breakfast was delicious, the location was magical, the hotel room was NOICE! I left something behind by accident and the nice people in security and house keeping worked to get it to me basically overnight!!!! Overnight! What?! Thank you guys, when I get a million dollars, I will permanently move into one of your suites with a king size bed, but I bet I’d blow thru that million pretty quickly.

  24. fisherdex1

    My stay at Millennium Broadway Hotel was alright. My overall experience was okay. The hotel is decent if you are only staying for a couple of days. However, the end of my trip was terrible. My family and I were waiting in a line outside of the hotel for a taxi as one of the staff members would call in the taxis and groups would go in one at a time. When we were up next in line for a taxi, these two drunk women, who not mention were not even at the hotel payed the staff member to let them get ahead of us. We had to catch a bus in the matter of 30 minutes and the worker was careless and showed no interest in helping us. The two women got a taxi before us and my family and I had to run with a handful of luggage to make sure we did not miss our bus.

  25. Rich R.

    I could’ve thrown a baseball and hit Times Square that’s how close this hotel is. I stayed from 8-14 to 8-18 and every night was a pleasure to me. The front desk let me check in 6 hours early, the bell hop was extremely helpful in explaining the neighborhood saving time and skipping the concierge. Beautifully decorated rooms and hallways made stumbling in at 3AM a delight.I got the room for $280 a night on which was $100-$140 cheaper then the regular rate. I wouldn’t spend full price on it, but I couldn’t see spending full price on any room around there. The $20 burger from the hotel res truant was surprisingly worth it. I wish I tried dinner there, but didn’t get the chance.I will definitely stay there again and please visit the hot dog vendor on the SE corner of 44th St. and Broadway during the graveyard shift. Coolest guy in all of New York.

  26. Madeline G.

    I was a little nervous about staying here due to all the recent negative reviews but I didn’t run into any big problems. There were definitely some things I would change but I had nice stay. I was here to see two broadway shows so the Time Square location was great. Overall I had a good day and would stay again. Pro:-Bed was very comfortable! I slept great. -Great Price -Good location -Nice lobby -Easy check-in and check-out -Plenty of elevators -Security at night (must show room card) -Spacious room for NYC Cons: -Hallways are dated -Have to pay for WiFi (my biggest con, $12 and change for 24 hours) -20 to 30 minute wait to leave baggage

  27. AssnTits5

    I absolutely love this hotel. My wife and I have been lucky enough to stay here twice and have always had a magnificent time.The location can’t be beat. You’re a half block off of Times Square, so if you’re looking to do touristy things or see a show you’re in the right spot. It’s close to the subway, but if you’re in Manhattan almost everywhere is close to the subway.We’ve also been very lucky with our rooms. Both rooms that we stayed in were rather large for Manhattan, and we had great views. (The first time we were on like the 48th floor directly over Times Square – just an awesome view). We’ve also been able to find great rates for this place; both times we were able to stay here for under $200/night, including over July 4th weekend.I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Just a fantastic hotel in a fantastic location in a fantastic town.

  28. Carol D.

    I wouldn’t give this place a star. Came here from a redeye to send room probably will be ready by 1130 we came back now this is all maybe 130 no only if you pay $50 to get early check-in otherwise 4 o’clock. A massive protests should be done by everybody because this is not a 24 hour stay.

  29. Kristen R.

    I’d give it a 3 star rating but their customer service sucks.Agree that the location is great. Concierges were down to earth and helpful. Three customer service incidents though that are still boiling my blood. 1) We went to the front desk to ask for more pillows. They told us to go back to our room and dial 0. Any reputable Marriott or Sheraton would have asked the room number and just sent someone up with some. We were on the way out until late that night. Aargh this still bothers me.2) We actually did call later and it turns out there was something wrong with the phone and they couldn’t hear us but we could hear them. AFter three tries we realized we could use speaker phone. The woman on the other end says, “Do you now know how to you use your phone to reach us?” Really? We explained it was broken and she wouldn’t have any of it. Nice.3) I need a letter of verification and/or a receipt to get this expensed for work. Because I booked on the Millenium couldn’t provide me with a receipt or folio of my stay which I asked for as we left. I called today to try again and see if I could get something on letterhead, anything saying I stayed and they said they couldn’t do that. Is no one empowered over there to type something up quickly and fax it to me? Why is this such a huge request? I’m pretty frustrated. So many options in NYC and I choose this one.

  30. Tony O.

    Hotel is in a great location and staff was very helpful. beds were hard as a rock and rooms could use some maintenance.

  31. S B.

    Very below average than expected for this hotel. Extremely outdated, HARD mattresses and pillows, dirty carpet and bathroom, broken door and heater…. kind of things you wouldn’t expect to see when you’re paying $350 a night. But in the end, location is what will keep this place full year round, so why should they care.

  32. Scott F.

    Cannot recommend. Room did not have luggage rack, coffee maker nor ice buckets (even though ice machine was in hallway). Room service would not provide more than 2 towels/ day and no washcloths included in room. Additionally , AC did not work. Overall, hotel was dirty and lacked proper cleaning and maintenance .

  33. Sarah G.

    How often can a person stay on the 50th floor of a hotel in the heart of time’s square for around $200??? Well thanks to travel zoo my boyfriend got us a great deal on this room, and since it was the end of memorial day weekend they bumped our room up to the 50th floor!!!!! And to make it even better, it was a corner room, so twice the window space meaning twice the view of beautiful time’s square!! Oh it actually stretches across an entire block so you can enter this hotel from two different streets!!!I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly comfortable that king size bed was. The moment we laid on it we almost fell asleep instantly because it was that comfortable! I don’t think I had that good of a night of sleep in a really long time so thank you Millennium Broadway!!!The room had a mini fridge too which we didn’t use and a big desk and a very spacious bathroom as well. The staff were all very friendly and they didn’t have a problem with us changing out check out time to a little later in the day when we got a slow start on out on our last day in NYC. I would stay here again hands down.

  34. Liz L.

    4 star accommodations? Ha! Our trip started off with a whimper when a company of similar standards (United Airlines) bumped us to a red-eye flight the night before arriving to the Millennium Hotel. The bellhop who took our luggage from the taxi to the cart, left our luggage outside on the sidewalk after we had already entered the lobby. As we entered the lobby, we found ONE single person working at the front desk. I soon realized our luggage was still outside on the sidewalk and told the bellhop to bring it in and he joked, “I’m not going to leave your luggage out there.” – but he just did already. He dumped off our luggage to us in the lobby, and by the time we were done checking in, the bellhop had vanished and no one helped us with our luggage to our room. Upon entering the room, we saw that it was not a King bed (thanks to yet another TERRIBLE company, PRICELINE). I took a shower, and the shower drain was backed up, making us ankle deep in grey water. The tub had something that looked like a loogie or really thick urine in it. I called down to have someone clean the tub, but the front desk couldn’t find anyone to do it. The television cable system appears as though it hasn’t been updated since the 80s. No one in the hotel knew how the movie ordering system worked at all. We ordered a movie, tried to pause it, but it continued to run, never allowing us to adjust the time, and so we had to either order it again, or not watch it. We ended up just watching it on our computer. Only 2 outlets out of 5 worked, and one of them was hanging out of the wall. We had some food delivered, but the hotel wouldn’t let them come to our room, and we had to meet the delivery man in the lobby. We called the front desk to have some forks sent up and they charged us $3 to use their forks. When we called down with our list of complaints, and requested an upgraded room, they told us that we were already in the upgraded room…which just so happens to be situated a few floors up from a loud jack-hammering construction site. I can only imagine what the ‘standard’ rooms are like. Did I mention this was $289 a night? Yea.

  35. justinlk

    We loved this hotel and found it’s location very appealing. I thought the rooms were very clean and the service was great. I would stay again if I was in the area. We had a nice view and loved being so close to everything. We were able to walk almost everywhere.I would recommend this hotel for its location and service.

  36. Heather P.

    Our experience at this hotel was great. PREMIUM LOCATION. It’s in the middle of everything. Walking distance to many things and the subway is super close too. Staff was very helpful in directions, questions and concerns. Would recommend to family and friends.

  37. Michael R.

    Brought the family here for a weekend and had a very pleasant stay. Can’t beat the location, around the corner from Times Square and walking distance to so many attractions, theaters, and shopping. Was impressed with sound proofing as we had no street noise at night.Rooms are small but about average for NYC. Decor is plain but clean and functional. Some bathroom fixtures are showing their age, but water pressure is great and shower heads are up high, which I appreciated. I can confirm other reviews that said mattresses were very firm. Probably foam, but not the memory kind.Front desk and cleaning staff were friendly, but we did have to call twice to get a replacement for a dead remote.All in all a very convenient and pleasant stay, but not outstanding. I would certainly return.

  38. Tracy L.

    PROS:1. Right in the middle of Time Square. It’s convenient to go both uptown and downtown.2. Front desk clerks are friendly, so are the concierges. 3. We got upgraded to a nice suite when we checked in on a Saturday. No extra cost. We had a living room, separate bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Awesome surprise.CONS:1. Again, right in the middle of Time Square, one of the most obnoxious and crowded spots in NYC. It’s fun for 1 minute and then you will realize how overwhelming it is, especially when you have to drag your luggage around. Very frustrating.2. A bit pricey. But it’s expected. NYC is infamous for crazy hotel expenses.3. Not many good restaurants nearby. They mostly cater to tourists and so are a bit cheesy. You have to walk away from the area to find something good. Truth be told, I’m totally fine with the hotel, as I received good service. It is the area that I’m not happy about. You just have to weigh your preferences.

  39. anthony1

    3 star hotel in a five-star location….. the rooms are adequate but charmless….. the staff was helpful when needed. The six elevators transported us with lightning speed to our 26th floor room. The major downside of our hotel room was a lack of a refrigerator although an empty refrigerator space was noted indicating that the refrigerator was once there but removed…. I did not pursue whether a refrigerator could be rented until we checked out . At that time I was told that a refrigerator could be supplied free of charge if we had requested …. apparently they may have rented refrigerators in the past but now this policy apparently was no longer followed . Perhaps a downside was the Charlotte Restaurant which was a bit too expensive for its standard offerings. A standard Millenium breakfast cost $25,while a 3 egg omelette cost $21. Even for New York City this was a bit hefty… after all we’re not dealing with Le Bernardin. We found that the deli across the street from the hotel provided an adequate breakfast for about 1/3 the cost….. however, if you are not on a budget the hotel restaurant would be adequate ….but certainly forgettable…. despite all of the above we would return to the Millennium because of its prime location and they’re very friendly staff… . If I could I would give this hotel three and a half Stars

  40. Diana N.

    If you ever need to host a conference at an external venue, the Millenium Broadway does not have an ideal set up – I had a set up of ~300 participants set up in tables of 10. There are large columns that make it difficult for participants to see the screen and the lighting is extremely dim. A/V set up is also not optimal.

  41. Alexandra K.

    I came here for an event put on by the National MS Society called the Books for a Better Life Awards. The cocktail hour was held on the second floor – which was nice. For a hotel, it has quite a corporate feel. Perfectly located in terms of transportation – streets flooded with cabs, and right by the NRQ. The theater was beautiful, and was where the award show was held. I’m assuming the hotel catered the event and provided bartenders and coat check. I didn’t have any food because there wasn’t anything vegetarian that crossed my path. I did opt for some champagne, and the coat check and bartenders were very friendly.

  42. Betsy C.

    Nice enough hotel, but they nickel and dime you to death. $12.50 per DAY for wifi! Charge for business center 0.25 cents per minute! Lobby is loud. No seating area. Housekeeping always willing to bring pillows, coffee (you have to request a coffee maker), etc. No microwave or fridge. People nice.

  43. Kamaria S.

    I stayed here 4th of July weekend. We were greeted by the nicest bellhop ever who gave us the low-down that the parking was going to be a (GASP) $65 a night; no in’s and outs. The parking lot across the street was $55 but the bellhop went over and put in a good word and they only charged us $45. Still really high. Be warned that is just the beginning of the price gauging, the mini bar is sensored so that even you want to take a look at what’s being offered it will be charged to your room (other hotels in Times Square do the same). Also the Internet is about $13 a night…No free Wi-Fi here. There is no real lobby; there are a set of two couches and two chairs to the right of the entrance which might as well be pushed out onto the curb. They have completely lost their shape and are filthy! Yuck!The rooms are small (average for New York) but was completely neat and clean. The beds were covered by cheap (yet stylish) sheets and bedspreads and the mattress was HARDEST I’ve ever slept on in my life! Also the pillows are not your standard pillows they are like child size pillows, you need at least three to rest comfortably. The best this about this location is the friendly staff and the proximity to Times Square and Broadway. Just a block away you simply can’t beat it. It’s good for family trips (like this was) because you won’t spend too much time in the room anyway. Were in walking distance of fantastic shopping, great restaurants, and walked right to our show, quicker than a cab could have gotten us there (we were nearly late for Wicked!)I probably wouldn’t stay here again, unless someone else is paying. I spring to something a little nicer that won’t have my back still hurting after 2 nights of being home!

  44. Victoria B.

    We just returned from our stay in New York. I wasn’t sure what to expectfrom this hotel after reading the reviews on here, but I have to say it wasawesome.We were on a non-smoking floor, no hint of smoke smell that other peoplecomplained about. Large flat-screen televisions. Big windows that actuallyopen! This is wonderful for helping ward off the stuffy smell that nearlyevery hotel has. (And the window opens about 2 inches, so it’s notdangerous.)This was one of the few hotels I was able to find in the area that offers aking size bed. This is a must if you or someone you are traveling with istall. The room was also exceptionally large for what I would have expectedfrom a hotel in a large city.The location can’t be beat. Just 1/2 block from Time Square. And if you’reup for a longer walk, you can take a 30min stroll down 5th Ave to CentralPark. In addition there are doors to the lobby on both 44th and 45th streetso there is easy access no matter which direction you’re coming from.And Time Square is also the “theater district”. If you’re going to see ashow, they are all within quick (10min) walking distance.Had a great time and very much enjoyed this hotel. Staff was very friendly,professional, and helpful. Would recommend this hotel to a friend in aninstant.Vicki (frequent traveler)

  45. Janelle F.

    Just came back from the Millenium Broadway. Stayed there from 7/17 – 7/20. Although I typically get rooms in the city way cheaper via priceline, I managed to get this one for $240- which is still about $150 bucks cheaper than their regular rate.The pros- Location- Decent rate on Priceline – Charlotte bar inside the hotel was nice for pre-dinner drinks- The front desk staff gave me a free upgrade which is always niceThe cons- Concierge- rude and unprofessional (one was on the phone for 5 minutes on a personal call and completely ignored my girlfriend)- The room was just blah- The cleaning crew must’ve been more of a skeleton crew- room service dishes left outside seemed to be there forever with no one picking them upI wouldn’t pay regular rate for this hotel, but I would classify it as “alright” when you get it at a discount. . . It’s classified as a 4 star hotel, and I would probably rate it no higher than 3.5

  46. Mags L.

    if i were actually paying to stay here myself, it would suck. thankfully, i wasn’t here on my dime. and for that reason, it wasn’t a bad stay. the staff was helpful, and nice. the room was decent. not very modern, but serviceable. would have been nice to have more and warmer blankies. would have been nice to have wi-fi. there is internet connection in the rooms that requires you to have had some forethought and bring your own ethernet cable (who does that? did someone invent time travel without telling me? is it 1998?)i think the business area was nice (there is wi-fi). they served us an endless supply of tasty snacks the entire three days of my seminar. i like sweets and conclude: i don’t like times square. if i were using my own boodle, and were forced to stay in times square again, i’d stay at the sexy vampire-y boutique hotel next door.

  47. Jeff F.

    Excellent location, just a few steps from the heart of times square and Broadway shows… But the hotel is really tired.. Mold and unpainted wood in the bathroom etc. The refrigerator only works if you want to pay an extra $25. Otherwise it’s just a decoration. If the price was cheaper, I’d stay there again because of the location. But not again at higher rates… Too many other options…

  48. tonycluber

    If you’re looking for a ok-ish hotel near Times Square, this is it! From the outside and lobby, it looks pretty nice, but when we got to the room, it was gross. Dirty carpet, dirty walls, dirty dirty DIRTY!! Bed was hard and creaky, pillows were flat and our room had the faint smell of cigarette smoke. I paid for the hotel before I found out the name of it on, so I’m glad I got a good deal and only paid about $270 per night, but I would feel pretty ripped off if I paid anything more than that. Next time, I’ll spring for a nicer hotel.

  49. Z Z.

    We were not terribly impressed with the hotel. We have stayed in a Millenium in Boston and one of their London hotels and loved both of them. This one was seriously like a glorified motel with a pretty pricey rate! We had a corporate discount but still, it was about $370 a night before fees and tax.First, we had asked for a refrigerator ahead of time, which were told was no problem. When we got to our room, there wasn’t one (we got one eventually). So, we took everything out of the mini-bar to use that as a fridge. Well, we noticed a sign saying that if we even touched or moved anything from the minibar we were instantly charged for it. After I called the front desk and explained what we did they assured us to just put everything back and we wouldn’t get charged. Then we realized that the mini-bar door wouldn’t close and it appeared broken. So, maintenance had to come up to our room and fix it. Then there was a lack of extra pillows and towels. We repeatedly asked for extras but were never given any. Also, pretty much every day that we returned to our room they hadn’t come to clean it. They came right after we called but then we had to just sit there while they cleaned around us. What a pain. Apparently if they are on your floor and notice a do not disturb sign you are pretty much out of luck for the day unless you call them.Anyway, the room was small and not all that comfortable. We had to put one of our suitcases on one of the two chairs because there wasn’t any extra drawers to keep your clothes in. What type of hotel doesn’t have a bureau/dresser? Weird! Plus, there were only about 6 or 7 hangers. The bathroom had no fan or ventilation system so it stayed pretty steamed up for most of the morning while we were trying to get ready.The doorman really wasn’t much help flagging a cab. He actually convinced us to give a limo car driver $20 for a ride one night when they were backed up waiting for cabs. Paul saw them exchange money after we got in the car! Guess someone was getting a kickback for that system. A couple of my friends that live in NYC said we totally got ripped off, that the cab ride would have been much cheaper but the doorman said it was pretty equal.They have two entrances which was great except that one of them closes at night so you have to go way out of your way around the block to get to the other one. It happened to us almost every night! I wished they had the other entrance at least accessible by key card entry! It was seriously a pain! When we checked out, all the mini bar charges were on our bill, even though they promised us that they wouldn’t show up. They reversed them but only after I had to explain the whole story to the front desk dude. Also, they had told me that due to my corporate discount I would have free local calls…which were also on the bill! They ended up reversing those as well, but again…only after I explained the whole story. All and all, this place was just mediocre. And what a bummer because I really love staying in Milleniums! Like I already mentioned I love the one in Boston and London that we stayed in! The location was pretty great though! That is why it is getting three stars instead of two. I will probably never go back there and may actually think twice about staying in a Millenium again!

  50. Jennifer H.

    For the Priceline deal of under $200 a room, this place was great! Comfortable, quiet and clean rooms, mezzanine lounge with happy Hour and continental breakfast, friendly staff and so convenient to the theaters. I would absolutely stay here again- we loved it!

  51. Kevin S.

    Starting to age a little ungracefully, but I once loved this hotel for business trips. All sleek and grey and cherry, euroish, good sized rooms, most with nice corner windows overlooking Times Square because of a many-faceted design.

  52. Renee G.

    Stayed here August 2013. It was an okay experience, but it does need to be updated. The service is not that great. If you want anything, you need to ask. They do have free wifi in the lobby, which I used almost everyday. the location is awesome, right in the middle of Broadway, so if you wan’t to be in the center of time square, this is a good spot! The deli across the street was our morning hang out before hitting the tourist hot spots.

  53. Juliana B.

    Don’t Book Here..I consider myself to be well-traveled and fairly low maintenance which is why I followed the recommendation of my travel agent and family friend who had nothing but accolades for this ‘strong 4 star’ hotel. Before I get to the bad, I want to mention the location is perfect. I also want to give ‘shout outs’ to those at this hotel, that made our 4 nights bearable. Upon checking in, Syed greeted me and after I shared with him our special occasion, he offered me a complementary room upgrade (one level up), from the standard room we’d booked to the superior. He later called the room to make sure we liked it. The Doormen and Bellmen were all a breath of fresh air and made each one of the four days great, at this ‘strong 4 star’ hotel. The concierge was brilliantly pleasant and more than accommodating for anything big or small. Unfortunately, that’s all I have on the positive side. Everything else well, keep reading..The room was disgustingly dirty. There was hair, from the previous residents, all over the floor, tangled in the chairs along with hair pins, that didn’t belong to me, scattered all over the floor. The bathroom looked like it hadn’t been cleaned but rather wiped down. The tub had dirt on the side and one of the three towels provided, had makeup and lipstick on it. The toilet had not been cleaned (see picture). And to top it off there was mold all over the cracking bathroom ceiling (see pic). The light fixtures, in the bathroom, were broken and the lamps in the room kept flashing. Thank God for Walgreens right around the corner because we bought cleaning wipes before we could even unpack our toiletries. The kink in our necks will likely take a couple weeks to go away, thanks, in part, to the flat pillows and rock hard bed. On its website, the MB boasts sheets that are high quality/ threading but each morning I woke up with lines across my face. One my third day, I called down to housekeeping to have the room cleaned and was told “I’ll have to see if anyone is available and working”. No one ever came to clean the room yet the vacuum was going outside our room door two and a half hours later. This place is a dump. The doors are so loud and slam all night and day usually by the associates and cleaning crew going in and out of the rooms. We’ll definitely be back to NYC, but will never again stay here. I feel dirty and in need of a shower asap!

  54. Vanessa H.

    I recently stayed here JUNE 11-June 14 in the PREMIER TOWER! It is a completely separate tower from the original hotel…while the hotel is nice the premier tower is just that…Our personal concierges, Monique & Hector, were both extremely nice and accommodating…friendly and a breath of fresh air.Monique was kind enough to allow us to check in early and tour the available rooms to pick the one we liked best. We chose room 2020 for the view, space and layout! There was a complimentary breakfast and complimentary happy hour every day of the week. About a 5-10 min walk from subway, Times Square and tons of entertainment. The rooms were super clean and the maintenance staff brought us a refrigerator minutes after requesting one.When I return to NYC I will stay here again!!!

  55. Joe E.

    I booked a trip about 6 months in advance and the rate was great when I did so through Orbitz (about half the regular rate). The hotel itself is very nice and the location is superb! It is in the heart of times square. We were minutes form everything ! The service was pretty good and had every issue I had (which were not that many) resolved quickly. The room itself was clean and maintained every day. The view was great from the 44th floor. I have no complaints and would most certainly go back again and plan on it.

  56. Laura H.

    Clean, comfortable bed. Great staff who took care of our needs. Fun time just walking out into Times Square, hopping the Big Bus Tour around town.

  57. Catarina A.

    This hotel was found using priceline. The information provided was not accurate is my feeling. This hotel is not what we expected for what we paid! CONS:-Dirty! The carpet was so dirty. The walls dirty. Everything dirty. -The room was in need of repairs. Bad upkeep.-Soap in bathroom was used! Unbelievable.-price-Used empty wine glasses on the floor outside the room next to us. They were there the day we got there and the next day when we left. PROS: -Location-Staff was kind

  58. Jasmine R.

    My mom and I had been online looking at hotels for about a month prior to our trip. I’ve stayed here before and did not remember it being bad. So we booked it again. We booked it through We requested an early check in, but there were no rooms available when we arrived. So we were asked to wait until 4pm. We didn’t mind; there’s plenty to do. Okay so when we got back at 4 we checked in. The staff was very friendly. We got to our room and the room hadn’t been cleaned from the previous guests. I think my mom was more upset than I, but I wasn’t happy about it. We got another room and guests manager did give us free breakfast for the remainder of our stay. Which saved us some money every morning. The hotel was great. And I had absolutely no problems at all. Maybe the hotel needed a few updates and minor renovations, but it wasn’t outdated or dirty like some of the other reviews I’ve read. I definitely would stay here again.

  59. danielson

    Dated, comfortable, great location, incredible views!”We booked this hotel online through a search engine that day as a “mystery” hotel based on the star rating and general location. And what a location it is! Just off Broadway by 50 yards or so, we had an incredible view of Time Square from our room on the 22nd floor. The Millennium has entrances on both 44th and 45th Streets. Super convenient location for seeing a show, walking around in the bright lights, or heading the other direction to Avenue of the Americas and Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, or the NY Public Library. We saw a show at the Lyceum which is directly across 45th. The Millennium was nice, but aging. A very big property to maintain, this is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group. The very pretty Lobby has soaring ceilings and was nicely decorated for Christmas. Staff was friendly, but not overly attentive. (No one opening doors for us.) There was security posted by the elevators checking for guests’ keys at night, but things were much more relaxed during the day. No coffee in the lobby, however a Starbucks is steps away. There was no coffee maker in the room, but one was brought up when we requested. Bed linens were clean and sheets on the comfortable beds were very high quality, but the plain, white bedspreads were dated and due for a makeover. The bathroom was large and clean, but getting run down. The chrome was wearing off the sink faucet and caulking around the floor and tub/shower needs to be replaced. It was discolored, especially around the corners of the room. The windows open out a couple of inches, which I love! My friend enjoyed the exercise room, but I didn’t see it. All in all, it was fine. I got an outrageously good deal on the rate through the search engine (1/2 the hotel’s listed price). And they upgraded me to a double from a king when I requested it. It was a Monday night so I’m sure that helped. I would go back if the price was right.Room Tip: Ask for a view. Hunt for a room rate.

  60. Robin Y.

    My fiancé and I stayed here overnight on a spontaneous trip to NYC from Boston a few weeks ago, so we weren’t here for long, but had an overall great experience. All of the staff had a great sense of humor, which we always give bonus points for. The hotel itself is truly right off of Times Square, which is very convenient to so many parts of the city (including the R train to Brooklyn, which was important for us). It’s also really nice inside- the room and hotel overall were modern, clean, and attractive, and we had a nice view from the forty-something-th floor. Also, their elevators are crazy fast. It was also great that we were able to book an affordable room here literally twelve hours before we arrived. I only docked a star because they don’t have free WiFi in the rooms (although they do in the lobby), which is something that I pretty much take for granted in a hotel, so I was unpleasantly surprised by that lack of an amenity. Otherwise, really nice room, excellent service, and a perfect stay- would totally come back.

  61. Brian P.

    Wow, what a disappointment. I’m glad that work was paying for it, because at $700 per night I was sure expecting a lot more.Good points:Location, location, location – sure, this place is in the heart of Times Square. When you walk in, the lobby area is impressive, the bar was a little small, but the food in the restaraunt was pretty darn good (if hotel priced)Bad Points:Of course, that also means that you’re in the heart of Times Square, so you better be ready for horns and jack hammers at all hours of the night. Ok, fair enough, that’s not really the hotels fault…however, there is a striking similarity to the standard Las Vegas room – specifically, a million watts of neon and flashing lights right outside. From the 35th floor, there was still enough light coming through to light up the room. You would think that they could learn the art of “blackout drapes” from…well…damn near any other hotel in the world. But nope, they were missing.I was surprised at how massive the rooms were – and how completely ineffectively they used the space! Amazing, if they had cut the rooms in half, and re-invested that extra $700 per night into a decent bed, decent TV, decent lighting, etc… then this could have been a rock star hotel. As it was, the rooms pretty much sucked.Oh – and note – if they give you an “01” room on any floor…mine was 3501…then that whooshing sound at all hours of the night, no, that’s not a draft in the window from being so high. It’s the elevator shaft on the other side of the wall, with 6 cars zipping up and down.I have no idea what has happened to this place. But after such a rotten experience, I start to make up stories in my head about how things could have ended up this way. My story/justification for the Millenium Broadway, is that “somebody” just bought the hotel recently from “somebody else” that had run it into the ground. And that they are starting the improvements to make it world class, but are starting from the ground up. That explains the great lobby (1st floor) and world class conference center (2nd thru 7th)…my problem is, the renovation hasn’t made it up to 35 yet. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, so I don’t get sick at the idea of a $700 per night hotel like that.

  62. Danielle M.

    The views from the room were great however the front staff were rude. The rooms were very basic. The elevator did not cater well for the number of rooms, they were always crowded and took a long time to come. The location was good but there are plenty of other better hotels in the area.

  63. Tracy S.

    Great location just a few steps from Times Square!!! There’s a great little deli across the street where you can pick up a quick snack or a full meal for much less than eating at a restaurant. We greatly appreciated the concierge’s assistance with negotiating the subway. The hotel and rooms are very dated and in serious need of a facelift but they were clean and comfortable. I was disappointed and surprised that they charge for wifi.

  64. Candace F.

    One of the better hotels I’ve stayed at in NY. I found an awesome deal on Travel Zoo. The concierge at the front desk was very helpful. My flight landed late so I ended up checking in around 11PM. He made recommendations on where to eat and printed up a menu for a nearby diner that delivers. I stayed at the luxury tower for $200/$240 per night for 4 nights. We were on the 9th floor right by the elevator. There weren’t too many people staying on our floor so it wasn’t noisy. The room was nice. We had a small living room area, a big bathroom with a tub for soaking and a shower, a flat screen TV, and use of a comfortable robe and slippers. They offer miniature bottles of LATHER products – I love the shower gel and shampoo. Every morning there was continental breakfast which offered a variety of breakfast food and drinks. Food: yogurt, fruit, bagels, croissants, Danishes, muffins, hard boiled eggs, ham, and salami. Drink: OJ, coffee, tea, and bottled water (by request). Eating in NY is expensive so it was cool having one free meal a day. This was definitely a good find for me as Times Square is a tourist trap and the prices for hotels are crazy expensive. We were right in the heart of Times Square with Good Morning America studio filming across the street. Overall, the stay was good because of the deal we found. But it would not be worth the regular price of $400-$600/night.

  65. Jenny F.

    Decent and clean hotel located in Times Sq. area. My main gripe with this hotel is that there are not enough people working the check in counter. This is a huge problem seeing that this hotel is super busy and a big tour group hotel. We were in line for about 20 minutes waiting to check in on a Saturday morning and there was only one guy working the counter.Our room was small but not the smallest we’ve had in the city. The room was clean and quiet. Cheap rates can be found using priceline. However, we stayed during a holiday weekend and paid an arm and a leg.There is a restaurant located in the lobby but beware of the hugely inflated prices.

  66. soy y.

    I like this hotel. We have held a couple conferences here and they always run pretty smoothly… I never paid $700 a night(!!!) though.. For that price, I would definitely say it’s not worth it. I think we always negotiated room rates around 3-400. Considering the location, it’s worth spending a little more if you’re into the sightseeing or catching a show, it’s definitely central location for times square.The elevators are rocketspeed fast!!!!

  67. Jim B.

    At least I only had to endure this old and run-down place for one night (stayed there last Thurs/Fri.). This hotel is a sad letdown, and represents the downside of a blind Hotwire deal.When I checked in the first thing they tell you is to not move anything on the mini bar or it charges you, and you’ll be fined up to $2500 if you smoke in the non-smoking rooms (I don’t smoke, LOL). I enter the room to find old looking drapes, 2nd hand looking scuffed furniture, & cigarette burns in the ancient carpet. Bummed, I then checked the bed for bugs. It was clean thank goodness.For $350 a night, you’d expect way better. So OK, it was in Times Square, the ONLY reason it gets 2 stars. Ugh. Internet is not free, no coffee maker in the room, not even in the lobby (there’s a Starbucks right next door, but really). The TV is a 40″ flat panel but no HD, so you get that stretched picture effect that on some channels is irritating. Very limited channel selection and not very intuitive menu on screen.Call downstairs to complain and you get a polite version of who-cares attitude. At least the lamps and iron worked, and very nice bell man, best I can say. So, next time I’ll stay elsewhere.

  68. timmykilla

    So I booked through and the pictures are very misleading. I paid $220 a night during Valentine’s Day weekend,which is not too bad for such a great location and a holiday weekend. The 2 stars is for the great location, the friendly staff and it is just an average hotel. There are much better options for that price in NYC. It needs a serious remodel. It’s simply just older and has never been remodeled and the sheets/pillows, for lack of a better word,suck. Truthfully, stay somewhere else.

  69. Mark D.

    Got this randomly on a Friday night from priceline for $225 pre tax. The location was great for our plans, you can walk to the Rockefeller center area, central park, penn station etc.(although if you aren’t a master at walking through the crowd down the street it might be a hassle) The room was actually a lot larger than I expected, we had a king size bed with 2 seats, a table, and a nice flat screen. We only stayed the night but I couldn’t ask for any more…except for perhaps somehow cutting the price in half but it comes with the zip code.

  70. Ashley W.

    This hotel was nice! It’s close to a lot of fun things you’d want to do in NYC but I have to tell you there was one person who made our stay special- JESSE! Jesse went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed, and all the while he was smiling, genuine, and just seemed to really like his job. He also had a great guy there helping, Tyree. Thank you so much Jesse and Tyree for being the guys that made our stay so special!

  71. brattlebop18

    Staff was friendly and courteous from the front desk to the concierge. Perfect spot if you want the tourist experience and great connectivity to all parts of the city. The south entrance to the park is less than a mile away and cabs or trains everywhere. Hotel was clean and partial views of Times Square to the west and landmarks like the Chrysler building to the south. I enjoyed it there and if I don’t stay here again it will only be because I want a more local experience.

  72. John B.

    This is a decent hotel near Times Square but could do w some updating. The rooms aren’t tiny which is nice but that’s about it. There really should be free wifi.Quite frankly, visitors to the island should go further south or north for a hotel to get more boutique and outside of the pedestrian traffic.

  73. brandonresh

    We truly loved this place. The minute you walked through the doors, to being greeted by the door man… The foyer was gorgeous and the the staff was soooo helpful…. We only stayed one night but it was fabulous. The view to our room was outstanding and the room itself was enchanting…. Coming back from our great night out to our fab hotel room made it even more of a special night for us….

  74. H T.

    this hotel is in the middle of times square, so if you are into that, this is a good place for you. the rooms range from disgustingly old (unfortunately, my room) to those that are renovated w/ nice bedspread and down comforters. i guess they are in the midst of renovating, so my bed barely had a blanket. if you are lucky enuf to have a newer room, this could be a good place to stay if you want the convenience of the theater district.

  75. Amy E.

    We were on the 51st floor of the older section (not premier) of the hotel. We had a fantastic view that included the Chrysler building. I feel the hotel is a fair rate for such a great location, very comfortable king bed and very large room. The elevators are super fast and the service is very friendly. I highly recommend John’s Pizza a few blocks away – the best pizza in NYC.

  76. Kiara C.

    Came here for the Sexual Health Expo and the hotel staff were helpful. Very busy lobby that includes a rather snazzy bar/restaurant inside. I can only speak for the conference room, which was a decent size and very clean/organized for the vendors and speakers. Location is great and easy to find. Starbucks shares the block and that’s amaze balls! I was thinking of booking a night to see how the stay would be.

  77. eddyL

    All the reviews below made me question this hotel, but I decided to give them a shot. Their nightly rates are inexpensive and the location is perfect. After explaining the misunderstanding I had with to the Gentlemen in the front desk he made everything so much better. He allowed us to check in early at 12:00pm when check in is at 4:00pm and even upgraded us to a larger room. The concierge’s were great, suggesting great places to eat and helping with Subway directions. The room was clean and a good size, with had a great view. Let me not forget how great this hotel smelled. The hotel is practically in Time Square and walking distance from many attractions. we walked 10 minutes to Empire state building.

  78. Gourmet G.

    Located in the heart of Times Square, this stunningly renovated property caters to corporate types, as clearly evidenced by the somewhat odd decor in their Classic rooms, which look like an executive suite with an oversized bed (complete with a merino wool blanket and goose-down pillows). Floor-to-ceiling windows provide nice city views if you’re situated high enough. Other amenities include a desk with ample work space, two dual-line phones with voice mail available in four languages, in-room safes, cable TV, iron and ironing board, and hair dryer. Premier rooms and suites have a softer look and offer a long list of extra perks. Located in the hotel are Restaurant Charlotte, featuring a New American menu that draws both guests and theater-goers, and the restored landmark Hudson Theatre. Rack rates start at $269, although discounts are available for AAA and AARP members, and a number of well-priced packages with attractive features are available as well.

  79. Patrick H.

    Room wasn’t clean except for a made bed when I got there. Let from desk know, at check in time, wasn’t clean when I got back after dinner. Went to front desk again and they promised to clean it by the time I returned from dinner and when I got back same thing. Stayed for two night and room never got cleaned once. When I went to check out they were shocked I would be upset about this.

  80. Deana C.

    Omg it was so horrible we had to change rooms 3 times… The hotel is so old and gross, everything is ripped and taped back together..There was NO ac.. Please look at the pictures I posted…

  81. Mindalah B.

    I would defiantly stay there again. Check in is at 4 and check out is 12. They will store your bags for no additional fee. There is a charge for wifi. We were on the 45th floor facing Times Square, we booked the larger room which was really nice. Plenty of room to be comfortable and did not really hear to much noise from the Square. A few little problems. The door had to be redone due to the mechanism for the card reader was broken, no outlets near your bed for your chargers, long lines for check in and baggage storage,bed pillows were not the greatest. But it was a holiday weekend. The location was fabulous, walking distance to all the theaters and restaurants. Across the street is Virgils BBQ, best chili…..ever.

  82. stripforme123

    Hotel was clean. A little old/outdated. Staff at the desk was very friendly but wasn’t enough for the volume of guests. Location was very convenient.

  83. DeathandFood H.

    This a great place if you like the Hilton and Hyatt and other nice but average hotels but for 300 a night I expect better.If you want to be in Time Square then this is a great place and from the 50th floor where we were staying you have an amazing view of iconic New York Buildings. But I hate Time Square and when were are the hotel there was a childrens Irish dancing competition at the hotel. But it was our choice to stay in Time Square for business.Things that made the hotel average not exceptional1. there was draft so noisy from the hall into the room, we had to put a robe in front of it not to hear.2. the bathroom was tiny, with a tiny tub/shower combo and worst of all there was high whining noise when ever the shower was on.3. the wi-fi wasn’t free like at the Premier where we were originally booked4. the decor was very 1930’s art-deco but more generic. It wasn’t ugly by any means and it is a step up from the generic Hilton look.

  84. Anonymous A.

    Beautiful hotel, rooms are cozy, great location, but air conditioning is crappy. Went here in mid July and the AC was in a such an odd place it barely made a difference in the room. Worth it if you don’t care for air conditioning.

  85. rodneyerm

    Please don’t waste your time and money. The rooms are below average, the beds are hard, and the vents have built up dirt and lent in them like they haven’t been cleaned in ages. The doormen hit on you every time you leave or come back. On top of everything, I left a few things hanging up in the closet. I called the hotel and security/housekeeping who claimed to have no record of them. I asked if they possibly got the dates or room numbers mixed up and if they could double check and she says “I don’t know what you’re trying to say.” Just don’t waste your money. This place is shady all around.

  86. Albert B.

    I was compelled to stay here because of the proximity to Times Square and the discounted rate I was given. In retrospect, I should have paid an additional $100 for a different hotel. This place was dirty and the room was awful. The bed was very uncomfortable and the atmosphere of the room was poor.Stay elsewhere, even if it means spending a little extra money.

  87. Food C.

    this place was a three to be honest. priceline and other websites gave it a 4 star rating but it IS NOT a four star hotel. here are the pros and conspros: location, location, location. you are right in times sq and central to EVERYTHING. the subway stations are very close and times sq is a great area to stay if you’re a tourist because you can get to everything you need further uptown or downtown because it’s centrally located. accomodations: the room was clean i guess. it wasn’t the best or worst room i have stayed in. it was not a 4 star room though. there was a toenail clipping that never got vacuumed in my room. gross. however, the bed seemed clean. the housekeeping made SOOOO MUCH NOISE. it was annoying. if you get a room tehre, make sure to specifiy that you DO NOT want to be anywhere near the side where the housekeeping room was. They frequently open the store and slam it in the morning and go in and out of that room and you hear all the noise. I had to call down to the front desk several times about this. the elevator noise did not bother me and i found it very slight. i was up high so i didn’t hear any street noise that bothered me. staff: they seem ok, but not really “polished” like you would imagine for a 4 star hotel. seemed like it was just people that worked there but you didn’t get a feeling they were all that interested in their jobs. there were some nice people at the front desk though. one guy even upgraded my room. that was pretty awesome. If you want a shuttle to or from a hotel to go to teh airport, you can try I think they are like $20 each way. Better than the taxis but you have to stop at all these random hotels. the conceirge will even set it up for you. there are tons of other hotels around so try and find the best price and see how it works out for you. this one is not a bad hotel. but again, they did upgrade me to the higher room which is their “premiere” and was on a higher floor so the lower floor standard rooms, I am not sure how they would be. i guess if you have a clean room that’s all that matters.

  88. Jenifer W.

    I stayed here on a business trip, and I L-O-V-E-D almost all of my experience here. If you are looking for a quality hotel RIGHT on the Times Square strip, you absolutely won’t do better than this spot right here. Read on for details Room: Surprisingly, nice for the price ($350 a night during peak season). I had a room on the 35th floor, Square side. The king bed was very nice, the room cleaned well, and overall had very little to complain about. One thing I will mention the noiseon the Square side, even high up, noise travels – if you are a light sleeper, you’ll hear honking, sirens, yelling, you name it – the noise travels / echos up the building and you’d be surprised at what volume. Amenities: There are very little frills here. In the room, you’ll get a blow dryer, mini bar (don’t expect a fridge – there is NO room in there for your leftovers or alcohol) :(, a television, and that’s about it. Downstairs, there is a VERY overpriced bar and restaraunt (people not on a business trip, do NOT waste your money — there are a number of great bars / food places significantly cheaper within a block), and that’s about it. I didn’t look for a gym or a pool, though they may very well have either or both. Sleep: Decent. The bed was comfortable, the pillows soft, and the room had blackout curtains that took care of a vast majority of light. The only thing again to note was the noise level on the Square side… a colleague of mine slept on the same floor, NOT on the Square side, and did not hear a thing.Hotel Staff: Friendly at check in, and then non-existent. The staff manning the desk was efficient, handing us our keys, and that was that. We never saw nor heard from them again, although our room was clean and straightened each day when we returned. Value: Fair, considering the location. If you are looking to stay on Times Square near the action, this is the absolute cream of the crop. We had several colleagues in other nearby hotels, and we all agreed Millenium won the “best of” competition.SOME TIPS IF YOU STAY:(1) If you are looking to drink, do NOT go to the bar downstairs – at $13 for 1/2 a glass of wine, it’s a ripoff. About 1.5 blocks away there is a Walgreens you can buy bottles of liquor at (I spent $11 for a full bottle of Chardonnay – hello!!!). If you are looking for a bar, they are lined up around any block you choose – most of the “local” places charge half what the hotel bar does, so spend your money there.(2) Go to the above Walgreens for any food / snack items you’d like, you’ll pay a lot less here than anywhere else nearby.(3) If Toys R Us is at all interesting to you or your party, you are less than 1/2 a block from the coolest toy store there ever was – there is a famous 3 story Toys R Us right on the block, and it’ll make a kid out of anyone (see the in-store ferris wheel complete with beloved characters as cars, or the life size animatronic T-Rex if you don’t believe me). Seriously, even if you only spend 10 minutes, go inside here and look around – seriously cool.

  89. Danny K.

    Great hotel to stay at if you want to stay in the heart of Time Square. There wasn’t anything too special about the Millenium Broadway but all I did was sleep here – didn’t use any of their amenities. Fortunately we had a room pretty high up in the building (I believe the 32nd floor) – if we had a room in the lower floors it would have been pretty loud with the constant car honking and non stop droves of people roaming around Time Square. Also, getting back to the hotel via cab can be a nightmare with all the traffic around the area – plus hailing a cab can also be a nightmare, we had to walk a couple of blocks to find a less busy area. Overall, I would probably want to stay in the Soho area next time I’m visiting NYC since I spent most of my time here anyway but if you’re wanting non stop Time Square experience then the Millennium Broadway is perfect for you (our window view showed all of Time Square).

  90. Dave B.

    Very disappointing for the price. Our room was not in good repair. One light was out and the closet was falling apart. There is a significant amount of MOLD in the bathroom sink along the caulk. Our room was not ready until after 6 p.m. on check in day. One day our room was not cleaned at all nor were new towels provided. I have stayed here before and had much better service. The only positives I can offer: the concierge is excellent and the hotel is bedbug free.

  91. Vivian L.

    I stayed here due to a conference. I really like this hotel. It’s not the Ritz or anything but the rooms are really big for NY hotels, the room is clean, the staff are nice, and it is in a prime location to everything in NYC, located in Times Square. I had breakfast at the hotel. It was pricey NY hotel prices but it wasn’t bad. I would definitely stay here again. Only drawback is although they have internet in the rooms, it’s $11 a day and it’s not wireless so it isn’t the fastest connection.

  92. Dineen B.

    My first and last stay at this hotel. The room was okay. The staff was okay. The first thing that caught my notice was the fact that they had all of their guests’ luggage in rows in the lobby. Not terribly important but very telling of how the hotel operates. The thing that put it over the top for me was the fact that at 2:00 am I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I was a little disturbed at the fact that there was not a soul in sight in the lobby but figured they were off doing other things. I then watched someone walk into the lobby, raise a ruckus and NOT A SINGLE PERSON came out to see what the commotion was about. No one. I managed to come downstairs, go outside for at 20 minutes, watch this stranger raise a ruckus and leave, come back inside to go back upstairs and never saw anyone. I could have been murdered and strung up in the lobby and no one would have even noticed. I will never stay here again. The only real positive for this hotel is it’s location. I’ll walk a few more blocks.

  93. Angelica C.

    Was here last Valentines Day. Beautiful room with a beautiful view. Got there too early,they checked our bags free of charge while we traveled NYC. They gave us great tips on where to go and what to do. Highly recommend staying here.

  94. Krystle S.

    I stayed here for a conference that was happening not too far away. Not sure why this hotel was chosen instead of the Westin down the street which I’m sure was much better. Oh well – it wasn’t my dime so I can’t complain.It’s an old hotel and the staff are friendly enough but it’s also rather difficult to check in and just get going. We had asked for and were told we could do early check-in and late checkout. Our plane landed at like 8am and when we had to leave days later it wasn’t until late afternoon. Well even those were on our confirmations from the hotel neither of those two things happened. We were at least able to leave our bags with the doorman until we could get in the room several hours later.The rooms were okay – nothing to write home about. The room had issues staying at a comfortable temperature. Old building so temperature regulation was an issue? You could tell this used to be a nice hotel once upon a time but it’s not really anymore.The gym was alright, but had extremely low ceilings and was tiny. Not at all what you would expect when you look at the picture in the hotel. There’s dust on everything and there’s no air. The equipment is at least not too old and most does work. The TV is sad, old and should be put out of it’s misery.The business center is alright. It’s nice that they offer complementary printing for your boarding pass AND the first 10min to surfing or whatever you need are free.No free WIFI which it should be in a hotel of this expense. It’s not like it’s a super ritzy place.I would stay elsewhere because I know there’s just better places where you’d be paying the same. It is in a great location though so that’s why.

  95. StripClub431

    If you want to be at Times Square w minimal extras… This is the place. You are less than a block away. BUT… My mom and I booked a dbl bed space. Didn’t get it. Their website said breakfast was included. FAIL! No coffee pot. Had to pay for delivered mail… I sent us blow up chairs to sit in line for SNL. They charged us. No fridge. No microwave. These are things I’m used to while traveling. At 200 a night, I think I deserve a coffee pot and fridge. Yes it is NY. But come on! Good service. They were kind when they charged me to deliver my packages. But we were close.

  96. Rimma A.

    Horrendous experience! To begin with we were checked into a room that had a leaking window. It felt like a steam room and smelled like mildew and dirt. The room was dirty and because of the moisture in the room the doors to the bathroom and entry expanded. I was stuck in the bathroom for a few minutes trying to get out. It took my husband and I some serious muscle to be able to get out. To top it off the water from the leaking window dripped into electric outlet and shorted the television and ruined my shoes. To make matters worst the beds and sheets belong in a prison. The bed felt like sleeping on a box spring and sheets felt like paper. Never mind the pillows that were so hard and uncomfortable that my neck still hurts after two weeks. Did I mention this hotel charges over 400 a night plus charges 50 a night to ‘rent ‘a refrigerator.This was the worst experience we ever had. The management only offered a 100 dollar discount on the first night. ( laughable) Somehow Priceline rated this place a 4 star. I’ve stayed in 4 star properties many times and this place has to be buying their reviews.Just disgusting! Do yourselves a favor and avoid this place!

  97. J H.

    Nice central location and nice lobby. Rooms are out dated and beds are old and hard. Mold in the shower and around the sink, the ceilings have some kind of yellow spots all over them and the carpet is sticky and smells like dirty feet. They need some new carpet and serious updating.

  98. Drimi D.

    The location is perfect which is why the 3 stars. The rooms are dated but have all the amenities. We stated for a week and after 2 days we realized that you have to remind housekeeping to clean you room 🙁 Service could have been much better considering the nightly rate.

  99. harryharry

    We purchased through orbitz a 4.5 star hotel stay at the premier hotel. The pictures online were misleading and there are two separate hotels Millenium and Premier. Small dorm size rooms. A bit of an old school bathroom, no refrigerator, hard towels, cleaning ladies have walked on in about 3-4 times but they are really nice! Staff are not too accommodating. Wasn’t able to cancel because it was paid in full through a third party, my bad. The location is great, close to Times Square and theatres.

  100. Jj R.

    My husband and I have been to Times Square many times and this was the worst hotel stay ever. For the amount I paid I really thought I would of gotten what I read on their hotel description. Their web site stated pillow top bed but unless the mattress was flipped I definetly didn’t sleep on a pillow top. Had no choice but to get up early cause I was in pain. Hotel pretty out dated and old looking. Disgusting smell when we arrived by elevators. We ask for extra bedding only brought us a blanket. Awful stay all together. I would never recommend this hotel. Pro: Location.

  101. Wes D.

    The biggest thing this hotel has going for it is location. The staff was quite friendly and well trained. Other than that, there really wasn’t much about this hotel.I got the room as part of a package deal on Travelocity, but if I’d have paid $300 per night for this, I wouldn’t be happy.The bed was hard and uncomfortable, the pillows were old and didn’t provide any support, the shower had very low water pressure, the water temperature ranged wildly from hot to cold in moments and they charge $13 per day for internet access.My last trip to NY, I stayed in a Holiday Inn during Christmas week for $130 a night and it was just as nice, but much more comfortable than Millennium. Granted, wasn’t in the heart of Times Square, so, I guess the choice is whether you pay for location or save a little bit.

  102. Stewart C.

    If I could give the hotel 0 stars I would. The only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because of one man–Billy. Other than that, I have a laundry list of reasons I’m overwhelmingly disappointed with this hotel. First of all, the pillows are flat and painful. I lost enough sleep I would have purchased new pillows for two nights. And that’s unacceptable. As you will see in my photos one of the two bedside lamps didn’t even exist it looked like it was ripped off the wall. The bedside table in the middle of the two main beds looked like a battered piece of furniture from Goodwill. The coffee and tea stand with the various options looked so dirty it wasn’t appropriate. More than anything I’ve never seen any hotel or multi story building for that matter that had such incompetent elevator. ‘s

  103. Johnson12

    Much better than a 4-star hotel down the street. Great views. Friendly staff and great amenities. Would stay here again in a heartbeat. Much better value than the Lotte New York Palace.

  104. Yesenia P.

    I actually only saw the lobby of the hotel. A friend of mine was visiting and he was a guest at the hotel so we just hung out in the lobby for a bit. It looked very nice and modern. The location is very convenient as well.

  105. larry1

    Nice hotel right in the heart of Times Square. The rooms are clean and comfortable. You are half a block to Broadway right in the heart of the action. If you want to be close to Times Square and all that it has to offer, this is the place. If you want a quiet out of the way spot, then you don’t want to stay here… better yet, you don’t want to go to New York if that’s what you’re looking for. Anyway, I recommend it for the true traveler: business or pleasure!

  106. T W.

    My family & I stayed here in Sept 2011. We booked on Priceline (based on our star rating preference & price we wanted to pay) without knowing which hotel we were getting. I was pleasantly surprised we were in the middle of Times Square. We were upgraded to a big, spacious room with a nice view upon our arrival. We even got 2 free drinks at the bar. The room & bathroom was clean. It served its purpose for the 2 days we were there. Our flight got in way before check-in time. We were glad the hotel held our luggage & locked it up while we visited Times Square until it was time to check-in.Starbucks is right next door! :-)Con – our daughter was 6 yrs old at the time & was flipping through channels to find cartoons & she came across a very explicit adult channel — no filter, no password — it was airing in the middle of the day, just like a regular channel. I quickly changed it, but I wish she wasn’t exposed to something like that.

  107. JD R.

    Great staff, comfortable beds, great location!!! Would definitely stay again!

  108. Dessy V.

    Stayed 2 nights in this hotel on my second night stay I was asleep and awakened by a bug crawling on my face I managed to get a video of it before killing it and called front desk they acted as if it was no big deal and just changed my room you would think they would atleast give me a nicer room with a better view but the view was worse.. Considering this hotel is supposed to be 4star you would think they would want to make sure I was taken care of since there was a bug crawling on my face smh I definatly will not be staying there again and wouldn’t recommend this hotel to anyone especially for the amount of money I paid to stay there

  109. Frank S.

    Okay first and foremost, time square is filled with hotels that can make or break your stay. I arrived at millennium and had top notch service from the first second! The person at the desk named Jigme knew what customer service is all about! The millennium also has an amazing view of time square obviously if you’re on the correct side of the hotel. It is right in time square and if you keep the window shut, you’ll have no problem sleeping I’m their soft bed!

  110. Chris R.

    DO NOT STAY HERE DURING WINTER MONTHS. I’m writing this while I am staying here. This is the second time I’ve stayed at this hotel and it is alright at best. The mattresses are sub par and hard as a rock and the linens are sub par. Overall, for cost it seems like a good deal. Beware. During the winter months they set the common area temp at 90* and this causes every room to be super hot. The advice from the desk was to open the window. Mind you, it’s February in NYC and there no way to balance 20* outdoor temps with sketchy indoor thermostats. If you’re going cheap, go cheaper and check out the Hilton garden inn Times Square. If you’re going for nice-ish, check out the Westin or Grand Hyatt (both are pretty awesome). Bottom line, okay hotel for summer, terrible for winter.

  111. igor34

    This review is somewhat overdue as my stay was back in August.I don’t understand why this hotel has received some terrible reviews, as I found my stay here to be quite pleasant, in fact professional.I was here in mid-August for vacation and to see a show (Future Sound of Egypt 350) at the Hammerstein Ballroom.Upon arrival at the hotel, it was in the heart of Times Square, and had a gorgeous modern interior. Unfortunately when I checked in, I was told they were overbooked and would be sending me to another hotel nearby for the night, comped. I was tired from a day of flying cross country…but did not complain, as I understood the situation, and was pleased with the fact that they took care of me by sending me to another posh hotel (Row NYC) and gave me more than ample cab-fare to get me there.When I came back, I was quite pleased that due to the inconvenience of moving me for the night, they upgraded me – no extra charge – to an executive suite with a city view room! Definitely was pleased about this as hotel rooms in New York can be quite small, especially at 6’2″, and this gave me plenty of room for comfort!Hotel was clean. Maybe some paint and mild wall-paper updates could be nice, but nothing was run down or ratty as other reviews have suggested.I also have to commend the front desk for the way they handled the situation of being moved for the night. The gentleman who helped me (I wish I remembered his name…) was profusely apologetic for the inconvenience, but quite professional in handling the matter.I can’t help but dock one star only because if anything goes wrong – such as overbooking your hotel and moving guests who have paid in advance – I can’t give 5 stars. But they certainly made up for it, took care of me, and I would not hesitant to stay with them again in the future because of the way they handled the situation.

  112. fritter17

    Remember that you are paying for location here. The front desk people were very nice.. Checked us in early on a holiday weekend. The location was amazing. A 1 minute walk to good morning America studio and toysrus right in the heart of Times Square. The rom was pretty nice (not too fancy).. But again, you are paying for location. If you want a decent hotel that is safe and in the middle of everything.. Then this is it.

  113. Cassie S.

    Location is great, but when we checked into our room it had not been cleaned at all. There were dirty coffee cups and half empty wine bottles, the towels and sheets had not been changed and the soap had been used. Would not recommend to others.

  114. Sid B.

    I strongly recommend another hotel if you the rooms are over $200/night. Rooms are spacious but *every* other hotel service stops at 11pm. Is this hotel really in the city that never sleeps on Times Square? You’ll be shocked as I was that this place has such little to offer. After a night at the theater, don’t go back to the hotel because nothing is there. Why then is this place so costly? Probably location. Essentially this is a very nice, upscale Days Inn with a fancy registration desk. I sat in the lobby bar as patron after patron asked if the bartender was around at 10:39PM. Don’t come here if you’re looking for a full service hotel one would expect in New York on Times Square.

  115. Hannah C.

    This hotel is a utter nightmare and completely ruined our visit to NYC! We came in on a red eye flight and requested early check-in. Upon arrival we were greeted by Selchuk. He told us our room won’t be ready until noon -1pm. So we waited in their ghetto “lobby” which had some worn out old couches with deflated cushions. We checked back around noon and informed me it should be another hour wait since the previous guests just checked out. So we waited an hour and checked back to see the status of our room. The front desk gal was very rude and said we needed to wait a few more hours. The rest of the staff ignored us or ran to the back of the office to avoid us (including Selchuk. and we ended up not being able to check in until 4pm!!! Why the hell would a “upscale” hotel lie about a room being ready within an hour if they had no intention in the first place to check us in until 4pm?!? I wouldn’t have wasted the day waiting on a promised lie. This hotel has no credibility and no customer service!!! Once we got our room (#2915 -avoid this room at all costs!) it was terrible! They called it a deluxe room but it was far from anything deluxe. It had cracks, chipped paint and stains everywhere. The tub was filthy with stains, the water pressure was horrid, the sink would not drain (we had to call 2x to get someone to fix it), and we found a BLOOD STAIN on the bed sheets! When we called to report it, we got a rude, annoyed reply and a lady who came up to give us excuses that the housekeeper must have cut her hand and left the stain. No apologies just excuses! Also our room reeked of smoke!! When we asked a staff member if smoking was allowed in the building, he told us the 28th floor is a smoking floor. We were never informed of this and our room ended up being filled with the smell of cigarettes. They finally switched our rooms after numerous complaints but were so rude about the whole thing. Again, lack of customer service!Also, make sure to think twice about leaving your baggage with the hotel, their storage room gets full and they end up leaving your baggage outside in the lobby unattended. I would never stay here again!!! I would not recommend this place to anyone and if you’re considering it, look elsewhere. You’ll definitely regret staying here. Their staff is incompetent, rude and reflects that the management is lacking in customer service and hospitality. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  116. Bibi M.

    location was great, but you don’t have the vibe of feels like another motel, no where to seat and relax inside the if you looking for a place to crash and be in the center of the times square that’s the right place for you.

  117. mathewater12

    The rating is solely for the location. In the heart of Times Square and accessible to everything, which is great! I was a bit nervous after reading some of the reviews. I told my travel lady to find a place in TS and she picked this. I agree with all of the reviews regarding the condition of the hotel. It is definitely in need of a renovation. The lobby is pretty, but the rooms, not so much! The rooms are tiny, but, it’s NY. The doors and walls need to be painted and the granite tops in the bathroom are old and worn out, along with the fixtures. One of the phones in my room didn’t work, which I used to call the front desk repeatedly because of one issue or another. Service needs to be stepped up too! It’s a bit pricey for what you get, but it’s in TS.

  118. Alex P.

    Dirty, Bed-Bugs, Smells like Cigarette Smoke (Non-Smoking Hotel)I stayed in this hotel for 1 week during August 2014, and had the worst experience of my life. Although the staff was nice, the hotel smelled like smoke and I found a hair (not my own) in the bathtub. In addition, a member of my group experienced bed bugs. I would never recommend this hotel.

  119. karen p.

    the Millenium Broadway Hotel is just alright. it’s nothing special, but it’s clean, affordable, and in a great location if you’re going to see broadway shows and hang out around times square. the view from my room was pretty spectacular. the bed was comfy and supportive. the towels were soft and in abundance. and i was walking distance to grand central terminal, which was essential while i was there for work. for me, it was very functional and satisfactory. the bellmen were especially kind and helpful. i will stay there again if the Algonquin has no rooms’s probably worth pointing out why i’m not too jazzed about the place, in case it is helpful for you. i was there in mid-august, and the building was swarming with tourists, of course. this has its pros and cons — but mostly it was just a pain in the ass to dodge them on the way to the elevators… there are just SO many people staying there at any given time. as a result, the place is worn. my room was obviously tired of serving its purpose — the mini fridge was properly stocked, but the door was broken and everything inside was warm. when i called down to let the staff know, no one ever came to fix it like they said they would. luckily, i was hardly in the room, so it didn’t really matter. i wonder if it’s still broken…they charge almost $13 for 24 hours of wifi — that is one of my peeves. even the most inexpensive hotels nowadays offer free wifi. sheesh.and, i wish they had robes in the room. i love soft hotel robes!anyway, like i say, a solid hotel. if you want to stay somewhere a bit more special in the area, i recommend the Algonquin (on the next block) or the Muse. i believe they are in a similar price range.

  120. T H.

    I agree with the review saying this place was OK, nothing special. Certainly it’s in a great location relative to Times Square.

  121. Michael B.

    It was very convienvent to stay in a room so close to Time Square. They offer to park your car, but there are also parking garages all over if you want to save a couple bucks and park elsewhere. The room was clean and they brought my bags up to my door. I wanted to walk around the city after I checked out and they offered to keep my bags checked until I left Manhattan! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a fun night in midtown!

  122. Manny M.

    This place was great. I went here with a bunch of people so I could show my buddy around NYC before he deployed to Afghanistan. It’s near everything touristy so that’s a plus. Times Square is right there so you cannot really beat that. The views we had were awesome. The rooms were very clean. The main lobby was nice and the staff were very helpful. They do give government/military discounts. Any questions we had the staff seemed eager to help especially when my friends asked where the best places were to go to that night we were there.

  123. Iris T.

    While I think this was one of the biggest hotel rooms I’ve seen in NYC, the rest of the hotel was meh. The view was not great. The walls were thin, and the door slamming would wake me up in the morning. There were very few outlets; we had to move furniture to get to a plug. The location may be a plus to some, but the hoards of tourists in Times Square got really old really fast. The staff were very friendly, and, as I said, the room and the bathroom were very spacious. If you can find a good rate, this is not a bad place to book. The rates differ drastically from night to night. Additional notes: No tub. Door lock to bathroom was on outside of door, for some reason. Elevators were fast and always available. Wi-Fi was about $12 per 24-hours. Good location for nightlife, with entrances to both 45th and 44th streets. Some great Irish pubs on the area.

  124. ryan123

    We booked at the Millenium and were unexpectedly upgraded to the Premier side of this hotel. The benefits included less crowding, free continental breakfast, a free lounge hour with snacks and drinks, a different entrance, concierge, and only 6 rooms per floor (less foor traffic). We booked on Hotwire without knowing which hotel we were booking. The risk paid off.Pros: Nice, clean, modern room, next to the elevator with no elevator noise. The room size was decent. The location does not get better in Times square. You are within walking distance to restaurants, shops, the subway, Broadway theaters, etc. The bathroom was huge (full bath). The lounge in the mezzanine was very useful with the free breakfast and happy hour. Free Wifi.Cons: No view. you can see the reflection of the Times Square lights coming off the other buildings. Housekeeping forgot to clean our room one night, and when we got back, the service was not offerred. They brought us new towels. The bathroom countertop and a few tiles were cracked. No big deal, but it’s a 4-star hotel.

  125. Jessica N.

    It was OK. We stayed 7 nights.The bedding – high end and comfortableThe cleanliness – 4 out of 5Convenience – perfect location and there is a convenience shop across the street for coffee, bagels, drinks, etc. Transportation – fantastic! Close to the subway and their private cars are inexpensiveThe Concierge – misled us and was a bit condescendingCheck in – they didn’t offer a bellhop to guide us to our room with our luggageCheck out – excellent! Less than 30 seconds!The smell – not musty at all, however the A/C was not very strong and the room stayed pretty warm for our entire stayMajor drawback – there is no pool or health spa

  126. rogerrab2

    The service was sub-par, compared to other hotels i have stayed at in the area. Some of staff were pretty rude after I inquired about an item that I lost in the room. I later tried calling housekeeping and security multiple times to try to recover the lost item, but neither was very helpful. I suspect the housekeepers just took it after cleaning my room. It was a shame that my stay ended in such a negative note. If you have other options, do not stay at this hotel.

  127. Andrew K.

    Looks way better in the pictures. Great location and nice staff. I think it needs to be re-renovated. Scuff marks all over the halls – feels like an outdated motel in some parts. But, the room was nice and I slept well.\Edit: Staff got worse and worse as the stay extended. BAD!

  128. Anna Liza P.

    Stayed here during my 7 day trip to NYC. Its located on 44th St., half a block from Broadway and right in the heart of Times Square!! It was seriously close to everything!! Like the subway station, theater district, restaurants…etc. We even walked all the way to central park from the hotel several times. (we needed the exercise anyway from all the food we were eating…hehe) I booked Millennium Broadway as a hotel and air package from Expedia and got a really good deal. I’ve read that NY hotel rooms are on the small side, but our room was pretty spacious. We also had a good view of the new years eve ball from our room which was a nice touch. The staff was very friendly. They even brought up a mini fridge to our room after we requested one. When we called they said the mini fridge would cost $35, but they never charged us for it… so thank you. The staff were all very nice. We landed in NYC at 0730 in the morning and they held our bags for us while we wandered off looking for a place to eat breakfast. When we came back at noon, they had a room ready for us. We didnt have to wait till 3 or 4 pm…. which is the usual check in time. Our room was nicely cleaned every day. On our last day, our flight wasn’t until 6 pm and check out was at 12, so they held our bags for us again while we wandered off to the east village one last time to make a pit stop at Artichoke pizza for lunch and Kat’z deli for sammies to bring back home (yes we brought back Kat’z pastrami sammies on the plane…i ate half of mine during the flight….hehe.)Great hotel overall. Can’t beat the great location with the decent price tag. I was very happy we stayed at this hotel.

  129. Caleb B.

    Good average standard Times Square hotel. There were no dead hookers in my room but then again I just stayed there one night._C$

  130. angela n.

    Pros:Location: Just a few steps away from Times Square and all its subway routes, and easily walkable to Hell’s Kitchen, Grand Central, and everything else in Midtown. Water pressure: So strong! Loved taking showers here. Staff: Helpful and polite. Housekeeping was thorough. Our room looked and smelled clean over our five days of staying here. Space: The room was big for NYC standards. That one wall was a massive window made it feel even more spacious.The view: We didn’t get the Times Square side (which is probably for the best, given the light pollution). But we did get a high, impressive view of Midtown’s skyscrapers and canyons.Price: Less than expected – we got a deal for less than $200/night over Labor Day weekend.Cons:This hotel is packed, making early check-in and late check-out difficult. We did manage to check in about 1.5 hours early, but we were lucky. It’s easy to check your bags, and staff will bring your luggage up to your room for you.I wish the wi-fi were free. (It’s free in the lobby).

  131. Allyson C.

    Convenient, right in the heart of Times Square, on the same block as the Toys R Us. Had a good view of where the ball drops from our room.Don’t be fooled by the pictures, our room looked nothing like the ones on here but it was decent enough. We didn’t spend much time in the room anyway, it was clean but small and basic. Reminded me of a Days Inn but MUCH more expensive. The floors on the tile in the bathroom were a little jacked up too. But the lobby is nice, and huge, it covers a whole block. A little hard to catch a cab sometimes but the doorman can help you out. All in all a good hotel, just don’t expect luxury even though that’s what you may expect for the price.

  132. Gina S.

    PROS: located near broadway, nice blackout curtains, thick walls, some friendly staff, nice conference rooms set up very wellCONS: extremely poor customer service, extra charge for WiFi per 24 hrs, $50 per guest for guest WiFi for conference attendees, $700 extra to use their projector for 2 hrs when ours stopped unexpectedly even though they were missing an adaptor for MacBook (really in this day and age? ) resulting in a grainy image, $25 to check out an hour late, refused to allow me to bring my own bags up to my room (against company policy – had to wait for bags – bell boy expected tip ), no fridges in the room – just a gaping hole, many many inflexible rules and policies (e.g. random strangers can go up the elevator but food delivery can’t. …the guest must come down). And the kicker. ..after my limo dropped me off at the hotel I waited for 1.5 hours in a lobby with no seating because the authorization my company faxed went to a fax machine in a different department and it was too much trouble to check the fax machine in that department and get me in my reserved room (reserved a month prior).Overall impressions: a good place to avoid next trip to NYC!

  133. williamr

    Booked it via Expedia with the air fare ticket. First impression; there is no coffee maker in the room and no refrigeratorIt’s located in a great location; walk to The Time Square, Empire State Building, The Rock and the 5th street shopping district. Staff are pretty good and formal. The overall condition of room was OK.

  134. moneyman2

    Stayed for 3 days and had no issues and all positive experiences. We were given a room upgrade to a corner view over Time Square when the room type we booked was not available. The rooms are specious compared to many New York hotels. The guests are well treated with friendly, positive and helpful people from front desk to security. The linens were very nice and the bathroom is both well appointed and nicely sized with every amenity you may need from hair dryer to lotion. The location is fantastic with Starbucks around the corner and a host of restaurants and shopping less than a block away. Right on Broadway you can see everything. We would definitely return.

  135. Jana S.

    I just have one thing to say: location, location, location. Really can’t beat the location. I spent 4 nights at the Millennium Broadway. I was in town for a conference and decided to stay another 2 nights and make it a weekend. When I made the reservation, I asked for a room on the higher floors. When I checked in, there were only rooms available with double beds. I was disappointed. They did no longer have any rooms available with a king-sized bed, even though that’s what I requested when I made the reservation. I ended up getting a smoking room. I have to say, it did not smell bad (I’m an occasional smoker) and view of the room was fantastic, so I was happy! Everything in the room was great. Like I said, I had a view of time square and room was on the corner, so I had two walls with a fantastic view! My only disappointment with the room was that wireless Internet was NOT free. I was not aware that there were still hotels that didn’t offer free wireless. My main issue was with room maintenance/housekeeping. I would expect that if I’m at a conference for most of the day and get back around 5pm, the room would be made up by that time. It wasn’t. I called and requested them to come clean the room and fresh towels, but they didn’t show up before I went to dinner around 8pm. Finally, by the time I got BACK from dinner, the room was cleaned, but it was disappointing that I couldn’t get dry towels on time to freshen up for dinner. Overall, I would definitely recommend the hotel and I would stay there again. Like I said… location location location!!

  136. yanard12

    Thinking it over, I’m downgrading from two stars to one star. Not a recommended hotel. The pros: Great tourist location, nice-sized rooms for business travelers, speedy elevators, genuinely nice (but not terribly competent) staff, lovely Art Deco feel, beautiful NYC views from upper floors. Cons: The staff doesn’t know how to respond to problems and concerns, flat out — they just kind of stare at you blindly and promise it will be fixed. The staff all seems new and unseasoned; it’s standard service, not impressive. The rooms are iffy — great size, nice beds, but: hard-as-a-rock pillows, Motel 6-style bathrooms, and carpets that … well, do NOT remove your socks. Ewwwww. I had to be moved, because the 40th floor windows didn’t close all the way in the first room — noisy rushing air was audible throughout the night. The front desk assured me that if I made the effort to pack up, my luggage would be moved while I was out working. It wasn’t. Front desk staff knew nothing about it. Second room was quite nice (45th floor) with super-clumsy curtains, a creepy sickly sweet smell, and a slow-running sink. I guess it’s fine as a tourist hotel, and as a business traveler only in town for two nights, I appreciated the size of the rooms and the ease of working in the hotel. (Wifi was flawless and not CRAZY expensive.) But I would certainly expect much, much, much more from a hotel that clearly wants to be taken seriously.It’s the second really awful Millennium experience I’ve had (first was in London), and I’m guessing the problems are with chain management that doesn’t want to invest in having stellar hotels but settles for achingly mediocre ones. (And in the case of London, downright awful.)

  137. E G.

    So your company gets a good deal on a room block at the Millennium Broadway in NYC for a convention. Times Square, Broadway, great location and walking distance to a heck of a lot. (Even to the Jacob Javits convention center if you like a mile and a half walk or can’t be bothered to attempt a cab near Times Square, though you don’t recommend doing that walk on check-out day when you have to drag all your luggage around Manhattan with you… in the drizzling rain. Whoops.)You enter from either 44th or 45th street under the marquee into the marble (you guess) lobby and it’s lovely without being ornate. “Nice job, Company!” you approve as you walk in. You get your key, head upstairs, enter the room and – if you’ve been to other NY hotels that are just hovels with a nice lobby – you’re surprised by the attractive décor of the guest room.Fine size, good layout, no terrible crowding. Bathroom is pretty cute too, definitely marble. Fair amenities; a light traveler like you requires the usual shampoo/conditioner and hair dryer, all present and accounted for. Coffee maker, check. You do shake your head at the coffee packets though… honestly? Folger’s Instant? Suddenly you’re transported to 30 years in the future when you’re well into senior citizenship. (You’re even more astonished the next morning when you make some and actually like it quite a lot… how depressing.)The hotel website describes the pillows as “overstuffed” but you think that adjective just applies to their description. You have to use the pillows from both beds plus the one from the closet to make up your one stack. But the bed was comfy.You use your Android for your alarm; there isn’t a place to plug it in by the bed and you have to rig up something to charge it overnight and still have bedside access. Moving furniture around to access the closest outlet reveals some discarded bottles and unused napkins that, had you not rearranged the room, would never have been cleaned up. Other than that though, absolutely no faulting the general cleanliness.But then the guy who had the room next door comes back and eats his dinner. You think he has an apple for dessert. How do you know, I ask? You hear it. Every bite taken, every mouthful chewed. You hear the keypad on his cell phone when he dials. You hear his manager talking to him – on the other end of the cell phone conversation. (You wanted to say “bless you” when she sneezed.) Suddenly you feel entirely self-conscious that he would know when you brush your teeth or (after takeout at Virgil’s Barbecue) burp. This puts more of a damper on the stay than anything in recent memory. The fan in the room isn’t a blower – it is a vent system – so you can’t generate enough white noise to conceal your puttering noises and actually get some privacy.Can’t hear a single street sound from 25 floors up, though – right off of Times Square that’s something. All in all, perfectly adequate – but you will ask for a room that doesn’t have an adjoining neighbor next time. Because how can you expect to hold in your burps?

  138. XhXeXy

    I’ve literally traveled all over the world and have stayed in countless hotels and the Millennium tops my worst list. The rooms stink, there was blood on the wall in the bathroom, the housekeeper threw away my receipts, the seats in the restaurant were so poor that the springs could be felt. I could go on and on, but I think I covered enough. Do yourself a favor. Avoid The Millennium. It’s had it’s day, but needs a serious make over.

  139. .Hon H.

    I’ve stayed at the MB several times and have always had a pretty good experience. Nice rooms, great location and good service. That’s why I arranged to put my co-worker in the MB when he had a couple of days in NYC. I had specifically reserved a 2 room suite (and paid a steep price) so we could have several meetings en suite. Unfortunately, when he arrived he was given a Jacuzzi suite, which is basically a regular room with a Jacuzzi. So, back to the front desk, a heated conversation and he’s finally in the class of room we booked, confirmed and paid for. Next up is the room service. They had a copy of their room service on their website, but it was from Autumn 2009, so I called them to get a copy of the updated menu. They had the CHEF from the hotel call me back, who advised me that the menu on the website was the correct one – everything on the menu was available for room service. Oh, OK! It was not meant to be, however…..When I called room service to order lunch, the order taker couldn’t find any of the items I was looking for except the club sandwich. Grilled chicken paillard? Oh, that’s only available in the lounge. Well, how about the nicoise salad? What nicoise salad, said the server. And on and on and on. I had made a reservation at the hotel’s restaurant, Restaurant Charlotte, for a breakfast meeting. When the guest arrived, there was no reservation under my co-workers name, Jason H****. Instead, the reservation was under a hybrid of my name, Patricia, and H*****’s last name. That caused much confusion and consternation as Jason was waiting and waiting and so was the guest – someone we had not met before.Millennium Broadway = EPIC FAIL.Never again. Bye-bye, Millennium Broadway.

  140. DexterRexter

    The only positive things I can say about this hotel is that it has a good location, and I was able to book for under $100 on Hotwire.Other than that:1) Internet — which they charge $12.95 for — was so slow that it was not functional. I asked front desk to take it off my bill and cancel my service. They said they would do it — no problem. The next morning, I get a bill and guess what… internet is still on it. I went down AGAIN to tell them to take it off. We’ll see if they actually do it this time. 2) Bathroom was not particularly clean.3) Not a good value compared to some other 4-star hotels in the area that I’ve stayed in previously4) In the bathroom, there were two tubes of body lotion instead of any hair conditioner.5) The hotel on-site had decent food, but the service was SUPER-slow and the food was like 3x overpriced.

  141. Selena G.

    Pretty good hotel, nothing too fancy. The rooms were decent size (for nyc standards) and the hotel is in a central location – right in the middle of times square, walking distance to museums and central park and accesible to pretty much all subway lines which is great. The room was clean and housekeeping was attentive. I loved the shampoo & conditioner they had at the hotel, it smells delicious 🙂 & If you’re staying here be sure to check out virgils bbq across the street!

  142. Sharon L.

    The rooms on the Premier side were nice and spacious unlike most in NYC. They definitely need more staff at the front desk. There was never a time I walked by that there wasn’t a long line to check in or check out. We waited over 30 minutes on a Wednesday at 7pm to check in. Very clean.

  143. Ebony I.

    Me, and my best friend stayed here in September on our very first NYC getaway. We were here for 8 Nights, and all of them were wonderful!!!!When we arrived the hotel did there best in attempting to get our room set up asap. However it did take a few hours. In return they upgraded our room. Which was perfect. The bed was huge, and the bathroom was spacious. The cleaning people did a great job at cleaning daily. There was no noise we herd. The view was moderate.The room also included a decent size closet for 2 women that are over packer’s, as well as a safe. I def recommend this hotel!!!!!

  144. Tim M.

    The location is great, in the heart of Times Square. Not terribly expensive, considering. But my room was seriously the smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen. Fine, it’s New York, I had no plans to do anything but sleep in the room. The view was awesome. The staff was okay except for the rude bartender. Lobby was nice. Would stay here again.

  145. Franklyn

    A low service business hotel that has been able to put off improvements because of steady business owing to its location nearby Times Square. Note: be wary of priceline’s “name your own price” feature when selecting the theatre district; you may get this one and have an experience similar to mine.My experience:-room not ready upon arrival-front desk attendant wrote incorrect room # on the card holder, so we mistakenly awoke some poor guest-broken coffee maker placed outside our door-entered a room that was had the thermostat set to 81 degrees-inquiry to mgmt went unreturnedThe type of hotel that makes business travelers homesick.

  146. Chris B.

    We were given a room in which the closet door would not close, black scuff marks covered one wall, an electrical box pulled out of the wall when unplugging a lamp, and that had what must be the worst view in the times square area. When we asked for another room, we were told that we should have asked within 5 minutes of checking in, and that the hotel was now full (on a Thursday, yeah right). We finally got a different room after speaking to four staff members, being lied to about room availability and lack of cleaning crew, and being transferred to a voicemail box! Save yourself the headache and stay at a different hotel!!

  147. Nivek T.

    This is very convenient location the heart of Manhattan and clean just the 3rd day we have a leak just above the bathtub but they came a fix it after we came back at night.The bell men asking us if we need a ride to airport a day before we check out so I say I can call Huber or taxi and he answered me it will be cheaper to use this driver that parked in front of the hotel all includes for $65.00 so we say Ok for tomorrow.We agreed with $65.00 all included tips.Well we have booked this driver name “Mr. Lev ” for the morning and took us to the airport so I gave him 100 bill so he only gave me be back change 30.00 and asked for tips so I said it should be included as we agree, he says I need my tip with an angry voice so I gave him extra $5 so after I gave him he opens the trunk if I don’t give the tip he won’t give me my luggages.So better call a yellow cab or Huber way much cheaper!

  148. navid

    This is right in the heart of Times Square, you walk out the lobby and you’re practically there. I booked this place through expedia without knowing anything about it and just based on their great location, but after my experience loved my stay here, the staff was always kind and helpful, specially the concierge. I spent the 4th of july weekend there and the concierge was very helpful with all his tips on what to do and were to stay away from. The rooms were ok, clean, everything worked, I was expecting an average hotel room and I have no complaints about it. I would definitely recommend this hotel for anyone going to new york (specially for the first time) because you can walk around town to all the great highlights and if you feel like getting some rest just go up to your room, charge energy and get back out there!! I know I will be back here whenever I’m in NY again.

  149. J N.

    I give this hotel a 2 1/2 stars… I got the room for three nights on Priceline..You always gamble on these sites. They stated this was a four star….The room was just ok….I felt it could have been a bit cleaner. I froze at night since the heater didnt come on very much.I wore a polar fleece to bed.The location was fine….I guess I got what I paid for, $229.00 plus taxes….

  150. Brandon M.

    This is a great location if you are coming into town to see a show. You are close to everything and off the street enough to avoid some of the noise. We had a great room with views of the Chrysler building.I have to say, the room was average and typical of a boutique hotel, but where the Millenium excels is in its staff. The concierge was amazing and everyone was extremely friendly.This place is great for kids. Their help in securing babysitter services for our toddler went far beyond our expectations. We received top notch services and reassurance from the hotel staff. They really did their best to ensure we felt safe and secure as well as satisfied with our stay.(As a bonus, if you are driving in, the parking across the street is one of the cheapest I’ve found in the city. That’s not saying much, but still, it’s something.)

  151. Erich N.

    My only stay here so far, and I have a view of Times Square. There’s something to be said about that I suppose, but it’s no Westin. The bed isn’t heavenly, the pillows are pretty weak and everything else is uninspiring at best.1. The internet is kindof crappy for $12.95 per day 2. On a Tuesday evening I finished a large meal and left the tray outside my room to pick up. It sat there until Thursday when my dinner was delivered…this didn’t really inconvenience me in any way, but it *is* pretty trashy.3. Mildew up and down the shower curtain (not the liner)4. The “Business Center” is a joke. Not even a funny one.Better than some in NYC to be sure…but not any of the places I’d stay at on my own dime.

  152. Harrison69

    Awesome location. For what I paid (under $150), this is a great hotel if you’re a tourist, doing shows or attending conferences nearby.The room was quiet and had a large bathroom. The big con was paid internet – which is sin but unfortunately not unusual. There is a restaurant within the hotel but I ate out.

  153. Anonymous

    wish i was staying here!

  154. Teresa M.

    Great location but not overly impressed with the accommodations and reservation process. FYI, telling a customer No is not great service. Give me alternatives to solve the room issue. Gloria, the concierge, was fantastic! Polite and helpful. She is should be in charge of staff training.

  155. Nathan L.

    This hotel was alright. We stayed here and got a pretty good deal through priceline, which is always nice. The room we got was in the corner so we had a good view from the windows and were away from the elevators. The room was very clean and I really liked the bathroom and the shower specifically. However, the bed wasn’t very comfortable and I can’t say I slept the best here. But like I read in another review the rooms are rather large for the area but it just seems like they didn’t know what to do with the space they had, which is unfortunate.But I would stay here again if it came up on priceline, but I will also say on my next trip back to NY I don’t see myself staying in Times Square because of all the people you have to deal with to go anywhere decent.

  156. Marc M.

    Excellent hotel; modern and crisp, right in the middle of Times Square, walking distance of tons of stuff, easy subway ride to more. The service is good: nice people, not unctuous at all, but again, crisp and businesslike. The rooms are not large, but neither are they small, the bathroom is large (though, really, badly lit if one likes reading…), the closet is tiny, but I go in and out of NY in a day. But clean, has a good gym. For my money, it’s an excellent choice and I would recommend it to anyone.

  157. james1412

    I haven’t even checked in yet and already despise this place. Came in on a red eye from a San Diego and their systems are down so we can’t check in until some unknown time later today. Nobody really seems to care about the inconvenience, it’s just an oh well, too bad sort of attitude. Their lobby restroom has been marked closed for cleaning for hours, finally walked in and nobody is cleaning it and evidently nobody has for a month. It’s filthy. There’s no pool or spa or anywhere to lay down and we’re exhausted. I would not recommend staying here!

  158. Marey G.

    I used to stay at the St. James which is across the street from this hotel & I always thought the Millennium was such an upscale hotel whenever I passed it & was very exciting when booking my vacation to stay here. This place is horrible. The rooms are nothing like the lobby & the staff is hit or miss. Some of them were really friendly, but the other half were just plain rude. The walls have stains on them, looks like throw up stains. The drawers are completely falling a part, I opened them and the handle literally fell off of the drawer.The maid was also super rude. She came in the morning when we were still sleeping and knocked first, when she knocked I went to the door and told her “No thank you. We’re still sleeping.” Thirty seconds later she let herself in our room and starts cleaning the bathroom. I go in the bathroom and tell her “No thank you, we’re okay.” Then she insists on going inside our room claiming she needs to use the phone to prove that she was here. Then, a few hours later (the “Do not disturb sign” is on our door”) were getting ready and she knocks & immediately let’s herself in. She seemed startled that we were still in our room and claimed that she was just putting towels in our room so I tell her that’s okay, but we really don’t need her to fully clean the room because it is still clean and we’re getting ready. Then she tells me she has to go back and get the towels, she literally brought no cleaning supplies with her, just herself & claimed she was coming in to “clean”. I think that is super sketchy and now for the remainder of our stay I am very worried that she may steal our things. Also, when she did come back to bring the towels she didn’t even knock and just let herself in & we were changing. I’ve never been so concerned about the security of my stuff while traveling.Then, the room service is just plain ridiculous. I called and they literally answered saying “You better order now because we’re out of here by 11:00p.m.”. I hardly felt that was necessary since we were calling them at 9:00p.m.

  159. Joy G.

    Aside from the horrendous location where rabid tourists jockey over taking pictures of the police station (ooh, a police officer! What, you don’t have those where you come from?) and the massive glittering light structures that trick your body into thinking it’s daytime 24/7, this was a pretty sweet hotel. The Premier Tower has its own entrance and check-in desk set off from the rest of the hotel, but it’s still connected through a dingy little walkway to the lounge area and the theater. Room was roomy enough, bed was sufficiently malleable to support a few five-year-old jumps, and the water pressure in the shower was fantastic. Check-in and check-out were a breeze (literally just handed over the keys) – maybe I just went on a slow day but I never had to wait for the lady behind the desk. Some gripes though: first, the knob in the shower will mislead you into turning the arrow all the way down to WARM and shoot out shriekingly cold water. I had to stand there and think for a few seconds and turn the knob a little bit to the cold side for decadently hot water to come. Which is just so counterintuitive. Second, the toilet made these sad gurgling noises that sounded like Moaning Myrtle was stuck somewhere in the pipes. Combined with your typical traffic sounds and ambulance wails, I spent most of the first night with two pillows crushed over my ears. Third, housekeeping was solid enough … only she left a bottle of clear yellow water in a Poland Spring bottle on the vanity. I just chucked it but still … Thanks?

  160. John A.

    Nice, clean rooms. Friendly staff provided us with a free upgrade. The level of luxury didn’t quite hit the mark but I would say it’s your typical 4 star “budget” hotel. After seeing many hotels you most definitely get the most bang for your buck here.

  161. Monica T.

    I recently went on vacation to NYC with my partner in crime. We saw a sweet deal for this place on Hotwire, and since it was our first time going, we decided to go all the way and do the touristy Times Square thing. The location was right in the middle of everything, but we were high enough up (25th floor) that it was very quiet. We had a great view of Broadway, and the location of the hotel made it convenient to most anything. The 42nd Street Subway stop could get us just about anywhere we needed to go.The room was not huge, but wonderfully decorated. The bed was a bit harder than most hotel beds, but we both find normal hotel mattresses to be a little too soft, so we loved this one. I slept well every night. We didn’t have to deal with the hotel staff much, but when we did they were nice enough. And though overpriced, we thought the hotel bar (Charlotte) was a great place to wind down before dinner or before bed. For the price we got, this is about as good as you can get in NYC.

  162. Bob D.

    Great location but their beds felt like you were sleeping on a park bench. Would stay here on our next trip only if mattresses are replaced with something sleep able. What a shame.On a positive note, the elevators are super fast and the hotel is one block from Broadway.(But so are a lot of others)

  163. curtis17

    The customer service and level of support available at this hotel is superior! !!! The front desk manager, Anthony, was gracious, understanding and the ultimate professional. I highly recommend this hotel for luxury, location and most of all attentiveness! Thank you Anthony and Tiffany for making my visit to the big apple all I hoped it could be!

  164. Daisy D.

    Used Hotwire and ended up here. I don’t know if I would have picked it out on my own. It’s a little out of our typical price range, but we got a deal. While we typically don’t stay so close to Times Square, the location was very convenient for the things we had planned on this trip.I wouldn’t call it a tourist trap, like I would the Marriott Marquis, but it wasn’t all that bad. The room was nicely sized compared to the typical smaller rooms offered in NYC. The staff was courteous which is definitely one of my key measures when it comes to a hotel. Would I pick it again? Probably not. Would I stay here if I found a deal? Certainly.

  165. Nina B.

    Firm bed, flat (cotton fiber filled) pillows, no fridge,no microwave, no coffee maker. Windows can open slightly,which is a plus. Stains on the bathroom counter, outlet cover is loose and slanted, scuff marks on the walls, a few stains on the carpet. But I got the room for $200 on Expedia( just to get out the house during a stay-cation). Awesome location (its right in time square) so its a fair deal. I wouldn’t stay for a few nights though, one or two nights max. I also wouldn’t consider it luxury. So I wouldn’t stay here for celebratory events(ie: anniversary, birthdays, honeymoon) but for a night out or a short get away it is good.

  166. Angelo P.

    Hotel is rundown and dirty. Service is not very good.

  167. Brianna P.

    When me and my friend first checked in, we came a few hours early before check in but they let us store our luggage there. The location is perfect, in the heart of midtown. You have times square and all the different theaters. When we got back to check in, we asked if we could switch to a different room to accommodate the bed situation and the attendant told us that normally it cost an extra 50$ but since we were from his home town he gave it to us for free! We had a nice room on the 30th floor with a great view of times square. The room was pretty clean and nice looking. Its a little pricey but we had a great deal on priceline. Would definitely recommend if its within budget.

  168. Mika K.

    The hotel itself is reasonable and average. What set it apart for me was the staff. While the room service and front desk staff were sometimes snippy on the phone, the rest of the staff was AMAZING. Alec in the bar saved me multiple times during my three days of corporate meetings. He is friendly, sweet and went out of his way to help me in any way he could. The concierge desk was exactly the same. Whatever I asked, they went above and beyond. Luis in shipping was a savior. We had a package that didnt arrive on time and we must have called him 20 times to see if it arrived and he never got annoyed or upset. I found out while I was here that much of the staff has been here 20 plus years. The hotel takes care of them and they take care of their customers in return. I would definitely come here again.

  169. Damaryz R.

    If it wasn’t in Times Square no one would spend over $79/night for this place. Premier room #721. It’s your average, run on the mill, dated, mediocre hotel. It has a bed just not a comfortable one, the bathroom had a few broken knobs, the board under the sink was falling out, the mini bar was stocked but not turned on – perfect if you enjoy hot beer & spoiled milk which was what they had in there. Clearly there is no attention to detail, they are cleaning the rooms, renting them again and not noticing anything. They should have a supervisor inspect the rooms weekly. If you need to be in Times Square (for a meeting perhaps & it’s a short trip) you’ll survive. If I had been paying the $379/night myself I would have left, stayed further away, paid less for a room & spent the difference on a car service. Yes, it’s quite the experience to stay in Times Square… but the consumer should get what they pay for. Those lights in Times Square are non stop and all the black out curtains in the world don’t keep them out. Zero comfort, zero luxury. If you do go, please notice the chairs in the restaurant – those cushions are about as thick as a dollar bill. Unbelievably uncomfortable. You’ve been cautioned.

  170. Abby K.

    Standing on my floor 15 minutes into waiting for an elevator. Twice one has come completely packed with people. Unacceptable!!!!!

  171. Sean M.

    Pretty outdated décor, rather stiff and corporate. Great location if you’re trying to be close to Times Square but I feel like you can get much more for your money elsewhere.

  172. Ali L.

    This place just sucks. There are so many other places to stay in NYC. Thank goodness these people are within walking distance to all the city’s top sites or they would have been outta business a long time ago.The lobby is about as inviting as Lord Voldemort’s dungeon. It’s dark, narrow, and the only place to take a load off is in their equally dark, cramped lounge-Charlotte. The staff is rude and just stands there staring at you as you walk the long corridors going to and from the bank of elevators. Um hello, could it kill you to say hi? The only time an employee was somewhat courteous to me was when the front desk guy hit on me.The rooms are small and equally uncomfortable. I might as well have dragged the comforter downstairs and outside to sleep, cause the bed was like sleeping on a sidewalk. And god forbid if you ask for a bathrobe, cause you’re SOL if you want one of those in this place.

  173. Nadia P.

    Pros: right next to the Times Square. Not extremely expensive. Cons: staff that can’t read (didn’t have any small bills, so I left a $10 with a note asking for change. The staff didn’t leave any change. Don’t like such a way of treating guests).

  174. Kishma H.

    Had a great stay from beginning to end, friendly staff, great customer service, and very helpful seeing as though I’m a tourist. Tom (concierge) was most helpful and I really appreciate everything. I’d definitely stay here again

  175. Anabella L.

    Great location! Customer service is amazing, our room was upgraded because it was my first time in NY, staff is very friendly at all times of the day.

  176. Ramil M.

    Last minute booked from Expedia, didn’t check in the hotel till late on Sat evening. Didn’t bother checking the bed since its a reputable hotel, especially since we stayed at one internationally. My fiancé went under the covers to be awaken the next morning laying on someone else’s DNA! Blood that wasn’t hers on the sheet, and you can tell its fresh since it didn’t soak through the secondary sheet. Staff’s customer was leads than unsatisfactory borderline rude, made it seem like we caused the stain. Took awhile but they moved us to different room in which we didn’t want to stay but we had no other choice since most hotels around the area were booked. Took close to two weeks to get a response from their upper superior, and adamant that they can only give us Saturday comped but not our entire stay, even though they didn’t clean the room at all and still placed guest in a non clean room. Or we can speculate that they offered the room for some shady business. Whatever the case, don’t stay here, worst hotel ever! I have several other pictures of the incident, avoid the hotel at all cost.

  177. kenston12

    Just checked in and this is the worst hotel ever. I was here in New York 2 years ago and stayed at the W with an amazing view and on top of that,it was a beautiful room with WiFi! Hotel Millennium sucks so much! We are on a whatever floor with no view, just ugly rooftops to look at. No view at all. The rooms are super small and no WiFi! It’s 13.99 for only 24 hours. Not kid friendly nor is there customer service is great. Jessie at the front desk is so rude and didn’t even attempt to assist.

  178. Marcy B.

    The Millenium has seen better days….and has rolled far downhill. Here’s a recent list of issues…Mold on the ceiling in the bathrooms.Plaster coming off the ceiling.Rooms not being fully cleaned on arrival.Cracked light fixture.Sparks coming out of the outlet when a curling iron was plugged in.Wallpaper coming off of the walls.Only a thin sheet & bedspread on the bed….hello where’s the blanket.For the price…..there’s a lot of other hotels in town!!!

  179. adamrod

    I stayed at the Millennium from 6/15/13-6/19/13 and it was a pretty good experience. We got the summer freedom rate and it was around $389 per night including all fees. Our summer freedom rate also included breakfast for 2 but when the hotel staff realized there were 4 people in our party, they invited the additional 2 people for complimentary breakfast, which was a full on buffet. They were helpful and friendly. The hotel is located between 44th and 45th street and it’s across from the Lyceum theater. It is about a 5 minute walk to Time Square. The location is perfect! If it’s your first time visiting NYC, I would recommend staying here. The rooms were also a very good size. Also, the hotel will hold your bags even if you have to checkout. Let’s say your flight is at 5pm and checkout is at 12 noon, the bellhop will hold bags free of charge. Most hotels in this area will not offer this service. The only reason this hotel did not get 5 stars is because the housekeeping could have been better. We had to call 3 times to get more towels. It was not until I made the request from the front desk that our request was completed. Other than the housekeeping, the hotel was pretty good and would consider staying there again.

  180. Brian C.

    It’s quiet and close-by broadway theaters. That’s all the positives. Oh, and so far no bed bugs. Otherwise be prepared to pay full price for youth hostel-quality accommodations (or worse). Flimsy bedding and no extra blankets, lumpy pillows, if you can find any, no minibar, no restaurant serving dinner no bottle water no-in room movies. The bar is a hidden corner of the not-open restaurant off the seat- and comfort-free hallway/lobby. Attentive, courteous service-forget it. Fluorescent bedside lamps flicker on and off, $13 per day Wi-Fi and it’s really slow. Years ago this place had some class, now it’s a tired, worn out, dingy shell in desperate need of a make over. Until that happens, avoid. Ok quick update. Not so quiet, but this is Times Square so sawing and pounding and sirens all night should be expected, right? No advantage to being in a high rise if sound level matters-the higher the noisier. Also housekeeping staff here are friendly and thoughtful-we’re on PST so we emerge late in the morning. Housekeepers get four stars, the hotel still gets one.

  181. Cadence R.

    We stayed here over Columbus Day weekend and it’s not necessarily the place I would have chosen, but it was decent. The rooms were pretty small for the price, but it is New York, so space is limited. My room was cleaned every day and they held our bags at the desk once we had checked out, but weren’t quite ready to leave. My step dad had some anger about the place and wasn’t pleased whatsoever, but I guess I’m just less demanding. Don’t go here if you want an experience. If you just want a place to sleep and take a shower, it’s completely adequate.

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