Rio Gentlemen’s Club



13124 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061


33.912608, -118.282389




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Rio Gentlemen’s Club

  1. secret admirer

    I went in this past Thursday,and it was pretty much dead

    with only 1 quality looking girl,I believe her name was

    “delicious”.I got a few dances from her n let me tell u,i

    almost blew my load right then n there!She is a latina dark

    skinned beauty natural dd’s,and a 100 watt smile!if you go

    here,get a dance w/her!it totally made up for all the other

    shit this club lacks….

  2. nicole

    this is a Great Club!!

    really welcoming.. and the girls are hot

  3. sam mcgee
  4. AssnTits5

    If you dig Stretch Marks, C Section Scars, Bullet Wounds, Open Face Arby’s Roastbeef Sandwiches & Hound Dog Tittys this is your kinda joint. The bathrooms are nice and clean but the shitter paper is a but rough on the starfish.

  5. dae m.

    Boobs, check. Poles, check. Hot chicadees, check. Boner, check. Honestly, the place is good enough to fill a checklist criteria but there’s nothing really else about the place that struck me in that warm and fuzzy way, sorta like your first titty bar. *shrugs*



  7. Cris

    it was great

  8. Harrison69

    girls girls girls i do adore.. PS- those dances make your clothes smell like peach lotion..

  9. joseph1k

    I like this place. It’s definitely not for everyone, though I do believe that there is a dancer here for most anybody’s taste. The club caters to a largely latino/a crowd, and the dancers are primarily latina. Some BBW’s some spinners and every shape in between. Dances are cheap (3/$40 nudes) but the songs are badly clipped during specials. Still, I like the place. The ladies aren’t shy about approaching us gals, and they do give us extra special attention during dances. Not a super heavy drink push the last time I visited, and I hope it stays that way. I try to come here at least once a month to keep up on the latest and greatest going on’s here.

  10. Jason

    Very hot set of girls!

  11. richard95

    I was there for 1/2hr and here is what happened:Waitress- was a bit pushy. I had just sat down when she got all over me. I am such a sucker, I tipped a dollar anyways.A stripper went nuts and yelled at me and the two strangers next to me. I was so shaken up and felt so guilty I tipped anyways,. again. I see a pattern here. The girls are all over the place– a good thing, you got skinny ones and fat ones, big butts and little butts…Super nice bouncers. I would have given more stars if I didn’t get yelled at. If I have free passes I would go.

  12. alex

    One of the worst clubs I’ve ever been into. I paid $20 amission to see five ugly girls and leave in 5 minutes.



  14. annonoymous

    Nice girls and atmosphere! Very upscale and talented dancers.

  15. Zephlis

    Club is good, my rating is a 8.5/10 on my scale. Not the best

  16. fritter17

    Always a favorite wen I’m back home use to go here wen I was 18 still do great atmosphere all girls are friendly and nice great performance on that pole I get amazed sometimes come and show love to the girls with the dollars don’t be cheap and just sit and bit ask for a lap dance

  17. billtheguy12

    The dancers are amazing and very nice!! The place is clean, all good vibes. It is pricey though.. $6 for a water bottle!! Ridiculous, but at least the girls were very nice.

  18. kenston12

    Nice, small place. Dances are cheap enough, the quality of the women is not like Spearmint but there are not as strict here so girls do more.

  19. David R.

    Long story short…. Met Cameryn the nightmare dancer, fellas don’t be fooled she has a hot body and an ok face but let me tell you… So I purchase a dance from this girl, she smells like Coke and alcohol she goes nude lets me touch her all over I started feeling small numbs all over her vagina area obviously herpes!!! Eww then started noticing a horrible fishy smell coming from there I literally asked her to stop the dance and left the place… Nice place, safe parking.. But this dancer tho DISGUSTING!!! She insisted I buy Coke from her!! I was WTF?? Totally illegal!! Looks like I’ll be calling Crime stoppers tip line pretty soon and report this place and girl… ;(

  20. James

    Not all the girls are great, but those that are are totaly worth it! I think that you should not have to tip every girl for everything day do, like get u a drink. other than that it was good.

  21. Daniel L.

    Came in with some friends the girls there were actually pretty they really do you a good time with $40 dances all nude

  22. Naberetti

    Worst club I have ever been in my entire life. My friend got me to go, it is in the gehttttttooooo, I was afraid my car was going to be gone when I got out of the place. But no I know where every old dancer goes to retire and where all the girls that dont get hired by the spearmint rhino end up.

    Three words describe the dancers there, huge,sloppy,ugly.

  23. Robert

    I am a regular, and the women are hit and miss with great variety. If you have a type you can find her here, except maybe a skinny blond. Some of the girls give you a good to great dance, others are just fair. It is worth it if you get a free pass out of a magazine or online.

  24. K L.

    By far the worst club I have been to in Los Angeles. The staff is extremely rude if your not dropping 100s and the girls are descent to say the least. Besides that, the area resembles the slums of New York DURING the depression. a NO GO

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