295 Hoboken Road, Carlstadt, NJ 7072


40.8337003, -74.088848




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Shakers is a casual night club featuring the finest Go-Go Entertainment. Enjoy a GREAT Lunch or Dinner that won’t empty your wallet. The girls will entertain and spend time with you and talk to you, not hustle you.

Great Food
Great Entertainment
Great Drink Specials
What more could anyone want?

Our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders are here to serve your every need, we will keep you coming back for more.


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0 reviews for “Shakers

  1. eddyL

    Only the second time I’ve been here, and my review is no different this time than it would have been last time, had I thought about reviewing it in the first place.I know it’s a go-go bar, and it’s about giving money away for a wiggle here and smile or wink there. I also know that the girls are supposed to shake it, shake something, shake anything, for the dollars. Look! I’m not asking for a Demi Moore-like performance from Striptease, but I guess it’s true, Russian and Ukranian dancers are the laziest dancers. They expect you to give them $ for just walking up to the bar. I was there with my buddy who gives them $ to just go away. My strategy is the opposite – give to those who show enthusiasm and can have a quick conversation about my long eyelashes, the weather, or why I’m drinking water and not alcohol. If you don’t like your job, go back to the frigid tundra from whence you came and bring back the American, Brazilian, Dominican, etc. dancers you chased out of these “fine” establishments. As for Price Range, I’m certain this is no surprise, but that’s all up to you what you want to spend.

  2. Joe

    This club’s the best kep secret in NJ!!!

  3. ugg
  4. tj

    keep up the good work

  5. James

    Daytime dancers are good. Too many annoying agency girls at night. The old bartenders are bitches. Young bartenders are ok. Too many “way too young” dancers.

  6. harryharry

    This joint would get more stars if not for the dreadful bartenders. Seems MOST are all former dancers and so hold a chip on their shoulder. They must have ‘graduated’ due to friendship with the managers, not out of any business sense. And they just don’t cut it. They look at you as if you are a dead piece of meat, a total sucker for wasting your time there, that you are a nuisance and should be barely tolerated. I guess they miss all those dollars passed over the bar. The active dancers are actually quite great. It’s just these amateur’s that ruin the whole thing, make me never want to go back. Go to Johnny A’s Hitching Post (same owners, apparently) and see the difference.

  7. 1
  8. Jay

    very middle of the road spot…the dollar train is very tricky. you can assume if you will be there for an hour you can easily give out 50-60 bucks an hour just for the dollar train…alot of russians, some nice some huslters…place is ok

  9. b
  10. Karl

    Friendliest and funnest girls around!

  11. Lee

    Girls were hot and drinks were good but the dollar train was a killer. Not too many of them were very friendly either, 2 were the rest were very mercenary. I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t go back but it’d be if I had nothing to do.

  12. Shifty

    Not a horrible place, just not a great place either.

  13. Mike

    for a friday night this place sucked, every 30 seconds you get milked for a dollar, about 90% of the girls have blank expressions on their faces, and the food was garbage, I might go again if I become a high roller

  14. Mr.B

    a lot of foreign girls. keep asking you for money, not worth the hassle’s and begging. they don’t really seem willing to go the extra mile. some of them had offensive odors.

  15. yanard12

    Been going here since having fake 88.Perhaps what’s most impressive is the consistency of the food.Any place that makes their own desserts from scratch be it a restaurant or bar is saying something.As far as the entertainment..well which one of us is perfect? I didn’t come here to tell my worries or woes but one things for sure we will never be foes…I’ll take all the blame but I’m so glad I came she was keeping perfect rhythm while she whispered my name.She never gives me heart aches just peace of mind but sometimes she’s got to fake it so I finish on time!!!

  16. damon
  17. Tony

    With girls like Chantal, you can’t go wrong here.

  18. lila

    The manager Chris has sex with many of the dancers in the office! Wake up Liz! Divorce him before you get a disease.

  19. Pete

    The Bartenders suck here. Very unfriendly. They walked past me 3 times and I tried to get there attention and they just kept walking. Very bad service. WEill not be coming back.

  20. Marc

    this place is totally not worth it. Massage girl Saffire isn’t there anymore and that’s the only reason I was going. All Russian dancers who don’t speak English, rude bartenders. not worth it.

  21. Johnnyboy123

    Uber-tanned, fulla-hair-extensions, thick-thighed, thick-hipped, no-waistlined, giant-fake-boobed 35-year-old eastern european honeys shakin they asses for durty cash…and I’m packin a gangsta roll that would choke a donkey…yea, I had fun.Elderly Rutherford local dudes tryna give me advice on how to fold my $1 bills so that I get maximum stripper boob surface area to feel…wtf…this ain’t science, fellas…Gurl, why ya gotta come up to me twice in ya dance set…you know Imma look away and not tip you more than once…its the unwritten law of jiggly bars…c’mon! Deduct 1 star because these chick’nheads ain’t nude plus no lap diggities…man, THAT is a very important facet to a successful establishment.I’m Louis R and I approve this review.

  22. AssnTits5

    This place is awesome. Beautiful girls galore. Grab a bite and beer next time your in the area.

  23. gfsdg
  24. John

    Ok club at best, the girls are decent, some are annoying and try their best to milk your money away but arent very good at it, the dollar parade sneaks up on you here. Drinks are ok when the bartenders don’t sit around talking to people as you sit and wait. Dancers are very G rated. Ok place to just hang out at, nothing serious here. C- at best

  25. Steve
  26. wrinkles69

    are they hiring teenage girls from highschool?this place su***


    I got a horrible massage at this place last week. that woman was at least 50. TIME TO RETIRE. no one wants a massage from an old lady. but I did get a great blowjob in the lap dance area when I wwent there on wendesay. I can’t rememeber her name though. i’ll be going back for more of that though.

  28. tom

    Very Very Average. Mostly agency girls, but there are some extras to be had

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