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0 reviews for “Shotgun Willie’s

  1. Michael
  2. Shannon P.

    Well – I did go back – a couple of times actually, and things have just gone completely downhill at Shotguns.The girls used to be clean, cute, talkative but now it seems they only hire 18 year-olds that look like they just grabbed their dirty underwear off the closet floor. Greasy hair, ratty hair extensions, smudged make-up and zero customer service skills. One girl actually demanded that I give her more money last night because she danced for three songs then she did this weird stalkerish thing when I refused. Oh, no no no!All the dancers congregate in the two-stall women’s bathroom when they aren’t on stage – or on a lap – so it’s a little disconcerting to walk in and see these girls under the harsh and unforgiving flourescent bathroom light. Not a pretty sight – not at all. I should point out that our waitress was very nice: Blonde, petite – super-cute, looked flawless. Also – the bathroom attendant was very nice and friendly. In hindsight, I should have given all my money to those two!Any other Saturday night the club would be packed, but the last couple of times we’ve gone the crowds have been pretty weak. I’m sure the economy has something to do with waning crowds and Cujo-like strippers. I was a fan but after the last two visits, I’m convinced that I don’t need to go back. Shotguns…bang, bang – you’re dead to me.

  3. dopeboy19

    4 friends and I bought a bottle 5 minutes from when we walked in the door and the bartender handed us a bottle told use to find a seats after talking to the workers they help us out but my coat still got stolen so my top to you is don’t buy bottles.

  4. anthony1

    I had not been in the new Shotguns for a long time until this week. Two years later the club appears much the same. I did notice the need for fresh paint in the mens room, stages that appear to have moisture under the clear surfaces (Multiple). These are the little things that if let go will erode the quality of the club. The patio looks as though it “Could” be a very useful space. Unfortunately it was an unorganized mess. The furniture was not arranged in a usable logical manner. It did not look inviting and comfortable. It looked like a storage area. The bar adjacent to the patio is also somewhat of an unorganized mess. Specifically little or no order behind the bar. I will say the patio bar staff was extremely polite and professional. I’m not suggesting this club is a failure. Clearly it is not a failure. I do believe the management who run this club needs to seek opinions from those who do not look at the club on a daily basis. If you walk past a crack on the wall, every day, at some point that crack on the wall becomes normal rather than something that needs to be fixed. It would appear this is the case at Shotguns. If you look at the paint in the mens room everyday … looks the same everyday. If you see the crack or scratches in the sink everyday …..again it is normal. The same can be said about the moisture under the transparent surface of the stages……it is there everyday … appears to belong. On my visit the staff was polite and professional. The doorman, the wait staff, and the bar tenders ….all kind, helpful, and professional. I’ll be back and I can recommend Shotguns to others. Nonetheless there appears to be a lack of attention to detail within the this bright shiny new club.

  5. harryharry

    Don’t go alone … wait staff may Ruffie you and clean out you bank account.

  6. Shotguns dancer

    Dear Marco, you need to learn a thing or two about the english language. You miss spelled A LOT of your words. I think you just don’t know how to have a good time, I bet you couldn’t afford anything there anyway!

  7. Shane

    I used to think this was THE BEST club in Denver. Bar none. However, recently, I’ve been disappointed. It use to be that you could go into The Gun & meet some nice girls who were willing to hang out. Now, it’s simply the standard stripper dance with no emotion and “give me my $” attitude. It might work for a night, but it will drive away the customers down the street where they seem a little more receptive. I’m sure I’ll give you another shot, so hopefully I have a better experience.

  8. Courtney B.

    A girl from Vegas and a guy from Florida walk into a Denver topless club…Sorry, I have no punchline, but since we are from the 2 strip club capitols of the US, our standards were very high. I must say, this place is really quite nice. Most of the girls are very pretty and very accommodating to females. The place is clean, great DJ, several stages, and lap dances are only $25.The drink prices are a bit ridiculous… Then again IT IS A STRIP CLUB!Overall, we had a good time and I would return again.

  9. Jordanp

    Absolutely love this place, but it’s a bit too pricey to have sex with the strippers, that’s all I have to say. So please renegotiate a price point. Overall, the service, the food, the drinks, and the women are top quality. I’m glad they had the time to expand and quantify what they have to offer. Just bring lotta money if you’re looking to have a fantastic time. My advice, go to a casino play roulette, it’s a game with a house advantage of about 25%, meaning they take $25 out of every $100 wagered pretty much guaranteed then head off to Shotgun’s with a handsome sum of cash and bam! Women, drinks, friends, breast implants, everything. A replication of man’s heaven.

  10. igor34

    Great time Went there for my first club!! Girls aren’t only gorgeous but also way nice. I’m hoping to make it my b-day tradition to go!!

  11. Yeah

    For my 20 years, it has always been the best club in Denver. The girls are great, service is good, and it is consistent.

  12. Coleman
  13. ryan123

    $7 for a red bull and $10 for a cigar… Cha Ching Greedy dancers with a lot of make-up & crack

  14. AssnTits5

    I had a really great time here!!I don’t hit alot of strip clubs. Usually I’ll go with some friends to hang out, have a few drinks, and enjoy the entertainment. I met up with some friends here, who were sitting right in the middle of one of the tables. I ordered a Makers and coke ($10, and it was hella weak. No points docked for this though, it’s pretty much standard at any strip club for mixes drinks to be weak). I was impressed by all the girls- they were hella bendy. Seriously. I’ve never seen so many splits, backbends, and…. uh…. whatever else it was they were doing. Lots of variety in the girls. Some had tats, some were un-inked. There were all sorts of body sizes, and every one of the dancers looked pretty ‘into-it’, as if they were genuinely enjoying themselves. I’ve been to clubs before where the girls just look like they’ve had root canals while they were dancing- this wasn’t one of those spots.I’ve never tried the food here. I’m… not… really… sure… about eating at a club… not to say that I wouldn’t ever do it, but it’s not usually the first place I’d consider for a meal.All in all, I had alot of fun here. There wasn’t a predatory, creepy vibe. Not at all. I like the feeling of just being able to hang out, enjoy the scenery, throw some bills around, and not feel scummy for having done so.

  15. Seth

    This is the best club I have ever been to, the girls are gorgeous and the waitresses are nice and not pushy.

  16. Elli W.

    As a girl I find this place awesome! I love the ladies dancing there, they are diverse and there are ladies for every taste, unlike a lot of other strip clubs that only hire one type of girl.The clientel is awesome, and the guys going there are actually quite good looking for the most part! Great place!

  17. Lola

    I fucking love it here. the girls here are hot, just wish that dances were more private

  18. Karl

    I have been in many different strip clubs but this one is the best in the whole

    country! Girls are exceptional beauties. Come back for sure.

  19. Stephen K.

    So……you go out with your buddies for beers and go club-hopping, and eventually, there’s a 20% chance one of them will drop the “Let’s hit a strip club!” phrase. Some will drool and have their eyes glaze over, some would shudder and cringe at the thought of getting within 1000 feet of such a place, and some would be like “Meh…sure, we’re hammered, why not?” — like myself. Truth was another person texted my 2 friends and asked them to come to a “hair-styling charity competition” and support his girl. So that’s how we ended up there: under the pretension of a “charity event”. (adjusts halo slightly)It’s what you expect…and more. And in some ways, less. And interesting. Oversized Glendale police officers stand by the door and mingle easily with the doormen, or occasionally, the working girls. There is an ATM near the door. It charges an obscene $6.50 fee for cash — ridiculous. Get $140 in cash out to make it almost palatable and stuff most of it in the bank the next day, treat your friend who’s begging you to buy him overpriced beers, why not. (I can’t complain about the night we were there, I believe it was $2 PBRs and 1 other kind of beer, so it makes it very easy to tip $3). The women there are stunningly beautiful in that stripper way you’d hope for [not always the case at other places, if you frequent.] They’re young. They WILL chat you up, when they aren’t working a stage, if you give them the opportunity and aren’t there solo like a creeper. And 1/3 of those chatters will ask if you want a lap dance. Predictably. We went on a Sunday, a day you’d think most people would be at home — not the night we went. I don’t know if it was due to the event being hosted, or if it’s always like that on a Sunday night, but *streams* of humans, of all shapes, sizes, colors and both genders, wound their way around one another — and amazingly, when collisions occurred, were gracious and/or courteous to one another. Imagine…I guess maybe the combo of beer and…you know…really does work together to pacify crowds. The one thing you should be tipped off to realize here, if you haven’t in the back of your mind, is that this is *a business*. A business filled with scantily-clad girls wearing light scent, glittered costumes, and other paraphernalia — all that way to make money. There is nothing personal behind their motivations, no matter what you might experience there — it’s a business. Clearly, the working clientele want you to have a “good time” there (not TOO much of one…). Happy customers are money-dropping customers. Keep that in mind, and you’ll do fine.And, as always, “tip generously”, peeps. [They work hard for the money. O:) ]

  20. fritter17

    Wow, this stripub got worse. The strippers didn’t look attractive at all. I mean all of them. They looked like they just came back from a KISS concert. Some guys like the rough look, tho. Not me, I like my strippers cute and pretty, with soft skin. It seemed like they had better looking strippers back in the day. Like 2007. I wish they would go back to the basics, and hire pretty girls, that are normal weight, instead of the skinny model look. I like to feel on a big booty. Go back to hiring the young, college sweetheart look, instead of the middle age, (I did a lot of coke in college, so now Im wrinkled up at age 35) look. The place does look nice in there. The white girls in there were skinny and looked drugged up. The

  21. justinlk

    Anybody who can come up with a sign like this and make me laugh deserved five stars. Not my kind of place to hang out though. Yep it’s not a library. Only in Colorado.

  22. Diesel Powered Dick

    This club rules! So many beautiful hot sexy busty babes that my cock is always hard and ready to explode!

  23. Squeeky

    Depending on the girl depends on the enjoyment during the not so private lap dance. Not like Dallas, Houston or South Florida, but enjoyable.

  24. StripClub431

    Dirty club with super sleezy gistapo-esq staff. Horrible experience! Spend 2 extra buck and a 30 second drive up the street to penthouse. This place is a sad joke. You’ll be lucky if you leave with only crabs. Such a degrading atmosphere and staff. The dancers are closer to sex slaves than independent women. How is this place legal????

  25. Matt W.

    If only I could give negative stars…The talent somehow swung around and broke a beer glass in my lap. Not only was I covered in beer, I caught some shrapnel and cut my hand. As I was bleeding profusely… The manager only offered to pay me the entrance fee… Nothing for the two drinks that were in my lap. Just a horrendous experience all around. I would check out some of the other venues before you try this spot.

  26. Franklyn

    Awesome Club!Big Birthday bash here, arrived in style in a strech limo with a crew of 25+Even with a group as large as ours there was plenty of room, seats, and girls! Service was fantastic from the bartender’s and the dancers!Very impressed with some of those moves those ladies can do- amazing. All of us girls thought it would be a hoot to wear fake mustaches and the dancers thought it was funny too. They were all super sweet.You can’t take pictures in the club, but if the bartender takes the photo away from the stage you are in the clear.Drinks are not cheap by any means, but they were pretty stiff….along with most the men in this place, haha. Zing!Music could have been better.

  27. jeramiah

    i love this club! hottest girls in Denver by far bro!!!!!

  28. XXXbeast

    Sometimes it can be amazing how quickly people can ruin a good thing… The person who was in charge of their redesign should be fired for incompetence. Who takes 1988 and redoes it 25 years later? The atmosphere in the new place – while cleaner – is just a giant fail. There is no flow… No real place to just settle into once there…. You just kind of wander around. Also, they seem to have eliminated a lot of the staff who made going there a worthy endeavor. The whispers in industry circles of Shotgun’s demise aren’t rumors, they’re the real deal. Its no longer considered a regular part many’s rotation, which is kind of shocking. I’m guessing the ownership is JUST starting to figure all this out…maybe…. Hopefully the get around to fixing it sooner than later.

  29. Mike

    Hardly worth the time to write this review.

  30. Gun Luver

    Great variety of girls, good food, laid back atmosphere. Always have fun here!

  31. montana boys

    We were in town for some meetings and had to see the night life we had a blast at shotguns and you have to see Britney she is a little brunette that is very good at what she does she is friendly and gives great dances

  32. cliff

    totally fantastic!!!!

  34. W G.

    when a strip club owner wakes up and sits on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands softly crying and wondering how he came to be the weak and worthless man he is today, you can be sure he is cognizant of one incontrovertible fact – his strip club is not Shotgun Willie’s. while muhammed ali can certainly make a case for the G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime, Shotgun Willie is no slouch. i could go on at length about the 32oz. beers for $5, the fact that the place probably had 75 dancers on a wednesday night, the 7+ stages, the large screen tvs, the clean bathrooms, yadda yadda yadda. but what really sets SW apart from all the other pretenders is the simple fact that all the “performers” are having a good time. they are actually enjoying themselves and smiling. it is a little awkward and startling at first because you enter expecting to be greeted with the acrid stench of desperation and shame and instead you get a 12-ring circus that feels like it might just be your birthday and everyone decided to blow it out big-time in your honor. you don’t even care about spending money because instead of an Estonian bottle-blonde with gang tattoos barely concealed behind neutragena sheers mineral powder foundation trying to pull it out of your pockets, you get two cosmetologists(cosmonauts) who are too busy making out with each other to even notice you standing there floating SW dollars at them. one girl stuck a dollar in my pants when i wasn’t looking! seriously, if you ever just wanted to have a good time and not feel like your whole night should be ensconced in a plain brown wrapper hit Willie’s and let the good times roll. hot tip: if you happen to have a corporate expense account, fear not. you can charge EVERYTHING to your heart’s content because the receipts show the business name as “The Bavarian Inn” which is the restaurant attached to SW where they process all their credit card charges. JCTSFR: 878,738,473,286,327,512,313.51

  35. felixnada

    The “vallet” guys (mainly the huge obese bald one) are complete pieces of scum. I provide a sober ride home for their patrons. I never block traffic yet they proceed to scream at me over things that THEY or their PATRONS have control of, not me. I will no longer be providing this service for any customer or employee of shotgun willies. Your customers are going to have to wait around outside a little longer now, because that is one less available Uber driver.

  36. Dennis

    The best topless bar in the Mountain Time Zone bar none!!!!

    I have seen the rest, I now only go to best—The Gun!!!!

  37. Theriot C.

    Lots of fun. One of the more lady friendly clubs in Denver. More of a party then some skeezy strip club. Ladies and management always friendly.

  38. Disappointed

    I went here this past week & was disappointed. Got there in time for the end of the day shift & got a dance from a black girl named Jackie. Very good, highly recommend. The club itself however needs improvement. They could start with the chairs. They were the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE chairs I have ever sat in! Girls were average at best, only saw a few that were wirth getting dances from. The night shift came in & they were not even as pretty as the day shift. This place does not compare to the Lodge in Dallas or the Men’s Club in Raleigh.

  39. Brett Starr

    I visit strip clubs regularly throughout the Southwest and Rocky Mountain states and Shotgun Willies is among the best. Clearly the quality of ladies varies from day to day and from year to year. There are still lots of pretty girls with big breasts, but drop dead gorgeous dripping sexy girls that make you hard upon seeing them are now rare. SGW is in a bit of a down cycle but expect a solid rebound in the coming months. This is about the best club in the region to get a great hard satisfying grinding lap dance at a great price. The club plays a great mix of rock music and tries to keep the rap garbage to a minimum. Hard driving rock music is best for powerful grinding lapdances and SGW does better than most in facilitating this. The food is good or better or what you pay. Drinks are priced okay but where is there a quality club with cheap drinks ? Like anything, you get what you pay for, so SGW is about what you could expect. The atmosphere is as good as always, and there is an excellent masseuse that is superb at backrubs for a great low price. About the only negatives I see is the bathrooms. The Penthouse Club and PT’s on Evans are the only other clubs that offer great lapdances, and the Diamond Cabaret and La Boheme (both downtown) are the only clubs that may have more beautiful girls than Shotguns. I would say that it would be difficult than do better than Shotguns when one is in the Denver region and looking for a great time at a strip club. I would rank SGW as number one with Penthouse, Diamond, and La Boheme also in the running. You won’t lose with any of these, but I would go to Shotguns as my first and best choice.

  40. frank

    this club is way over rated to exspenive for the low quality girls and food as well hospitality thought this club was one of denversz finest? if this is your finest hate to see what your average is like!

  41. Clark

    It is fantastic with plenty of smoking hot women with big beautiful boobs who do incredible powerful grinding lapdances. It is the best club outside of Las Vegas.

  42. DexterRexter

    I thought this place was going to be nice. It turned out that even with the remodel, it is just another crappy strip club. The manager doesn’t seem to care at all about any of the customers there. The dancers are so clumsy they knock customers drinks off their tables leaving them with a wet lap and an empty glass. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you. Somehow this place missed that memo!

  43. Mike & Wendy

    My first experience in Denver. Nice place. The girls were friendly and not the pushy, hustle you types. Those drink prices kind of caught me off guard. I’ll definitely go back though.

  44. timmykilla

    Changing my review! I just want to let everyone know that I’ve been going to shotgun willies for a year now and never had an issue. However I just had to get “cleared” by a manager when I’ve been in the club Multiple times alone and at night too because I may be “working” and they want the focus on their girls. So they will no longer be getting my business. I was just in Las Vegas last week by myself at a strip club. I’m sorry you feel threatened by a girl in a dress and red lip stick who you assume is an escort. I wanted to dress nice and came to see nude girls and tip them. Sorry you’re club thinks it’s weird that a female would do such a thing alone. I highly advise all of you to NOT visit shotguns! I will be taking my business to PT’s from now on. What a crock of shit!

  45. Ryan B.

    If I could give this place six stars I would. The BEST CLUB EVER!!! It was like being in a rap video, awesome set-up, great beer specials, free cigars, more hot dancers in one club than I’ve ever seen, makes me want to move to Denver.

  46. Blaine

    The best club i’ve seen, I’ve seen all in Oregon and California, yes the gun beats Califonia clubs hands down, that is because of the quality of the girls and the friendliness, I always get better sevice than expected, girls hang out at their break time. I have never seen a girl with bad attitude there, bear in mind they are working, tip generously and you’ll get your money’s worth, drinks are overpriced, but the food is excellent.

  47. mathewater12

    Nice place.But the drinks are too expensive…$8-9-10 beers..

  48. richard95

    Didn’t eat their food. But one of the best clubs in denver IMHO.

  49. Ronbo

    Shot Guns is cool. Most of the girls are pretty tasty but to find them you need to go on Friday or Saturday night after 9pm It will be packed as it is a fav location for bachelor parties. One negative is the table dances are totally public, no cover…..BOOOOO!!!!

    Overall a good place to get a major rager.

  50. Allie R.

    Went here last night and you can smoke again in here which makes me angry. Although it is only in one small area it still makes you smell like gross cigarettes when you come out.

  51. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  52. maxxy1

    Go here! Way better experience compared to the Diamond Cabaret downtown. High quality and great customer service!

  53. Alex D.

    Had a good time. Relatively clean place, nice layout, beautiful and friendly girls and plenty of seating. Friendly $3 cover charge, not so friendly $8 Heinekens and didn’t really like the xeroxing of my drivers license and credit card to open a bar tab.

  54. Dave
  55. Randy Joe

    Simply the best in everyway and is always a great fantastic expeerience!

  56. GarryWas

    I’m not a fan of stripclubs, but this one is clean, the bartender is fast, the bouncer is helpful and the ambience is alright. Overall it was a good experience.

  57. Randy
  58. Tres B.

    Its worth a visit for the nostalgia.This is EXACTLY like 1983. The loo, the feel, the music, even the mullet fashioned, cut off sleeved patrons.Big haired strippers dance to Prince, pre-squiggle. Writhing to Thriller and Billy Idol. Its dated, but somehow fresh. They even have a happy hour buffet. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Strip club buffet always disgust me.The dancers are sweet and not too pushy.

  59. XhXeXy

    First time in a long time going to a strip club and the stripper stole $80 from me and my friend. She’d take the money and the tell us we already had a dance and we were too drunk to remember. ……ummmmm we just showed up and just started drinking. What a rip off and a hussle. Dont trust the dancers for anything they offer.

  60. M-C R.

    Not a very good strip club. It’s good to go hang out at I suppose, but go the mixed drink route rather than the beer route. They ass rape you.One thing’s weird: the only money that I see being exchanged is the ones from the dancers and the cash at the bar. Unless there’s a VIP room that I don’t see, there’s an underground economy that I won’t guess at….One of the girls explained to me that you can either by $25 lap dances (one song) or you can pay $400/hr to “take a girl off the floor” which basically means that they sit there and chill with you for an hour. There’s no VIP room and no “touching” technically allowed in the main room. I don’t know what type of local laws this place is trying to avoid breaking, but that is the lamest thing ever. Oh. Wait. I thought this was Denver, NV. My bad.And that’s why I rarely go to strip clubs. :-)By the way, my rum and diet cost $7.50. My Bug Light cost effing $6.50. I’ll let you be the judge.Aside from that, $10 cover.

  61. curtis17

    Best strip club in Denver, but sadly that doesn’t say much. This is a fun place to go to, for the most part the servers are very friendly and the dancers do a very nice job. I do wish the servers were a little quicker with drinks, but for the most part the entire staff is very accomodating.

  62. WTF

    The club is female owned which always presents problems because they usually hire nasty looking women. Tats, fake tits and crystal meth mouths everywhere last time I went. Rude food servers as well. This used to be the best club in Denver but when it was sold to a female it went downhill.

    I will say the music the best out of any club I have been to. They DJ know their rock music tunes that is for sure. Rock music and strippers have always been where it’s at. The owner must be a rock music fan so I will give her credit for hring the right DJ’s.

    Unfortunately the quality of dancers statewide is at an all time low. Here is a something SW could do to get my business back: have an all natural, no tats, no meth mouth dancer night and I will go back. Last time I went I almost threw up the dancers were so nasty looking.

    Mack in the male owned day SW had 90% hot chics with no tats or fake boobs.

  63. Penelope W.

    Shotgun Willies is just about the only place you will ever hear advertised on radio stations like 103.5 the fox. Which means? I don’t know actually. You will have to find out the hard way. But if you have any inkling of this station you will feel like you may be in for some crass trash and bad humor. BUT if you have never listened to the station, then on the contrary you may just be pleasantly surprised by well groomed ladies dancin’ to Coolio. Put down a couple of martins and “dance” your heart out.

  64. adamrod

    worst place ever. did not deserve 1 star. waitress kept my money wouldn’t give it back. I had more to spend but f that. outside bouncer supported some douchebags trying to get more money from us. AVOID!!!

  65. Homer J.

    Best strip club in Denver. I don’t know what the cover is, because I always come in a limo, with comped entry fee. Doormen are super nice, ladies are sweet and beautiful. Some reviews talked about the smoke, but I didn’t notice any smoke at all. Haven’t eaten there ever. Nice place to spend a lot of time.

  66. Ronnie

    Best club in denver for sure!!

  67. Erin S.

    I am not ashamed to say that I come here with my guy friends a few times a year and we always have a blast. I have now been to the new one that just opened up twice in the last 3 weeks. Once on a Friday night and again this past Saturday afternoon.The 1st time here it was packed but we were able to grab a couple of seats at the bar and hang out with the best bartender ever. The girls were on fire that night and were having a blast. I am pretty sure I got whiplash trying to see all the stages from the bar. The most awesome part is the pole that comes from the dressing room to one of the stages. I got to see a couple of them slide down that thing. 🙂 The 2nd time was a little bit slower paced. I don’t think I have ever been here during the day. Obviously not as busy, I think they were rotating out 6-9 girls on 3 stages. We grabbed a table and waited a while for the waitress to come over to take our drink orders. The waitress seemed off or distracted or something on Saturday. Everything took a while to come, drinks, food, change for a $20. Don’t get me wrong, she was really nice but moved at a slower pace than the other waitress that was working. It started to pick up a little bit as we were leaving and I was kind of bummed that we had to go. I totally could have stayed. My friend and I were talking about coming back later that night, but that didn’t happen.Cover during the day is $3 which is nothing. I probably have that floating around in quarters at the bottom of my purse. Cover at night I believe is $10 which from my understanding is about par for the course. I know I will be back at some point with my favorite guys for a fun night out & I can’t wait!

  68. Bob

    I had a great time!!!

  69. Johnathan M.

    I’ve been to a lot of strip clubs in the Denver area, and Shotgun Willies is without a doubt one of the best. The women are top notch, and it’s much more of a “party” atmosphere that most strip clubs. There are a LOT of stages, so there is plenty of eye candy to choose from, whatever your flavor.

  70. Mel McMurtry

    Best club experience I have had in some time outside of Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and Tucson.

    Good deep grinding lap dances by enthusiastic friendly beautiful girls who more often than not are stacked. They straddle you and make it worth your time and money. I plan on coming back whenever I am in Colorado which is ususally at least 6-8 times per year.

  71. Harrison69

    I don’t really go to strip clubs. I seem to end up there after copius amounts of drinking with friends and waking up in their car in the parking lot of some seedy strip club. It had been years since the last time that happened. However, this past Wednesday, I willingly went with my bestie to check this place out. It was actually pretty nice inside. There were about 4 or 5 different little pole stages and lots of seating. The girls were really nice and answered my questions about life goals, exercise regimens, and any good diet tips while shaking their booties and boobs in front of my face. Quite hilarious!The staff was really nice including the giant doorman named Tiny. Hahahaha! I even lost a game of Connect 4 to the back bartender. All-in-all, I had a great time!

  72. xqfdctjl


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