Spearmint Rhino



10965 Composite Drive, Dallas, TX 75220


32.8794349, -96.8965671




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The World Famous Spearmint Rhino of Dallas, Texas.


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. ryan123

    They just look bored…absolutely bored. My as well have a cell phone on them like they are waiting in line at starbucks. Oh well. Layout is nice and service is great. I am entertained to see all the wedding rings on when I go. hahaha I enjoyed being upstairs and the music was mostly decent. Even the parking was easy…free around back. We did giggle at the girl chain smoking in her panties on the back patio when it was 22 degrees outside. Atleast put on a coat. Would hate for you not to warm up the pole later…. 🙂

  2. pissed off

    i went there last night. the girls were great. i went to the ATM to get 200 dollars and as i glanced down to the money slot the chunky black guy with long hair sitting in the chair beside the ATM was removing his hand from the bottom of the machine. i counted the money and it was 80 dollars short. i ask one of the girls next to me if the guy worked there and she said yes. i left immediately. this guy prevented me from giving more money to the girls. i don’t know if the girls were in on the cut or not. but either way i wont go back. i expected to spend a lot of money, not have it stolen. i should have been watching closer. but more importantly the management shouldn’t employ people that steal from the club. that is what he did.

  3. Anne C.

    Brunette, fit and tan Gisele is hot and super nice, she doesn’t dance on stage. Besides her, I was the only other girl with fake boobs, and I’m just a customer :DThe interior is nice, my redbull and vodkas were only 9$, and I think it was 10$ each for my man and I to get in. This is a nice club, it didn’t blow me away but out of the choices we have in Dallas the Rhino would be my choice every time.

  4. richard95

    It was my sister’s 30th birthday. We went here, and it was my FIRST TIME at a strip club (I’m 25, so it was a bit overdue)Man was I disappointed. I dont know maybe I had this glamourized version of a strip club in my head… I don’t know.. But it was boring, there werent many people there. Women in Scottsdale who work at bars are better looking, I’ve never seen so many nonfake boobs, though, thats good except many of the girls did NOT have attractive figures.Still.. I mean… It was weird, a couple party members werent able to get their beers. I don’t know. Contessa the stripper is my G.D. hero, her beauty is like that of a goddess except she needs me to cut her hair extensions to blend in better. Well, not that Im sure the customers care, only I was disturbed by the MASSIVE amount of poorly concealed fake hair there. A lot of girls had clip ins, and one girl had keratin and desperately needed my help blending.. oh man.. Im not even a hair dresser and I could do better.I would also not mind having a body like hers. She is the only woman in that joint worth being lesbian for HAH!But really, I was soooo dissappointed. Then someone asked ME for a dance that night. I guess I am blonde, and I guess attractive, so I guess I cannot blame them, but I am a VERY laid back person but that sent my temper off, and I barked back. Dont have any intention of going again except perhaps to look and admire the beautiful Contessa, and I heard from a waiter that she is not only beautiful but very “Cool” and by her choice of dubstep music, I thought she is probably cool.

  5. Peyton Sandoz

    dude girls had tig ole bitties

  6. billtheguy12

    Beautifully laid out, upscale club. Full bar, reasonably priced drinks, great food and friendly and attractive staff!I most definitely recommend Spearmint Rhino for fun and classy adult entertainment in DFW!

  7. Harrison69

    Met up with my friends for a friends bachelor weekend. The cover here is 10 bucks. A bit steep. Drinks were 5-7 bucks each. My friends had got bottle service. It was about 225 bucks for a fifth of vodka. I guess that’s fare given you can get 6 or 7 drinks.The “talent” here is hit or miss. But it was a thursday night.

  8. David P.

    Terrible, expensive, confusing layout, girls have awful attitude…sorry couldn’t find anything good. Jaguars is much better.

  9. Monique T.

    Came with a couple of girlfriends and wasn’t let in. We were told we had to be accompanied by a man. I understand it’s a “gentleman’s” club, but if you’re going to prohibit people from entering then the sign should say gentlemen only. Don’t spend your money at an establishment that discriminates and is owned by bigots.

  10. curtis17

    Here is WHY I give a 5 star rate! ( my view only) because the club is beautifully laid out. 2. There is a positive vibe in the club. 3. The stage is beautiful .4. There is a good selection of girls on the night shift. The staff is friendly.

  11. AssnTits5

    I honestly have to say it’s fun going to a strip club if you are a female. My friend turned 21 so her friends (male and female) decided to take her here since one of my friends has a VIP pass. The ladies are very good looking. We love to come here because the guys get to do their thing while we get to drink and have some chocolate strawberries. Not at all a bad club if you want to spend the money and get your man a night out with the guys.

  12. Victor G.

    Women are beautiful but this club has a flaw. We all know that when you get a dance to usually get a proper lap dance you have to goto VIP but here they have this redick method you have to prepay 100 $ for 15 min is the minimum lap dance which by my math with your prepaying for 4 lap dances & 20 for temp lap dance room “not VIP” . It might be that I’m not that dedicated but I just don’t like it I guess.

  13. XhXeXy

    No joke, I actually made more money dancing this night than I spent… WORD!Came by late one evening to join a festive, and officially unofficial UYE, but also to take in some of the free libations courtesy of the sponsoring vodka brand. No mention of that brand here as we didn’t get to partake in any of it- something to do with the handlers being a bit stingy to be honest. We mingled a good bit with friends, while at the same time, occasionally checking out the scenery and theatrical arts on display. Well, there was much more to be desired, though in fairness, most of these girls are still deciding on majors if they aren’t already dedicated to nursing. Drama courses tend to move a little slowly I hear… After the initial main stage dance, the second dance in their rotation is actually highlighted on a staircase-bridge above the floor. At this rotation, there is some irony. At the highest point of view on the floor, the least amount of effort is given. One girl may have either lost a contact and was looking for it, another one appeared to be queasy from a fear of heights… IDK. I mean I get it. Short of us folding dollars into logistically designed airplanes and flying them to her up there, she’s working that stop for free. We didn’t stay too long, I had better moves coming my way for payment in kisses at home…

  14. Keith Y.

    Will this be the definitive review of the Rhino? No. Why? Because I was at the Rhino for a friend’s bachelor party. So the drinks were flowing, the girls were flirty and we may not have all been of-age. The Rhino is a good example of what a Dallas strip joint can offer. You get what you pay for. I believe we spent close to 700 bucks for the evening’s drinks and dances. I know I threw lots of cash at girls I imagined to be attracted to me. The interior is clean and plush (lots of red carpet if memory serves). The girls are generally free of C-Section scars too. Our glasses of whiskey were never out of reach and I even got a free hat for buying multiple lap dances. Perhaps the Rhino deserves 4 Stars but I’ll stick with 3 because the girl giving me a little private entertainment wanted to regale me with stories about Richland Community College and not the vicious motorboat I wanted. Plus, the extravagant price of drinks and entertainment will sneak up on you and put a quick end to your buzz.

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