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111 Patterson Road, Joliet, IL 60436


41.5065108, -88.0848552




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Cellar

  1. ****

    Bikini club, no nudity at all, but touching is allowed. Big variety of girls: all races, sizes, ages. Take your time before getting a dance cause there may be girls you haven’t seen yet and there are a few real hot ones.

  2. The Captain

    I like this place. Mainly because there’s no pressure and very laid back. I’ve found the girls to be friendly and not pushy at all. They’ll even sit with you a few minutes after your dance. Most places they just run off to their next mark. Wide variety of girls, big, small, tall, short, black and white. Jersey is just adorable!

  3. luvwomen
  4. kkk


  5. Dominick A.

    By far the worst “club” ever. Where to begin? Myself and 3 other guys drove out to this place on a thursday night thinking we’d try something new. That was first mistake. $5 cover at the door, not bad so we thought. We sit down at the bar, and order 2 Miller Lights ($5 each) and 2 Jack and Cokes ($9 each) which were nothing more than Coke with a splash of Jack, dissapointing to say the least. So far we’ve dropped $48 and haven’t seen any girls. At last we see one in the back of this joint and as she smiles walking up to us I could see her tongue through the gaps in her teeth. Not only was she fugly, but she must have weighed over 180lbs, not petite. We all looked at each other and said “pass” thinking there might be a girl more worthwhile, wrong again. So as we’re sitting at the bar saying how shitty this hole was to each other, my buddy decides to lighten the mood by putting on a couple songs at the jukebox. After putting in his dollar and selecting his 3 songs he sits back down at the bar. Good music, that’ll make things better, NOOOO. The bartender, who by the way is close to 50 years old but trying to come off sexy to her customers, yells at my buddy saying that we’re not allowed to request songs while the girls are dancing. What a cunt. First off there was one girl that was wadling from bar stool to bar stool. Secondly there was no dancing what-so-ever. So the bitch is giving us hell over a jukebox request, and we said fuck it and left to go to the skybox, which more than made up for the shithole we came from. If you take one thing away from this review, it is “Go somewhere the fuck else”.

  6. cuz

    i love it!but the bartenders are a little pushy

  7. sd
  8. Jeff

    Stay home

  9. Race Fan

    This place sucks

  10. Lovinthecellar*

    I love this place..girls are very friendly..great dances..conversation is always sexual..all the dancers are hot!..they really cleaned up compared to a year back..the bartenders suck they can be kinda pushy..drinks for the girls are 10.00 dollars but you can say “no”…if u dont like it dont sit at the bar….the club has other seating…overall its a cool place.

  11. arggghhh

    the name says its it all

  12. Rob

    The only 2 things bad about this place are the bartenders and the drink prices..girls are friendly …and not pushy..and the dances are excellent.

  13. papaD

    I always thought this place had a bad rap..went in and found that to be wrong..some of the girls are not that great …but u get that at all the clubs..some were really nice too look at..I sat with a tall girl with long brown hair..great dance.I liked the place..ill be going back

  14. Bad Taste

    This club is a real dive!

  15. yes

    as the name says it.. thought the city would have shut it down

  16. g
  17. Big Daddy D

    Thought this club was bad but turned out to be fun!!! I Luvvvvvvvvvvv passion! She sat and talked with me. Then we danced all nite. Ill be back to give passion all my money!! Bartender Tanessa is to pushy & a ugly bitch! I hope i dont have 2 see her next i cum 2 the cellar!! Guys go on the nite tanessa is not there. you will have a great time.

  18. w


  19. slider

    This place SUCKS! I never thought I would find a club worse than The Playpen or Kenny May’s but this is it. $5 cover, $5 for a beer and all so you can find out that there aren’t any dancers worth getting a $20 (are these people kidding) dance from. 2 black dancers each pushing up on 200#’s and 1 white dancer with a serious case of meth mouth and obviously strung out on something. AVOID THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! It is a waste of money

  20. KC

    Very attractive and sexy dancer.Really has the moves and slender FIRM BODY.WIll be Back for HER !

  21. Wulf

    I went with a buddy we walked in man was this place a dump. When I go to club I like to see girls on the stage. Here every girl was sitting with a guy at the bar and the place was empty. We had two girls walk right up to us but were not my taste and they put up some attidtude about it. Later I wound taking a dance from a heavier set girl they had. Overall with clothes and mild tocuhing not worth the 20 dollars a dance price. This place was a pit.

  22. kjj

    this club is better than crazy rock

  23. mj


  24. modi

    not good………

  25. Mac

    DON”T WASTE THE $$$!! What a waste! Expensive drinks, Cover not even worth the effort, and the “BIKINI” girls…..NO WAY! Very dissapointed!! No value, No Way, NEVER AGAIN!!!

  26. l

    are you guys hiring

  27. fuzzy

    This place SUCKS !!!!!!!!!! I was there a few weeks ago, sat at a bar away from the main bar. A very hot looking black girl, I think her name was Moesha sat next to me. Immediately, the waitress was there asking if I would buy her a drink ,I declined. Moesha continued to sit and talk with me rubbing her knee against my crotch. When my dick got rock hard she asked if I wanted a couple dances for $20. Sounded like a deal to me so I accepted. She took me over to the stage, sat me in a chair in front of it and proceeded to go ON STAGE and dance. When she came within a foot of me the bartender yelled at her. After her dances I told her that was NOT what I expected when she offered me a dance, she replied “yeah, sucks doesn’t it”. I will never go to this RIP OFF joint again !!!!!

  28. Hey Guys

    Oasis Sports Bar and Grill is now open Mon to Sat from 12pm to 2am and on sundays 5pm to 12am, Check it out !

  29. sucker

    This place is hell. So wretched, the devil, himself would call this place sh*t hole and leave. This is where aging strippers die with their dancing hoofs on. It felt like the sequal to “Dusk till Dawn”. Name says it all.

  30. Mark

    All I have to say is Tiffany. Shes sooo hot. The hotest Chick in this club!! Ill be back to see her.

  31. whoha
  32. STAR


  33. eric

    the worst piss hole ever. what a fuckin rip off, no girls dancing and i though she was kidding when she saisd 2 drinks would b 20 dollars. i hope this place burns down or something. it is a fucking joke!!

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