Silver City Cabaret



7501 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75247


32.8201006, -96.8710775




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silver City Cabaret

  1. Marc

    Veronica is smoking hot & the wings are amazing!

  2. joseph1k

    I just left this place and will not be returning. I chose a Monday night just to see what it’s like without a packed crowd. The building and decorations are very nice. However the staff/dancers are horrible. Having worked in a number of clubs I have to say this one is among the worst I’ve ever seen. The dancers, while very beautiful, completely neglect the customers. Unless you are getting a 300 dollar VIP dance the girls won’t spend any time with you. I had a 100 dollar dances tab open and literally had to go seek out a girl for dances. They may look high class but the service is absolutely pathetic. I’ll never return.

  3. Mark

    Outstanding talent, prompt valet & service staff, Ribeye was outstanding & I’m in love with Emily!! I’ll be back!

  4. nickstrip

    Meh. The girls weren’t friendly and the music wasn’t that great.

  5. Harrison69

    Really good club amazing new girls in cute skirts and dresses reminds me of real gentlemens club will come again…. Remember this club is for high rollers so if your looking for cheap with waters down drinks then it’s not for you. But if you want sexy elites with champagne and delicious gourmet food then come here

  6. Jim Fuqua

    I love the daytime girls & the free lunch buffets! The only problem is I’m late returning to work. 🙁

  7. Justin G.

    this is a great place my 1st time there coming from san mateo ca the beer is good along with the shots and the women are beatiful and cater to your needs. the food is also great a little smokey but you cant beat the cover charge.

  8. Tamara

    cool place to chill late night on weekends

  9. Freddie

    Great music & sexy girls

  10. larry1

    Been there quite a few times. No girls there. Hard to get service. Music is okay… But not a returning experience.. Bad service and bad entertainers. Maybe better luck next time. If there is one.

  11. Mike

    Wow must have had 50 hotties & 3 stages going on a Monday night! I can’t wait for football season!!

  12. richard95

    Not a fan of this whole environment anyways but I was given a free admittance pass from a friend so I’m like ok, let’s go. I gave him a few bucks to tip the girls and we were okay for about 5 minutes until a security guard bouncer guy comes to me at the bar, taps my shoulder and told me angrily that I’m supposed to tip the door girl. Uh, what? When is this ever appropriate behavior? I know waiters will get fired if they ask the customers for a tip. I’m sure after we went in the door girl was upset and told the bouncer, so it wasn’t just the bouncer who was inappropriate. I’m a customer, I came to check your place out and was treated like a jerk. Inside it was crappy and cramped, there wasn’t a girl there hotter than a 7… I would recommend trying some other place first!

  13. Country


  14. Bill

    ask for Devon

  15. ryan123

    Decent girls, the alcohol is overpriced at $7 a bottle but their internet free cover pass was nice ($10 value). Service was good, pretty much the usual $20/song for lap dances.

  16. Sam

    Good times…hot girls & the lil Asian driver guy is hilarious LOL he gave us a ride back to the Marriott.

  17. john

    it is definitely a place for crackheads.very dirty,ugly dirty girls.will never go there again.dancers should be feminine and sexy and these danceres look like men with wigs.

  18. Mo

    Indica is insane on the pole! Since this club was acquired by Ricks they offer annual & lifetime VIP memberships which basically pay for themselves if you like a good time.

  19. Bob

    love the cuties from Houston

  20. Yeshua

    I saw a few pretty girls there, but holy shit Joanna is the hottest one of them all! I

    saw her on the stage when I walked in, her eyes hypnotized me from across the

    room. Long black hair with tan skin and blue eyes, if anybody knows what days

    she works or if she works anywhere else….. Most sensual intense lap dance I’ve

    ever had!

  21. mathewater12

    This is where you go for washed up strippers, with saggy bodies. Also, and added bonus is, they’ll give you a price for a dance, then tell you there were multiple dances in one song and boing, big surprise, the fee jumps to $200!! and if you don’t pay, you get your ass kicked by the fat bouncers. Avoid this place at all costs. Shame these strippers don’t know the most basic marketing philosophy, treat ’em right and they’ll come back. I guess that’s why they’re strippers, too dumb to understand. Never again.

  22. Ahmad

    We’ll be back I fell in love with the waitress!

  23. Ashley

    girls are so much fun!

  24. Barney

    Isabella is smoking hot! Does anyone know what nights she works?

  25. Jimmy

    Great energy in the club

  26. Weedman420

    Man, people really complain about this place. What do you expect from a strip club that stays open until 5 am? This place is just fine for what it is. If you want somewhere to go after the club shuts down- this is it. The girls are fine, the music is cheesy, and it’s cleanish? Don’t hate!

  27. Johnnyboy123

    The girls are pretty but they are shiesty. Be warned! They’ charge for more dances than they give.

  28. Dan

    Good times

  29. benjamin

    it is a disgusting club,ugly girls and nasty management.i feel sorry for everyone who goes they only hire black or spanish girlfriend went there to audion and she said it is the most disgusting,sleezy,racist club in america.

  30. Josiah

    great food, sexy girls & upbeat music

  31. winston12

    The ranking and reviews were true. This was listed as the number 3 best in dallas. I walked in and the girl at the door was nice and very pretty, so I thought I was good with my choice. I sat down near the stage and waited for someone to ask me what I wanted to drink. Didn’t happen at all the entire hour I was there. I had to go to the bar and get my drinks. There was a girl selling hookah and approached me by saying what’s up wanna buy a hookah. I was shocked at her approach and immediately said no. The music was slow and not typical strip club music. The girls couldn’t dance and a lot were very out of shape. I noticed the waitresses just stayed at the door and other people were escorted to tables but not me very weird. I will definitely not return to this place even if I was paid.

  32. Tim
  33. collette

    friendly staff just valet seems weird

  34. Melvin

    What a great night!

  35. Clarence

    I went for the free Italian lunch buffet today with some colleagues & must say their dayshift has lots of cuties! We’ll be back!!

  36. Billy

    I used their free shuttle service the driver Moses is really friendly. We got 2 bottles of Patron & that’s the easy way to make friends with strippers!!

  37. Chuck

    Best in Dallas. Not the hottest girls, but the most “affectionate” good looking girls in town.

  38. fritter17

    I was very disappointed about this place. Most of the girls or shall I say women were very old. I asked a few one said she was 45 one was 36. I didnt wanted to ask the rest because they looked a little rough. I didn’t want an altercation. I was in the VIP area on the floor. There was a pretty black girl that looked like rihanna walking towards me (awesome) but another black girl (long fake blonde hair, not my type) must’ve saw her coming over and she almost dang near knocked her over to get to me. I didn’t want to send her away because she started grabbing my dick, & I wanted to get laid. Plus the rihanna looking girl I guess was threatened by her and left. So we did I few dances I didn’t want to go to VIP so she got irritate with me that’s when I went to go talk to the VIP guy so she would leave me alone. I will not go back. The ugly girls definitely make it hard for the beautiful girls to get to you. Very cock blocking. Also a dancer named Tyson works there ( who would want a dance from a dancer named Tyson) I over heard her saying to the rihanna look alike “I should’ve beat you last time you were here). The beautiful have it hard here. Good luck getting a good one. I didn’t see any.

  39. Alonzo

    longest happy hour til 11pm

  40. Scott

    Hot entertainers and French fries were amazing!

  41. Chris

    I just got a membership $495 for the year & you’re VIP at all locations wow

  42. tonycluber

    Was in Dallas from 6/13/13 – 6/16/13, went to the Lopez vs Garcia fight. I visited Silver City Cabaret, ran a tab of 200.00, had a few lap dances, then this Stripper (French/Korean) with lots of Tatoos, came to my table and started working me. Asked for a drink and I bought her one, she started asking me to go to the back room and I said no, not there for that. Without going into details, I would just tell people from out of town to avoid this place, I would never ever go there again.

  43. Jon

    hot girls & great food

  44. Visitor

    Loved Jayden and Reagan!

  45. Eric


  46. lynn
  47. Daniel

    Ask for MJ she’s smoking hot!!

  48. Lee

    Ask for buy 1 get 1 free bottles we got 2 Crown for $400 I also tipped the floor guy but great time!!

  49. name


  50. Ed

    hot girls & great food

  51. Tom

    great food & hot girls

  52. StripClub431

    Horrible. We joined our friends that already had a table. We got in and the waitress was bringing our friends drinks and didn’t even bother to ask my boyfriend or I if we wanted anything. After waiting maybe 10 minutes I asked one of the girls/dancers who our waitress was and she assured she would send the waitress over that is for our table. So we waited another 10 minutes. Nothing. We then noticed that our table had the girls name on it. As she walked by we called for her, she actually turned around looked straight at us and kept walking. We had about 100$ of ones on our table of 6 and none of the girls came by. Smh. Waste of a night here.

  53. Dennis Boone

    I had my bachelor party there on Sunday & we had such a good time with floor dances & my buds sent me back for private dances. The best part was their floor dude gave us a complimentary ride back to our hotel! Talk about service!! A++

  54. Adam K.

    So as usual with strip clubs, this was a random outing involving a few classmates and myself. Its pretty much on the same level as Jaguars, it carries a bit of a trashy vibe. I must honestly say that Dallas’ scene of gentleman’s clubs is not that great.

  55. maxxy1

    Real heavy and pretty ugly girl sat on my lap and hounded me for 20+ minutes until I finally let her do a pitty dance. Not much after that some skinny half-decent girl did the same thing. I couldn’t even see the entertainment, which wasn’t a biggy since the dancers were pretty bad. To top it off, my khaki shorts had a blood stain after the second dancer did a lap dance. She also used lingo that I’ve seen in movies that would indicate illegal activities, which I assume take place way back in the back, somewhere. Nasty place, nasty dancers! Oh yah, country music doesn’t mix with rap and metal and is definitely not meant for a strip club!

  56. Kenny

    I am soooo drunk & happy

  57. Steve

    In my opinion, the best club in Dallas

  58. Adrian

    great job

  59. AssnTits5

    Since my friend Kyle convinced me during an unforgettable night in Oct 2007 to join him at his VIP table at SC, I can finally say, I was in a strip club (and I am 41 and super straight). Just, until then I never had to pay for a strip or the pleasure to see a naked woman.What can I say: gee, I dont remember the drinks, but they were good, and the good looking one from Venezuela did her best to get my best, but she got pissy when 2 other girls from our entourage tried to join – no lie, it was one of these 1 in a million nights and I have witnesses…..Overall, this place is very professional and the girls are very pretty and talented – and if you like that (…and need that), you should go here while you are in Dallas.Do I need to go again? Only if Kyle invites me!

  60. Carl

    Food was alright but reasonably priced. There was a lot of girls but I wanted more Asian girls & there was only 4. I’ll be back soon!

  61. Fred

    Great sports bar with live game audio and big projector


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