Pink Pony



7971 Northwest 33rd Street, Doral, FL 33122


25.8462971, -80.2519377




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pink Pony

  1. Maxwell

    Club F’n sucks, Unless you’re into the soliciting of prostitution and major drug trafficin that goes on hear with dancers asking to to suck on ur wang for 150 bucks and f you for 350 the 50 goes to the bouncer/Management. thats how they make easy money here. on a good note the music is the only decend thing this club has to offer Other then that Bad Management/Club.

  2. stripforme123

    Visiting from Texas and decided to try the night life and this was our first experience at strip club and i must say it was very nice. 5$ to get in drinks are reasonable priced and the girls range from cute to sexy of all types. Lap dance on the floor was 10 and in a private room is 25 which was a very good experience so i recommend it.

  3. bama
  4. ghostrider

    last couple of posting from the club it self. Not as good as it is made out to be for starter’s it’s a warehouse with other business attach with their parking lot spaces yet you have to pay for parking that’s not all their spaces.

  5. happy

    you would think they would learn but no they rehired claritza the drug dealing bitch and her pimp that her only goal is to rip you off and get you to buy her drugs when your in the vip rooms.The more fucked up she gets you the easier for her and her friends to rip you off good luck to you and mangement there they will be busted.

  6. HappyIsaLiarandGayToo

    The pony is a great club and the service is the best you can get in Miami, bar none. Girls range from average to very attractive. There truly is something for every taste.

    The only irritant is the girls walking around after their stage dances asking for “can I have a tip for my dance?”. But that’s easily avoided by going to the upstairs lounge — the girls can’t go upstairs to ask for tips.

    P.S. Beware of false information. Happy has a hard-on for claritza and goes around posting lies about her, everywhere.

  7. Stud
  8. albert

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY IN THIS CLUB! I went to this club this past sunday, middle of February, and I was so disapointed. What happened to this club? it used to be one of the best, if not the best in the Miami area. Right now is a pigsty. Just one advice in case someone cares: if the owner doesn’t want this club, sell it!!!

  9. Los

    Club is OK, but there is some snobbiness and the private dance prices suck. Parking is $5 which really sucks. They even charge you parking when it is raining and when the club has no over???

  10. chin
  11. Jonesing

    I’ve been to every strip club in South Florida. The Pony is the best – case closed. Hot women. Good music. Fun atmosphere. It’s the best.

  12. miami101

    i was extermely impressed with their friendly customer service and the dancers were down to earth and knew just how to treat me i didnt like the dancers coming around to collect tips though, but if you sit upstairs you dont have to worry about that. a very cozy atmosphere to chill in, not too big just right.

  13. ricardo

    girls are alright. poor management and the bartenders are to old.

  14. SlowDough
  15. dale
  16. John

    Great Club! Beautiful girls.

  17. G'up

    Besides the hilarious parking fee, which you

    can park and walk right next door and its free,

    coverage fee is ok, girls are real pretty, drinks

    Are reasonable,…depending on the girl and

    prices they offer you can have a hell of a

    night…the most I spent in 8hrs was 120$ and

    with the right girl…..other club i would

    recommend is playmates aka alley cat…. But

    get there early or you will miss out…

  18. Where has the time gone

    Club is all different on the inside, but has the same

    feeling of comfort. Havent been here in a few years, but

    the vibe has stayed the same. Its sometimes nice too see

    some of the same faces as if i never left!!!

  19. Adam

    Best Club In miami

  20. dopeboy19

    Really bad place management is the worst I went there and spend 80$ and I paid 100 in total when I went to my bank account I got charge 180$ wtf I l always paid really good tips but this was insane without my conscience so I called my bank to the chargeback.

  21. rogerrab2

    HOT bartenders, came in before the dancers got there. Place was really nice and clean, music had a good beat.

  22. Gustavo

    The Pink Pony has been around a long time. I have been to all the newer clubs but I always come back to the Pink Pony.

  23. 305
  24. t-bone
  25. Random

    This club is the best club in Miami!

  26. Franklyn

    Checked-in to write a review on the food. Low & behold, a free drink! The guy in the kitchen obviously cares about the product he’s putting out. Simple things like mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders are done perfectly (yes, you can screw those up). Mine were perfect. My girlfriend’s quesadillas were delicious: chicken is pulled and not diced. Even the cheese was good. I’d come back again just for the food. Also, everyone is super friendly and welcoming.

  27. carlitos
  28. alex
  29. mathewater12

    Came in for lunch earlier today with some guys from work and needless to say, a HUGE waste of time. No knock on the service as the bartender was a nice lady but then again for a $10 drink “special”, loud music, and sports center, I could’ve gone home. I kid you not when I say there was ONE dancer in the entire building. We were drawn in by the multiple advertisements this place runs on sports radio but never again. It’s unfortunate this place is so lame being that its a hop & a skip away from work, but we definitely won’t be going back.

  30. unhappy
  31. Diclonius

    Un club muy bueno, lindas chicas, muchas variedades, y lo que mas me gusto es que se puede almorzar en el local y la comida es muy buena.

  32. DoughBoy
  33. Oslaine

    is grate,,,

  34. David

    Too many girls, and yet soo little good looking ones.

  35. MIA Goer

    All around good club. They seem to always have some quality dancers there.. and the dayshift is by far the best I’ve been too in Miami. Paying for the priveledge to self park sucks, but no cover charge in the daytime makes up for it, somewhat. Food is good, music might be a bit loud. not the classiest place but it is clean and comfotable and far from the worst. I used to think it was too expensive… then I went to Tootsies and a couple others and they redefined expensive and make the PP look like a good value. I just wish they would stop the girls constantly walking around asking for a dollar.

  36. Mistercap12

    went in for lunch november 18 2015 for lunch and was very impressed with the food..they have really improved their look and food..i recommend this place to everyone….

  37. Spokan

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