The X Gentlemen’s Club



6223 Sunderland Drive, Columbus, OH 43229


40.0937051, -82.9797147




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The X Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Kris

    It won’t be long till this club is recognized as the best of the best. OUTSTANDING!

  2. FYI OHIO...

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  3. Tampa Guy

    The waitresses, bartenders, and door girls were all hot

    looking but the dancers were ghetto looking skanks. They

    have two dance stages, one pool table, and two bars. I tried

    two 2fer specials. First dancer allowed liberal two way

    contact but the other one told me no touching was allowed

    and barely did any grinding.

  4. rob

    this club should stay closed

  5. uncle luke

    The drink prices at X are reasonable and don’t feel like a rip

    off like at other clubs (ie Kahoot’s and Dreamgirls). The older

    gentlemen who owns/manages this club is pretty nice but he is

    only here during the dayshift. The night shift is run by his 26

    year old son and his frat buddies. They belong working at a

    carnival and treat their customers like shit. I have several

    free passes to this club but I still don’t bother coming here

    anymore because there are no hot dancers during dayshift (it’s

    mostly just a drinking bar until 8 pm) and the night shift is

    run by immature boys.

  6. ace
  7. outa towner

    good place alot of hot girls unlike most of the others in columbus

  8. Skoal
  9. interested

    this club is really awesome…the dances are the cheapest out of any club i’ve ever been to, they have about 30 girls a night and they’re all hot!! and it’s a relaxed environment and a mixed crowd…i love it there…my new favorite club

  10. Hey Fool 614

    Hey Guy…Don’t be a fool. If none of the girls come up to u then really it is better for you. The girls are there for u to pick from. Just check out what u like and start a little conversation, not like hey u have nice tits, but just a simple hello and can I buy u a drink usually gets things started and in no time u will have a great time with a lady who u thnk is worth while for a few dances. I guarantee u’ll have a great time with a beautiful woamn of ur choice. Good luck…just give it a shot. Sometimes these girls can be kinda shy, and everyone needs a few drinks to loosen up.

  11. skippy

    I love this club, the sexy ladies are plentiful, most seem happy with good attitudes, club is very clean, staff is helpful and friendly, drink prices are very good!! Lots of different ladies to choose from. With sexy ladies like, Brandy, August, Navia, Imara…. Just to mention a few. I’ll be back!!!

  12. sucks

    This place sucks. The dancers don’t bother to come over to you at all. They sit with thugs who are probably their drug dealers. The night shift manager looks like he is 21 and spends more of his time drinking at the bar than anything else. The ONLY good thing I can say about this club is that the drink prices were cheap for strip club standards.

  13. John

    Beautiful ladies, with killer bods and beautiful smiles.

    This place is AWESOME!!!!

  14. J Kirk

    Was there in May on a Friday, and that is one of the best strip clubs I have ever been to. Definitely planning on going back

  15. Don

    Awesome! I think I am in love! U gotta go to X.

  16. great
  17. To Todd

    todd just one question…are you the stripclub vigualanti…(if I spelled that right)….anyhow why in the fuck do you care so much on talking shit on stripclublist about the X….is that how lame your life is? wow how fucking boring! havem a good life as a stripclub junky…pervert

  18. James

    Absolutely wonderful

  19. Arnie

    The ladies are fun, no hussle and the place is so clean. U would think they brought in all new furniture. Private dances wee excellent. Drinks were great and very reasonable. I’ll be back.

  20. mlre
  21. Fool614

    Visited this place twice in the last month, a friday and a tuesday. Both times it seemed the ladies weren’t interested in asking for dances or too occupied with their friends to get off their butts. I had money out at the front stage and one didn’t even come over for the tip. Uptime came and I was interested in some dances and no one came around. I hate to venture up to a dancer, but even still they didn’t seem too interested in making money. The dancers were mostly 7/10 but i’m not sure if waiting all night to get a private dance is my type of night. the bartender and hostess were the cutest and most friendly girls there. bouncers said more to me than the dancers. i dunno… this place seems nice but ladies need to be a bit more friendly and work the crowd more in my opinion.

  22. Frank

    This has got to be the most reasonably priced and fun club in town if not the entire state. y buddies and I had such a great time!

  23. Fred

    This club is the best in town if not the entire state. Check it out! You’ll have a great time especially as the nite gets longer!

  24. blow cocks

    #1 baby

  25. larry

    i had a bad time i will not be going back to this club

  26. violents

    was here on a tuesday. most of the girls were pretty hot and one of them bought me a birthday drink. only thing to complain about is i was only approached by one girl the entire night for a private dance and thats cause they were all on the floor for a two for one vip. overall was a pretty good club. i wish i could see what its like on a friday or saturday.

  27. hey todd----

    I am not a doctor but it sounds like you suffer from a severe case of bi polar disorder. you may want to get that checked out along with an std test.

  28. Ken

    A fun place to relax, have a drink, talk and do a few dances with a beautiful girl and just chill out. No hassle, no hussle just an awesome fun place!

  29. nick

    This place is a hidden gem in columbus. $3 for long island ice teas while kahoot’s is getting away with charging $8. Pretty much every other drink I have ordered has been cheaper at X than Kahoot’s. The only drag is that the VIP dances at X cost $40 and kahoot’s charges $30. Also the dancer quality is a bit higher at kahoot’s.

  30. Shwing
  31. wildo

    great place,,went on tues. of last week and had a wild time with my boys! the place was packed!…lots of hott chicks everywhere…best stripclub in columbus!..4atleast now anyways?

  32. Richard

    I had the best time at this club. It has been along time since I have had such a blast like what this place provides!

  33. crackhead

    fuck the x? no fuck you mike..hah lol i understand that clubs in dayton may be better for some men,because most of these bars are full is agaist the law to run a stripclub like that in the state of ohio.but dayton does not care because these clubs pay taxes to the county police departments.true fact!anyhow mike do me a favor..if u ever come to a columbus club again i want you go to the top 5clubs in columbus rate their quality of service and quality of girls..i have went to all 5 clubs many times and nothing compares to the x..your crazy mike if you disagree..sorry that the x follows the state of ohio rules and regulations thanx again mike and FUCK OFF

  34. jonyarger

    a shit hole

  35. Star

    Very Impressive.

  36. Rick

    I was in the other nite with my buddies and we all agreed this was a fun place to hang out. Talk with some beautiful woman and have some fun. Excellent!!!

  37. roberto

    HAHA what club in columbus are you from! That cop did not kill that drunk stripper./…Theyn should have killed that dumb bitch though…I knew her from what a nut.

  38. cov
  39. fuck vanity

    fuck vanity

  40. Ed

    Guys, this is one of, if not THE HOTTEST club in Columbus right now. There is always at least 25-30 girls on the weekends, and they are all friendly and way above average in looks, assets, and talent! The girls all seem to get along, and there is none of the drama that you seem to always see at other clubs. Management and staff go out of their way to make sure you’re having a good time, and the girls work hard at making sure you enjoy yourself. The drinks are way more reasonable than other clubs, and Fridays’s there’s $2 Bud Light Pounders, and always have shot and drink specials. They don’t water down the drinks, nor the talent! Lots of contact with the dances, and lots of fun. On a scale of 1-10, this club is easily a 9+.

  41. Lee

    This is one of the best clubs in the entire state which means that for us Central Ohio guys the BEST place in town.

  42. auburnman

    I dont believe you should talk about something as fact if you dont know the facts. The FACT is that dancer was high off her ass and was pissed for being sent home. She was in her car and was driving into other cars and almost hit some other people on the sidewalk. The security guard shot at her car to disable the vehicle. He did not shoot her and no one died. To my knowledge he was cleared of any charges.

  43. Confused

    Club could be pretty decent. I’ve been in 3 or 4 times in the past few months but I don’t undertand why most of the girls are sitting around on the small stage. WTF. Get up and work the crowd. Up time comes and the girls that don’t sell are just sitting on the butts. They have 3 stages, how about using them!!! As I started off with, this could be one great place but the managers need to get the girls going. If you are going to go head to head with Kahoots or Dream-Sirens-Girls what ever their name is now, you need to get the girls acting more like they care about their jobs.

  44. greg

    I want a house on ambleside drive just so I can visit this club more often and not have to drive there! This place rocks! The only thing I would complain about is that this is in a bad part of town (route 161/71) where my car has been broken into.

  45. DANCER

    there has 1 fight in 5 months of being open. An there is a off duty columbus police outside in the parking lot for customer an dancer safty. This has got to be another club talking shit about the X,(grow up)an further more learn how to spell correctly or use spell check, evey computer should have it. thanks again ROBded

  46. cami

    nicest management in columbus, the girls are happy here yayayayayay

  47. bob

    great place hot girls reasonable prices

  48. Kevin


  49. new club

    drinks are cheap, girls are friendly, vip couches are too open

  50. Yoda

    This club has gone downhill over the years. This used to be

    the best club in Columbus but now seems like one of the

    worst. Don’t even bother trying to come here on Monday-

    Wednesday because there won’t be any dancers.

  51. avoid Amara

    Avoid the dancer named Amara here, she is a rip off. The

    drink prices at Club X are reasonable so this place is not

    that bad overall.

  52. Rockjaw

    Was in on Weds night – a number of us came over to this place since Erin and Cass were fired from the DG VIP room – wow what a blast – Sasha was hot, but Tiffany behind the bar and Maggie the waitress gave my female friend and I an amazing double teamed effort – worth every one of those $280 dollars – these two are friggen gorgous – both thin, trim, tight, great legs, ass and boobs – I will be back time and time again – thank you ladies! Rob – this place is great

  53. Clyde

    I was there last nite and where in the hell were any of the guys? It was so much fun. All u loosers really missed out. I had at least twelve beautiful girls all to myself!

    I thought I had died and gone to titty bar heaven. FANTASTIC!!!

  54. jeremy

    Best stripclub in columbus ohio,hands down!

  55. jamesbond_007

    let’s face it, most columbus strip clubs are lame. fortunately, this one is trying to be better. visited late afternoon/early evening. manager brian is friendly/helpful, girls arent pushy, reasonable drink prices, nice atmosphere. more people should be going to this club.

  56. jeff
  57. why oh why

    oh danny boyyyy,, the pipes of pipes are piping

  58. Cpl4fun

    Had a wonderful time. Very couple friendly. Good drink prices, friendly girl, will be back soon!

  59. MARTY


  60. re re: crackhead

    Also if you buy a lot of dances Dayton is the better value. You can get 2fer1 in Dayton for $20-25 and in Club X the VIP dances cost $30-40 for a 2fer1. The one nice thing about X is their managers are laid back and will let you do a 2fer1 whenever you ask them to. (unlike dreamgirls or kahoot’s that I have tried asking at) The dancers are mostly amateurs at Club X because of the very low house fees. I used to go out to Club X every weekend (it is pretty close to 71) but now I just do a trip to Dayton every other weekend and have more fun. I don’t bother trying to hook up with any of the dancers because a majority of them have some kind of STD. Club X is good for columbus strip club standards but if you have a reliable car/truck…then just go to Dayton!

  61. Tom
  62. boring

    most of the dancers here hang out with each other or with

    their regulars. I was from out of town and got ignored by most

    of the dancers except for 1.

  63. Jim

    Absolutly a total blast! The guys I was with couldn’t agree with me more. The girls were so much fun and it didn’t cost us an arm & a leg. We will be back very soon for more fun at this club!

  64. cust


  65. Terry

    I came back in the other night after being away for awhile and I was impressed. This place is great and if it isn’t all ready will soon be the best club in town. The friendliest and the prettiest girls around.

  66. Eric

    This is the best place in town for the money. The girls are great very nice and beautiful and the prices are right. No one hasseled me and I had a great time.

  67. ted
  68. Brad

    The only nights worth visiting this club are Friday and Saturday. The rest of the days are mostly amateur dancers. Also the dayshift (before 8 pm) is a complete joke so don’t even bother with it unless you are just there to drink. The only hot girl you will see during dayshift is the bartender. Also don’t be surprised if you end up having a few small scratches or marks on your car because their parking lot is cramped.

  69. connyank

    Was in Columbus for one night for business and dropped into X. Great place! Club has a nice layout, staff is friendly. Even the bouncer walked over to shake my hand and welcome me when I was seated at one of the tables. Good mix of women; mostly 8’s and 9’s. Met a beautiful girl who showed me a nice time in the VIP. Only complaint is that the security guys periodically “peek” into the curtained off VIP rooms to make sure the guys aren’t touching the girls. Outside of the that the drinks are reasonably priced ($6.50 for cocktails) and the cover is $8. I’ll be back next time I’m in town.

  70. KENT


  71. Anon - Cols

    It’s been over a year since I was last in there. The girls don’t get in until later in the evening and there were usually too few. I’m not even sure they are still open.

  72. Mike

    Awesome….What Fun. I’ll be back for more!

  73. Peter

    Sears Department Stores always rated their products as Good, Better, Best. MasterCard upstaged that with the term “Priceless”. “X” is beyond both of these Cos. As far as the club business is. “X” is “Always Outstanding”. You just can’t beat it anywhere in the state for the best prices, the best management team and the Best Girls.

    Christ…. even the cook is the nicest guy! But I’ll pass on a lapdance from him. LMAO

  74. james_bond

    afternoon/early evening visit. had a good time. club needs more attractive dancers and customers. drink prices before 7pm were great!

  75. Dan

    $35 is way too expensive for a lap dance here. Not to mention

    this is in a neighborhood with too many shady characters and I

    always see at least one cop car out on East Dublin

    Granville/Route 161 by the highway.

  76. Louis

    My buddies and I had a great time. And it didn’t cost us a ton of money so we spent it on the girls. They r beautiful!

  77. julie

    WOW ,so packed last night you could not even move. What a blast, my girlfriends and I had A great time!

  78. David

    Going later tonight to see tiffant and tasha (bartenders)spray painted while toppless like they are wearing a ohio state jersey! WOW,can I say hot!

  79. Sid

    It is a whole lotta fun at X!!!

  80. Pat

    I really like this place! It is the only club I have been at where you don’t get hasseled.

  81. Well

    Good job posting all this stuff staff at X. It’s so clear….lol.

  82. Scott

    Best place I have been in for a long time. The nicest girls and management. What Fun!

  83. Lesbo

    Awesome club, but recently when I have been going the strippers have been acting lazy and bitchy. They are fun to sit and have a drink with but their dancing sucks. Also some of the girls (i.e. ZOEY and PERSIA are the two names I remember) here will ask you to buy them a drink, which is a liquor license law violation. I hope they don’t get busted.

  84. czar6127

    Was there last week on a Thursday night got in before 7PM and the girls were few but nice. After 8 it got better and 10PM I had my head on a swivel. Lots of very nice girls. Not pushy but friendly. Had 2 private dances and both were great. They do check behind the curtains but it is quick. Buddies and I had a great time. We will be back!

  85. dudek
  86. re: mikey d

    Doll house is even worse than Club X. Why not go to Dayton,

    OH and check on some clubs there like Living Room and

    Cheeks. Way better than the clubs in cbus. I hate all the

    divas working at Club X that refuse to let you touch them

    during a private dance. What a rip off. I don’t buy dances

    at Club X anymore..just a waste.

  87. hey todd

    it sounds like you work at rally’s.

  88. going downhill...

    This place used to be liberal about the lap dances but now

    things have got really uptight. The bouncers will interrupt

    the private dances now and end them if they see something

    they don’t like (ie touching). I am not going to bother

    coming back to this club for another few months despite all

    the free passes I have. And if I do happen to stop by it

    will be for a beer, NOT a private dance.

  89. Mark

    I was there last nite and had such a great time w/the girls and the management was very accomodating. This will soon be the best and most fun place in town.

  90. Irving

    WHAT A BLAST! The place was packed with girls and guys! I mean it was a happenin Party! If this isn’t the most fun place in town I don’t know what is! As the governator said…. “I’ll Be Back” !!!

  91. clubmaster

    Not the hj extras you’d probably get at a shadier place like Columbus Gold, but you also won’t get the crapshoot of rip off girls either. Girls are hot and offer plenty of contact to send you home relaxed. Great deal for the price too, highly recommended

  92. jason

    gotta love this club im from dayton and in town for the holidays columbus laws are terrible but always find time to stop in the X when around this way hotter girls than any place else in town

  93. Marv

    The best deal for my money. I think I’ll become a regular becasue it is such a blast!

  94. Duster
  95. Jake

    This place is very slow during the day, but then things get a lot better at around 10pm. If I was rating this club before 10 PM it would suck, but after 10 pm this is a world class strip club! My advice to new visitors is to avoid the VIP rooms. They are basically the same thing as the couch rooms. If a girl tells you to not go to the couch rooms and that the VIP rooms are better then she is just trying to rip you off! bull shit! They have cameras watching you when you go to the VIP rooms….and in the couch rooms there are no cameras but the bouncer does walk by once to check on you. Also drink prices are reasonable and dancer drinks are the same price as customer drinks.

  96. ??????

    is this a strip club because i went there and they only had three strippers a waste of money

  97. Big Bob

    #1 bang for your buck..Hands down!!

  98. Older spender

    Parking lot is unsafe, so is the smoking area. cars get “ROBbed” fights everynight not going back I don’t wanna be there when it gets shut down by vice

  99. joe

    3 dollar beers with plenty of beautiful girls of in the background, how can you go wrong! will be back very soon!!!

  100. peter w.

    This is one of the best clubs in Ohio, but that is not saying much because Indiana and Michigan have so much better clubs. The parking is free but cover charge is $8. They usually have about 10 dancers working on a night but only 2 or 3 of them are hot. The drink prices are better than most strip clubs around Ohio. I like going to the customer appreciation parties every 3rd thursday of the month, but in recent months they have started to suck.

  101. screw vanity

    screw vanity and their uptight dancers. The bouncers sit in

    the same room with you while getting a dance and allow zero

    contact. They also give $2 bills as change instead of $1


  102. ROBERT


  103. todd

    Thank you so much for posting the dispatch link.

    The club without security guards is kahoot’s. I feel safe and comfortable going there. Anyways, I work along 161 (not as a dancer) and I like to go out for a drink and a dance after a hard day at work sometimes. Xcalibur is the best strip club along route 161 when you compare it to the doll house, dream girls, and lollipop’s (any word on this club btw?)…but this club sucks when compared to kahoot’s. The only reason I don’t make kahoot’s my exclusive club is because it is about a 20 minute drive after work and X is only 5 minutes. I give kahoot’s a 10/10, x a 5/10, and the rest of the clubs in columbus 3/10. Generally speaking, the entire route 161 has been going down hill over these past few years and is dangerous….danny’s gold fox, dockside dolls, and plush are strip clubs that have all gone out of business along route 161.

    Anyways, I hope you girls have a good and profitable time this weekend at the X’s party. I wish I could go but I am going out of town.

  104. N the Greek

    With all the fantastic people working there it just keeps getting better all the time. The best place in town if not the entire state. Friendly and the prices are the best.

  105. Martin

    I was in the X last nite and had a blast. Great girls and great prices. I’ll be back!

  106. Al

    Seems to me that everyone is absolutly raving about this place. Th new club in town is the best place to go to have some fun with some beautiful and nice ladies.

  107. mike d

    x was a good place to go, until they put a crackhead to run the night lol and the ladies where rude and act like they was some hot ass chicks.. sorry but they got like 2 dancers that r nice lookin and the bartenders look better,plus thier chicks where to much make up .. fuck the x im goin to the doll house..

  108. Janet

    My BF and I use to hang out here a few years ago. It wasn’t that great back then but we stopped in the other nite just to check it out. Wow what a difference!! Everyone was nice to us and the prices were great so we could drnk that much more and the new owners actually thanked us for coming in. WE use to go to Sirens but since it has become such a ghetto crowd we are so happy we came back to X. We will return for more fun!

  109. penn

    Cover was $8 and I paid to just see average looking girls. No girl here had big enough tits to make me want to get a dance or even get me hard…however, the club did have a good atmosphere and I would have had a great time if only I had found a hot looking dancer. I would make more frequent visits to this club if the cover got cut down a little bit…Dreamgirls is $10 cover and you get a free buffet with it…Drink prices at X are fair and this is a good bar to go out drinking to.

  110. BEN


  111. DD

    I came here with $300 ready to spend and have a good time over the weekend. I left with $200…This club is nice to come and have drinks but if you want some fun lap dances go elsewhere…compared to the other clubs in Columbus that I have been to this one is one of the better ones (I have been to kahoot’s, col gold, dreamgirls, dollhouse, dockside dolls)…compared to Brad’s Brass Flamingo, Mons Venus, Platinum Plus, or Flight club this place is lame.

  112. Pete

    This club gets better as the night gets later. The best girls come in around 10 or 11 and the place is hopping. The best drinks in town and the best price!

  113. Yuck

    All I have to say is GHETTO, GHETTO AND GHETTO. And the girls are nasty.

  114. Vickie

    This club is the best deal for my money. The prices are great, the girls are friendly and beautiful, and the place is clean. The management welcomes u as a customer and u feel very important to be there.

  115. TO BEN


  116. you get YOUR shit together

    when we come to the club, we are here to get paid. we are not working for your friendship and compliments. this place has turned into a neighborhood party spot where the motherfuckers tip you three dollars and buy you a shot and think that makes them an upstanding regular.

  117. Lostboy
  118. Dennis

    I was all ready to go and have a good time but that ended quickly. The drinks were so far overpriced I didn’t believe what they were asking. The girls were hassling me constantly to buy more drinks. Can’t a guy just go in for a litte fun without all the crap that goes on at this terrible place.

  119. Steve

    My friends and I had another great time at X this past Saturday. We just keep coming back for more fun.

  120. titman
  121. Stan

    The girls are so hot and so friendly. U should check out Savannah, she is drop dead georgeous!!! And alot of fun!

  122. Dimitrius

    For such a friendly club tucked back off the main drag they sure have their shit together. I don’t think I have ever been in a club where the drinks are so reasonable and the girls didn’t try to get every buck out of my pocket. I came home with lunch money for next week. OMG and the girls are just stunning and fun to hang out with!!!

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