Sunset Strip



925 Little Britain Road, New Windsor, NY 12553


41.4858608, -74.0827492




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sunset Strip

  1. trucker jimbo

    best,hottest day shift girls i have seen in a long time at any club

  2. Pondy

    Best place in the area. Drinks are $4 but they don’t force you to buy one every hour like the other area clubs. They let you enjoy yourself. Girls/HUbba Hubba all varieties/ Someone for everyone

  3. SIR L

    best club in the area

  4. Pat

    Day shift is always full of gorgous women most are friendly no complaints here,don’t know about the nights

  5. Tom

    very nice club

  6. jerry
  7. Ted

    We had a great time, hot girls!!!!!!

  8. Ulysses

    best club in the area….awesome girls

  9. skullz

    saturday night was fantastic great girls party atmosphere awesome time

  10. Vic

    helluva club beautiful girls cool atmosphere

  11. zman

    thank you bianca you’re the best

  12. Adam
  13. Benny

    we had the time of our lives tuesday night, this is a great strip club

  14. BOO

    a variable bevy of beauties

  15. sandman

    great place..beautiful girls…good atmosphere

  16. Scotty

    8out 10 girls i saw were phenominal.My buddy thought one that I thought was hot was just ok and me the same with him. So its to each his own taste. But we did agree that most were beautiful.Two thumbs up for this club.

  17. Shane

    I love the ladies here. They are gorgeous. Theres a Couple that aren’t that great but most are gorgeous.

  18. Frosty

    Good value for the money. Lowest cover/drink price in area. Above average selection of girls, especially on the weekends. definately recommended.

  19. Cam

    best club in the area…best prices most beautiful girls

  20. Cosmo

    Excellent ladies, especially day shift.

  21. SS fan
  22. Erik

    Alot of Hotties here.Like the fact that there is an alcohal bar in walking distance. Evertone was friendly,cool atmosphere.I like the place alot. I’ll be back. Erik

  23. Mike

    I really like this club alot better than the other local clubs. Nice inside, classy, and the ladies are divine. Keeps improving over time.

  24. mkery
  25. Trower

    We all had a awesome time thank you

  26. mnm
  27. zdancer

    best club I’ve worked in,sometimes too many girls on but if you put your time in the sky’s the limit , love the atmosphere here!!

  28. chuck
  29. kevin

    great atmosphere…real nice club

  30. Just stop in and stayed for two hour

    Four girls at 3:30pm. Tall hot blonde stunning Brunette that was amazing on stage an milf with great boobs and a tattoos blonde with and incredible nude floor show that kept me there and into a great VIP dance. I’ll be back ASAP

  31. Nik

    The absolute best club in Orange County!!!

  32. newbietoyou

    hey – the club is a strip club – all the dancers i encountered were very nice.

  33. Newburghian

    As with any club there are 5’s and 10 ‘s overall mostly 9’s with one 10

  34. jc
  35. TravelingGirl

    I come to this club probably only one weekend a year to work. Every year it has gotten better. The club is classy thecustomers are of more quality as is the dancers. Give or take 3 or 4 0f about 50 some, the girls ( as A whole)are better than any club I have worked in the whole state of PA

  36. What a place to be
  37. MJK

    sexy sexy sexy

  38. EscaladeMan

    I’ve tried them all in the valley and this is by far the best and most consistent club in the area. Lots of girls to choose from. They even have lots of girls during the day when other clubs have 3 at the most, if your lucky. I don’t even waste my time going anywhere else anymore.The Strip is the best

  39. Rich

    Excellent club,been going there for yr’s,most of the girls are hot and very friendly just trying to make a living like all of us… In love with Antonice..what a beautiful and friendly dancer who alway’s has a smile for me..see you soon babe..

  40. C & S boys

    we rate this club a 10

  41. New Year
  42. JT

    sexy ladies, fun place

  43. Great Place to be
  44. Turtle

    this is a very nice place, v.i.p. dance was very good, very well run operation

  45. joe t
  46. skizzle
  47. iceman

    i will tell all my air force buddies to visit this club when stationed at stewart air base.

  48. M
  49. rex
  50. Max
  51. Nat

    always a good time, best club in the hudson valley

  52. kendo
  53. HelloKitty
  54. Jonny

    Had some fun.

  55. Jasper

    I rate this place a 10. It has it all. You want a petite blonde, you got it. You want a busty brunette, you got it. You get the picture. Something for everyone.

  56. Jimmy
  57. BM

    Fun times

  58. frank t

    first time back in a year WOW absolutly the cleanest and nicest girls in the hudson valley tell your friends family hell tell your wife they are couple freindly hooootttest club

  59. Lou

    ***** five stars

  60. aj

    hot girls all the time

  61. pizza pizza
  62. dave

    noce place hot girls

  63. Tina

    happy holidays to the best club around

  64. Raylen

    this is favorite club in the area… beautiful girls

  65. frank
  66. Tim
  67. kev

    best club in the area

  68. Lena

    hottest girls girl on girl action

  69. NORDIC

    I highly endorse this club very good atmosphere and beautiful girls

  70. Henry

    very clean,beautiful girls,great atmosphere

  71. Atreyu

    great time saturday night, thanks to all the hotties

  72. simple jim
  73. Ralph

    Always enjoy the girls at Sunset Strip.

  74. Ben

    I like this club the best in this area.

  75. Nene

    HOT HOT HOT !!!!!!!!!

  76. Out of towner

    Had a great time will go back next time I am in the area

  77. bcx
  78. Michael

    a great time everytime

  79. Riley

    Really nice place. When I was there all the girls were gorgeous.

  80. gil
  81. Bibby
  82. guest

    Girls are really nice.

  83. Caleb

    unbelievable thursday night best club great time

  84. rocky

    unbelievable !! great club !!

  85. TommyBoy

    Mega Babes. Nice club!

  86. keller
  87. jor
  88. James

    Thought I died & went to heaven. Was there last night & there were so many hotties. There were 3 that were brand new. Really cool place. It was my 1st time there. I used to go to PI. No more/No comparison.

  89. FG
  90. Marlena

    my husband and I had a great time…swingers rule !!!!!!!!

  91. mark

    you will have a very good time

  92. Shotzee

    What kind of coffee do they serve there? It’s the best! Better than Dunkin Donuts.

  93. larry
  94. fastimer
  95. rrt

    very good

  96. BIZEE

    very cool club

  97. ham

    What a awesome time great club beautiful girls

  99. gary

    best club in area

  100. SINCITY

    nice place beautiful dancers

  101. Tim D

    I highly recommend this club, beautiful girls, great saturday nights

  102. Karl G

    the girls are gorgeous at this place this is the best club in the area

  103. Artie

    Where the hell can you go for 10 bucks w/drink and see that many beautiful friendly ladies. Heaven,maybe?

  104. your friend

    I must agree, this club rates an A++++

  105. cedi
  106. crayon

    this is an incredible club

  107. Beetlejuice

    hottest girls fantastic place

  108. Stefan

    Sweet birds with hot bums.Stopped in on a layover at Stewart. I was pleasantly surprised.

  109. Happy New Year
  110. Bacala

    hot place on a cold snowy night, a lil’ piece of heaven on a tuesday night

  111. pistle pete

    great club

  112. hot place
  113. DMZ

    great place!!! one gorgeous girl after another, loved my VIP dance..I highly recommend..

  114. Its the best
  115. T

    lots of fun, beautiful girls

  116. Skip

    we all had a great time very nice club

  117. johnnyboy

    beautiful sexy cool

  118. Jayson

    Got 5 different ViP’s this weekend. All the girls and Vip’s were insane. I love this place. Try it! Its a fun place to hang out.

  119. Paul
  120. tommy

    the best place in the area

  121. Mark J.

    best in the area, no comparisons

  122. Jack

    I have saw 4-5 new cute young dancers that have never been there before.Nighttime seems to be holding there own. Theres lots of hot ones at night. Can’t go during day.

  123. Armstrong

    Hello Dollies, great club

  124. Happy

    Never Unsatisfied

  125. Fagan

    some of the girls here are exceptional some not so much but gotta agree with previous post, overall this is a really good club

  126. marc

    best spot in the area, beautiful girls and great enviroment

  127. Bobbo
  128. dancer

    best club to work for in the area

  129. Burger

    Hot! Clean Club!

    My only beef, They let a dancer leave stage when she gets a private dance…leave stage vacant ’till next set

  130. stevie b
  131. Looker

    I love this place

  132. Bill
  133. Mike O

    the girls are the prettiest and the private dances are well worth it

  134. None

    Overpriced and upsell. Really poor dance for a good tip.

  135. stars & bars

    sweeter than georgia peaches

  136. kloot
  137. princess

    great club to work money money

  138. Peppy

    This is a great club, hot girls

  139. Lug

    SINsational club !!!!!!!!

  140. irgiy
  141. Pete
  142. jr
  143. Fun Luvin Guy
  144. Jimbo
  145. The Crew

    We loved this club, all took care of us on my friends b-day, this place is why going to strip clubs are worth it

  146. Harry

    Had some fun. some hot girls.

  147. Infinite Disappointment

    If you want a bad memory, go right ahead… curves I like, cellulite, not so much. Ugh, I think I might gag. Someone closer to college and not AARP would be nice too. This after a $10 cover…bs

  148. The Club
  149. B-Heart

    This club is the very best in the area, look up Bianca and Jaycee they’re awesome !!!!!!

  150. Strp Club Fan

    Most of the girls are hot. You get more bang for the buck from the daytime girls. Excellent dollar dances day or night. Best club in the Hudson Valley.

  151. kevin M

    had a real good time nice place

  152. Sam

    Very good value for $, cover is cheap. Lots of friendly girls of all different varieties. My favorite club in the area. Fun atmosphere. No High pressure.

  153. I-B

    This was the best club I’ve ever been in

  154. Travelin' Man

    have to say this is a very good club, a slew of girls and good music two thumbs up

  155. CARLY

    HOT CHICKS…awesome girl on girl

  156. SteveO

    Love this club. We always have a blast when we go. Can’t agree with the last review. I think the atmosphere is awesome. It’s nightclub like. Its like being at a SCI-FI movie with all the cool lights. I also always have found the girls to be very friendly and really not that pushy.Of course there is always one or two, but thats everywhere. I rate it a 10for the Valley. By far best in the Valley.

  157. Really ripped off

    It would have been hard to be worse , , ,

  158. Ian

    excellant place definitly top shelf

  159. Norm

    We had a really good time the girls were gorgeous two thumbs up

  160. Kenny

    my favorite in the HV

  161. Richard
  162. CHEF

    best club around

  163. sambo


  164. Alex

    My favorite club in the area. There are a couple of others but this one is the best.

  165. beebee

    Great place to spend your time and your money,well worth it!!

  166. Angels Guy

    Out of all the places I have been to, this is the best. No high pressure, plenty of good looking girls, relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of attention when you want it. What more is there??

  167. bilzer
  168. river rat

    nice club, good atmosphere. trish and fiona rule.

  169. K-MARC

    girls are top notch awesome club

  170. Angel

    I love this club

  171. sparky
  172. A guy

    Had a great time there

  173. kradl
  174. Beaver

    My favorite in the area.Mariah is my favorite.

  175. Good Buddy

    This is a very good club, a great escape for the weary travellor

  176. Mikey

    I like it I really like it !!!!

  177. Stripclub lover
  178. Billy
  179. SINNER

    this is a nice lil’ club, great atmosphere and beautiful girls

  180. nicole

    awesome, cool club my girlfriends and I love it here

  181. John S.

    this is a pretty good club.The club looks nice and so do the dancers A++++

  182. camel toe

    this club is lesbian friendly, the girls are hot, I’m told by the girls couples are always welcome also, great place

  183. MERman

    cool place, hot girls !

  184. checked it out

    seems to be getting more dancers replacing ones that are not up to par lots of girls sat night seems much more relaxing than other club around great lighting maybe makes girls better than they are but they look hot

  185. Sue
  186. mikeytt

    The place is pretty far from where I’m from, but the trip there is well worth it. You feel like your in your comfortable element. The girls are nice and friendly here. Staff seems friendly and the customers don’t seem rowdy. Plenty of space to walk around, because usually not too crowded. A very good atmosphere, to relax.

  187. BL
  188. Jenna
  189. Castor

    this club is great, hot babes

  190. Kris

    We rate this club a 10!!beautiful girls!!!!!

  191. Pullo

    this club is the best in the area

  192. Getting better every time I go.

    Gets better every time I go. Becoming a real regular

  193. john
  194. Sean
  195. Mat

    This is the best club in the NY State. Nobody else is even close.

  196. the boys from boston

    great location,bar right next door, vanessa was very motivated had a little spunk to her and very out going and made great eye contact with us on as she danced with the broke dudes not throwing money like the boys from boston she woulda won the game if she put her glasses on,barbie stoloe my hart and gave me redemtion for my failure the night before very well rounded girl because she is a hair dresser not a stripper,and to my little blondie throwing ice at me all night sure knew how to cool me down after she made me hot hot hot and lastly the unkown girl with the great cheeks that made me feel very comfortable and aroused at the main stage u can keep the belt……BOSTONNNNNNNNNNN

  197. Lenny

    great place awesome girls

  198. Brian

    I like this club alot. Best club in the area. Its not Manhatten, but your not in Manhatten. Pretty nice place for upstate Newburgh

  199. Forrest

    attention all swingers this place is where its at !!!

  200. Arnold
  201. Knuckles

    Nikki and Madison are absolutely beautiful, this club is worth the trip !!!

  202. Jeffrey

    There are so many new hot girls here lately.

  203. rpm

    SS is great; a friendly and familiar place. my compliments to all. esp the Texas lady from PN.

  204. Jazz Player

    This place is a cut above the rest in the area.

  205. realworld

    the sunset strip is the best club around !!!!

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