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2020 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90021


34.026322, -118.2362617




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club of Los Angeles! Open 7 Days A week! Come play with LA’s Sexxxiest Women!


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. David G.

    “I’m just doing this to pay my way through college.”Suuuure. And I’m in here because the DJ plays really good music.In comparison to other strip clubs in the area, the LA rhino has the best talent walking around. This place gets 5 stars simply because you won’t find better eye candy anywhere else. Situated near the Staples Center and metro LA, it’s no wonder this place draws the wealthier patrons and thus the top notch talent. And the ladies work hard for that dollar.Even compared to the infamous cheetah and crazy horse in Vegas, the eye candy here slightly edges them out. Hmmm, or maybe I was just too drunk to make a valid comparison.Which brings me to my next point. If the bachelor party or guys’ night out is coming to a close and none of you are in any condition to make the drive home, head to the Rhino. Serious. Just pay the cover and time will be on your side as you sober up.Remember, it’s better to drive home horny than drunk.

  2. Mark M.

    This place sucks the dj talks too much theres hardly any girls and its just no fun. I came here to kill a couple hours and man it feels like I’ve been here forever . Its uncomfortable and the girls are stuck up. Idk im just not feeling it. This is my first review ive ever written and this place made me do it .

  3. Johnnyboy123

    Support Local College Students

  4. adamrod

    The dictionary defines bliss as extreme happiness; ecstasy. At this place Bliss is a fat girl with an attitude.

  5. The Grumpster J.

    Growing up in Los Angeles I’ve known about this place for as long as I could remember. I pictured it as the stereotype of the Hollywood strip club – overrun with bleached blondes and huge fake tits. Not so. In fact this is a perfectly average strip club with nothing special to offer one way or another. (If you are looking for the fake tits and bleach blondes by the way, I strongly suggest Plan B in Santa Monica, although beware they do not let their girls take their tits all the way out.)Lots of pressure to get a lap dance. More than any club that my boyfriend and I have been to. One girl – we ended up timing her at one point – stopped by every 45 seconds to offer her grinding services. We also met the most bat shit crazy stripper that we’ve met at any of the many clubs we’ve been to. That’s something I guess.Like all full nude clubs in Los Angeles, there is no alcohol to be had here. That coupled with how close it is to Sam’s Hoff Brau means I probably won’t be coming back. Not even for the crazy chick.

  6. Andrew ß.

    Had a great time, the bathrooms & Parking garage entrance smell like weed. So many strippers here! Last night (Saturday) Pornstarts in the buildingGreat night

  7. Not T.

    I am very disappointed with the way this club is being run. I usually enjoy going to the Spearmint Rhino Torrance, but today my fave girl was not there so I decided to see if I could find Sky at Spearmint Rhino Downtown. Luck had it that Sky was in today, so I got the 4-1 dance special as soon as I step in….and boy was I in for a shock. The songs were all cut down to 90 seconds. So about 6 minutes later my 4-1 is over. Usually at Torrance you get a full song for your money, at the downtown club you get 2 minutes per song during the 2 for 1 and 90 seconds a song during their 4-1 special, the single dances are also all limited to 3 minutes on the dot. I had a stopwatch app on my phone and like clock work 3 minutes is the longest a song will be permitted to run. I would avoid this club until management stops pimping the dance clock. Any club that resorts to this type of clock pimping is an avoid for me.

  8. brandonresh

    It was better than I expected this time… Lost about $280 however it was a good experience for once a year lol

  9. maxxy1

    I’m not a pervert, but lets just say I was in my natural habitat.$80 for a dance. me and a female + dancer = $80?HELLLS NAH. worst dance ever, she probably knew that we were GUCCI MANE wasted and ripped us off.or maybe because they were closing? regardless, $20 cover for females? on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT?GTFO!

  10. curtis17

    Nothing but good vibes, great music and hot girls. I’ll definitely going be going back there, I had an amazing time.

  11. UOL67

    Was visiting LA this week, and had previously been disappointed with Hollywood clubs, a taxi took me here from my hotel, the atmosphere was decent, and had a couple of dances (go for topless as it is to dark to make full nude to be worth it)both were good. Then I ran into Tory she was very entertaining, and she reflected positively on the club. The Next day I brought a couple of colleagues and they had a good time.

  12. yanard12

    One of the best strip clubs to go to in Los Angeles. My friends and I have a great experience every time we come. There are a different variety of girls to meet your specific liking. The girls are down to earth and really work hard to make sure enjoy your time while you’re at the club. The girls do get naked so there is no alcohol served in the club, but you do not need it to have a great time. I have been to Spearmint two times so far and trust me I will continue to come back. The girls give good nude lap dances and they are excellent pole dancers! Pole dancing is a lost art form and these girls really know what they are doing on that pole! If you are looking for a strip club that is very relaxed, has beautiful girls, and not expensive, Spearmint Rhino is the strip club for you!

  13. Bryan

    Went in the Friday before Christmas. Pretty attractive girls. Got a couple dances. The dancer that stood out was named Dany i believe? i guess we clicked me being a neubie in town and ifg i remember she was rather new herself. really sweet girl plus she had that pornstar look that i love. stuck around a little longer and it started getting super crowded so i left. come early if you want to avoid the crowds like me. i almost cant wait for the next boring family get together im forced to attend so i can come into town and see my new blonde bombshell girlfriend! whats up girl!? hope your still around!

  14. sean
  15. anthony1

    They were great beautiful girls, I loved the music, everything was a good price and the movement was great 🙂

  16. igor34

    I hardly ever write reviews, but I go to a lot of strip clubs and I must say the organization of how this stripclub is run is different from all the rest. In a good way. The quality of girls and staff are very professional, and friendly! They put one girl on stage at a time so it’s not much of a stage club or a hang out type of environment. BUT private dances are a must! So come with money! Your night will be much better 😉

  17. andrew m.

    as far as offering attractive dancers (some of which actually know how to dance), the spearmint rhino is one of the better strip joints in LA. its also a house of hustle as the girls will try to get you to buy them drinks or upsell you on the merits of an all nude dance. but what strip joint isn’t all about the hustle?once upon a time i was getting a dance and the girl tried to stick her tit in my mouth. i hesitated and inquired, “how many mouths have been on this boob tonite?” she paused and then nodded as if to say, “a freakin lot.”buyer beware.

  18. moneyman2

    My first strip club and I was really nervous. Long story short I payed 150 for VIP and was disappointed. Got another girl payed 40 and it was way better than 150. Overall I enjoyed myself I’ll come back someday.

  19. fisherdex1

    I don’t usually go to Gentlemen’s Clubs, but when I do, I come to visit friends of mine (whom happen to be exotic dancers). The Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino used to be the spot with the most attractive ladies, but I would have to say that this location is now the best. As with any gentlemen’s club, you cannot expect all the ladies to be perfect. There are some 7’s in here, but the majority of the ladies are attractive. There is a good variety of ladies here…a lot of ethnicities and looks. What I find interesting is that the customers / crowd at this club is younger than what you would see at a normal club, but everyone is well-behaved. There can be issues with younger aged customers because they don’t know club etiquette…sometimes they sit right in front of the stage without tipping the dancer. ***If you sit in front of the stage, it is accustomed that you tip because the dancer is performing for you. The doormen are very professional and friendly. The club is clean and the music is good. The parking lot is in front of the club and is well-lit and there are outdoor staff that tend the parking lot.

  20. Raff

    After a miserable experience at the crap hole that was Sam’s Hoffbrau, this was a much more pleasant experience. The music is much much better; tasteful techno and pop and very little gangsta rap. The public spaces are clean and well kept but the men’s room which reeked of urine and was generally disgusting. The dancers were all very fit, attractive, and skilled and expressive in their performances. Worth the more expensive cover.

  21. fuckery12

    Look, from someone who has been to strip clubs in So.Cal., Vegas, Canada, and everywhere in between, the Rhino isn’t bad for where it is and what it is.Girls range from drop dead sexy to borderline skanky, though thankfully more so away from the skanky side. Prices are high, but most of the girls try hard to make that dance worth it. The venue is small, but it works here. As for the atmosphere, it’s ok, though too dark in some parts of the club and the music is sometimes too loud, even for a strip club. Still, I like coming here just to relax either by myself or with friends.My tips to save a little money… go to the website and print out the discount coupon to save at least a bit at the door. Also, some waitresses will ignore you about buying “your girl” a drink if you give them a quick tip.

  22. rogerrab2

    I had the worst experience ever I always go after the club but I had a girl that made me feel like she was doing me a favor to dance for me and she keep complaining about my leg touching her I complained to the manger and he said he will take care of it but I still lost my $40 and no vil or free pass or made her give me another lap dance. The bartender made me feel like if it was my fault because I was trying to touch her and I know for $40 I’m not trying to get laid but please make me feel like I’m your best friend for 5 min I’m going to have to say that I will try to go to a different place after 2 am sorry guys no love from the girls or the club manager

  23. larry1

    This would have been a decent experience if it were for one of the strippers called MARLEE. TOOK ADVANTAGE OF MY FRIEND. it was a 2 for 1 special and that was supposed to be $20 be she claimed it was 4 songs and charged $80. How in the fuck did it just quadruple in price? Complete bullshit. We were having a 3 star experience and it got completely shit on. Whatever you do AVOID PLACE OR AT LEAST AVOID MARLEE. THANKS FOR THE BUZZKILL.

  24. rickywho2

    Came here last night and had a blast!! There were two girls that absolutely blew me away they really knew how to work that pole!! Entrance was 25 dollars which seemed pricey to me but we got a free drink with the entrance fee so I guess it wasn’t too bad. The club was really clean. The charge for the ATM in there was 6 dollars though OUCH!!!! So make sure you bring enough cash with you lol 🙂

  25. eddyL

    HOT HOT HOTI was out with another girlfriend and a guy friend of ours and after a few drinks at a bar downtown we decided to cruise over here to finish off the night. Did not like the $20 dollar cover, but once I got inside I could appreciate it. I must have given away all my money to these gorgeous and friendly girls. I was in a short dress in heels, they were not in much of anything and many of the girls were super hot. The ones that were not as hot in looks made up for it in sex appeal. It was early, so our little trio sat right up at the stage. The girls gave us a lot of attention and they, in turn, got a lot of my money. I got two lap dances myself. Without getting much into detail on that I had to go outside for a cigarette afterwards. The best part is its totally innocuous and fun. . and my boyfriend was not upset at all. Though, if the shoe was on the other foot. . .hmmmmm. . .Well, it wouldn’t be. Keep up the great job girls! I’m a definite fan!

  26. S.C. Hoppin'

    “Spearmint Rhino” and “L.A.” are some MAJOR words; Unfortunately when the two are combined, patrons are in store for a MAJOR let-down! Actually, all the Rhino clubs in the greater L.A. area, need to improve because the girls are getting thick and uglier, especially Rhino – L.A. I remember when I used to walk into Rhino clubs and see like 5 hot girls out of 15; Now it’s like 2-3 hotties from the “herd” of 20!


  27. Steve B.

    I had a great time here.The girls were friendly and attractive. What more can you ask for?I had never been to an all nude bar before, but I certainly have no complaints.I went a few times, and it was always subdued, which is fine. There were more girls than customers, but who cares? It was fun.C, a blonde from Western Europe, was the best. I hope that I can see her again soon.No alcohol at all, which is a drag, but I guess you got to get your buzz on before you get there.I will go back, and hopefully C will, too!!

  28. harryharry

    Fun place! It has a great atmosphere, pretty girls from all over the world, and awesome service. A great place to bring a group of friends to just hang out and have fun.

  29. Mav

    A friend and I went in there recently, a lot of thin girls trying to make it in hollywood, but on the way to the porn industry.

    Nude dances are a waste, the topless dances were $20 and had good mileage. I didn’t do the 30 mins for $350.

  30. FreddieG

    NEVER BE BACK!! ok girls but that’s all.

  31. Weedman420

    One of the nicest strip clubs in LA…gorgeous girls, beautiful club and courteous staff. We always have an awesome time 🙂

  32. Vanessa M.

    I can’t believe I’m actually taking time out of my day to even write a review on a strip club but wow, I was really surprised how I didn’t dread my experience. I was dragged by my bf and some of our guy friends this past weekend. Being outnumbered I had to just bite bullet so I didn’t have the best attitude going in. What I didn’t expect was how nice the girls were to me! Another girl!The waitress was the one I probably talked with the most. She really was just another regular person like me and immediately made my time there that much more comfortable. At that point, I was able to not feel so threatened or find myself placing constant judgement on each girl on stage like I initially did upon arrival. Overall, if you find yourself here against your desire you’ll probably find it not to be nearly as terrible as assumed. Just try to keep a neutral to positive attitude and find something you think is interesting and hone in. Lol and as long as your friends aren’t rich, you won’t have to be there too too long. Lol

  33. Nunya B.

    Great dancers, great music. Nice place to stop by for entertainment. The girls are nice but bring money or they don’t want you. Atleast buy one dance or tip the stage.

  34. joseph1k

    Been to a handful or strip clubs and by far the most boring. The women just walk around and sit down from time to time. It’s far too bright and just plain awkward. The poles are there for a reason!

  35. T L.

    The chicks here look better than what you’d find at any other downtown strip club. You see, the brilliance of this place is the strategic lighting. When you look at the luxe decor, you’re led to believe that the dancers must be attractive, even if you can’t really see them because it’s so dim. But it’s one of the classier looking strip joints in LA, and it does seem to avert those weirdos with only one visible hand.

  36. Charles W.

    I’m not a big fan of strip clubs but I do suckered into going from time to time. If you ever go to the Staples Center you’ll normally get handed free passes to the the Rhino by random girls outside. Hey if you have time and money to throw away this place will at least kill some time.The girls are of course very good looking but there is no real lasting value and I usually have buyers remorse once I leave and it dawns on me that I spent a couple of hundred dollars for very cheap thrills.What can I say, cest la vie I suppose. I think one day I’ll go during the day and check it out just for $^#% and giggles.

  37. Cheyenne M.

    Love this club!! Me and my people had a great time here!! Friday nights are always the best.

  38. clubreg

    Same old thing, time for something new

  39. tonycluber

    Sexy ass ladies !!!! I been here for my birthday 18 was really cool gotta come back soon for the homies bday

  40. Johnson12

    This place is located at the major freeway junction in downtown. Traffic on the 10 and 5 are always both at a standstill between the hours of 5-7PM, so why not visit this place to kill some time? Avoid the valets and park your car down the street along the industrial warehouses. This place offers free admission before 6PM with one minimum drink purchase. I had a Starbuck frappucino: $5. Considering that gas stations around here charge $4 for the same drink, I could live with the upcharge. The girls are mostly good looking with tight bodies. Toss a few singles on stage to lure them closer. As I was sitting there, girls would approach one by one to solicit lap dances. I declined all of them. I left thoroughly entertained having only spent $10.

  41. Kevin G.

    Nice Girls

  42. Strati F.

    So last night me and 3 buddy’s were at The Standard rooftop bar. When we left there, one of my buddy’s suggested “Lefts keep the night going” so we decided to Uber it over to the Rhino. Once we got there they had a $25 cover charge that includes a drink, no biggie there, standard for a gentlemen’s club on a Saturday Night. Once we walked in WOW is all I can say, over 30 beautiful women walking around in one building. We found a seat at the tip rail, got our waters and let the fun begin. My buddies got lost in the private VIP section and I manned the tip rail, reveling in the glorious sights around me — a sweet oasis of one hot chick after another. Tip the staff and they’ll take care of you. All in all, one of the few clubs around that still have hot chicks and an upscale environment. I’ll definitely go back.

  43. Harrison69

    Stopped by, after dealing with LA traffic in the rain, had a diet coke – They don’t have any alcohol (no liquor license) but they do have coffee. It was a bit chilly, quiet with mediocre music. I chatted with a few dancers who were quite nice but they hard sell the VIP room. It”s the nicest strip club in downtown LA but doesn’t serve food, alcohol and plays an eclectic mix of 80s and 90s popular hits with the DJ offering his endless wisdom in-between songs. Easy parking. requires a $5 or $10 cover that does allows for leaving and reentry – necessary if you get hungry (lots of local taco places) or want to maintain a buzz.

  44. DexterRexter

    Came by here after the bar, the girls are pretty but the only downside was that not only were they really stuck up, but one stunk. right away the first 2 that come up to me say that they’re up for a dance but only vip. As soon as they say that I tell them to keep walking. The few girls that were there were really stuck up and the ones that were not really stunk, literally. After coming here déjà vu on alameda is way better and much more variety.

  45. Dan K.

    Came here on a Sunday night after a laker game, we sat there for 30 minutes and only 1 girl danced the entire time. That’s pathetic. What a waste of time.

  46. Matt A.

    Came here with a couple Filipino friends, was denied access to enter the vicinity due to the color of our skin. Tried multiple times to get in to pass dress code, when dress code was obviously passed with my button up and taylored pants they still denied access. I walked outside talked to a couple Caucasian fellows and they were allowed in no problem with cargo shorts a SnapBack and tanktops. We tried going in with them and were denied once again realizing that the bouncer was racist.

  47. GarryWas

    Excellent time here great girls and excellent music I definitely will be coming back. Plus the girls know how to hold a conversation which is even better. Sometime you just have to sit back and talk.

  48. timmykilla

    The first strip clubb i ever attended nd keep coming back still !!love all the girls there especially lexy nd nicole there my favorite great dances and attitudes.

  49. Colbys

    Awesome club! Never thought I would write a strip club review, but I will give credit where credit is due.. As a lady, its hard to go to a SC & actually enjoy myself, not to mention I’m a bit picky…but I let the influence of a few friends bring me along for the ride a few times. I must say I’ve never been disappointed here! There’s a parking lot & valet so parking isn’t difficult at night & during the day there’s always free parking. All of the staff are super nice & professional, no asshole door guys which is a huge bonus! I seen other reviews that complained about the cashier, but we’ve never had a problem. There’s a nice variety of ladies & they’re all beautiful & actually pleasant to talk to!The club is surprisingly clean & has a swanky, classy feel to it. The stage sits in the middle of the room so you can see it from anywhere in the club. Win. The dance prices are reasonable & the girls aren’t shy about giving another chick a dance! If I remember correctly, topless $20 & nude $40 a dance..they offer VIP rooms too..prices are different for day to night..cheaper during the day.The one piece of advice I can give is don’t knock this club till you try it..and keep in mind day shift is different than night..Lastly, BOOBIES.

  50. Jamie A.

    Best club around! All the ladies were beautiful but Bella was awesome! Get your dances with her, she is the best. Thank you for making my husband and my night perfect. You are a beautiful lady and a fabulous dancer. We will be back!

  51. williamr

    First time here. These girls are amazing. The staff is great. Had a fun time. All my friends enjoyed it. Definitely coming back.

  52. felixnada

    My friends and I were planning the night out and one of them suggested this club. Coming from Orange County it didn’t seem worth the drive, but I must say IT WAS WORTH IT. The most amazing lineup of showgirls I’ve ever seen in one building. The entertainment provided by the dancers on stage, when they sit and talk with you, and especially when giving lap dances is all top notch. The DJ was exceptional too. He rocked the mic and provided an endless playlist of songs that had my buddies and myself super pumped. This place has all the elements of a gentlemen’s club plus more..Overall, it was a truly upscale experience that delivered!

  53. Irma E.

    I was there last night with a couple of my guy friends…Let me just say that the ladies there are very friendly and they ALL offered me a lap dance…I’ve gone to other places…and they don’t eve approach me or ask me…They have amazing looking girls…it might have been the drinks before we went…but man I couldn’t stop tipping the whole night…Guys if you want to go hang out with the guys and have a good time with some hot ladies…I definetly recommend this place…Ladies if you want to surprise your man or have a good time with him you’ll definetly feel comfortable here…the ladies will definetly ask you first before approaching your man!!! Very respectful…There aren’t a lot of perv looking guys….most men that were there were in business suits!!!GOOD TIMES

  54. james1412

    Business opportunities are all around, right? Is that how a stripper sees the place she works? I hope so because the dudes who come in her want to rid themselves of their money in the worst way!Why was I here? Not important. Actually I was here because I told Ms. Fiance I’d been a couple strip clubs at certain times in my life and it was possible there could be one in a bachelor party not too far in the future. She made the executive decision that she had to know what went on in those places.Ms. Fiance was the one who got the lap dance, not me. The girl was sultry and looked like that Asian actress who’s name I can’t recall at the moment. While she laughed and laughed and laughed I squirmed unsure if this was supposed to be sexy for me or she was trying to tell me that strip clubs were dumb.The women who dance here are attractive and sort of friendly way but only if you’re buying. Many have boob jobs and spray on tans and in the dark all are probably more attractive than they are in bright light. I listened to Ms. Fiance talk about makeup with the stripper for about fifteen minutes and realized that the illusion that these business cast can be broken up really fast. Listening to Ms. Fiance go back and forth on how she felt about the place on the car ride home was just as ridiculous. Her thoughts ranged from how humiliating it must be to how much money she could make if she worked there. In the end she said I could go to one during any bachelor party shenanigans. At this point I’ll probably opt for go-carts.Did I mention Ms. Fiance and the dancer exchanged numbers? WTF?

  55. Jeff J.

    I’m not a penny pincher, but I hate being scammed. The website (spearmintrhino.com/los-a…) clearly states that on Thursday before 7:30pm the admission price is $5, but the doorman insisted that it’s $10 after 6:00pm and refused to check the website.To his credit, the doorman did warn my girlfriend and I that because of a shift change the club would be slow for awhile. That said, we did not expect that until 11:00pm there would be so few stage performances (e.g., the club frequently played three or four songs without a dancer on stage, despite the presence of at a dozen dancers sitting around the club looking at their phones).The other issue is the crowd, or lack thereof. I realize this was a Thursday night, but the club barely had only a handful of patrons all evening, and most were really stingy. It’s hard to blame dancers for not hitting the stage when tips aren’t forthcoming — just one more sign of how bad the economy still is.

  56. XhXeXy

    It’s kinda of funny, seeing all these females rating stripclubs, but when you go in there, you never see them in there. Hmmm. Kind of makes you wonder, are they strippers. About Spearment Reno, it’s very expensive; for everything. Lapdances are $40. They’re OK lapdances, I mean you can touch, and everything, but they are not worth $40. The strippers are not that fine. I seen a couple of cute ones, but that was it. No alcohol, either. This place is overated. The best stripclub in L,A, is Silver Reign.

  57. fritter17

    Lol, I used to work in a hotel as a clerk which often accommodate refinery workers from different states. since they are all out of towners they are always looking for a place to go specially when they are inebriated. So for a fair amount of price I act as their tour guide, drive their company van, cuz they are too drunk to drive and take them to this place. I take the workers here cuz I know it’s pretty safe area with good security, compare to other conspicuous area. The place is a bit classy, the price is descent, and the waitress and dancer are nice. Over all its not a sleezy place to bring the guys to blow off some steam and have fun!

  58. Dee S.

    It was pretty empty and awkward in there and the girls were pressuring the few customers for private dances too much. The performances were okay but kind of low energy and not a lot of tricks. This place has the WORST DJ EVER. He kept interrupting the music to talk nonstop, basically heckling the customers and telling them they shouldn’t be there if they’re not going to sit in the front and put money down. He was so effing annoying.

  59. richard95

    Great place to take your friends for their birthday. i brought my friend here and the girls were so nice and entertaining. We came here on a friday nite after hours and the place was insanely crowded. Dances are fun and the women are very beautiful for the most part. not to be mean but 2 of those girls looked like they should not strip(kinda older and out of shape). Overall its the best club in downtown. Ive been to a few others and this one has the hottest girls and they also have a great dj.

  60. Kat B.

    Checked in to redeem the free admission only to be told it had to be printed out. Pretty lame. I’ve been here a few times and I’ve pretty much assumed that after 12 is when the amateur part of the night is through and you get the better/more skilled dancers after that. Helpful tip: if you’re a guy and you bring a couple female friends you tend to get a little more attention thrown your way.

  61. StripClub431

    Scam alert. Credit card overcharged $3 on each drink. Tried to give us 19 ones when we changed a 20 bill -twice they tried that bs. That’s a good way to make money off all the change they give every night. Girls much better at DVu and more of them and bigger nicer place without waitress askin u to buy girls drinks every five min. $10 for a water ur pressured into. Good scam. Girl comes talk to u to try and get dance and waitress swoops in to make u look like a dik if u say no to buying the girl a drink wen u’ve chatted w her for two minutes. Just lame tactics all around. And girl w herpes on her lip actually offered oral if we got a VIP room for 200 and tip her 100. Rhino sucks anymore just corporate owned suckin every dollar they can from ya, not about giving customer good time.

  62. Thomas M.

    What can I say? When you’re the host, be the host…The two guests wanted to go to a “club” – one had never been to one in LA (b-day person) the other never, ever. ..First stop was Sam’s Hofbrau – geez what a zoo; won’t do that again, ever. ..Unsatisfied – “it was more like a dance club than a strip club” said one of the guests – another stop was in order, so down the street we went. ..Much better – setting, crowd, talent, overall atmosphere…Not where I’d go if it was my choice but if you gotta play host, you could do a lot worse…

  63. Franklyn

    It’s average, went on a Thurs paid $21 to go in, $5 for parking, a few hot girls, a few decent ones. Its nice inside, but I heard a lot of hype about it. Sexiest one there was London. She was hot, a couple sexy Asian chicks. A lot of em seemed bored on their phones. Its worth checking out. Free drink with admission.

  64. Willig C.

    Ah what can i say about Spearmint Rhino yes located in a shitty downtown alley neighborhood skid row as good as it gets for those of you who dont know that they have free admission only if you showed up with business attire you’ll saved your twenty buck at the door but the only bad thing about totally naked strip clubs is they never served booze heck bottle of water is 5 buck depends on what night on some nights they have special ocassion with special guest : Kobe Thai , Nina Rain ,Brooke Milano,Tia Tanaka ,Nautica Thorn ,Teanne Kai, Lisa Ann to name you a few here i’ve met several in person and have autograph and pics with them . I cant say all the dancers are beautiful depends on what night you’re there sometimes they have some butt ugly looking girls but i still think these dancers are better than the ones across the street at Sam’s Hof Brau those dancers there are bit ghetto and you can get scam easily there shit i lost 80 buck on 1 dancer 20mins i say WTF i got jacked !!!!

  65. nickstrip

    this place is a scam, a 10$ entrance + 5 (drink) scam.there were only 5 girls and they were trying to sell their dances to me, aggressively.Left after 30 mins (2 non-private dances) they stall as long as possible in between songs

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