Deja Vu Showgirls Colorado Springs



2145 B Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906


38.7752316, -104.788113




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Up in the Rocky Mountains things are still pulsating with adventure and good times. Colorado Springs has had its share of to-dos in the recent months. Sports, hiking, rock-climbing and hot summer days are included in most visits to this part of the world. Only to yield to snow-skiing, snowmobiling and more drinking in the winter.Also home to the United States Air Force Academy that was founded in 1958, the Springs has seen a party or two. And speaking of parties, I’ll bet you can’t guess who else is located in Colorado Springs?


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls Colorado Springs

  1. Lik
  2. Rich

    Good club

  3. Zork

    Way too overpriced for the dances and (non-alcoholic) drinks. Twenty bucks for a dance would be all right if the women were worth looking at. (Never spend more on a dance than you would on dinner!) The girls are friendly and have great attitudes, though, but for $60 nude dances and $100-for-15-minute VIP dances, I’d expect a lot more than what I saw. The staff is friendly as hell, though, and the people who work there are uniformly positive and helpful. All told, a solid “C” average.

  4. zack
  5. Lou

    Was a good night, but the dancers quit about 2:30. I was disappointed with that, as I showed about 2:00 and still had to pay full price of $15. The bouncer gave me a couple tickets labeled “free pass,” but mentioned it would still be $10. Not the best experience I’ve had there, but will probably go back, as this is the only fully nude club in town. You’ve got the selling point eh? haha! If this is considered a complaint, sorry!

  6. tj6887

    nice girls

  7. TRan
  8. Michael from TX

    Had a great time there lastnight, will return for sure when in town. Thanks

  9. Jeep-Fu

    It’s a good club. It’s not too expensive (you can get a free pass online) and the women are attractive. If you’re looking for all-nude and contact lap dances this is the place to go. And you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time.

  10. Jax
  11. Tony T

    Its a great place to chill and relax and enjoy great entertainment besides I want to perform there as a guitarist for some the dancers to boost entertainment but not that they need it. smiles

  12. shy old guy from Pueblo

    I’m in love.

  13. Dominic

    Great place everyone was so cool and the hot dancers so many and so hot wow!

  14. Mr. Yeah

    It is a good club. The girls are hot, friendly and extremely hot. Music choice is solid.

  15. markus

    Wow, the girls beg money outta you…

  16. Ryan

    my girlfriend and I think Vixen is hot. She has a really great personality, very sociable. she is why we keep coming back

  17. znot

    i love Phoenix… where is she?? I can spens a fortune on her

  18. Chad

    I come down from Canon City every couple of months specifically to see one of your dancers (sadly, I don’t even know her name, as name is the last thing that I pay attention to when she’s there). Fortunately, she is always there when I come in, and I never leave disappointed (despite the fact that I always seem to be charged a cover charge during happy hour…isn’t that supposed to be free). Overall, all of the girls are very friendly. Good club.

  19. Scotty
  20. evil ernie

    The atmosphere and dancers are outstanding every one treated me with respect and like i was special i would recomend this club to anyone looking for a good time

  21. Ray

    I had been going in during the day and was not impressed. On thursday night I was in town and dropped by around 11 at night a enjoyed a very different club then during the day. The talent is lovely very beautiful women. I had a lap dance from a couple of different girls and they were some of the best I ever had. The lighting in the VIP room is a bit dark but other then that was a great time.

  22. Chris O

    all i got to say is that its been awhile since i had been to the Vu. I Met Leland she is the best! great person in general just had a good time having her company for the night! didn’t even matter she was in the nude!

    Chris O

  23. Aarron

    Your place “ROCKS” had the best time with Velvet, Nikki, and Estilla, these ladies were the best and made my night also the club was great all around!

  24. peter
  25. Nathan

    Amara and Gypsy are wonderful dancers and very beautiful. They are a real credit to your establishment. I would like to thank them for their great performances and for and all around wonderful time! Thanks ladies!

  26. Chuck

    Hey this palce is the best eveyone should stopin to see this place its the best club in Colorado Springs by far!!

  27. Brandon

    Greatest club i have ever been too

  28. FNGenius

    Dark, dirty, shitty service, no attractive girls. If you have money to waist… Waist it somewhere else!

  29. ChuckAye

    Best club I’ve ever been to. Would go every week if I could. Alana is fantastic!

  30. elton

    pretty good

  31. Kevin McFadden

    It’s really a great club to come to and relieve stress and just chill.

  32. LeisureLarry
  33. Noel
  34. Tim

    Wow thats all i have to say and thank you all for the best time!!

  35. Daniel

    good times!!

  36. d


  37. jd
  38. CAlvin Aguirre

    I love you

  39. Don

    All I have to say is this club has the most Beautiful Ladies in the springs by far out of any club!

  40. Lisa

    Just wanted to give all of you at this club a big THANK YOU! I was treated so well and had a good time!

  41. Bob from Pa.

    I was at the club on Saturay night 10/18 and spent some time with Vixen..she is a beautiful women,gorgeous bod, with long legs and a perfect smile…you can’t miss her when you are there…she has her sons name and tiny feet tattoed on her left side of her stomach….I wish I could have spent more time with her…check her out she is well worth the time and money…Vixen you might remember me…the guy with the soft curly hair.

  42. Steven

    To everyone that was thinking of going to this club you should go for sure! I had a good time with all the ladies!

  43. Zimon
  44. FuntimeJoe

    If your looking for a terrible time go here… there wasn’t many girls, and no good

    looking girls. The staff and management are rude… just drive past and go

    somewhere else!

  45. KIETH


  46. Chris B

    Awesome place, going back for sure.

  47. Dan
  48. Chris

    Great club this is the only one I goto. Love the girls.

  49. tj
  50. Cobra K.

    Best club in the Springs…and I’ve been to them all! So why is this the best club? Full nudity, VIP rooms, and aggressive girls.

  51. Joe
  52. James
  53. Stiller

    I had a great time at this club. Dances and drinks were a little pricy but well worth it with Daisy, she was an excellent lap dancer.

  54. jesse

    i have been going too your club since i was 18

    i am now 24 and every year your guy’s talent just get’s better

    there it’s not just dancing you put on a show

    keep up the great work!!;)

  55. red
  56. scott
  57. crash

    the music is to loud. The girls are trying to get more money from you then what you should pay. the place stinks like a dead cat. the girls start to fight in front of customers.

  58. Thg
  59. steve

    excellent club

  60. Dave

    Your Club is one of the best I have been to and I fequent clubs quiet often! Tnahk You and I will return soon.

  61. John

    Not just the Springs, but IMHO, i’d say you guys have the best the state has to offer. too bad i have to drive two phuckin hours south to see you guys. oh well, keep it up…The Vu Rocks!!!! πŸ™‚

  62. rex

    not up to regular deja vu standards–girls not so hot

  63. kyle katz

    harley, tasha and violet are the sexiest girls u have and u need more like them

  64. Darren

    This place was so great we were in town and staying at the Double Tree and went to this club and they had no liquor but it was the best time myself and co-workers had in a long time at a strip club. Keep up the great Party!!

  65. blind1

    i came a couple nights ago with some friends and we had a blast! but i have to say that i put more tips towards the sexy little asian girl who was filling my cup then on the strippers.

  66. Mike

    I had a great time at your club all of the ladies were great and very friendly. I loved the shower shows it was something i have never seen before.Keep up the great job and I will be back for sure. Thanks for the great time. Mike

  67. Waste your money
  68. Paul

    I had a blast here on a monday night not but a week ago. I rolled in expecting to be met by some friends for his bday party. So i paid the 20 dollar vip cover and walked in. Met by a very nice doorman. I didnt catch his name. He asked me several times through out the night if i was having a good night. Very nice guy. I had expected some woman but not as many as there was. There were atleast 10 -13 woman dancing on a monday night. The two that caught my eye were Devon and Kisses. Hmm Devon had the most perfect body with the sweetest smile i have ever seen. I got several dances from her. Kisses blew my mind with her up front attitude and sexy as hell body. She came over and sat right on my lap pinching my nipples playing with my hair and teasing me for roughly an hour. She didnt pressure me into buying anything but she did ask. I got a dance from her not only cause she was turning me on so much with her playing with my nipples but she had the sexiest eyes i have ever seen. About 10 i got a call from my buddies saying they were at PTs. I declined their invite right away so as to stay and enjoy more of kisses nipple teasing and Devons luscious body. After 400 dollars and 4 hours i was drained. I left a very satisfied customer rdy to return and drop atleast 400$ more on those two girls alone.

  69. t
  70. sultan
  71. David

    This was my first strip club and I felt more than welcomed by the lovely ladies especially Porche, Summer, Cat, Lelu (not sure if I spelled that right, but she’s a tall red-head with a tattoo on her back), DB, and of course, the incredible Jessica. Every woman there is a lady because they treated me very cordially and I fully respect them. DB gave me my very first lap dance ever and I won’t ever forget her. Lelu, if you read this, you know who it is, you gave me the superlong song on Friday July 21st. I was wearing all black and I’m white. Porsche, you’re the ideal stripper, nice breasts, a nice butt, and everything is perfect for you. Summer is exquisite and very friendly. Cat is very sultry and is definately worth every dollar. My best lap dance would have to be from Jessica. I know you remember me. I was thinkin with one head over the other at the atm for about 10 minutes for the nude dance. You’re worth the $6 atm charge honey. Don’t ever change or leave cause I’m comin back in 2 years. Good luck to all ladies there and thank you for making me feel comfortable. Oh, and a little shout out to Leslie the waitress: My friend wanted a lap dance from you but we understand you can’t perform this because of your profession at hand. I have much respect for you and everyone there. To the bouncers and DJ: Keep it up guys; if it wasn’t for y’all every exotic dancer there would be afraid to dance for us horny men. Y’all keep us ahead of the game (no pun intended).

  72. Jason

    I had a great time the other night. I came in on a special event night they had Jell-O wrestling there were like 7 matches and me and my buddies all had a blast hope more events are coming up keep me posted. Thanks Jason

  73. jake
  74. Guy in the corner

    I had a good time, next time I will get more dances πŸ™‚

  75. Notta

    Love the club…. I think maybe the management needs to focus on keeping their girls happy. Sounds like they don’t have much insentive..

  76. Tom
  77. m
  78. Skinfan

    Alana was by far the hottest girl at the club AND the best dancer. You absolutely have to get a lap dance fom her!

  79. sobee
  80. Doc

    I usually don’t like no-alcohol bars, but this one was perfect.

  81. Management


    I am happy that you always have a good time at our club. Our goal is to show everyone that walks into Deja Vu a top quility show. Our cover charge is $5.00 and that is waived from opening till 7pm everyday. Bottemless drinks are $10.00 and vip is $5.00. There is also a free pass that can be downloaded on the net that can be used after 7pm to waive the $5.00 cover charge.

  82. StripClub431

    Checked it out on Friday night, and all I can say is “WOW”. Must have had at least 40 girls, all sexy and sassy! Can’t wait to come back and get treated well by these amazing ladies.

  83. jj
  84. THEONE02496
  85. Lee

    had some lap dances from Candy, hot!!, but needed to smile more and be happy with her entertanment!!!!! Candy made me hot!!!

  86. Nate

    I had a lot of fun here & will be back this weekend.

  87. Joe McDonald
  88. YourGIJoe

    Omg anyone who says this club is horrible is out of there mind. This is the

    best strip club in town. I was in on a Friday night and I have never seen

    so many beautiful woman, had to be 40-45. Not only are the dancers

    beautiful but the wait staff n door girls as well!!! I don’t remember the girl

    who took my cover but wow let me tell you, I would sign my paycheck

    over to that girl,,,, Amazing. Best Strip Club, oh wait down fall No Booze.

  89. Aaron

    I had a blast emerald made my night worth while

  90. Michael

    very young and sweet dancers and the waitresses and bar maids are fantastic

  91. Sean

    One of the best clubs I’ve been to. The dancers and staff are all really friendly. Theres a variety of different dancers, and they’re all beautiful. The couch dances and date rooms are worth the money. I usually visit 1 – 3 times a week, and I live 2 hours away! Theres one dancer in particular I spend all my time with, anyone who knows me knows who I’m talking about, and I always have the time of my life.

  92. Barry Sohr
  93. Cole

    Great Job to everyone at this club one of the best times I’ve had in a while. Thank You All

  94. Phoenix
  95. BCMC

    Awesome…but too many restrictions..

  96. Pretty Boy

    The girls, Dominic and Grace are awesome But Mercedes is the best.

  97. Craig

    No hot girls

  98. Kenny

    We went to this club on Friday night and they had 40 girls working it was great and everyone was so freindly and the whole club atmosphere was the best in the springs if anyone was thinking of going to this club definitely go it will be worth your while and money!

  99. Rickey

    Had the best time with “Grace” she was great to talk with and great lookin could’nt had a better time! Thanks to the WaitStaff also.

  100. mixer
  101. Christopher

    Very Nice… my first time was a very good one, the girls were very nice and persuasive. I have to admit, this place is run tightly and just feels relaxed and the over all night was a very good one for me… hey, the took more of my money then I was intending to drop. Good Goin Girls!

  102. Raff

    I went to this club last night with my boyfriend and we had a blast! The girls are sexy and talented. The stage sets were very entertaining. The ladies all seemed nice and we even got a couple of dances! There’s no alcohol, but you can re-enter with your receipt and keep your party supplies in the car πŸ˜‰ This is definitely the spot to hang out and enjoy some sexy fun in the springs. We want to come back for their Monday deal on VIP rooms. $100 off apparently πŸ™‚

  103. Thena
  104. pretty

    thanks jake!

    sadly im no longer at the dejavu

    feel free to email me for info on where ill be appearing next

    katanas still there and hot as ever πŸ™‚

    hope to hear from you soon

    love, pretty

  105. Country Boy

    I like the club and the ladies are beautiful. Cover is expensive, dances are expensive, non alcoholic drinks are expensive. The lady are not good with introducing themselves, they just jump into “Do you want a dance?” If I was not being rudely appraoched by a lady ever 30 seconds. If the owner comes down on some of his prices maybe the club could be more profitable.

  106. Pete

    Thanks for a real good time! I’ll be back for sure.

  107. God
  108. Jake Breaker

    Hot damn did I have the time of my life at your club! YOWZA! Do yourself a

    favor and get a 2 girl dance with Katana and Pretty. HOLY SHIT! That girl

    Pretty that works there just scrambled my poor little head in the VIP and then

    she brought in her friend Katana. HOT DAMN! I left broke, hard, and smiling

    about it, and I cannot wait to get back in there for round 2. I think I can take

    ’em this time! lol Thank you Pretty, and thank you Katana, it was a blast! See

    ya soon!

  109. Crazy About You!

    Im crazy about your club and girls!

  110. Matt Bailey

    Deja Vu rules i love alll you guys.

  111. Josh

    great place great environment, overall a 10

  112. AssnTits5

    This place sucks, as soon as you walk in a stripper will grab you and drag you to the VIP room without warning. This is the most aggressive strip club I have ever been to. The cover charge was not worth it at all, the diamond Cabaret has a $15 charge and is 100000X better than this place. The girls were either really sexy or awful. One of the bartenders is a complete ass, I asked for change nicely and she yelled at me for not saying please when I did, then she came back and threw my cash all over the place. Later, I was at the main stage and she yelled at all of us to tip the dancer even though she never came to our side. Why the hell would I ever tip of nothing is amusing me or for my pleasure. Absolutely horrible place. There are a few dancers that keep this place running which I would come back for.

  113. Ben

    Had a great time, everyone was real friendly. Only qualm I had was the music was so loud I had a real hard time understanding what girls were saying. Felt stupid for having to ask the waitress to repeat herself over and over lol. It was even hard understanding what the DJ was saying at times. Great time though. The dances I got were well worth the money. Good thing I only brought so much, I could have spent my paycheck there.

  114. Phineas

    Seriously, the worst club I’ve ever been to. The girls were fine – nothing special. No alcohol, no food, and the DJ was so irritating I was left wanting to gouge out my ears with ice picks. Ultimately I fled, much poorer for the experience. The $15 cover, for the experience, was a rank obscenity. This place is waaaay below the mark set by DV’s other clubs; if I were corporate, I’d yank the franchise tomorrow. Worst. Club. Ever.

  115. Slayer68

    Always have a great time each time I go there to many beautiful women and to many names to say but they are all wonderful.

  116. Nick

    My girlfriend and I came to your club yesterday and were treated so well and all of the Dancers wre so friendly!

  117. CHEESE
  118. Jim

    Had a good time.

  119. Daniel Smartt

    Everyone was very nice. Had best time there

  120. Jacob Sharp

    This club was so good I am broke right now and can’t wait to go back again.

  121. jason pope

    i love it its where i spent all my free time just hanging out with my friends that work there

  122. GREG

    You guys are great (deja vu). I can’t think of anything bad. The Hospitality, atmophere, and defintily (sp) the girls are the best in colo. springs. You can’t beat the quality you have. Thanks


  123. Anjinsan

    Went on a Friday afternoon (06-01-12) around 1200 were three girls working all very attractive, was a brunette in particullar who was very hot. Forgot her name but sadly guys she does not work weekends. More beautiful women trickled in by the hours. Left around four sampled many all money well spent. Waitress attentive and kept drinks coming well soda as this is a liquor free establishment. Dance prices varied but within reason. Meet real nice blonde who works Monday and Wednesday will be back to enjoy the entertainment again.

  124. Brad

    The only reason I liked coming here was due to a blonde, short gal. Her name was cashmere. She was courteous, kind, and classy. Everything i was looking for. But, sadly she’s gone. That type of dancer doesn’t come around often. She left a legacy in which no one can follow. I will always remember cashmere

  125. zb
  126. wollt
  127. Todd

    Awesome Club and girls my freinds and I had the best time and will be coming more often.

  128. Bruce
  129. DF
  130. loxxg
  131. anjin

    Love what the new management has done with the place

  132. AssnTits5

    Of course it’s A OK – it’s boobs. But, other than that, is it that awesome?The cover charge can be daunting – especially when you find out that there is no booze served inside. In fact, the first time I was told this I left and went home. Obviously, I have been back.You can beat the high prices by taking advantage of some of the specials, and the 7-11 next door can give you cards that let you beat the cover, but you have to buy drinks. Other than that, it’s a strip club. There are winners and losers, loud music, and a dude with a completely goddamn ridiculous voice making announcements. The dances are a little expensive, but they have all sorts of specials that can let you shave down your bill a little.Just be sure to go shitfaced drunk – nothing is worse than sobering up in a strip club and being forced to contemplate your life decisions.

  133. Adam

    Fetish Night was great you should do that more often!!

  134. Strippers<3Me


  135. skizz
  136. stacey
  137. Daryl

    I will be back for sure after my vacation.

  138. Jonny


  139. sandip

    i love it..

  140. Kliv
  141. Te

    I have to say this, I am extremely glad to see that Steve is gone. Now the club is an awsome place to be. Who knows, maybe one day, I may go back to work for you guys.

  142. brandonresh

    I went to this club last summer and was not impressed. The girls seemed aloof so I left without even getting a lap dance. I went last night again and was very impressed. The girls are way more friendly and very sexy. I’ll definitely be coming back for more of these sexy ladies here soon.

  143. boxer
  144. Buy Generic Cialis

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  145. Tennessee

    the club is awesome i use to work there and i loved it it really open me up.yale may remeber me as tennessee

  146. slick129

    first and definately not last trip. good times good times

  147. JZ
  148. Andrew Miller

    It was my first strip club I went to, and I had a blast, I would stay there all night if i had enough money. Great Place, Clean. Very friendly staff and dancers. I recommend this place to anyone.

  149. Lorp
  150. Daywalker

    Changed Management around new improvements are being made. Should come in and check the place out if you have been there before. Management actually listens to customers and works to improve overall quality of club. If you have never been there worth it to come in and see what the buzz is all about. Always a good time.

  151. dopeboy19

    It’s okay as long the dancers keep milking you for money the women are beautiful with some Beasties .

  152. CMO

    Merry Christmas to LeeLo! from Chris! have a safe and fun Hoilday : )

  153. jose

    i love it

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