The Body Shop



140 2nd Street North, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494


44.3934324, -89.8268627




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Body Shop

  1. boob

    close this place down and put it out of it’s (our)mysery

  2. Brian

    This place is a dump, the owners were in the place and were so drunk they were passing out at the bar, and they are rude people with no class, trash all around. Fat dancers, lousy service, and bartenders more interested in their cell phone than customers. Burn this shithole down

  3. Mandi
  4. Miles

    WOW!!!!!!! Get the private dances with “Mandy” Worth every $$$$$$ I recommend visiting on a Friday or Saturday.

  5. Joe

    Only been in about 6-7 times but have never really had a good time, some dancers are a little better than Fair but many fall down in the poor catagory, maybe I’ve just had bad luck

  6. Joe Slack


  7. tb
  8. Timmy
  9. Sam

    that happened to me 2! I think it just needs a good cleaning and it’ll be good but still gross. Yeah that bartender is fat & nasty but what are ya gonna do? I just don’t tip her, save the money for the nice girls. It is the same here with that nasty shit as was at Teaser’s in Stratford before they closed down! Give it another chance L is always trying to keep the place nice! u gotta take the good with the not so good.

  10. fattboy

    Nothing seemed new to me about this place, one decent dancer per week if your lucky. Beer was cold!!

  11. guy54481

    This place is terrible, the owners should just close it, the girls that work here are trashy, most of them are prostitutes, and the owners know it. Definitely not worth the time to go here.

  12. John O'Day
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  14. Chet

    This is the “new” body shop? gross! I had gunk in my drink from the ice maker that the fat slob of a bartender didn’t bother to clean out. Not once, but twice! and she’s not that pleasant of a woman either, no smile and not very friendly to the customers. Maybe she’s angry because she became a heffer and has to watch skinny more attractive girls dance all night! What a sloth!

  15. customer 44

    Always a great time.

  16. Randy & Sue

    Yeah where are the white girls? this is as bad as teasers in Stratford! except here there are no 15 year olds and the owner Marshall Maguire isn’t trying to fuck you every 2 seconds in front of your husband! I give you credit though you don’t have prostitution like at teasers and your bathrooms are clean!

  17. Bri

    WOW i cant say enough

  18. JR

    I relly love this place.

  19. Yep

    So much variety! Different girls all the time, some good new ones coming up from IL lately.

  20. JW

    Need more white women.

  21. Dale

    nasty place

  22. Mr. Perfect

    Nasty, Nasty, Nasty. this place is a dump from the building to the dancers and staff service. Don’t waste your time!

  23. Mike C.

    it sucks

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