Crazy Horse Cabaret



16600 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44135


41.4180029, -81.7907277




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Crazy Horse Cabaret

  1. Not really

    small dirty shithole with 3 average girls the rest waaaaay under par to be taking their clthes off for money. Only survived cause everything else closed. The cheap Chinese Screens are the perfect compliment lol.

  2. Dylan

    These reviews are always bunk. Come in and check us out for yourself!

  3. Roger
  4. Bob Johnson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and genital warts. Be careful boys: the BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  5. John Lapp

    $40 HJ and $80 BJ!!!!!!

  6. disgruntled
  7. jason

    the girls are extremely nice

  8. AL


  9. UMMMMMmmmm

    here’s the lowdonw.. the clubs nice, small but nice. The owner Al is nice I met him personally.. the new manager Rob is awesome.. completely greetable and not only cares about his staff but the customers too! He is s A1 potential and does a great job. Place has come up since Adam left and the dancers are friendly. Drinks on the pricey side, but I know its a business.Compared to the clubs left, this one has it tot he rated #1

  10. Nancy

    Not a couples friendly club. Took my husband in and could not get a girl to our table after tipping 5 of them on stage. I am not sure why considering they were not busy at all but we will not be back

  11. love dancers
  12. PETE
  13. Tim

    My favorite dancer followed my into the restroom and gave my a blumpkin. She only charged me $250. She said she does outcall too and she gave me her number.

  14. re last post

    Ur an idiot dude. Stop visiting all the club pages with ur BS. Club is picking up nicely. New management girls and staff is def. making a difference! Come on i and enjoy urself!!

  15. NotHappy
  16. Michael

    I had a great time here they have a lot of gorgeous dancers.Definetly will be returning for some more vip room fun!

  17. Tad

    I think they blocked the IP of that cock writing that BS about the clubs. Anywhoo, Most of the reviewers on this board are shills—management etc. The only reason I go here is for the reasonably priced extras–HJs and BJs and sometimes blumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. pissed
  19. Info

    As of Monday 11/10 the club will open at 12pm Mon-Fri for lunch specials. Also visit us Industrial Night 50% off drinks! ask for details

  20. re:officer

    Don’t believe the person who’s pretending to be a police officer. If they were a real police officer they would know that LEGALLY you can not arrest someone for saying what they did even if they did leave their name. Why you ask? Because there is no way to prove that just because it’s your name is it you.

  21. bielzubub

    felt clean and very safe, floormen are very professional and help the new young dancers.

  22. hmm

    they play very short songs. However, some of the girls get kind of wild during private dances. But it is very expensive. One of them insisted on me taking her to a private dance, $120 and $240. A little to much for me.

  23. Joe
  24. J-

    OMG go during the day this is a great club. Some of the gorls are just interested in chatting with each other. But Haden is amazing. It is worth the trip. 3$ beers is fair. 20$ lap dances can’t complain.

  25. Tony

    I was in the club Saturday night. Club was clean and had a great atmosphere. For the most part the dancers were inexperienced but enthusiastic about being there. They mostly danced for themselves and not the guest though. For us the Top Dancer was Athena, she was incredible.

  26. I know

    to the last poster, no one is saying that we doing nasty contact, this is a clean bar and the cleanlest by far I have seen being a dancer, thus why I am here. We abide strictly by the law and the owners are very thorough in making sure of this.

  27. UPDATE

    Kitchen Opening October 14th! great menu, award winning chefs! great girls, your leave with a full stomach and satisfied attitude! come see for yourself!

  28. YEAH

    Its good! Best on Brookpark.. not trailer trash like ambers or secrets or gigi’s but its pretty cool, the backroom dances are worth it!

  29. *Hailey*

    Excellent! words cannot describe how nice this place has become. The private dancing area is remodeled and gorgeous ( more private) and soon the kitchen is re-opening so there will be meals served. We open at 4pm Mon- Friday and are continuelly progressing towards improvements in remodeling.

  30. billtheguy12

    Let us move on to the next stop on Cara’s Tour de CLE Strip Clubs, shall we? I’m pretty torn here between two visits. My first time was pretty great. It was later in the evening, there were girls ‘a plenty and while there were some that looked like they came in straight from a nap, there were at least a few that were really attractive. Plus, couples get in free on Saturdays. Can’t beat that! There were two stages being utilized by girls who had more upper body strength than I’ll ever have. And I loved the groups of men and women participating and celebrating various occasions (i.e. birthday parties, bachelor/ette parties.) It didn’t just seem like a men’s only kind of place. The girls are very nice and will also sit to chat with you, if you so desire. And lastly, the bartender is a delight! She’s cute and interesting–one of my favorite parts about this place. Now let’s fast forward to my most recent trip… What’s with dancers eating at the bar? Does anyone else find this as gross as I do? I’m sorry–I know we’re all human. I know these ladies need to eat, but please, not in front of me and not on your shift in front of customers. I saw four girls hunched over plates inhaling food with manners of a teenage boy. I’m talking about snagging food from the plates of others, sour cream on faces, shoveling food. I don’t know who would want a stomach full of spicy bar food before flipping upside down on a pole. But just thinking about that made my stomach turn and tainted the evening. Mind you, it’s a personal rule of mine never to eat at strip clubs–no matter how good everyone claims the food is–so, this could be why I feel so strongly. But if it were up to me, the girls would eat in a room in the back, just like any other job out there. You can certainly have a 4-star experience here, but as you can see, it depends on the night.

  31. mark

    i was there last night and it sucked it cost me 4.75 for a beer when i gave the girl a 10 i ask her for my chang she walked away then never came back and asked me if i wanted another beer not one girl came by and ask me if i wanted a dance they were more intersted in talk with each other or with the guys that were there for a while i will go back there again

  32. ocsurfer

    The private dances are good and the girls are pretty good looking. They will sit down and talk to you but if your not getting dances after a while no one talks to you. The most of the girls put little to no effort in on stage. If your not getting a dance or talking to someone this club can be very boring.

  33. N/A

    Great all around! The managemmant team was excellent in taking car of thier customers safety! The girls were the best in the city. Highly recommend!

  34. Big Willy

    Club is awesome!!!!

  35. J

    Some people do not know about this club. U bette check it out all crazy horse clubs. This club has hot girls, and when u go to the private room u gona fly high!

  36. Meeeee
  37. hayden

    to J i’m at the crazy horse in bedford on miles road, there day shift opens at 11:30am and there lunch is great.topless and nude available ,see you there

  38. FlyBy

    Terrible! Bring back the original Management and prices and I will return. I refuse to be harassed by the floor men and the stupid Manager Dave who is nothing more than a piece of crap retard. Just pour gasoline on the place and claim insurance because its a waste of space now!

  39. tam

    this is the best club in cleveland ive been to so far. the dancers are very sexy and sweet. also the servers are very prompt and nice as well. i will def. be returning for sum great entertainment. see ya soon karma and nicole;)

  40. haileys Schedule

    I work every wednesday, thursday and friday 7pm till close unless a reason applies. Please come visit we give great dances and its alot of fun!

  41. Hours

    Open at 2pm M-F. Full Kitchen Menu, pretty ladies and a fun time!

  42. Julia

    My husband and I left one strip club and went to the Platinum Horse. We had been here once before, but it was pretty slow becuase it was a Monday night. When we went here tonight, the same stripper I got a dance from was working, and eventually made her way over to us. There were pretty girls, and the wait staff was friendly. The clun could have used more girls tonight, but overall it was a good time. It would be fun to see girls on the two small stages while a girl is on the mainstage.

  43. John

    This Club Is The Best Club Ive Ever Been Too!!

  44. FYI OHIO...

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  45. Carl Davenport

    Will visit again and again. Thanks girls!

  46. Trickle Down

    A few good looking girls but the dances were no good and not

    worth it and the drinks are overpriced plus they charged a

    cover to get in. Don’t waste your time.

  47. Jay

    Great place

  48. Hailey

    I am working tomorrow-Thursday at 9pm and Friday about 6pm, my schedule fluctuates on business but if you request to see me I can be there. the dances are great but better in V.I.P because there’s more contact. Look forward to seeing my regular faces and new ones anytime, you can contact me at hayleescomet79 at for more info on club or to set up a time to enjoy me and many other hot girls!

  49. BOB


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