Fantasy’s At the Beach



19240 San Carlos Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931


26.4622854, -81.9526276




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasy’s At the Beach

  1. moby dick

    stinks like fish no really its by the beach lot of fishermen go there go home and bath first



  3. Naples guy

    if you’re looking for pretty women and a clean club,this isn’t it.It’s beer and wine only,service sucks and I felt like taking a shower after leaving. Too bad, soome of us Naples guys don’t want to drive to Fowler,but girls there at Escapades are HOT

  4. tha dude

    Does the dancer Karma work day or night shift? Sae her last year & have been missin her. All natural & simply the best. Stay away from Carrie that bitch always be trippin like mad.

  5. ED


    I meet some cute girls. Love the privacy of lp area.Good place to go.

  6. someguy

    scars and stretch marks, yeehaw!

  7. ny fan

    Hey Guys, miss you all is jessie still their? Is she still seeing Tom the Body guard Did his wife ever figure what was going on HA HA the wife is the last to know Hi Nikki Hope you still entertaining. Tell everyone I said Hello I’ll be back in April ny

  8. jet
  9. Jalil

    Vanilla likes chocolate. Nice to see a light skinned hottie get down with a brotha.

  10. doug

    what a good time!

  11. brad

    my friends and were in town, just happen on this club and had a excellent time.

  12. Arnold

    I’ll be back…

  13. Dave

    Great atmoshere,girls were graet had a enjoyable evening!

  14. Frank

    Bar finally got a full liquor bar,Still need work on deco, but girls were hot and friendly!

  15. Stripclub guy

    I visited this club and coming from NY, I was surprised at how much better it is

    than your typical NY club. No cover, reasonable priced drinks ($3.50 for beer),

    nice girls, no pressure to buy drinks or dances, decent music. I am definitely

    looking forward to my next visit!

  16. StingRay

    lol awsome

  17. Brian

    Spent a long time & a wad of dough on Hailey. She has a perfect tanned pornstar body. Forget the rest of these crackwhores with gold teeth & cheap tats. Hailey is a red hot hottie worth your $$$$ . Come see her on dayshift

  18. Doobie

    Very nice club…Stopped in when I was on a business trip and it’s a very relaxing atmosphere. Staff is very nice and the service was great…Alot of pretty dancers!!!

  19. john

    I had a great time!! will cum again!!!

  20. Arayian Brother

    Who’s the dork with the hair, Tony’s brother from lookers

  21. Couple

    This place was awful. Very trashy, seedy, and many many unattractive girls.

  22. Bob from Boston

    I just happen on this place . Had a great time. Stayed till closing. Will go back, when in town again!

  23. eddie

    I LOVE this place. Had a great time. The staff was great!!!The girls are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  24. wayne

    Ihad the best time of my life..Girls were great!!

  25. Tony

    Overall a nice club, Hot Girls, nice atmosphere!!

  26. ian

    had a great time

  27. joseph1k

    Brutal. This place was so scummy that I thought for sure I contracted an STD just by breathing the damp moist air that most likely breezed by the privates of these “ladies” of the night.The front door was kept wide open for the entire time we were there as I sat furthest away from the stage and a short run to the open door if anyone approached me. My main focus of the night was not to make eye contact with anyone as I drank $2.00 drafts as fast as possible. The highlight of the night, other than a gangly black woman with gold teeth that I pursuaded to leave me alone with a crisp dollar bill, was the younger girl that left with a customer at the end of her shift. Father maybe?This place creeped me out to the point of being creeped out for a month. I only felt better after at nice bath of 10 to 1 bleach water.-Silky

  28. Michigan Customer

    Nasty whole in the wall. The girls werent nothing to look at either. Not going back.

  29. Eric

    Down here for spring break, my buddies and I had a awesome time!!

  30. Aaron

    I stopped in hoping it was going to be a good night. Seems like all the girls working here are old. An old Blond who looked like she could be my grandmother was on stage. Followed by a really short girl who could pull herself up to the ceiling, but her looks were much to leave desired. She even tried to lie and say she was 21 to me! A lot of these girls are way to FAT. You need some new talent. Fort Myers girls look to be worthless.

    Get rid of the skinny redhead who looks like a boy. Or force her to eat and get a boob job, I don’t like watching 12 year olds ATTEMPT to look sexy.

  31. sal

    girls were very friendly i mean very friendly

  32. Daequan

    Mad props to Vanilla for being so sexy. Got her hair did. Mo better booty and nice ta ta’s. Vanilla is the best dancer there

  33. TIM



  34. I'm Nobody.

    Great place. I was in there over the weekend and the girls are hot! Always a good crowd. I go there a lot. It stays pretty busy, usually a lot of girls. I like it.

  35. Franklyn

    This place has an awesome breakfast buffet. The staff is friendly and the drinks are cheap. The air conditioning could be a touch better and maybe a de-humidifier could be installed. I think they were fixing the lighting when I was there because there weren’t any lights on. I think they burnt something in the kitchen too. The heat, humidity, darkness, bad smell, delicious breakfast, and friendly staff earned this place 5 stars from me!

  36. Titan

    Made for show. No touching allowed here per Lee County


  37. Bobby

    Nice Place. Hot Girls! Sweet DJ at Night!

  38. Ted

    I was in town for business, stop in and had the time of my life! Everything was wonderful, will be back again!!!

  39. jim
  40. mike

    nice cozy friendly club

  41. Jason

    I’ve only been into Fantasy’s a few times within the last few years and to be honest the girls are hot and really nice but the big tall guy that works there is always on my dick when I’m getting dances. He’s always walking around like he’s the incredible hulk & I hate it. If they got rid of Cujo the place would be alright.

  42. Tivo
  43. Ken
  44. Feetlover

    Im looking for violet was wondering if she works days or nights? Havent seen her since she got cut from babes.

  45. larry1

    Low class place! I was embarrassed to be there! I was at the bar having a beer and saw the manager Jeff dealing drugs at the door!

  46. Jake

    Nice club…Good service and pretty girls!

    Will visit again when I come back next year on vacation.

  47. GEORGE507


  48. Lance

    I took my wife there,girls treated her awesome.We had a great time.Will be back next time we go on vacation.

  49. Steve

    Girls are are hot hot hot!!

  50. Just the old fart at the bar

    Fantasy’s is and always has been my local Bar for many years, There are many reason’s why I have not returned in sometime. Now let’s all take a very close look at the Negative comments placed on this page about this club. Every club in the United States has their own issues …. What else would you expect out of the Adult Entertainment Industry?. I would just like to say as Good friends of mine there is no known problem with this clubs Management .. Nothing but Drama from the Dancers. Listen I DO NOT find it in the slightest bit Attractive when a Dancer approaches me with a hug , begs for a drink then begs me for money and takes off to another sorry fool. I do understand this is your work environment. As successful as I may be I do not work along stressful day to come in and relax to hear nothing but all of these horrible thing’s that these Dancers have to say about other Dancers. This Problem with the Drama in this club sounds like a territorial Conflict between girls who have worked here for as long as I have been a regular customer and the new competition that may walk through these doors. Take the comment about Porsha for instance

    , Anyone who even knows of Porsha would agree that she is Most likely the cleanest and nicest young lady to work at this club in years. That comment written on 12/12 Does not even sound anything like a comment that customer would even take the time out of a busy day to write. Lady’s grow up please, this club is going to be exactly what you make of it. I personally have had the opportunity to speak with Porsha on a regular basis and I do understand exactly how well she does here night – night. That is not a reason for a Dancer to start rumors nor conflict with one another. Please ladies grow up be classy and professional. If these ladies spent Half the time taking care of themselves instead of focusing on the jealousy that will come of this , It would be a wonderful Upgrade that this club could really use.

    P.S ….. If I wanted to hear a women Bitching constantly I would Have stayed home with my Wife. Thank you

  51. Gino

    Awesome girls,had a great time. Will go back again!



  53. Wally

    Porsha is sooo hot in her itsy bitsy teeny weeni bikins. Way better than the druggie skanks like paige/pixie dust. Come see her at Babe’s on 41 yall

  54. andy
  55. customer

    had a lot of fun will be back..

  56. CarlosDanger

    This is not a fancy place at all but the drinks are cheap and the girls are nice.

  57. Swiftboat

    Pixie Dust/Paige from Lookers is back at Fantasy’s at the beach. Damm shes one fine slut.

  58. A shitty dive joint

    Came in and tried to get dances from vanilla a little hottie from escapades. But she started acting like she was black even though she was white. I did’nt know i would be walking into wigger town. Then a chick with fake boobs who claims to have danced at mons venus gave me some pretty tame dances. With the average talent they should do the $10 dances that babes is doing. Not worth the money

  59. Billabong

    Dead in here. Violet at Babes is worth the drive to fort myers. Dances from her are out of this world.

  60. jayson
  61. alan
  62. Buck Naked

    I like this club

  63. fang

    Had a blast there when I was on spring vacation! Great variety of dancers. Will come back again next year!


    Jordan’s working tonight. Got some dances from her wow what a hottie. im in luv!!

  65. Marty

    Haven’t been to this club in a year or so, but was amazed at all the changes. Club looks Great!! And the girls are HOT !!!!

  66. nick

    overall good club…need more spice in the private dance and bar tenders could be better…

  67. RAY RAY

    heres a big 10

  68. Shelby White

    I just wish I could get a piece of some of that pussy

  69. chuck

    Very nice club…pretty girls!

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