Hi 10 Cabaret



11927 East Freeway, Houston, TX 77029


29.8297073, -95.4803422




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hi 10 Cabaret

  1. john homes

    this is the best strip in houston texas

  2. Mac

    I did not expect to find anything spectacular in the club, but they have a couple of exceptionally beautiful girls working there. If the owners reads this, you need to get rid of the 80 year old waitress. Not only is she not attractive to look at, but she sat in my lap and proceded to get in my face and tell me about all her problems. I was just so dumbfounded that she did that. Some of the girls are like sharks and sit with you before you get your drink. These are the desperate, ugly ones. Just tell them you don’t want any company and they will get up. I rated this club a 9 (minus 1 for the waitress) because the most beautiful blonde came to sit with me, we had a great conversation, she did not hustle me and therefore i got lap dances and spent all my money on her. Great time with her.

  3. Greg

    This place has gone up. Better girls and remodeled since the last time I’ve been there which was back in May.

  4. Wildman

    This club has improved vastly – better girls, better attitudes.

  5. Jackofalltrades

    Went by last Thursday. I haven’t been by in about 5 months. It’s obvious the management is trying to clean up the place. There is a cover charge $3, free buffet, more dancers, a few drinks are a bit cheaper and it looks a lot cleaner. The club has definately changed, but not necessarily for the better. More dancers, but need to be of better quality. A club is only as good as it’s dancers. Even though the club is trying to upgrade, it does not qualify for a cover charge “yet”. The buffet is on the low end of other buffets I’ve seen. Waitresses are ok. They mainly stay perched by the front door. I almost had to get my own drink at one time. The music is catered to one type of clientele. I stayed for almost 2 hours and heard only techno and spanish. I did not care for that at all. Variety of music equals variety of clientele! The dancers on stage are always entertaining. Overall, I had a good time. A few changes and this club will be on it’s way up. Thank you “blondie” for making my visit delightful!

  6. Drew M.

    Decent girls, good wait staff, and typical crappy strip club drinks .The girls vary from night to night but most of them are nice to look at.

  7. Frank
  8. Tony

    Great girls. Very nice. Noy stuck up like the girls at the other clubs.

  9. Ed

    A few hot dancers. Fat mexican chick came to sit with me. No makeup,her hair was black, wavy and look like haden’t been washed in a week. Her breath also smelled like something died in it. Other than her, I had a good time. I got hayley to dance for me. She good.

  10. Likeable32

    Megan is the absolute best girl in the club. Some of the other girls have been giving her a hard time because she is beautiful and writing dumb shit. I am here to say rumors are fucking rumors and nothing more. Megan is always nice, has great conversations, and is a wonderful dancer. Nothing more.

  11. Sirbob

    Not fancy, but a great time is to be had with the right girl!

  12. somestoopiddancer

    WTF with the ordinances already! Would the government leave the T & A alone! We’re just trying to do buiness here! If it aiin’t broke don’t fix it.

  13. paris hilton

    i like this cabaret!

  14. john john

    i like working there but grady the dj stinks

  15. joe r

    small club, not much to the outside, but the girls are great. One fine white girl with an ass Megan, she give awesome table dances. If you like big tits then see peaches. Huge…

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