Platinum Playground



7685 East Black Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ 8037


39.4719484, -74.7002083




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Platinum Playground

  1. Tony

    This club couldn’t get any worse! Although they give extra in the couch room.

  2. bob
  3. mike

    jade is not!!

  4. Ivy

    This place is hotttt, and the atmosphere is great! The girls are nice, and nice looking….scratch that, they are gorgeous!!! Check it out, the place is amazing!

  5. big fan

    Jade is hotttt!!!! and the girls at the club are pretty friendly the bartenders are too i luv aimee…..rolls???who has rolls…ok 1 girl but thats everywhere who the hell wants some skinny bitch anyway these girls are thick n jade mmm mmmmmm

  6. carl

    This club is disgusting! It’s crawing with hoes that most likey carry STDs

  7. seniorguy

    The couch room is all there is way too expenseive for the time alloted. The environment is a dump, and the girls I am not sure. You almost need to bring a date to get any real attention.

  8. BILL


  9. Scorpio

    This club is very clean and upscale all the girls are nice…nothing extra goes on in the lap dance room…lap dances are 4 min for $20

  10. me
  11. Mina







    We do out calls. In calls at our location. 20 girls to chose from Im waiting for your call. Out calls I must bring House Mom.No exceptions.

  12. collin

    club sucked,but so does holly. $30 u can get what ur looking for. taz needs to retire talk about old,used and abused. roxy’s cute but to old to dance. and veronica looks awful strung out,way too thin to be clean. barbie is nasty.

  13. Jacob

    Awesome experience Wednesday night at the grand opening..beautiful ladies. There is this one with a sexy round ass. Cute brunette with really curly hair. Does anyone know her name or her schedule..can’t remember her name but OMG! I can’t wait to come back next weekend!

  14. new customer

    Stopped in on sunday to check the place out. I was pleasantly surprised, nice place. The bartender was friendly and cute and the dancers were good. Overall good time!!

  15. sum1

    Beautiful Girls!!

  16. Flip

    great place to have a good time but lap dances are 3 mins. for 20 bucks 5 mins wouls be better.

  17. joe

    was a good bar,the girls were cute,and fun to hang with. but for sometime now, the girls are not to attractive,or even attractive. and it seems to be just about the monnry. was there awhile ago and didn’t have much fun.

  18. Frank

    this club is a south Jersey dive don’t waste your time and money hear.

  19. Justin

    Overall, one of the worst clubs i’ve been to. NOT first class at all…

  20. Brian

    This club is very clean and the ladies are very nice and cute..coming back soon!

  21. Allen


  22. johnny boy

    i loveeeeeee asian girls

  23. jim
  24. gary
  25. McLovin
  26. veronica

    i just started working there and it is definately a cute and interesting place…. evry1 seems so nice but we’ll see wit time

  27. Fabricator! A new review to come!

    Review is not real I got to see for myself did it get this bad I’ll let you all know for 2020

  28. boogey
  29. steve

    went there on a bachlor party last night, we left within 20 min. girls are ugly and rude, drinks to expensive,and music sucked,dj wouldn’t take a request

  30. kevin

    worst club i’ve ever been too! my ex asked me too come in,she works there. now i think of her as a dirtier whore than ever.

  31. kevykev

    i loved the club back when they had pretty girls. all the pretty girls left. sensuous was amazing and so was hawii. them girls, well lets just say talk about beautiful. they carried themseleves very well and i loved spending time with them. i think they should bring those girls back because in reality the rest of the girls are just ugly and they try to hard.

  32. ouch
  33. Roxy

    Great Club. Everyone is treated with respect. It’s nice to be treated like a person rather then an object.

  34. some1

    nicest worst club arund no girls cause they all quit cause they can’t make money they treat people like shit every1 is miserable cause they make no money this place is horrible overpriced drinks and a cover charge to watch 1 girl its a joke

  35. to collin

    obviously u have to much time on ur hands to be writing about our girls….. fyi no one does drugs except u…… maybe thats y u didn’t notice that these girls can dance or were to blinded by ur own ignorance….. go to Kashmire they’ll like u there thats were all the drug addicts r and whores maybe u’ll enjoy urself cuz u’ll get a blow job for next to nothing from someone who is strung out……….

  36. jay t

    i waited too long for drinks,the dancers don’t dance,it was an easy 100 degrees in the club there was only 1 decent looking girl in there, and on a closer look she had stretch marks all over her tits i think her name was foxy but i couldn’t understand what she was saying to me cause the dj had the music too loud even for a club there is such a thing as too loud

  37. tom

    like a scummy whore house with over priced drinks, with the amount of stretch marks and sagging boobs in there, one wold think that they hire out of a maternity ward in vineland, i can sum that club up in two words: cottage cheese

  38. sam

    this club is definately “ethnic” to put it nicely i am a biker and i havent stopped here in a long time and after last night i never will again

  39. briank

    jade is hot

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