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0 reviews for “Vanity Gentlemen’s Club

  1. this club sucks

    this club sucks. the serve beer now who would want to come here now. this owner is a moron. i will not be going back. and when i was there last there were only three girls working and the hostess is the rudest woman around next to the woman that poses everywhere.

  2. billyjobob
  3. B-Dawk

    This club is not “Pure Platinum,” it is “Vanity.” This club is ‘Old Trusty’ for me. This is the best club I’ve been to in Columbus, and the best club I’ve been to, period! If I don’t like a new club, I can count on Vanity. This is what strip clubs should be! The girls are all AT LEAST good looking, the majority of them are ‘hot’ by any definition. It’s a great place to have a good time. The dances are great. The girls are all very nice and aren’t too pushy about you getting dances from them. The stage is nicely set up and the place has good lighting. $20 to get in, which is steep, but the repeat visits are only $10. Cost is $25 for a GOOD dance, and the special usually is 3 for 2, which is worth it. The atmosphere is good, and when you come in, you’re not greeted by a bouncer or a guy period, but two cute girls who run the cash register and joke with you nicely. The environment is just very well set up. I really can’t think of anything bad about this place.

  4. John

    Are the $1 bottle beers going to be around after January? That

    is the only reason I come to vanity.

  5. Kristie

    My husband and I went in while on a recent visit to Columbus, we are from Dayton. I had heard so many good things about the club I wanted to check it out. Very disappointing. As a dancer myself at a very similarly set up club in Dayton, I found the ladies just average. Out of about 10 dancers 9 had implants and not a pretty face in the house! One dancer even stopped while on main stage and stood there with her hands on her hips pouting for an entire song! The bouncers were very friendly and helpful when giving us directions. If you like very fake looking women then this is the club for you if not, go next door.

  6. Liquor?

    This place is now full Liquor? When the hell did this happen? Sucks the close at 2:30 now though. But drinks are lower than next door and kahoots.

  7. Mike

    Very friendly girls. Very beautiful. A very relaxing atmosphere, and great lap dances

  8. FUN ONE


  9. TODD


  10. larry

    There last Friday. Gotta offer $1 beers because the girls, what few there are, are , well, a bit rough. Gold is much better. You should have stayed byob and picked up on Gold left overs like you used too.

  11. Mr. Jones

    This is the way a strip club should be.

  12. Club Gamer

    The girls are really friendly and the club looks really nice, but there isn’t a wide variety of girls and most of them don’t really do it for me. there are a few hot ones though. the atmosphere also seems really dead. i also don’t like the bouncers watching the private dances. overall a mediocre club, but there are better ones in town.

  13. Chris


    Due to legal issues this private club faced recently (a totally different chain of gentlemen’s clubs in South Carolina, or some such, threatened to demand royalties if the Columbus, OH location didn’t change their name), this club has changed it’s name to “VANITY”! Same location, same building and lighting, same great sound system, and OMG! I counted at least 25+ girls, with at least 7 of them drop dead gorgeous – complete nude, complete BYOB, you’d think it’d be seedy but, as usual, they have about 7 gorillas there watching out for troublemakers as well as clearing your empty beer cans and bottles for you. 😀 The girls dance three times apiece on the main stage, first clothed, then topless, then completely nude. Pick the wild ones and they’ll shove your face in their tits and near their pussy, all for a $2 bill the lady in front gives you in change (it’s worth it) for when you pay for your $10 one-time membership fee (private club, remember?) and $10 entrance fee. BUT OH! If you’re military and/or have a military ID, or you’re a cop or a firefighter, THEY ONLY CHARGE THE $10 ENTRANCE FEE ONCE! YOU’RE FREE THE REST OF THE YEAR! Just bring your driver’s license and a cooler, because the place doesn’t close until 5am.

    Of course, you only have to be 18 to get in, but you prob. have to wear an underage t-shirt, and what’s the point of going to the club sober?

    Sorry if this seems like a professional pitch, but I’m trying to make it sound pro because I’m very impressed with this club – I’ve been to about 7 different places in and around Columbus, OH so far and this will be the only place I go for quite some time.

    God, I loved how all their pussies smelled!

    P.S. $20 Topless private dances, $30 completely nude private dances, they do 2-for-1 dances (legitimate, both songs played out) and buy 2 dances, get a free t-shirt during the night – $30 for the “Vanity VIP” area (like 3-5 strippers dancing at any time), $150 for 15 mins. of “VIP Elite” show with a stripper of your choice, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT GOES ON IN THOSE LITTLE ROOMS!

    And $165, bring your boy down before he gets married – 4 strippers dance for him the first song, he dances the next song, and the third song they all bend him over, spank the hell out of him, and rip his underwear out (make sure he wears boxers!)

    Very casual atmosphere, just don’t do anything stupid, no fighting, no being a badass, and no touching if they don’t know you or don’t want you to. 😀

  14. Tom

    Love this place!!!!

  15. re: ted

    the dance prices are cheapest in town but the contact is

    also the worst in town compared to kahoots or dreamgirls.

    No touching and only very light occasional grinding. The

    dancers are also mostly over 30 years of age at vanity.

    This club also is pretty dead until really late at night

    like around midnight.

  16. Doug

    The cover charge the first time you come is $15+$10 = $25, and then $10 each time after that.

    The dancers won’t do nude dancing unless you spend $150 and take them to the VIP room. Also the

    dancers are VERY STRICT about no touching. The bouncer will stand about 10 feet away within

    eyesight and monitor your dances. There was no grinding and my hand barely brushed up against

    her thigh and he comes over to interrupt out dance threatening to kick me out. The dancers

    were very uptight and the owner of this club (Abe) has been in trouble with law enforcement

    when he owned Xcalibur, so he is very paranoid about being in trouble again. The only

    positive I have to say about this club is that the women are very nice eye candy and there is

    no drink hussle.

  17. Jake

    Do a google search for lydell ross pure platinum

    He was the lead rusher on Ohio State’s football team a few years ago and Pure

    platinum tried to have him arrested for using $50 in fake platinum bucks

    (funny money). They had invalid registration code so pure platinum’s owner

    tried to have him arrested. This just goes to show how cheap the owner of

    this club is…

    This place is so cheap that they don’t give you $1 bills as change..only $2

    bills…whatever. I just won’t tip the dancers anymore. I’ll just come up and

    tell them how beautiful they are and tell them I will tip them later…fuckers

  18. Finally
  19. Rick

    $10 cover now, but I think it is free before 9pm. The door girl will get prissy with you if you don’t put a tip in her jar, which I think is low class and trashed. They have a policy here to only give out $2 bills instead of $1 bills as change even if you ask for $1s. Stripper get prissy if you tip with a $1 bill instead of $2 bill….they just think money grows on trees or something…

  20. Valerie

    Oh my! Went in for Valentine’s day with my husband and got the absolute best couples dance ever! We came in early and it was kinda quiet, crowd wasn’t really active, but as soon as 2:30 came around the place was jumping! We talked with a few girls and got a dance from Sydney who was just as sexy as they come. Highly recommend it!

  21. lame

    This place sucks. The bouncer sits in the room with you and

    watches the whole time while you are getting a lap dance.

    How awkward and creepy is that..I am never coming here again.

  22. l


  23. qukrbsd


  24. Satisfied
  25. M

    This place is great. Other than the fact that it is sometimes a little dark, it is the best club I’ve been to in Columbus.

  26. OK

    no more $1 beers…only on sundays now. the lap dances here

    suck compared to kahoots but vanity does have a great DJ and

    stage show.

  27. Chris Well

    great place to good

  28. BOB
  29. LEE


  30. sam

    this club is really pathetic if you come during the day time.

    Before 9pm there is maybe 1-2 dancers if you are lucky. The

    drink prices are raised to account for the cheap wings. $6

    for a soda is a rip off.

  31. Lucas

    Was in on a Friday night from out of town and was overall impressed w/ the staff/entertainers.

  32. Blitzer

    Was there recently, about 5 dancers hung out in there own

    corner instead mingling with the paying customers, their smoke

    from the fog machine stinks really horrible have no idea how

    the dancers can put up with that nasty smell for a whole

    shift, overall the place was below average.

  33. Support The Girls!

    Owner needs to lower fees so the girls can go home with something other than sore butts! Tipping TEN bouncers is ludicrous!

  34. D

    very nice and clean place, nice looking girls sometimes pushy for lap dances. best club in columbus for sure! will attend again.

  35. Vince

    I came in here a bachelor party with about 15 guys Saturday and WOW! The entertainers were very beautiful. I would have to rate every girl I saw as a 9-10. The music was really good to, especially once afterhours hit. My applaude to the DJ. Also wanted to point out the BYOB thing, great savings, which allowed me to spend more of my money on the entertainers. Overall a great time and a really nice club. I will definitely be back.

  36. Customer
  37. JOE


  38. Julio


  39. britni

    my husband and i went to the club this weekend and it is a really nice clean place, but when we were there only 4 girls talked to us the whole night. except for when i walked away a dancer came up and asked him if he wanted a dance and very few would actually talk to us when i was around. the four girls that did talk to us were great very cute and very nice. the club does have a good variety of girls and most of them are pretty attractive. and they do not allow any touching from you to the dancer at all. my complaints would be that most of the girls were not friendly enough and its a little pricey. but overall it is a nice place and i would def go back.

  40. Kiira

    Never had any problems here and have gotten to be fairly good friends with a couple of the girls, even outside the club. It’s too bad they don’t let the dancers drink any more though. We all used to sit around and have a couple drinks when my wife and I went there.

  41. Adam

    This is a very good club. clean and 98% of the girls we’re really sexy and nice. the only thing is it’s a little high priced.. but i will def be returning

  42. ryan123

    The first gentlemen’s club I’ve ever been to and the only repeat place I’ve visited. This establishment used to be called Pure Platinum but has now switched to Vanity.This is a BYOB establishment. Bring in a case of beer or bottle of hooch and they’ll give you a bucket of ice to chill your booze so you can sit back and enjoy the show.For a long time it was fully nude but of course Ohio had to set a law that requires bottoms and pasties. PASTIES?! C’mon…laaame. I came back here a second time after joining the Marine Corps and showed up here with a high school friend that was leaving for boot camp very shortly. I see pasties and they had only instituted that law within the last 4 days. This place would be a good 4 star place but the pasties make it lose a star.The girls are fantastic looking and for an Ohio place, they have a wide range of girls in both curves, statures, and style of dress. There was one with vampire fangs that was particularly persuasive. Private lap dances are $20 and 2 for 1 are $30…there is a VIP room but why bother? Overall a decent place to go with the guys and enjoy the eye candy.

  43. Senator Spanky

    I can honestly say this is the best strip club in the city. 95% of the girls are hot and it’s all nude AND BYOB. Depending on which girl you get, the private dances are great. I paid $150 for a “shower dance” and didn’t think it was worth the money. Other than that, it’s the best in the city.

  44. Ben

    Club has attractive women, of all shapes and sizes. However, they are a bit too pushy, always in your face to get a dance, and sometimes even pulling you to the back for a private dance. All in all, a good, not great place. I have seen better in Detroit or Canada.

  45. Weezy

    Vanity does not open until 8pm and not until 9pm on Sunday,

    pretty lazy hours if you ask me. Too many gimmicks and

    promotions and no focus on hiring good dancers. Columbus Gold

    next door is more expensive but you can actually get a decent

    lap dance.

  46. night owl

    You have to pay a $10 membership fee and they register your license information into their computer system (kind of creepy) and they make you sign and print your name on some document. You also have to pay a $10 cover charge during the week and $15 cover during the weekend. I would probably come here every week instead of Kahoot’s but those $10 cover charges add up…I like kahoot’s because you can get a free admission pass from their web site.

    Also the girls refuse to get fully nude unless you take them to the private VIP suite, which costs $150 for 15 minutes. Thanks to the person who wrote the review on Camden…I actually wanted to get a dance from her tonight but she did not spend much time with customers. One lap dance is $25, and on Thurs and Fri they have a special of 3 lap dances for $50.

  47. love_babes

    Entry – 10 dollars

    Bartender – 4 dollars for ice for your drinks.

    Dances – very expensive

    Was there on a Tuesday (12/02/08) night at 11:00 PM. There were five girls.

    Average looking. And I was the only customer. Believe me as if I had rented

    the club for private show. BUT it sucked. No real energy on the stage. Even

    when I was like only the 5th customer of the night, none of the girls were

    keen on giving dances. The stage is so high that the girls can barely touch

    there boobs on you after bending forward. Forget about any grinding. One

    nice girl ( I think Camden) sat with me and talked. Most of the talk was

    centered around what the girls cannot do there. It’s a BYOB club. But girls are

    not allowed to drink. They won’t take there panties off in the private dance

    unless you go for the very expensive one (some 300 bucks or so). They won’t

    even touch you in the not-so-private dance. Not sure why is this club called

    a nude club. Girls do not get fully nude on the stage. You cannot touch the

    girls. There are so many freaking restrictions. Even the bartender said he

    cannot touch my beer and I have to put in the ice tray. Not sure what was

    going on. May be they thought I am a undercover cop or something. I had

    gone there with very high hopes. But got very much disappointed. I left in 30

    minutes or so. Basically the club sucked. I don’t think I will go over there

    again. Not sure why it is rated so high here. May be other people can share

    there experiences. But for me it sucked real bad. Did I say that already?

  48. no good

    Really gone down hill over the past few months. Very few dancers, even with full bar not worth my time. The party atmosphere is gone and I’d rather go to local watering hole and then rent a movie from the Den then come back here anymore. There really is nothing to keep me coming back, especially when there are so many other options. The overall vibe keeps people away. What happened?!?!!?

  49. FYI OHIO...

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  50. horrible

    Drink prices were overpriced compared to Cols Gold next door.

    No happy hour on drinks either.

  51. Out of Towner
  52. junk
  53. DB

    Nice looking club with a lot of good lookin girls

  54. creepy

    They have a bouncer that sits in the lap dance room with you

    and he will get pissed if he sees you trying to touch. He

    came over and rebuked the dancer in the middle of our dance

    for rubbing her chest on my lap. What a jerk. I would

    avoid this place if you want lap dances…but I guess as a

    bar it is ok. They don’t have any televisions though so you

    can’t watch any football.

  55. bill hoge
  56. Fuul Service

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  57. v-regular

    best girls in columbus!

  58. Marc

    First time here was this past Saturday for a bachelor party. We arrived a little

    early so there really wasn’t a great crowd but the girls were great, and all very

    beautiful and a pleasure to talk to. Thanks ladies.

  59. ted
  60. kj

    This club is called Vanity now. It is a private club. I went in on a rainy week night. There weren’t any customers, but the girls are sexy and beautiful. After being in some clubs in columbus, this probably is one of the best along with columbus gold(both are adjacent to each other). The place is very clean and neat and the girls are wonderful. Reasonable rates. I had lapdances with 2 girls and both of them were great!

  61. BILL


  62. Hanuk
  63. maxxy1

    Pro tip: Before driving across the city to go to a strip club at three o’clock in the morning, make sure you have your ID.As you might have guessed, I am not able to review much more than the front door of Vanity after that failed strip club adventure. However, the lady at the front was nice enough to give us free admission passes for next time for our troubles.

  64. Franklyn

    Went here after visiting the Dublin Irish Fest. Great time. Pretty girls. Good food prepared fresh. The drinks were overpriced, but its a stripclub. Did you really expect anything more? The redhead slayed me.

  65. Tampa Guy

    This club might be fun for bachelor parties because it is

    BYOB but they require you buy a membership to the club and

    that means you have to let them photocopy your license.

    Membership fee is $10 plus a cover of $5-15. Only 4 dancers

    were working and only 1 of them was willing to strip while

    dancing on stage. The club is mostly younger customers

    during the weekends and older customers during week.

  66. gay

    you must be the gayest strip club patrons ever going to a

    strip club for the food and drink.

  67. TOMMY


  68. joseph1k

    OK OK, its a strip club. A friend and I spent $1000 in one night. enough said. Champagne Room? lol

  69. DAN


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