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10am – 7pm


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The oldest genelmens club in the state of NJ.


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114 reviews for “Rest-A-Bit Tavern

  1. Anonymous

    Let’s talk about someone else. All she cares about is 1: money 2: money 3: her looks. Nothing else.
    Has drunk Vicky been there lately? Bia? Maddy? Liss? New talent?

  2. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    No I will not see her anymore and I do not think that I will ever go to RAB anymore.

  3. Anonymous

    Will you see her again Johnny? Probably blackmailing you as Lucy has done to many guys. Not talked about much because guys are scared of her. She has a roster of about ten guys she fucks regularly and all think they are special. I haven’t been there in a while. Any new talent?

  4. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I will never see her again and never go to RAB she is all yours !!!

  5. Anonymous

    I will never see Lucy ever again so you can say anything you want she is all yours have fun !!!

  6. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    You can say what ever you want I will never see her again , you can have her.

  7. Anonymous

    Sure Johnny. I guess you are back with her. You are a sad pathetic cuck. She is who she is. A total whore. Anal, videos. She does it all. I’m sure all her guys are buying her expensive gifts for Christmas without knowing about all the others guys.

  8. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Once again everything that I had said about Lucy and the videos were a lie , every comment was a lie !!!

  9. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I wrote a lot about Lucy that was not true

  10. Anonymous

    This club is dead. Lap dance booth back but no curtain.

  11. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Wow seems really slow there

  12. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I know that I said that I was not coming back but I heard that there were a of things going on so I bullshitted a little to try to get out . Every thing that I said was true except it wasn’t a friend that did the videos it was me . I told them that I would not show anybody so I have to keep it that way . I will never see Lucy again in person, on the videos every now and then and her friend also.

  13. Rico Suave

    Lucy is a very dirty woman, but I love them dirty girls so I give her money and cocaine and she does the dirty dirt for me. She took me home to her house one night and when I woke up her mother offered to blow me. It was great as her mom had no teeth and did it for free.

  14. Anonymous

    No more Lucy bashing? Bar is dead. Any updates on anyone?

  15. Tyrone Shoez

    Many of the dancers should be in a retirement home. They often hit you up for multiple dollars during a set. They got rid of the lapdance area so now I just pay $20 and get a handjob at the bar.

  16. Tad Steel

    No more lap dance booth.

    Where is Conrad?

  17. Easy Driver

    I pulled off the highway thinking it was a rest stop. Instead of some shuteye, I got excitement. It was awfully hard to steer when I left because my stick kept getting in the way so I had to continually shift it.

  18. Anonymous

    Some dancers were arrested for prostitution. Don’t know the details beyond that. Girls have tried to say nothing. Lucky for Lucy she wasn’t there. She hasn’t been at work for a week. Probably another whore vacation. Disgusting pig.

  19. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Ok I was talking to one of the dancers and she said the the cops made a visit there . WTF happened ? Being 20% deaf from being in the service and working in construction it’s hard to understand a Brazilian all that I think that I heard was the cops were there and looking for you know who. What happened ?

  20. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    You are right about her doing everything the only thing that I did not get was putting it in her ass., but I am sure that others have done it. With the videos the faces that she makes when she is getting a cock in her doggy style are great and the way she rides you when she is going reverse cowgirl is great she rides you so hard to make you cum she wares herself out , then starts blowing you again to try to make you shoot your load on her face.

  21. Anonymous

    To Nutman: Lucy will do anything. Sad whore. Vile person. For $300 to $400, anything is possible. Video, anal, cum on face, pictures, nut anywhere you want raw. Not sure if you can shit on her though. Her daughter will be so proud once she finds out.

  22. Anonymous

    Lucy will do anything if you have enough money. Biggest whore I have ever met and I have been around a long time. $300 to $400 gets you anything. Always raw. She tells these idiots they are special and she loves them. They believe it! Great liar. No way she never had an STD. I’ve seen some of the guys she fucks. She is vile.

  23. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Ok Tad pretty much of everything with the exception of ramming her in the ass , I know that a lot of guys say they have but she won’t let me . I will never use her anymore. There are many more out there that are much better than her. There was a lot of times that I would do her and a friend of hers non stop for about 2 hours. I will not give her friends name out I don’t care what anybody says. I still do her and she is great. She is not a user like Lucy is, if she needs help with money I give it to her and she offers to pay it back in cash or sex , so you know what I settle for

  24. Rcik Nutman

    Does Lucy take nuts in her hole? Rates?

  25. Dirty boy joe

    Lucy is a very dirty girl rides them dicks raw dog, u need a penicillin shot and antivirals when ur done.

  26. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Thanks for responding Carm. I appreciate it. If he changes his mind or can alter the video enough, let me know. I certainly wont show anyone. Im not a douche. Even a couple of seconds would be awesome. Any details what he did in video?

  27. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    He did show me a video when he was doing Lucy doggie style on a bed and the faces that she was making looks like she was having a great time and when she was riding him reverse cowgirl for about 3 to five minutes she looked fucking great !!! The angle of the recorder was perfect !!!

  28. Anonymous

    Does Debbie do outside stuff? She used to a long time ago. Best body at this dump.

  29. Anonymous

    Frankie has ruined this place. Way too many girls. I don’t even see a lot of guys going that much. That stupid video game gets in the way. Is Club 15 any good? I haven’t been there in a while.

  30. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Hi Tad He will not do anything with the videos because he is in them and right now he is getting everything he wants from her when he requests it. He told her that he wouldn’t show anyone and she allows it. He is going to try to take his time and see what he can do to change the background in the videos. There is too much in the backgrounds and that will show where they came from and he can’t have that

  31. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Hey Carm. Have your friend email me at for the videos. I will help offset the cost. Since he paid for them, he legally can share. I still dont believe it but she is such a money grubbing whore, it might be true. Put them on youporn. Humiliate that cunt.

  32. Anonymous

    If anyone has Lucy videos and wants to sell them, leave information and I’m sure many will contact you. I know I will.

  33. Anonymous

    Lucy still on vacation with friends and boyfriend according to other dancers. Seems a lot of dancers don’t like her. She is still a big whore they say. Fucks almost everyday when she is not on vacation.

  34. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Lucy is a personal porn star !!! If you got the money she will allow you to take pictures and video it !!! That is what I was told and I believe the person that told me

  35. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I know a friend of Lucy also and she told me that Lucy is living with a guy and when he goes to work she ends up having other guys over so she can make more money

  36. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Im very good friends with one of Lucys good friends. She told me that guy on Saturday who is fat with glasses and short white hair is madly in love with Lucy. Gives her a lot of money. He will never leave her. Believes everything she says. True sucker. I was told she is fucking a lot lately. Such a skank. Dont know how she doesnt have a disease.

  37. Anonymous

    On Saturday during the day, Lucy hangs most of the day with the guy who owns the car she drives. Guy still has no idea Lucy has an actual boyfriend and just uses him for his car. I feel bad for him though he should know what a whore Lucy is.

  38. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I was at RAB on Saturday for a little bit and I watched Lucy take advantage of some old guy , she just kept on asking him for more money on tips and drinks so he just got up and left.

  39. Anonymous

    I should have assumed she wasn’t from RAB since you said she had great tits and ass. Lol

  40. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    She will not go on vacation with anyone and she is expensive. She is not out of RAB. I met this one at Jiggles and she is another Brazilian , she is great. I will ask her if she is interested. She doesn’t dance anymore but she sends me messages when she is looking for some money or I will send her a message checking to see if she wants to fool around for a while ? She knows what I am looking for and she usually gives me a day and time and what she would like for me to bring to drink, mostly wine or champagne. What is really good, we hang out at my house or a hotel 2 to 4 hours

  41. Anonymous

    I wish I knew who you were talking about. I would like to try. Is she expensive? I’m looking to go on a vacation but not sure who would go. Getting a little bored of the girls here. If possible, email me at I’m discrete.

  42. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I will not waste my time with Lucy anymore. I ended up with someone that does everything that I ask for and she has a great ass and tits. She is ten times better than Lucy

  43. Anonymous

    I like fucking her but she does try to rush things. I have done anal with Lucy but it’s been awhile. Maybe she doesn’t do it anymore. It went in easy so I thought she did anal all the time. Very loose.

    Where’s Conrad? Lol

  44. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    She really is not very good , she does not ride reverse cowgirl or straight cowgirl long enough and will never take my cock up her ass. The only thing I like is watching her hands grab the mattress when I am ramming her doggy style

  45. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    I fucked Lucy last Thursday. I know people hate her but she is a good fuck.

  46. Anonymous

    They are sisters and live together.

  47. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Isn’t Luana , Lucy’s sister ?

  48. Anonymous

    Does Luana/Beatrice still work? Last I heard she got fat. I also heard Lilly got fat. I fucked Lucy over the weekend but wouldn’t talk about her boyfriend. My friend banged her twice last week. Still active. I guess her boyfriend doesn’t care.

  49. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    I am sure that Lucy has no problem doing whatever the whole staff of RAB wants her to do !!! Thats why she stays working there !!!

  50. Anonymous

    Wrong bar dirty bitches though Lucy does anal if you pay her enough.

  51. Dirty Bitches

    went here looking for anal at this place but still very good but i asked some of the girls working whats the hardiest part ofyour job. They responded with the fear of losing their job do to fact one of staff harasses them over and over to sleep or go out with him to fuck and continuiously mentioned they had to fuck most of all staff member the workers said they try to avoid working those days with all stress of their personal life last place they want top be harassed was at work. i asked why has this not been handled by management they said they have many times but it still happens or afraid of being fired and they get forced to fuck and give the managers blow jobs for free in order to get a job here.

  52. Anonymous

    I wonder if the boyfriend of Lucy realizes she still fucks half the bar.

  53. Anonymous

    I also heard it was slow. Maybe since Lucy is spending so much time with her boyfriend, she isn’t fucking as many guys and her guys didn’t come. Don’t know the older girls name. I’ll ask around.

  54. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Was told that the birthday party was slow, I was asked to go to it and I told her no .!!! Who is the older dancer with a nice rack ?

  55. Anonymous

    I hope they both go at the same time and the guy sees Lucy all over her boyfriend. She will be sloppy drunk. I got a text from her asking me to go even though I haven’t spoken with her in months. I’m sure everyone got a text. Still hoping someone tells the guy she has an actual boyfriend now.

  56. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Hope he goes to her birthday party !!!

  57. Anonymous

    My stripper friend told me Lucy hovered all over the guy in the corner on Saturday. Lucy doesn’t want anyone talking to him so he doesn’t take the car away from her.

  58. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    She is back from her vacation with her other boyfriend and will be hunting other boyfriends to use for more money for rent !!!! Lol

  59. Biff Johnson Biff Johnson

    Dancer today said Lucy is on vacation with her boyfriend and her daughter.

  60. Anonymous

    Why do reviews seem to take 3 days to post? Plus, I get directed to some random website when I search Rest a Bit. Happen to anyone else?

  61. Anonymous

    The boyfriend has to know Lucy is a nasty whore. Everyone does. She is very good at having guys fall in love with her. Expert liar.

  62. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Lucy will use anyone, every time. She will say yes to an agreement of I give you this and you will pay me ———-.The payment always changes after our 2 hours of you know what. Who ever she has as a boyfriend , hopefully reeds this message and other messages that are basically warning him what will happen ,

  63. Biff Johnson Biff Johnson

    I was at bar yesterday. 2 non Brazilians talking about guy in the corner with Lucy. Apparently his name is Paul. They said Lucy is worried he finds out about her man. Dude was told but Lucy said it was a lie. Guy will never leave her. Sucker. They said Lucy is in love and sees the guy almost every night. Didn’t think she was capable of loving anyone. They said at least 4 guys pay her rent. Nice scam. Hopefully a dancer reads this and tells him.

  64. Biff Johnson Biff Johnson

    Does Beatrice still work here? Anyone banging her?

  65. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Does Beatrice still work there? Anyone banging her?

  66. Anonymous

    Does Beatrice still work there? Anyone banging her?

  67. Biff Johnson Biff Johnson

    Does Beatrice still work there? Anyone banging her?

  68. Anonymous

    Does Beatrice still work there? Haven’t seen her in a while. Anyone banging her?

  69. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Well said Starm! Lol

  70. Rex

    Lucy bia and Beatrice is my guess

  71. Starm Cuart

    You are wrong with different as next year and years future.

  72. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    You are correct with same as last year and years before, although one time there were three !!! I had the two again yesterday and I will never give names, they are dancers at RAB

  73. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Same exact story from years ago and still didn’t say who it was. Total BS.

  74. Jim Blah Jim Blah

    Who did you have?

  75. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Not a BS story and I had her again this passed weekend and it was great !!!

  76. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    No bs

  77. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Finally, some activity on this page.

  78. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    When did you last have Lucy? I also heard about a potential boyfriend so I figured she would slow down. I guess not. Lol. Anyone else know anything about her having a boyfriend? I heard he normally goes on Fridays. She sits all day on Saturday with a different dude. Does Beatrice still work there?

  79. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    Lucy is a very dirty girl, her vagina smells and has a strong odor, she’s needing to douche badly with vinegar and water, classic case of vaginosis. Took her for a VIP session and it took three days for the smell on my fingers to go away, even after washing my hands several times I could still smell her was kinda kinky but would be afraid to stick my dick inside.

  80. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    On another note, my old pig friend Lucy now has a boyfriend named Frank. Another dancer said she actually likes this guy. That’s a first. She better hope the fat guy who is in love with her that lets her drive his extra car doesn’t find out.

  81. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Toe curling guy is back!!! As someone pointed out when he first wrote this years ago: you wouldn’t be able to see her toes curl if you are missionary. Plus, you wouldn’t see facial expressions if doing doggy. He won’t name the dancers because it is a BS story.

  82. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Who are you talking about?

  83. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    On my last message or review I had said that I will get back and let you know how it went and first of all sorry that I took so long. We had a great time !!! The one is a great rider and moaner and you should see the faces that she makes when we are doing doggy style !!!! I love seeing it !!! The other is a great rider also but outrageous giving head and you have to see her toes curl when she is on her back and I am on top of her !!!

  84. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Had a great time there again, got there after work and sat down in my usual seat and in no time the bartender got me my bear and you know who and her friend came over and sat with me. The bartender brought them there drinks and we just sat there an talked for a while and planned our next get together. Will let you know how it was

  85. Rex

    Has any one see bia lately

  86. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Thank everyone for your responses. Lol. And thanks for ruining this site.

  87. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    Anyone have sex with Beatrice lately? I know there will be no response but I figured I would ask.

  88. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    The bar is closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. There might have been 500 women there today. Good job Frankie.


    Happy 4th of July Thomas Trumbour, and don’t forget to message me if you wanna party this weekend.

    I like to get wet and wild on the 4th !!

  90. Johnny Smith Johnny Smith

    Any good going on this weekend

  91. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    You have have 420 in your name? You must be cool. Was 69 already taken? Loser.

  92. Joe 420 Hanson Joe 420 Hanson

    RE: One thing that hasn’t changed is that Lucy is still a pig whore. Spends more time fucking outside the bar than in it. She is getting fat again also.

    Yea this might be true bot some ones gotta fuck and suck the customers dirty dicks, who else is going to do it? your wife?

  93. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    One thing that hasn’t changed is that Lucy is still a pig whore. Spends more time fucking outside the bar than in it. She is getting fat again also.

  94. Tad Steel Tad Steel

    None of the information on this site is accurate. You have ruined this site.

  95. Ric Ber

    What happened to all the reviews?

  96. wolfgang

    i met a wonderful poised and sexy blonde girl there

    she was so erotic and was a true lady at the same time

    i hope ill see her again shes pretty new she has an unforgetable ass and beautiful face

  97. Jack

    Damn! the dancers here are disgusting.

  98. Jimmy

    You are right about that, that is why a lot of people go there !!! The club makes good money and so do some of the dancers. If you cannot pick up a girl in a club , try a curb in Paterson or Newark , if you have no luck at those places then definitely go to RAB !!!

  99. COP


  100. Rico Cardie

    depending on the day you visit the girls can be 10s or 2s, but it is always fun. the bartenders are friendly, attentive and prompt. girls are not pushy at all. a great return for investment ratio.

  101. restedabit

    locals, working girls, psychobroads … shot and a beer joint

  102. conrad615

    With the dance booths back to normal I felt I had to amend my previous scathing review.

  103. Billy

    This place is a retirement home for strippers. Dancers are old out of shape with poor skills. Bodies ravaged by years in business. If you are into old ladies this place is for you. As posted earlier constant threat of VD. I know who the threats are for VD. Truthfully stop by now when I am drunk for bj. Like to see old hags get frustrated I don’t cum.

  104. nobody

    bad bad bad, and going down hill

  105. Jim

    Dancers are too old and I would never get a lap dance because I am hearing bad stuff going on there

  106. John

    Dancers there are horrible and constant threat of VD

  107. Earl the Pearl

    This has to be the only Go-go bar in New Jersey with no bouncers. Be warned they close early, 11 PM some days 9 PM.

  108. greendoor

    This is a locals bar with the same old and I mean OLD dancers day in and day out. Some fun can be had here if your expectation of the dancers is not over a 4 or 5. Oh and they have a ridiculous non stop dollar parade.

  109. Dan

    A majority of the dancers are gross and a majority or the people that send in comments to the post are nothing but fucking losers

  110. Gino the Rod
  111. yomomma

    Combo of various types – all out for money – :has been strippers, most looking for “friends” to eventually only have their inner demons destroy …

  112. Florida Pete

    My post is based on my experience 3 years ago. I felt compelled to share. Dancers are the same everywhere there interest is only in their bank account. Brazilian woman are the best at this craft. Brazilian woman have zero respect for their bodies as far as sex goes. I don’t do that turns into it will cost this much. Anyway it seems like the same old talent is there. In case my earlier post is not read Lucy stay away from for obvious reasons. Great at her craft. Also be weary of Vicki same craft skills bot much nicer person. Frank knows how many men Vicki trolls along same customers for her I bet. Huh Frank see you soon.

  113. conrad615

    Based on recent events. Lack of new talent, no private dancing, etc, I have to rate the Resr A Bit as a NO GO at this point in time.

  114. Buddah

    Possibly the dirtiest club in NJ. Place is too well lit for dancers of that low quality. Still, a good place to go with your buds for a brew!

  115. conrad615

    With the latest changes that Frankie Jr has put in place like lighting in the dance booths and sheer curtains the final death toll should be rung for this mismanaged place. It’s a shame. It is relatively clean,well lit and reasonably priced, but Frank hires the oldest,ugliest, most out of shape dancers and then lets some of them work 6 days a week. The few decent ones just don’t have a chance becauce the skanks are all bitches too.

  116. conrad615

    Bar has turned into a total whorehouse

  117. dovrguy

    this place has always sucked

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