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206 Richmond Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT 6902


41.047805, -73.5508421




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Beamers Cafe

  1. ladylover

    clean upscale club in the area. all the girls were attractive except one who really didn’t look like she belonged in their league. LDs are 25, higher than in the city but there is touching allowed so I got over it. nice place. it would be better if they got some waitress service or at least another bartender, preferably a cute one. the one in there was ugly as well as slow with the drinks.

  2. Fre

    Great club!!

  3. Garret

    Shit’s the jump off!

  4. stripperlover

    wide variety of girls either very hot or lousy, club must change hring policy, too

    many spanish girls. bartender at day and bouncer at night need attitude

    adjustments badly. save your money, dont bother with this club

  5. Sam Cee

    i love go go rama

  6. Pete

    Well lets just say the menu is loaded. They have american, russian, brazilian, columbian and even oriental to choose from.

  7. TJ

    Beamers always has a lot of girls available any night of the week. Cant wait for go go rama on thursday!

  8. Cliff

    First timer. Great experience. Great selection of girls, very wide variety.

    Awesome full contact lap dances in the VIP room. Well worth the extra $30.

    Will be back soon!!

  9. Jaime

    The girls are great! Would love to have that Thurs DJ come in earlier

  10. June

    love this place!

  11. William

    club is nice girls are hot, the only bad thing is the greenwich and stamford guys

    are dicks

  12. ron


  13. Phil

    Not bad

  14. Steve

    How is the day going there lately. Has my sexy porn star savannah been around. I love to dance with her, she reminds me of my favorite pornos

  15. Jim Bob

    Nice CT club. Girls won’t hustle you too much.

  16. Sandy


  17. Italy#1

    I like it here, other customers are very nice. they ned to add food, at least

    biggervariety of finger foods

  18. sri

    Good cafe, lap dances r good. But very few good asset girls. Lap dance costs $25 not 20 as mentioned in this site.

  19. Mynt

    i meant mint!!

  20. GE Employee

    Great Place!!

  21. boy wonder

    not a bad place they are starting to get talent almost like rubys or gold club

  22. Smith


  23. Stephen

    Had a fun time the other night. Girls are hot and have a good attitude for the most part. Except maybe some of the bitchy russians. I’m from NJ so was glad to get away from the dollar parade scene. It’s a nice club.

  24. Beams

    Place is great and the girls dont push you to hard.

  25. don s

    good time

  26. MAX

    Beamers Rocks…….Good Music…..Lovely Ladies…Pool Tables….Giant TV…..The girls Love to flirt ….

  27. fun times

    pretty hot dancers. for the most part, classy girls that are a lot of fun. the bartender that was there is butch but oh well. LDs are high mileage. takes the sting out of the $$. will be back soon.

  28. Tim

    True, this club does rock and the girls, they are sp pretty

    really worth visiting from anywhere

  29. great club
  30. spanky
  31. Lucky

    We found this club by using the Strip Club List. We were in town for business, and as we frequently do, we wanted to meet the locals. We agreed this was one of the better clubs we have been to, and we have seen quite a few in travelling the country. We compared the LD quality to what we have experienced in Houston and Tampa clubs. The girls were young, very cute, very friendly, but not pushy at all. Very good ethnic variety, european, brazil, hispanic, portuguese, american, black – only asian was missing. The lap dances were $20 each – and full contact. The LD room was pretty small and crowded, my only complaint. Apparantly there is a back room, where the bouncer told me “the girls give better dances”. This required an extra $30 cover, on top of our $10 we already paid, but we would have gladly paid it had we known about it sooner. We will be back in town for more business later this year and we will definitely be back at Beamers.

  32. jelly 1

    how the hell did this place get “best of” in the Fairfield Weekly? the girls are rude the bartenders suck and everything they described you have to pay extra for..this place should be “worst of”

  33. Eddie

    girls here are either above or below avaerage. Dances are worth it! the dj plays

    the whole song! really good crowd for a tuesday.

  34. Newguy

    This place needs to learn that customers come first. Understand the put in new sound and lights but that doesn’t make up for the way they ignore their customers. The managers are either eating or watching TV and not interacting with the people who pay the bills. Understand they treat the dancers badly.

  35. BJ


  36. dick

    I like this place. It’s a lot of fun.

  37. Dave
  38. dancers

    we deff DO read this stuff :] a lot of the time we base what new clubs we work at on what we read on here (with a grain of salt, of course.) from what ive read, i think i’ll be making an appearance at beamers :]

  39. Penn

    Go Go Rama was packed and the club had tons of dancers there.

  40. Craig

    Went on monday it was quiet but the door guy mentioned that the rest of the weeks are usually better.

  41. John

    The best place in CT

  42. clubluvr

    The only bartender that is a sweetheart is on Thurs. nights. But I agree, the girls

    are the hottest around. Not many new girls lately

  43. Tony Montana

    I don’t know what you guys are talkin about, but i love the bartender..the girl’s a sweetheart. The club overall is amazing and the hottest girls in around. This place has better girls then clubs in New York city if you ask me. I totally recommend it to you guys.

  44. me 2

    do u think the dancers read this stuff

  45. ernest h

    open earlier

  46. Jmo

    A very laid back place. Great if your not into too much ghetto riff raff like the other places in Connecticut. Very good variety of girls one of each ethnicity and they’re all 10s. A very clean and classy gentlemen’s club. You won’t go home smelling like cigarettes and you won’t have to worry about getting robbed or your car broken into.

  47. Dan P.

    I been coming here for years and this place is addicting.

  48. Timothy

    Beamers defnately rocks!! There is still something seductive about women actually DANCING, instead of being totally nude! I’ve been to both..and Beamers is MUCH, MUCH better!

  49. long time customer

    It is sad as this place is empty and

    they are not doing anything to fix

    it. Losing customers and now losing


  50. Richard

    Just movd up here 6 months ago, like the club. All the bartenders seem very

    nice, make a nice drink. Girls are nice, will hang out with you. Wsh they had

    food. DJ plays a large selection of music. Should have signs about what goes on

    in the club. Overall, I like it here!

  51. Mario
  52. igor34

    I did my official bachelor party here after work with my colleagues and it was a blast. We had the pleasure of having beautiful ladies entertaining and socializing with us. These ladies are pleasant people as long as you don’t treat them as pieces of meat. It was mostly eastern European, but there were some latinas and one Malaysian-Chinese that were real nice and my colleagues paid for dances from both. Oh what a night!!!

  53. Yo

    Excellent quality women.

  54. Really

    Stopped in last night on my way home from work, paid the $40.00 for the VIP. Was looking to have a good time. Saw a cute girl in the back asked her for a dance in the VIP. She said, “No. I won’t dance for you back here, I’ll only dance for you in the front.”

    Went to see the manager, gave him the girls name and explained the situation. Managers reply, “what do you want me to do?” So poor

  55. Billy

    This is a real diamond in the ruff. Love this place

  56. pogo
  57. Gigli

    #1 in CT hands down

  58. Bobby t.

    Full name of “Beamer’s Cafe” really captures the essence of this soon-to-be staple on the Stamford culinary scene. The allure of this restaurant lies in it’s simple formula for success…talented staff that are eager to make your experience as pleasurable as possible, coupled with some of the freshest ingredients this side of Manhattan. A full bar seemingly belies the laid back nature of the main room but the overall atmosphere makes it work. Romantic enough for a first date but flexible enough for a great start to the evening with friends. Prices are a bit higher than other local cafes but, given the quality of the fare, they are more than reasonable. Bring your appetite, you won’t regret it! Would recommend this to everybody — trust Bobby Light.

  59. Ruiz

    I’m going there this Thursday again, I went last Thursday for the first time ever and had a great time. They have a lot of smoking woman in here.

  60. tiger

    greatest club on earth

  61. TOM

    All jokes and kidding aside, this club has the best looking girls what ever race!

    Since the DJ puts in his 2 cents for hiring, the quality has gone up

    If you like music, I love this place for the best types of tunes

  62. StevenC

    This is the best club I’ve found in the NY Metro area. The dancers really want to make you happy. You can touch them in the VIP. They raised the LD prices to $25 recently which is too bad, but they’re still a good value (I end up tipping a little less so I spend about the same). I would agree with many of the other positive posts here, but I would add that at least tonight most of the women were Russian (very hot Russian, but not as much variety as some have mentioned). It’s $10 to get enter, but $30 for the “VIP room” which is a large room with couches in back where you can touch the dancers while they give you an LD. This is like Tampa (Mons Venus), but it’s a big room rather than a private room. I’ve been here several times over the years and not been disappointed. The VIP doesn’t open until 7:00 (at least in the past–got there later tongith). Most of the dancers tonight had beautiful natural breasts (and it’s amazing that you’re allowed to touch in the VIP!). I’d say that Crazy Horse II in Vegas may be slightly better (and I like Rick’s in Seattle sometimes and MV in Tampa), but this is truly the best I’ve found anywhere in the Northeast. If there’s a better one, please tell me, especially if it’s in NYC (I’ve heard Delilah’s Den is good in NJ but never been).

  63. Fletch

    Stopped in on my way home to grab a few beers, dancer asked me if I would like a dance, nicely replied that I was only the for a few beers and was on my way out….Girl started ripping into me on why I would come to a strip club and not get dances, and how I should be more apprechative of the girls working.

    NEWS FLASH….its MY money, I paid the cover and I’ll spend my money as I see fit.

  64. rex

    good time here

  65. will

    not a bad place

  66. KENNY


  67. Ed

    Beamers in stamford belongs somewhere in midtown ny..great spot!

  68. Big Willy

    Finally, some decent new girls, someone must have taught Felix what to do

  69. john b.

    hot girls. good lds. but please get rid of the pool tables and get some VIP booths instead.

  70. Bree

    Bree is the name and beamers is the game!! love it!

  71. yen


  72. Uncomfortable

    Felt very uneasy here,although scruples is no better.

  73. Just an Old Dog

    Consistently a great place. Lots of great women. Good atmosphere both front and back. Best DJ. Bartenders get a bad rap because of one, but even she is OK once you have been in a few times.

  74. josue

    wont make the trip here again, girls are rude and the service sucks

  75. cousin vinny
  76. me

    this place is great

  77. Tim Shady

    I love this place, I wish thay had food lol !

  78. G Pro

    One girl on stage, front bar packed…no other girls on the floor out front.

    Management needs to wake up

  79. great4fun

    use to be one of the best in stamford, now harry’o beats this one in ratings.

  80. LOCAL


  81. sparticus

    The bar staff sucks…it took 20 minutes to get a beer and the place was empty.

    The VIP fee is too high…$40.00 to get into the back when its not much more than what is out front minus the stage.

    Bounces are rude.

    The girls are rude and pushy

  82. CHRIS

    always go here and will kep going here!

  83. Flynt

    This place has it all. The vip is where you need to be!

  84. luvdaladies

    The club has rebounded since the LD hike. The new girls are classy and hot. Makes the club seem like a new place. Better than the old ones that left. Glad to see new perky tits and faces that are eager to please.

  85. couple

    My wife and I love this club. And the Christmas party is the best, and my wife

    loves the DJ

  86. victor

    best ever but have more younger girls with big tits and big ass mor latina

  87. Indy


  89. Louie

    Is the area safe?

  90. John B

    Great Club with Hot Girls.

  91. Dan

    Talent in this club has gone way down, I think they’ve been hiring all the illegal immigrants that they can. The Russian bartender needs to buy a personality.

  92. NYMike
  93. new guy

    the best ive been too.

  94. Will 2

    Why does such a great place let such a miserable person as a bouncer at the VIP dooor. Just sad for such a great place.

  95. Kevin Lee Cape

    This is the best club that I have been to in a long time. Montana is perfect. The only thing you could to make the club better would be to have her dance moor. She turned me in to a reguler.

  96. Zee

    i take my clients here all the time. my favorite are montana and layla.

  97. Nancy L.

    HB and I have been coming here for years. For Stamford, its the best around – it’s not a great place but for Stamford, for sure, the best around. Pole work could be better, but overall girls are pretty good looking and all very nice. Also good news, they don’t mind couples lap dances at all. We pay the extra and head to the backroom, better vibe back there.

  98. Christine

    I have worked here for a whole year and nothing comes close to the girls at beamers.

  99. cory

    ok time

  100. BigDik Willie

    I donnot care if the girls are not American it is still pink in the middle you

    losers! I love girls and this joint got a lot of them! And I love it that the DJ can

    play whatever, most clubs wont allow hiphop or hard core rock, this dj plays it

    all on Thursday nights

  101. Nick


  102. timati

    best club in east cost!!!

  103. Jason

    Nice place and beautiful girls

  104. fritz

    club is ok girls are a 7

  105. surfer

    does a hot redhead nameed karen work here

  106. mike


  107. You know me


  108. hammer

    awesome club

  109. traveler7

    nice girls, great club. Always want to come back.

    great girls. always want to go back!

  110. new to area

    Nice place to relax. Get there before 6pm to avoid the cover. THe girls here are definitely higher class than the other clubs in the area. A lot of girls are American or can speak english. A few fuglies but most are v.attractive with some that are downright smoking hot. Like I was saying, good variety of girls, american, brazilian, even saw a hot asian girl and a cute black girl. It’s annoying there is no DJ during the day and the mixed drinks are a bit pricey but beer prices are ok. THe LDs are HIGH MILEAGE and really make this place. There is a guy counting dances at the door to the LD room, but he looks away during dances and there is total high contact allowed. You can definitely have FUN here, but bring your wallet. I’ll definitely be back.

  111. DriveBy

    Still the best club in greater NE … best looking girls and dances. But the bartender is one bitch. What is her problem? Still worth the trip.

  112. walt


  113. adam


  114. Fred

    This is a good club for the area. It is expensive to get into the back for full contact dances ($30 VIP + $10 Cover = $40 total), and there isn’t much privacy, but there are some hot girls and you can touch anywhere that isn’t covered. Dances in the front room are strictly hands off now, so unless you like that sort of thing, don’t bother unless you’re willing to pay for the VIP. With the exception of the cost, I rate it up there with the GGR in NJ. BTW, don’t bother reading or posting on the board for the club at this site – posts are routinely deleted.

  115. fraiser

    nice club idiot boncers

  116. Timmy

    This place rocks dude! the girls are so hot, they smoke!

    DJ Chris is the BEST,

  117. New Haven

    Came down from New Haven this past Sunday night only to find 2 girls working the entire time I was there. What a waste of a trip. The place looked nice, but I don’t think I’ll make the trip again.

  118. Joseph

    Good club with hot girls, but prices are high.

  119. Gee

    Top notch and has all the best hotties in CT!!

  120. sammy

    there is nothing to say

  121. Neal

    Had a great time at this place. Hot girls and hardly any attitude. Nice place if you don’t want to get hustled too much. Most girls were beautiful and great conversation too. Well, at least the non-russians are friendly. The only downside is the music. They really need to get a DJ in there during the day.

  122. traveler

    great club

  123. kc

    I like it here. Some of my favorites left, but that’s life.

  124. interesting

    why did this club to 4.4 i think it should be than that

  125. Martin
  126. BIG

    This is the spot on Wednesdays and Thursdays hands down!!

  127. riff
  128. Saw 6

    beamers works all day and nite

  129. rogerrab2

    Who’re house and skankiest and smelliest so called girls aka dancers. I could smell the stench as soon as I entered. Close this dump.



  131. golfbuddy

    Nice club, nice area, girls are very nice, to much intimidation from that bouncer.

    Not worth the trip back.

  132. Griffin

    I think this place compares very much to city clubs.

  133. Jake

    The apple has fallen off the tree. When is the next go go rama?

  134. nyc_jack

    this place has NYC quality girls that are consistently hot. they are friendly and not too pushy with their hustle. great place when you are in CT.

  135. winston12

    My friend and I got totally scammed by one of the girls. So beware. That was the last time i went there….

  136. Drive-By

    Still the hottest girls around … best time.

  137. wally


  138. reg guy

    not bad

  139. noman

    it is a good place !!!!

  140. oh well

    that’s to bad I would read if I was a dancer : )

  141. joe

    has anyone been here recently (as in 2007)? what’s it like?

  142. Disgusted

    This place continues to spiral downhill. Mangers talk about their Uber side jobs and watch TV. They only wake up to complain at the dancers. Pool tables are the biggest draw. Quality on the girls continues to slide down and best have left for across town because management told them they could not work both places. Owner needs to wake up.

  143. Bob

    Dancers talk with themselves, they don’f Look for dances.

  144. Jimmy

    Still the best club in CT (especially if you like foreign chicks). You HAVE to go VIP here where the dances are no holds barred.

  145. TomT

    Just unfriendly staff and snooty dancers.

  146. Rick

    Are there any American dancers still working here? I’m not attracted to the rude foreign ones that pretend they don’t understand you. Some of the have cut my dances short, and I don’t like sitting next to another guy on the couch getting a dance, it’s creepy.

  147. Anonymous

    How this is called a cafe is beyond me. No food is served at this place, not even nuts or pretzels.

  148. Thumper

    Other than the excessive cover charge of $40 to get to the real lap dance room, the club is a solid value. Attractive ladies and reasonably priced drinks. Parking can be a bit of a problem and the bartenders have the personality of a train wreck.

  149. dude

    i love that place

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