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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “TJ’s Showgirls / TJ’s Theater

  1. StripClub431

    The boy wanted to see naked girls dance for his birthday so here is where we ended up. First, the bouncer was pretty cool and we had a few conversations with him. He had some pretty hilarious stories of the people that he encountered outside this particular club and honestly, this was the better part of the evening for me. Inside, the 6 of us sat around the stage and I got 2 drinks for $12. You’d think these were full of alcohol at that price but no. It was one Arrowhead bottle of water and Sprite which is just insane, especially since Arrowhead tastes like bathroom tap water. I digressed a little… Anyway, the girls are ok for the most part and some actually have some pretty cool pole skills but it was super weird when the bottoms came off (this was my first experience with an all nude strip club) and some of the girls got a little extra friendly. One dancer on stage decided that I was wearing too many clothes and tried to remove my shirt and bra while I sat in the chair which was way more than I expected or wanted to happen. I probably would have been happier if I was drunk.

  2. bob

    me and my friend went and the girls were very friendly in fact they are so sweet that Isis talked me into a lap dance

  3. fuckery12

    I had fun everything was cool. Did not hear negativity everybody seemed happy. Paid a little bit more than in LA or I would give them 5 stars

  4. Big Pat
  5. tonycluber

    Chillin came with some friends had a blast can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself danced with several girls had a blast so did my friends place to be Tj showgirls

  6. Ed

    Club is a bit older and most the girls seem to be either, blonde w/fake breasts, or slim and tatted up. They now offer Nude dances for $30-$40, and that is almost all you will be offered by some. The good news is they have some dancers that offer the best lap around.

  7. adamrod

    I have been going at this place for over couple years now, pretty familiar with all night staff and they are Awesome. I’m very frequent customer, This was First time went in day time and have Worst Worst Worst Experience with day time staff. Door man Rude as hell and looks like Lost. Lol Staff inside has no respect at all or any manners, how to approach their customers. Everyone full of Attitude. They treat you like you’re just burden on them or something. Spending a lot of money and treated like this was little surprising for me this time. I’m not one of them who just sit and enjoy stage show. Anyways.. Definitely would not recommend anyone to go their during day time better to go after 7 and enjoy your stay with wonderful people.

  8. MartinG

    I frequent there a lot with my friends. We are retired Anaheim PD and we enjoy this place a lot except last week or so on a Wednesday We came in the afternoon. Had a dancer named Christa (pretty old looking MILF ) dance for me. She was drunk off her rocker and kept propositioning for sex in and outside the club. Flattered but sort of stunned the management allows that type of behavior. Luckily we are retired PD. but what if we were still active.
    Had a friend of hers dance for me a little short brunette. She said her name was Sophia. Nice looking but she just had a bad body odor. Both of them kept telling me to take my friends to California girls because the work there too.
    Love coming here but a few bad apples like the ones above really ruin the fun and could ruin your business.
    Anyways Just wanted everyone to know.. Can’t wait to come back

  9. Asian

    Really good club. Had good time. Worth the money. Dancers are really friendly especially Loren.

  10. james1412

    Girl charged 180 for 4 dances. . . . Should have been at least 6 dances. . . .promised more than the should have . . . Wish I remembered her name, so I could tell you who to dodge. . . .

  11. Bryan

    The place has really declined over the years. I first went there about 13 years ago and it was awesome, tons of hot, big-titted girls. They haven’t replaced a scrap of carpet or a piece of furniture since then. The quality and quantity of girls has also declined. It’s pretty much the standard run down OC club, if you’ve ever been to Flamingo or Sahara, they’re all pretty much the same. It’s still an ok place to blow a bunch of money titty fucking girls for $40 a song. There’s definately much better places around the OC.

  12. BoBo

    Went on a Sunday afternoon – Desire talked me in to buying regular dance raher than nude – was well worth the moey – probably the best (hottest) lap dances that I have ever had.

  13. Franklyn

    So you’re looking for the right girl to marry? We’ll then this is the wrong place for you. There were some worn out ones, drunk ones, ones who cant dance even when theyre drunk or they must be too drunk to dance and there were 2 cute ones. id say 80 percent ugly, drunk and old. they have a bed at the back. im sure its “clean”. well they told us its clean. my boy tried it. he was in the hospital for about a week. im sure its from the raw clams he had.what u expect? the ritz-carlton? best of durty stanton baby!

  14. joseph1k

    Worst strip joint evvveeer! Came in with some friends just to continue drinking…ughh crap! No alkie here…but figured Oh well we are already here, let’s just have fun since we were already tipsy…usually I have fun at female strip clubs…love watching the ladies work…no im not a lesbian…but hey I can have fun too right? lol. Anways, these girls were dancing zombies for reals! No expressions, kinda just like I’ll shake in front of you, just give me ur dough! It’s like dayum at least rock to the beat! Okay I know guys don’t really care about the girl moving to the music…fellas are just there for the naked chick…but isn’t it more seductive if they could pull you with the sexiness to a beat???? In my opinon a girl who can work to a music beat can make it boom in the bedroom…that’s just me though. All in all…worst joint by far..should’ve went two streets up more to Venus strip club..not full nude but alkie and sport games topless…don’t waste ur ching ching at TJ’s….

  15. ben
  16. MrSalacious

    Damn worth every penny!

  17. ClubGuy

    The number of dancers has declined over the years. Things get friendlier behind the curtain. It used to be certain girls but more and more get friendly.

  18. igor34

    Unlike other strip joints this one is actually pretty nice metal girl named Jesse gave me a really fun time. $16 to get in covers two drinks kind of a rip compared to other places but unlike other strip joints they actually are fully nude here at TJ showgirls in that aspect alone I do give it major kudos

  19. maxxy1

    Just left tjs……..had about 15 plus girls . Was impressed with the look and had some nice new talent .got a few dances . Girls were friendly but not to much .use to come here back in the days . Guess ill be coming back 🙂

  20. XhXeXy

    Tjs can be seen on Beach Blvd in red and white letters. Parking was good for Saturday night. I went in with my gal pal Cover price was average and my soda was over priced. We sat in the back and was not impressed from the start. I got one dance and let’s just say it felt like she was just going through the motion. The best part was the dance was over and I can now go home and watch ESPN. My total grade is D+

  21. timmykilla

    It all started when my dad and I had finished up with a Vietnamese wedding in Saigon Town. The celebration ended quite early than usual weddings so we wanted to see what nightlife Anaheim had to offer. Then I glanced over my shoulder while driving and noticed TJ’s Showgirls. I thought it was a cabaret theater or something. What drew my attention was the free admission sign posted outside of the building. I knew we had to go check this place out. Turns out we arrived too late for free admission. $10 dollar cover charge$6 dollar one drink minimum$20 top less private dance (one songs)$40 all nude private dance (one song)That’s what I paid that night. There are other options for $100 dollars and more but I forgot what you’ll get with that. They have specials like “2 for 1” meaning that you’ll get a duration of two songs with the girl for the price you would pay for one song. Sweet deal! Kiana is a Vietnamese chick at the club that is really amazing. She was the first girl I had noticed right away. I knew I had to have a dance from her! Malice is this French Filipino chick that I regret not having a private dance from. If you happen to stop by, don’t pass up the opportunity!Jasmine is another goddess that came out of nowhere. I missed that opportunity too unfortunately. Just remember that the women I had mentioned are stunners and guys will get their attention really fast!! So keep an eye out or ask around the club because once you see them you might never see them again for the rest of the night. I’ve been to many huge strip clubs in Vegas, but none of them compare to this one. Maybe because it’s smaller. The women were classy and talented and not too pushy either. If I’m in the area, you’ll find me here. LOL

  22. Harrison69

    Horrible service. Told us they had 1-2 asian girls working. Took our $30.00 and sent us in. Zero asian girls working per 2 dancers and a lackey. Asked the bouncer. He denied tellin us it and was happy to take our $$$$ total douche bags. Avoid it like the plague. Even the girls that did dance. Zero eye contact no fantasy.

  23. JohnB

    don’t even waste your time this club sucks. The girls are so ugly they look like hooker. Saw one that was kind of cute she had a heart shape pubics, but I wouldn’t recomend the club. It’s not worth it.

  24. felixnada

    I was visiting the area and went by on a Wednesday afternoon. Nice little place one central stage where dancers dance to three dances and rotate. Drinks were cold and wait staff was nice. Something I found odd was that the dancers were honest. Paid with a bill for a couple of dances and they brought me change! Dancers ranged from 3.5 to 8. All nationalities. Dancers were willing to negotiate the VIP prices. The more you tip the more they let me get away with. Some did have loose morals. All in all a good time.

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