Elans of Connecticut



82 Federal Road, Danbury, CT 6810


41.409042, -73.4292324




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Elans of Connecticut

  1. Julian
  2. king kong

    what a dump – and too expensive

  3. JIMMY


  4. Mr. Dean

    Hottest girls in CT, best club!!! Will return soon!

  5. Bob

    Nice looking club girls try but, the managers are asses and the dances suck the bouncers are right on top of you and dont allow the girls to do shit

  6. For Gentlemen

    This club is for gentlemen with money to spend, spend, get to know the girls they will take care of you.

    No cover before 7 PM, buffet is usually free, they take care of good customers. There are some gorgeous, stunning, girls there.

    It is what you make of it.

  7. hammerin hank

    huge waste of time and money.

  8. Chuck

    Dominique has the most amazing ass and fun to talk to.

  9. Ronald M.

    Very nice looking club, does not have the girls to match!

  10. sobaka

    For the best dancer find Amanda as she is great

  11. Doug

    It is a decent local club, no more and no less. The girls are all friendly and most of them are quite attractive. There are a lot of Russians there, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. With so many clubs filled with pigs nowadays, it is nice to go to a club where virtually every girl is highly fuckable. There are no extras in this place and no privacy, but the girls are fun to hang with. I would not drive an hour out of my way to visit this place, but if you live close by you could do a lot worse than Elans.

  12. Tony
  13. vj
  14. some old man

    club is very fun. get tipsy. get girls. live life.

  15. Jim

    This place has some very lovely ladies but the worst music in the world. They play it so loud that you can’t even tune it out. The music probably appeals to teenage ghetto kids but not to adults. Who do they think their customers are? How about a little classic rock.

  16. The Colonel

    They have a whimpy bouncer names Elvis. I am over twice his age and I could take him on without breaking a sweat. He is in the habit of hovering over you while you are getting a LD so that you will go to the champagne room to get away from him. I can’t wait for him to tangle with me so that I will have an excuse to kick his skinny ass. I wish the punk DJ would play a few tunes from the real Elvis – that would be worth the price of admission!

  17. customer
  18. Shea

    i hate this club!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mr. Harwood

    Excellent time with the lovely ladies here, will be back soon!

  20. TyTy

    Always a fun time, the girls are very nice,attractive and will come over and talk to you and not just to try to get into your wallet. The 2 for 1’s are a good deal and its never a disapointment. The club itself has a lot of room and the DJ plays awesome music. Its a great place to go to get your mind off the busy week 😉

  21. KC
  22. igor34

    Finally, a good strip club! Ok, im no pro at strip clubs, being this is only the third one ive ever been to. Im a female, and my boyfriend has been to plenty, but hands down this is great. First we went to a strip club in myrtle beach, and somehow we were there during the summer, which the waitress called the “off season”?! It was bikini only, and we just weren’t impresse.We recently went to another club in NJ, and those girls barely work for their money. Not to mention, most either looked like males, or drug addicts. One girl was even missing a nipple.Before actually ending up at Elan’s, which was in Danbury, where we were staying, We decided to take a 30 minute drive to check out a club in Waterbury. One person wrote his car was broken into there. … for sure! Soon as we saw how dark it was outside, there was no way we were parking the car. Finally, we arrived at Elans, and already i was pleased. Good music was playing, the lights were very club-like, etc. We sat at the bar, and the cute waitress was very friendly. Each dancer was different in her own way, but worth us sitting there having a few drinks. I really liked the blonde, and so i had my very first lap dance, in another area. She was great! I didnt feel pressured. It really is a relaxed atmosphere. I couldnt ask for more.

  23. pete

    not enough girls

  24. wiseman

    champagne room is a rip-off, bring the prices down and you will make more on volume. $25 a lapdance is a ripoff

  25. Jay
  26. Terrell Owens

    The potential is here. It was a rocking club for the first 5 years or so when they opened. Though I must say the few times I ever have been by in the last 5-7 years the quality of the dancers hasn’t been as bad as some of the posts on the board. Definitely not what you saw back in the mid ’90’s but not what you’re going to run horrified from in a Bridgeport cesspool. The lapdances were always lame though. Not worth spending your money on, you’ll see that as the biggest complaint on the board, the “air dance”. Compounded by very expensive drinks it makes this place difficult to justify patronizing.

  27. Tina
  28. Francis N.

    Wack; Pointless,; Empty…Don’t come here point blank!!! Don’t waste your money here!!!

  29. joseph1k

    It’s the Best Strip Club in Danbury! (It’s the Only Strip Club in Danbury!)Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with this club. But it’s not the best club I’ve ever to. The girls are attractive. They have a full bar. You should have a decent time.

  30. Goober


  32. Maria

    Great atmosphere and very low key so you can relax



  34. Tyrone

    Dis place got lotsa white hos wit skiny butts. No junk-in-da-trunk here. I axe one to dance but she want 25 bucks – dats a lotta scratch – you know what I’m sayin. I don’t know what all da bitchin bout – I likes da music – the DJ man be cool.

  35. Ronnie

    Gorgeous dancers but in this large beautiful club they only use one small stage behind the bar. It’s a waste of a potentially great club. Also the buy the girls a drink hustle gets tiresome.

  36. RedAcer

    The girls were a little pushy, I didn’t even sit down and three girls asked for a dance. The prices are high as well, $25 for 3 minutes. I would find a better place to go.

  37. Yeah SUCKS

    Just passin thru stopped in the other nite. Where were the chics? Stayed for over an hour for drinks, then a hot chic came out, shook her ass then was gone, WTF. Had to leave, no time to wait around. Chics hardly danced just want ur money. The girls busy in some back rooms or somthin? WTF?

  38. Diggler

    This place is BEAUTIFUL!!! The design alone makes this the best looking club in

    CT and MA. The hard part is getting some hot girls to match the interior!

  39. Elvis Impersonator

    Tom is a nice guy but he does act like a psycho occasionally. He has always been kind to me. I think that he is a very handsome elderly gentleman – Bella could do a lot worse.

    The music does stink.

  40. fisherdex1

    Racist. They’ll ignore the darker girls and from what I hear from other dancers, girls fool around with staff. Pity.

  41. hanger on

    forget this place

  42. love it
  43. Arthur
  44. max

    Nice lighting

  45. Dan

    They got rid of the russian girls- so you don’t have 20 dancers to the usual 7 customers. You don’t get hounded and feel like you can actually stay awhile.

    My bet is they need to figure out how to get more customers in the door and the better looking dancers will return/come by.

  46. Not a trash heap

    Elan’s is one of the best maintained clubs with an overall very high quality of girls available. It’s slow during the day, but that makes it a nice place to chill for a few hours and hang out. The dancers don’t pressure you much (in general) and the club is run well. Note that this club isn’t a friction club, but an upscale club so if you come here expecting something specific, you won’t get it here. There are plenty of other clubs elsewhere that offer different things on the menu if that’s what you’re looking for.

  47. XTC
  48. Robbie the DJ

    I’m gonna keep playing the music I like. If you old farts want to hear some of that stale old classic rock you are going to have to tip me. You don’t mind tipping the little girls to listen to you whine – you can tip me to!

  49. INS Guy

    I stopped in to check this place out the other night. I have never seen so many undocumented Russian girls in one place before. The ruskies make lousy strippers – you can tell that they really hate their job. If I started checking green cards I could have made my monthly quota in one bust. This place needs more Brazilian girls. They know how to make their job fun!

  50. fsdfds
  51. Jamie

    Hottt club, great lighting. Smokin girls

  52. vvv


  53. Angus

    You don’t get much for your money here. They charge $25 for minimal contact LDs. The going rate at other Connecticut clubs is $20 for a much more intimate experience. If you are going to charge more you better deliver more if you want to stay in business. They have a couple of dancers that won’t even do LDs and expect you to pay them to talk to you – get real – I go to clubs for a thrill not for therapy. The only thing cheap here is the music.

  54. Matt Clady
  55. John

    Rampant rumors about some of the girls giving herpes to customers during “champagne room outings”.

  56. Jeff

    went friday, damn hot girls!

  57. Sucks

    This place has an attitude of their doing customers a favor by taking their money. Fuck the customers satisfaction, just give us your money and shut up.

  58. DJ
  59. Derek

    I come here all the time. The girls aren’t cold or rude. Some are very nice and intelligent and you can actually have a great conversation with them. The thing is, the girls aren’t there to have their time wasted, they are there to make money,so if you are going to sit there for over 30 minutes and not get a dance or two and then get mad for the girls leaving, then be more understanding. This is their job, just like you would hate it if someone came to your place of work, wasted your time, pretending to make a purchase and then never actually go through with it. If you pay the girl, just to talk to you, she’ll stick around, but to me it seems that all men just want to grab, touch, kiss and lick at the bar and never get a dance. The girls get fed up with that and keep on going. So be nice to them and they will be nice to you.

  60. adamrod

    This place is awful. We went on a Sunday night. Knowing fully well that there would be only a few dancers and probably even not very good ones. We thought being a slow night, there would be more than enough dancers to entertain us. Boy were we wrong.Let me be honest, the place looks very nice. Plenty of seating, nice main stage and a rather spacious bar. But the bar had a stage. Now I’ve not been to many gentlemen’s clubs, but enough to where a stage behind the bartenders was strange to me. The dancers are too far away to even tip most of the time and when they finally do come over to you, they straddle the bar to take your tip. Very weird.Also, a decent amount of the time, most of the dancers were completely clothed. Weird.Lastly, we had to request that the dancers come to the main stage to dance for us. Where does that happen??? And we really had to try too. We asked the dancers, the bartender and the DJ why no one was on the main stage and they pretended to not know why. We finally asked for the person in charge and they sent out some other DJ instead. After waiting a good hour, we FINALLY got two dancers to the main stage. Smh…I’m generally an easy customer to please. But it infuriates me to see business owners who don’t even attempt to compete and give me a reason to spend money at their establishment. And then not even come out and face unhappy consumers who have questions about their poor business practices. Even on the slowest of Sunday nights, there’s no reason you have to try so hard to give your money away at a strip club.Horrid.

  61. big daddy

    have to say that the girls there have improved… lots of new girls, there was on there last night wearing this hot school girl outfit with glasses and fish nets… love it!!! great ass and amazing blue eyes. and she speaks english which is a plus…ask for lexi!!

  62. Place Sucks

    Prices should come back down until has quality girls, & service. Several hardly speak english, many don’t know how to dance, it is a joke. Lost their good dancers. These people don’t know the first thing about customer service, agree with this person

    worked at this club for many years and I would have to agree with the comment made by JR. This establishment has progressively gotten worse and I believe that much of it is due to the owners that are “running” it. They make up their own “rules” whenever they see fit and they are just a bunch of knuckleheads. If they were more concerned about the long term instead of the short (no pun intended, REALLY ) this place could have really been something.

  63. Alberto
  64. Jason
  65. Boris

    I left the USSR to escape the repression of Russian women. I go to an American strip club and what do I find – a pack of Russian women. I should never have left the Gulag camp in Siberia. At least the music was better there!

  66. Richie
  67. Green
  68. winston12

    Awful, simply awful, great place if you are a regular but for me and my party of six, just terrible! Girls are ok, strong OK! (this was a Saturday night) they said ignored is the whole night we came in sober btw… At first I thought maybe we aren’t pretty enough for stripers, then I caught it all the girls circulated around 45 yr old guys… We were there for 4 hours, not one girl came up to any of us! Not even a hello. Even the bar tender was rude! Well in all honesty one was nice one obviously did not want to be there! The bouncer straight told us that it was because all the girls had clients…or people they are used to, we were smartly dressed and clean and had plenty of cash! But we weren’t familiar? Ok fine I get that! But (using a stop watch) out of four hours there were 10-15 minute moments where nobody was on stage or even out and about!I highly recommend you go to a real gentleman’s club unless your a local and maybe you might get the time of day! Ended up giving the one good bar tender a 100 dollar tip. She’s the only one who was remotely nice!

  69. Sammy B

    Several disgusting russian skanks with horrible skin, reaking of cigs! Noticed that many of them had mouth sores…. fucking gross

  70. tony g

    horribe club , not worth the cover, wouldnt even go if it was free. there are only three dancers working and the place is always dead. horrible!!! horrible!!! horrible!!!

  71. Bulk
  72. AssnTits5

    EXCELLENT croissants. Coffee drinks are not exactly their forte, but considering the area, this place probably hosts some of the best baristas Danbury has. On a parenthetical note, there’s often live entertainment (music, dancing, etc.) which can be hit or miss. All in all, a great spot for a casual snack or refreshing drink.

  73. Binge Drinker

    this place is a trash heap

  74. dave

    Had a two for one dance with Lily. She was very hot and did all the grinding I could ask for. A few other hotties, no dogs. Expensive dances is the downside.

  75. Cindy
  76. Brian

    Bella is alright if you happen to like large natural breasts. I prefer firm breasts that stand at attention. My pick is Veronica although she broke my heart. I just found out that she got married last week to some jerk. I had been thinking of popping the question to her myself. The worst part is she didn’t even invite me to the wedding. Tom is a real psycho!

  77. clubfan

    Hot girls! good atmosphere, expensive drinks which sucks but you dont even notice because of the girls walking around. Recommend Lexi, she’s hot, great dancer, and not pushy like the russians or brazilians.

  78. Ny Guy

    Decided to try this place out tonight, got there a bit late – just around 1am, they close at 2am, should’ve gotten there an hour early.

    Most of the girls were very attractive, I had a lap dance from Lily or Linda (had a hard time hearing her name) she gave a decent lap dance, but honestly she looked bored and when she asked if I wanted a 2nd dance, I passed.

    The bar girls were VERY hot, really gorgeous and VERY friendly, I tipped them very well, because quite frankly, they work harder then the strippers and deserved it.

    Well, 2 beers later, they were calling last rounds and last dances, so I really didn’t get that great a chance to try it out. Though the only thing that really irked me were several girls simple walked right past me, even though we made eye contact, so the friendliness of the strippers— not so great, the bar staff 10 out of 10, hot and friendly, thanks girls!

    I’ll try again next week, see how it is around 11p-12a or so, not so rushed next time.

    Just in comparison, the lapdances at Keepers are far better, even though Keepers is really a weird place, its like a local bar with a stripper stage, or a strip club with pool tables, either way, girls at keepers give far better lapdances.

  79. jerry


  80. jamama

    Had a poor time – way too expensive & the chicas es muy frio

  81. Markie Mark DJ
  82. Gramps

    This establishment is very accessible and there is a handi-cap parking space right by the front door. Sadly they do not have discounts for seniors or early bird specials in the champagne room. They have a foxy dame that works there. They call her the house marm but the young girls just call her grandma. I can’t figure out what she does and nobody else seems to know either. I sure would love to get her shoes off in the champagne room. I wish the DJ would kick up the music a little with some big band songs or maybe even a Lawrence Welk poka.

  83. Lonesome Loser

    I believe the Russians are back. Beautiful women and great dancers, but a little lacking if you’re looking for conversation. Fortunately I like to be surrounded by beautiful women who don’t understand a word that I say. Great 2 for 1 dances, makes the 25 dollar dance fee seem more reasonable. A great club for the area.

  84. passinthru

    It would be nice to relax without them working so hard to give a $25 mediocre minimal contact dance. I’m used to much more contact, more sensual and fit women for the price. Men don’t go to titty bars to listen to you complain about how broke you are. Sell a fantasy, not a sob story. If we wanted whine, we would stay home.

  85. Mike D

    Don’t know how this place stays in business.

  86. Mdoon
  87. Trent

    The drinks were overpriced, small glasses and water downed.

    the private dances were overpriced , a lot of air time and bouncer watched the area the whole time. The Russian girls were beautiful and there were two colombian girls who were the sexiest.

  88. Andy

    The dancers are terrific but very overdressed. They wear these long gowns. They think it is classy but I think it is stupid. This is a strip club not a senior prom. I want to see lots of skin. String bikinis would be a better idea. If I wanted to see full dressed women, I would stay home and hang out with my wife and mother in law. If they are trying for a classy atmosphere they really missed the boat with the skanky music that they play.

  89. w conn

    high prices

  90. Joe

    Nice club, fair prices, but air dances don’t do it for me.

  91. jaco


  92. JP
  93. Dan the Man

    Excellent time with my favorite girls, always take good care of me!

  94. Tom
  95. nickstrip

    “Ye girls be friendly” is the first commandment of any strip bar and it’s the rule here. Beware that I’m not a regular to strip clubs but this place has a sub par bar with no beer taps, just bottles. I guess it’s probably some BS rule.The raring is an actual 3.6 stars. Good place to come with your friends.

  96. Ramon
  97. peter

    not bad

  98. Nick
  99. Kyle

    This joint isn’t open early enough to have an early bird special. They only open at noon 2 days a week. I can only sneak away from the old ball and chain during the day. If they were open more often I would spend my lunch hour and most of my paycheck there every day. On Saturdays they don’t open until 7PM and the dancers don’t show up until 8 PM – who ever heard of a strip club closed on Saturday afternoon. That is prime time for us married slobs. I’d like to hear the DJ play a little Springsteen.

  100. Mr. Richard

    Spend some money and the girls will take good care of you.

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